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Before Alyssa had a chance to answer Zim's question about deployment they were interrupted with the introduction of a second new pilot. Zim could feel a nosebleed start as he watched her reach up to remove her helmet. He was ready to introduce everyone again but was interrupted by her own attitude. As Zim was about to continue talking again he was introduced by a third pilot.

"Another new Pilot?" Zim said as he wiped the potential trickle away as he turned to see her. She was tall by any standards, but compared to Zim she was a giant. Where others might see this new pilot as unsettling given her height, garb, and cultural markings, Zim had no room to talk. Where she was tall, Zim was small, where she had cultural markings, Zim was disfigured. If she was a freak so was Zim, and so he was already starting to feel a sort of comradery with the Amazon. If Valeria noticed Zim's gaze she would be able to tell that it wasn't the cautious leer of an outsider, but more of a studying eye absorbing details, there was no animosity in his eyes.

By then Katya, Maria, Jake, and Jason had all departed going their own directions despite the apparent continuous flow of new squadmates. Zim wasn't too terribly happy about that, especially for Katya to leave considering she is part of the squad leadership. Just as well, another opportunity to act as a leader in the group. "Valeria, Pleased to meet you," He continued to introduce himself and everybody else, as well as the other new pilots.

"El," Zim turned to the shapely red-head, "You just missed the XO, but he is going to be preoccupied with his new... pet. According to what he told us, CO Ritzu is busy filing reports. Squad Leader Elise Stienhart will have to suffice for the moment for who to report to as the ranking authority at the moment. Don't let her appearance fool you, she will break you if you disrespect her. Valeria, same for you."

Elisabeth visibly stiffened at the use of the shortened name. The first time anyone in the group actually talks to her and they are already acting so familiar with her that think they can shorten her name. She flipped her hair over her shoulder and looked away with a dissatisfied grunt.

"I can't speak for Elise, or the rest of the military, but I would say that as far as I am concerned you are both now reported for duty and now officially part of Squad Sigma. Congratulations. Also, please don't refer to us as the Heros of Leviticus IX. We are just coming back from a mission where we were cleaning up part of our own mess for those of us who failed the Joppa front. On that note, there is another member of the squad who can't be here right now for... various reasons. We'll fill you in on that a little later on, once we are maybe not out in the open so much... also, I am not sure how much of that is "need to know" at this point."

"Anyways, tell me about yourselves? Training, any deployments prior to this squad? What is your Framewerk called and how do you use it?" He resisted asking if they thought their machines were alive, he was still itching to get more information on that, but he figured it was best to save the philosophical questions for after they got to know each other. "As for me and my partner," Zim began before allowing them a chance to respond, "I pilot Black Star, we are front-line Melee combatants. Get us up close and we'll cut 'em down. I seem to spend a lot of time cleaning up the grunts while our artillery lineup cracks at fortifications or the big bad guys. Just like me, Black Star is one of the smallest Werks you'll come across."

"Okay fine, if we must, I pilot Ojo," Elizabeth offered quickly, she motioned towards the white werk in the distance, "She is a defensive machine, my job is to keep the bullets at bay. I guess I'll be spending a lot of time helping you get to the front of the line then, Zim."

"I'll look forward to it. I do alright by myself, but if you could keep the snipers or turrets off of me it would help a great deal. Alright, whos next? Who else are we going to be fighting with? Oh, while we talk who needs a tour of the base or needs help finding your quarters?"

Zim would guide the girls around as much as he could, though Allysa and Valeria had time to wander around a little on their own, perhaps they wouldn't require such assistance. However, the entire time that Zim guided them Elizabeth would be talking down to Zim like he was some sort of man-servant.
Anyone mind if I post again? It is just a social interaction, so I have to imagine that it'll be ok, so I don't think that I am going to wait for anyone's approval.
@Ammokkx :( Ok, I understand. Good luck finding your mecha mojo again!

@Jasonhero Hooray!
What? Duct Tape is exactly like friendship in every way! ;)
I just finished Star Driver, finally! I really enjoyed it despite it being kind of formulaic and "Mecha of the Week." The Magic-girl-esque transformations and summonings were cute at first but they just burned three minutes worth of episode time, so that was kind of annoying. There was also plenty of fanservice for those that like that in your anime. But considering that these characters were almost all high school aged (or older), it is a little skeeze, despite the majority of the characters being drawn as quite a bit more mature than high school. Though the fanservice was not at the same level as highschool of the dead, not by any measure. As with almost all shonen (and seinen) anime, the power of friendship and love will overcome any foe!

So with that said, let's go team friendship, with our hands clasped together in friendship we will defeat the evil Cruxi! *cue rainbows and sparkles*
@Evil Snowman As long as she doesn't mind a few giantess/amazonian jokes, it should all be fine.
I am imagining Zim and Valeria interacting as "Tol and Smol". lol
I think personality wise they would groove together pretty well, the outcast freaks of the group physically speaking. Totally digging the character and werk designs.
@Jasonhero No Worries. I for one appreciate you checking in!
@ArkmageddonCat Me as a player and Me as a character are two different stories. I can have all the foresight and predictions in the world, but Zim or El can only work with the scope of information with which they are provided, similar to how none of our characters know about Elora pleading with Katya to "Kill the Son" because our characters aren't there and Katya hasn't shared that information with anybody else. The only other characters that know about this particular situation are under GM control, so you can pretty well assume that it is "need to know." And as so far as "higher ups figuring it out" then I would like to point out that our Executive Officer, Lorenzo, thought that it was perfectly safe to transport this particular prisoner back to our base because it was in some sort of stasis pod design to keep its powers at bay and was clearly so enthusiastic about getting his hands on the prisoner that he couldn't be bothered to introduce our newest member(s) properly. So our highest member of our direct line of command is too distracted to see it and has probably assured any of his peers that everything is fine, so they aren't doing anything other than the normal security protocols other than perhaps tighter security on the elite's particular cell/containment unit. Also, a fun thing to note: The only member of Squad Sigma who carries a weapon is Katya as a portion of her commission. Though I imagine that Elise does as well. Additionally, I don't think that any sort of weapons training was ever mentioned, but I have to imagine that our characters were given at least the bare minimum of firearms training.

@Apollosarcher That is true, with any luck it'll work out that way!
What is the point? We brought in a Cruxi elite with psychic abilities. It has been broadcasting it's position the entire time, if nothing else. Using the same trick that we did to find their base, to find ours. So I suspect that we will be "caught unprepared" and have to fight our way to the hangers and get into the Werks to rebuke the onslaught. I don't think that Lorenzo would send us out into combat without our werks, the only reason a pilot should have to fight hand to hand is because the fight came to us, or our werks are destroyed or otherwise incapacitated. Just my thoughts and opinions.
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