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With a thunderous roar Zim returned home. The soft tangerine sky, blotted by the fires of destruction, the calm chaos of the megacities was replaced by the true chaos of combat. Zim felt the familiar embrace of gravity from his home planet, it hit him like a brother, always hitting the same spot, he knew it was coming, but it still hurt just a little bit. "Slow your breathing," Zim said through the coms, "Keep your words to a minimum, until acclimated, save your oxygen." The sweet from the decent dripped from Zim's face inside his helmet. He did a quick scan of the readouts, still green. High Gravity Orbital Drop into a Deep Strike in enemy controlled territory. Checked off the bucket list.

"Take out those canons," Zim heard Ritsu call out to the squad. Zim looked at his screen, he could get to the cannon on the right, but he would have to make it past two combat lines, and it would leave Valeria and Redeemer to hold the line. Not to mention the promise Zim made with Katya. For now he would wait for the ranged support from Paladin and Hou-Yi.

"Looks like it's time," Zim said to his Werk, "Welcome to my home planet, let's get to work."

Zim activated the ATS and braced for the impact of the thrusters.

"You're about to do something stupid, aren't you," Zim heard through the coms. It was Elizabeth, her heavy breathing could be heard through the coms. She targeted Black Star and attached one of her three Orbital Deflectors. "Try not to die."

Zim could see the faint lines of the orbital deflectors as they started spinning around the attached Werk. He hesitated for only a moment, and then the moment to hesitation had passed, the thrusters kicked in moving Zim directly forward to I8, Zim swung the Thermal Scythe at the Brute, aiming to move past the beast with the extreme speed given by the thrusters intended to move long distances and take off the head in a clean jerk of the Scythe, using the longer reach of the Scythe to stay out of the reach of the Gorilla like beasts. If successful, Zim would then turn his attention to the Brutes in H7 and G6, Firing off the first battery reserve of the Tidal Wave Surger (two of three rounds remaining in the quick charge), moving the weaponized hand in a sight arc to catch them while they continued to move forward, hoping to catch all three Brutes on the east wing of the front line. He still had momentum to move if he needed to move back out of range of the line of CWM.

Meanwhile Ojo maneuvered into position to be ready to evade incoming attacks, and prepare the Star Gazer to redirect incoming attacks. She focused her attention on attacks that would be coming from the three Turtle units. If possible she would redirect their attacks back into their own allies. She had already plotted out the preferred trajectories, if the East attacked first, she would try to down the attack in I6, similarly, if the West attacked first then she would try t down the attack in B6. These two seemed the most likely to attack, as her assumption was that the Northern turtle didn't have enough range to reach them in their current set up, plus the center of the squad was still positioned behind Paladin's Shield, or would be once he was ready to deploy it. However, in the event that it did attack, she would similarly try to down it into D6.

TLDR: OJO Equips BLACKSTAR with Orbital Defenders(2/3 remaining), Prepares for Evasive Maneuvers and Deflection of Attacks from Turtles.
BLACKSTAR moves to I8, use Scythe on Beast, uses Tidal Wave Surger (2/3 remaining) on other Beasts in G6 and H7, prepares to Evade.

So in the spirit of being helpful, as well as impatient, and appeasing my joy of mecha design, I have also come up with a suggestion for a load out for Paladin, based on what Apollo has said in discord chat. So, Apollo, feel free to completely disregard and do your own thing, but this is what I think Paladin would like to play with, based on your probably unintentional input.

So to explain some of my thinking here: Apollo said more shields, and thrusters, and a grenade of some sort. The idea of the shields just adds Pally Drone into combat and makes for something other than just another static shield on top of your wall of a shield and your Phalanx energy shield attachment. The grenade being an EMP makes sense as Paladin is all about protection, so throwing a grenade in an urban environment is probably not a great idea with its rather unpredictable damage patterns with shrapnel and such. And the thrusters sounded like they were going to be used for a Reinhardt style of charge attack with a massive shield bash, so what better way then to do it ridiculously over-sized, but nearly impossible to stop when it does happen. The thermal halberd came from me mentioning a laser ax and Apollo and Jason getting excited over it, but the Halberd made more sense with the shield wall, you know, kinda pop up and poke a people from behind the shield sort of thing. The ATS is a fifth item, but you know, paladin is already a super heavy mech, so why not add the ability to do two things at once. Why fire both tungsten plugs at one target, when you could go after two targets?

Anyway, do with that what you want.
Sweet, sounds like Everyone is on board for that, we have final placements. Just waiting for Paladins Assault Pack and I think the Player side will be set.
@DarkRecon, @ammokkx, @Ariamis I threw this up in discord as my recommendation for Maria's AP Load out, but moving it over here because it got no notice there, and also expanding on the weapons and such a little better.. So, going with a Multi-Weapon load-out, as mentioned before.

That's the three weapons I would choose. Doing a mimic of Jake's werk with more drones isn't really in the spirit of the mech design for quick/easy deployment, in my personal opinion. So if DarkRecon agrees, these would be my suggestion, assuming boss gives his blessings. There is room for one more weapon/system on the standard load out on assault packs for 4 units, so if Boss says Maria can have the Cruxi sword she used on the space station then I know Dark mentioned wanting to use that.
... pouty panda....

