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@Mad Hatter- Punk is a state of mind, not a state of clothing.


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@Furiosa I already have a repo-ish character in the books. I got the same vibe you did. Also, this is my first advanced. I am hoping to be able to do it service. I tend to be a casual+ myself usually.

Also, Aesop is online! I just went ahead and put him on my character sheet, if you want to meet 'em, go look at 'em.
Zim smiled when he saw Black Star acknowledge him, but the moment washed away quickly as Commander Ritsu's voice was heard over the PA called for the pilots to join her in the containment area. Delta-4 was about as far from anything important as possible, so it took Zim a while to get there, and since he wasn't exactly clothed for a briefing he had to get some clothes on. Thankfully he kept some training clothes in with the rest of his gear by the Hanger in the simulation area. As such, he expected to be one of the last to arrive, however, it turned out to be just Zim and Ritsu in the briefing room for a moment before others started to arrive. He saluted as he entered and took up a spot to start forming the rank and file.

Once the briefing started up, Zim looked to the screen when indicated. It was what he suspected, they had managed a number of impossible-never-done-before things during this mission, including capturing a Cruxi Elite alive. Despite this, Lorenzo seemed to think that he knew how to contain such a thing. Zim shared Commander Ritsu's hesitation.

Elora, well this was the first time Zim had seen her since before the mission where she was taken. Zim wasn't sure what to expect. His imagination told him to expect tubes and wires and gizmos attached to her, that or unsightly physical mutations. Too many of the old sci-fi movies, apparently. He was surprised to see that she, at least, appeared normal. All the same, Zim had not grown close to her, so he would leave the visitation for some of the others who had a more urgent need to see her. He too glanced at Katya and then at Ariin, Zim swallowed hard to shut the pain of jealousy out. 'You are being stupid, again,' Zim thought to himself, 'You don't know that there is anything there. You don't know if Katya has any feelings for you, and you don't know if there is anything going on between Katya and Ariin. So just chill out, idiot.'

When dismissed, Zim saluted and started heading back to his room.
I think I forgot about that. What rank did we move to?
@Silent Observer Very True. We will have to see how that plays out in character then, won't we ;)

As so far as the Cutter is concerned, I suspect that most of the gangs aren't too fond of him, but a lot of the low-lifes aren't going to have too much of an issue with him. He has a duality to him of being ruthless when it comes to his job, but completely selfless when it comes to helping people who can't help themselves, so in that regard, the faction within Omega that wants equality will probably not mind him too much.

As to my sentient android that I have yet to actually work out yet, they are more or less going to be an interesting flavor to ponder reality vs expectations of Paradiso and ask all sorts of questions to make people who interact with then wonder if it really is an Android with sentience or just a good A.I.... As such, they will mostly stay out of trouble.
OOoh, second character idea. Feel free to tell me no, @Yuria.

In short, somebody gave an android free will...
color me impressed. I want in. Also, I have a terrible idea...
Except that clone!Harold is turning into a pile of recycled primordial ooze in one of the simulation chambers...

Not planning on another solo post from Zim at the moment, and I doubt a yet unstarted colab between Maria and Zim would be finished before you are ready to post.
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