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3 yrs ago
not really one for a lot of status updates, but I'll let you know if something important comes up


Hello there!
I'm 26, a bookseller whose got six years of being a University student majoring in English Studies under her, so while it's not my first language, I'm fluent in english (although I'm not saying I won't make a mistake here or there and I don't mind being corrected if it happens).
I'm from Germany, that means my time zone is: GMT/UTC + 2:00. Drastically different time zones can be difficult to coordinate, but I like to think I'm pretty flexible, and I don't mind staying up well into the night for a good RP.
Which reminds me, I have been RPing for 10 years now, admittedly with some breaks in between. I'm not the type to just stop replying or vanish off the face of the earth, if I have to stop RPing or won't be online for some time, I will definitely warn my partner, since I would like the same treatment.

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Looking again, anyone interested??
Looking once more.
Bump! Looking again :)
Would love one more partner <3
Open again! Bump.
Hey there! Really interested in your 'Grace' idea, are you still looking for a partner?
@cara214 PM me, we could discuss it and see if we'd like to give it a try. I don't have anything against that in theory.
@cara214 Well, aside from the stuff I mentioned in the rules above I'd say: be willing to work on the plot with me, post on a somewhat regular basis, I would love at least one post per day, but I get that doesn't work for everyone so I'd be happy to get a few posts in every few days. Tell me if you're not interested in the RP anymore, or if you'd like to change something or of you aren't happy with something I've done. I prefer to discuss things and make it so everyone is happy, instead of a partner just vanishing from one day to another because they aren't satisfied anymore. Communication helps a lot with creating a good RP, in my opinion. Which doesn't necessarily mean we have to talk about ourselves, if you're a private person, that's fine of course. Usually I'm looking for a long-term partner, but right now I don't really mind either way.
Does that answer your question somewhat?
Open again!

Also.... bump.
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