Also, I forgot to update my assault pack with a weapon change that I had discussed privately with Ariamis. So my assault pack load out is the boosters, ATS, Shield Pack, and Tidal Surger attachment to the Wave Surger. the omnirifle is still listed in the assault pack, but is not equipped for this mission.
@DarkRecon... cause I forgot the brackets last time.
Ooh, Ohh, Can I pick for @DarkRecon? If so I would put Maria at C9 and Jake at B10. And If I were just picking out stuff for Maria's assault pack myself, based on the description of the mech, I'd really just load it out with a ton of weapons to choose from. Beam Rifle, Assault Shot Gun, Missile Pods. The mech is optimized to use any sort of standard mech weaponry, so load it up with a weapon rack and send it into battle. lol
- The Lockhearts -

As the two hostesses went about explaining in detail what their assistance was needed with, Chester couldn't help but start to puzzle pieces together, and through all of it, it seemed as though much of it was very close to home for the pair. The missing member of the Craftsman's Guild, Elizabeth would be able to assist with, which she wasn't a member of the guild any long her parents were still prominent members of the organization, she was practically raised with many of the current big names of the group as nannies and god parents. She would be able to at least point fingers to who might have answers, and perhaps if it was she who was asking, they may give up answers more easily.

Mr Smith, too, rang close to home for Chester. In this particular instance he had gone to school with the fellow. He didn't really remember him much, other than him being a bit aloof? Hyper-focused, perhaps, on the wrong things? Either way, the man had not left much of an impression on Chester, but perhaps there were a few classmates that would remember him better that he could ask.

The automaton parts and plans in all of this were something that were of equal interest to each of the pair. Elizabeth had studied the basics of their construction while at school, but didn't really go much further into their study once she learned of their taboo nature. Chester, too, had learned a bit from Elizabeth about the basic principles of their design as an introduction into her vision of their own secreted project. Indeed, if they were able to get their hands on those plans it might reveal something to the pair that could be useful, towards one project or another.

"We will help of course," Elizabeth started, "While not a member of the craftsman guild currently, I have family who are well established within the ranks of the organization and close ties to others. I would be happy to assist the Captain in making introductions into that line of inquiry. My Husband, too, should be of assistance with the fellow from the Polytechnique Institute, as I recall they were class mates, isn't that so?" She turned to her husband as she asked.

"Indeed it is," His warm and soft voice replied, it was no wonder he had chosen velvet for his name, "Though I must admit I do not recall much about him... However, I may have some classmates who were closer to the gentleman in question whom it would be my pleasure to inquire with. Similarly, with our line of work, I suspect that we may be some assistance with any technical plans that you may find with deciphering meaning and intent from the plans... that seems to be a knack of mine at any rate."

- Mr Brown -
The man had listened to the information that was needed. He could help with any of it, of course, but he didn't really feel too inclined to do so. Not yet, anyway. He flipped through the mental catalog of all that he knew about for the Real Mr Brown. It didn't seem like he really had any connection to any of this, outside of the smuggling of restricted tools. David decided that he had better double back to the Mr Browns residence to take a look through his records, see if he was masquerading as the man who actually sold the tools used to kill some people. If that were the case, he had better get out of the way and quick. Maybe leave the real Mr Brown tied up in the library as a parting gift... maybe not. Either way, there were more secretes to be had, and this much secrecy, to pick false names and such, that speaks of people who might be willing to buy, and for a good price, too, if he can find 'em.
Mr Brown

A Job is a job is a job. Sometimes they pay better than others, sometimes they are more legitimate than others, as one might say. Sometimes the jobs are dull, and sometimes, just some times, the Jobs lead to something more interesting. The was how Mr Brown came by his invitation, whilst investigating for another job he caught wind of a certain gathering at a certain place where interested parties should meet in a certain library. A masquerade, even, how perfect for him. Mr Brown would have no idea that he was to be summoned to the event, and nobody would know that he wasn't him.

How perfect indeed.

The day of the event Mr Brown received and urgent missive that would keep him otherwise occupied chasing false leads allowing for our Mr Brown to easily make his way to the birthday ball. As he turned the final corner before the mansion he slipped on his plain checkerboard mask, obscuring his face, his trusty hat, freshly cleaned for the event, remained atop his head, keeping his shoulder length hair in check. He held up the invite and nodded at the doorman, who barely gave him a glance. He made his way into the party hall unannounced and silently, confidently made his way through the bored and dull hall. He knew of the host, of course. It wasn't the first time he had made his way into the halls of Supreme Commander. The girl, too, he knew of, but had little no no interest in. Wasn't worth looking at her, anyway. He made no attempt at sliding up to make his acquaintances or give his thanks for the invitation or his congratulations for surviving yet another year in such wealth and prosperity. Such things were so hollow in the first place, coming from his mouth the words would taste like ash and smell like vinegar.

To the library then.

He made his way to the entrance of the Library, unsure of what to expect he began focusing on his gift, "Don't Notice Me" he broadcast in a general suggestion to anyone near by as he slid his way through the door. Indeed the room was impressive, even to someone who wasn't impressed by the demonstrations of wealth. The woman at the door didn't seem to notice him enter, all the same he held up the invite as if to show her, paused momentarily as if they traded niceties and then he continued into the room were he must have been amongst the last to arrive, there was already quiet the crowd gathered here.

Now all he had to do was wait for the information and make his way back out the door and find a bidder for whatever secretes he would be able to plunder.

As Mr Brown listened to the information being presented he could tell that there was something to the story, but he didn't have anything that he could sell, not yet at least. All he knew at this point was what they didn't know.

Going to have to stick it out a bit longer to get anything worth the effort... damn.

The others started giving out names. Too many to remember. If he got a note from someone with clothing and food in the name he knew it would be from the group. He released the suggestion, unsure of how much good it was doing, he stepped out from his slightly obscured vantage point, "Phantom Mask, as it were." He smirked under his mask at how literal the name could be for him.

As it were, Indeed...
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