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@Circ Okay, I expanded on the ability a little in the OP. Also, I downgraded the influence of the Dragon's Lair to a 3 from 4, that was a typo.
@Circ it is intended to range in application, from temporary illusion to downright material manipulation. There is a cost involved in the spell casting, so it is never something for nothing. Think of it more like a variation on alchemy, if that helps?
Name: Xandu - Giver of Quests, Maker of Things

Height: The Maker of Things is 300 feet long from snout to tail.
Weight: 16 Ton
Age: Ancient
Race/Species: Dragon

Tier/Influence: 4 (national); Able to cast complex augmentation spells that range from temporary illusion to permanent creation.

Group(s): unaffiliated.


Xandu is an ancient old Dragon with the scars of a hard-lived life to show for it. His scales have started fusing together in old age and inhibiting his movement while becoming so hard and brittle that large cracks and gaps have opened to create countless weaknesses along the length of his body. His once great wings have become broken and bent, no longer able to support his colossal weight they mostly lay around limp and useless.

Personality: Fearful of the world outside of his cave he refuses to venture out into the world alone. Barely able to defend himself against attackers he has forced himself, much to his own chagrin, into creating a sort of symbiotic relationship with the mortals around him. As such, he trades his services for theirs. Xandu is also extremely wise, simply from the pure nature of longevity and the racial tendency to remember things perfectly, or so they think.

Abilities, Talents, Traits, Powers:
(4) Augment Reality -- Xandu can warp the fabric of reality to make things different than they are. The permanency and the extent of transformation creates a cost. Never something from nothing, a physical cost must be paid for such things as this. These spells range in intent from temporary illusion to permanent material manipulation. The more the real physical change the more the spell costs to accomplish. The costs range in value, and the materials used must have at least one of the attributes needed in the end result.

For example: A person wants to have a sword that spews fire on command. Xandu must have the materials needed to make the sword, as well as whatever materials needed to give it the attributes needed to make it spew fire on command. So Xandu would need Iron, Carbon, Wood, Leather, Jewels (for adornment, because why not?), and the tongue of a giant salamander.

(3) Dragon's Lair -- A Labyrinth of a cave deep into the foot of the Morgus Mountain. It contains the usual things one might expect to find in a Dragon's Lair: Mountains of treasure, magical items of local renown, piles of bones and armor. The standard fair.

History: Once upon a time there was a terrible and fearsome Dragon of great renown. Tales were told of him throughout the ages, for as far back as mortals have recorded history by the oral traditions. Tales of death and destruction. Tales of broken armies carrying their dead champions back to their mourning widows. These were the stories about Xandu. Once so great a being that he was once praised as a local deity, his reality augmenting powers were so great that he could bend the very terrain to his advantage, this is the creation myth of Morgus Mountain. But like all things, it all must come to an end, and while a Dragon will continue to age indefinitely unless slain, it does not mean that they do not decay or deteriorate as they do so. Xandu's powers have begun to wane, his true physical form is broken and battered, and a deep-seated fear of mortal demise has taken root within his hearts. With great reservation, Xandu took to the caverns that he had created and laid there dormant for many years, hoping for an end to come. When a warrior did finally arrive, it was not as a challenger and not as a parishioner. They came in search of Xandu's fabled abilities to request of him his services. Xandu was threatened with death if he did not assist this young stalwart knight, but the Knight did agree to do something for him in exchange. The Knight came hoping that the Dragon could make for him the finest of blades, stronger than steel and lighter than so much silk. Capable of wielding with one hand or two, from horseback or on foot. Capable of healing its own edge from damage and keeping itself sharp. Xandu had everything he would need to transmute such a weapon except for one thing; A Sun Stone from the Pale Sea. And so Xandu sent the Knight off in search of the last component while accompanying a small human girl, perfectly normal and average in every way. The sort of girl who you wouldn't pick out in a crowd. The sort of girl you forget about after your first and only glance. The girl proved to be innocent and shy. Unwilling to let the Knight touch her, the paid traveled mostly in silence. The girl was a temporary transmutation of reality in which Xandu folded space in around himself to make his form fit within the space of a Human, look like a human, and behave as a human. The Giver of Quests was born. When the Knight returned with the girl with more than enough Sun Stone to complete the task, Xandu went to work creating the extremely complex spells needed to create the desired object. Afer two weeks time, the Maker of Things was born. The Knight went on to sing the praises of Xandu's services to anybody who would listen.
You can always PM each other if it makes it any easier?
Does it matter? No. You are absolutely correct, all that matters is that they are all dead at the end. But I still like to keep track. Shrug. Just a point of conversation is all.
Ok, edits made. Also, Zim can claim 8 kills thus far. How is everyone else doing?
@Ariamis Thanks!

@Ammokkx@Dragoknighte You are both wrong. This is Jhutey from the series Zone of the Enders, and they take the term cockpit literally. That is right, the cockpit is the protrusion from between the legs. It wasn't just this particular orbital frame that was set up this way. Every human-piloted mech in the series had a similarly positioned cockpit. Though, some were larger than others.

@redbaron1234 Consider yourself stabilized... once I go back and edit that in.

Guess where the cockpit is on this mech?
Wait, instead of me going out there and waiting around like an idiot, should I... I don't know, go stop Hou-Yi from spinning? Might be a good plan if I can go back and edit my ending location to that spot if that is alright? That way @redbaron1234 has something to do except hope that she lands a spinning shot?

Is it permissible for me to go back and make such an edit, Boss?
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