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3 yrs ago
not really one for a lot of status updates, but I'll let you know if something important comes up


Hello there!
I'm 26, a bookseller whose got six years of being a University student majoring in English Studies under her, so while it's not my first language, I'm fluent in english (although I'm not saying I won't make a mistake here or there and I don't mind being corrected if it happens).
I'm from Germany, that means my time zone is: GMT/UTC + 2:00. Drastically different time zones can be difficult to coordinate, but I like to think I'm pretty flexible, and I don't mind staying up well into the night for a good RP.
Which reminds me, I have been RPing for 10 years now, admittedly with some breaks in between. I'm not the type to just stop replying or vanish off the face of the earth, if I have to stop RPing or won't be online for some time, I will definitely warn my partner, since I would like the same treatment.

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bump, let's give this another try :)
Let's see if anyone is interested? Bump.
Looking again, anyone interested??
Looking once more.
Bump! Looking again :)
Would love one more partner <3
Open again! Bump.
Hey there! Really interested in your 'Grace' idea, are you still looking for a partner?
@cara214 PM me, we could discuss it and see if we'd like to give it a try. I don't have anything against that in theory.
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