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hi there. i go by elven.

if you're looking for a competent and fast responding partner, i'm your guy.

i've been rping for about 15 years now, and am usually pretty good at it. i play just about anything - although i don't usually do fanfiction. i just don't like trying to embody someone else's character. if you want to use a premise with original characters or i can do an original character within the realm, i might be convinced to play.

i'm pretty congenial and open so go ahead and send me a message. what's the worst that can happen?

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@Its Elven

How would you feel about playing a squire/master fantasy?

I'll PM you
What are you specifically looking for? As in rp plot wise

I'm not specifically looking for anything.

I'm more in the business of fulfilling rp needs you can't seem to get filled. I'll play just about everything except for fandoms. I don't like trying to represent someone else's character.

If you are like me, and just looking to write then we can determine what genres you like, what type of character pairings you favor, etc etc. For example:I typically like to rp modern/fantasy or alternate timeline modern/fantasy or future fantasy that still has a modern feeling. Pairing wise I prefer Male x Male. I'm open to playing either role dom/sub or playing as a switch. I would prefer not to have to play a dom again but it's not a deal breaker.
@Its Elven horror, steampunk and fantasy are the main genres but I'm open to anything

Cool cool. Certain pairing in mind?
Welcome to the guild! If you like I'm open to free and casual roleplay and I'm pretty creepy admittedly like when roleplaying or creating characters

What were you interested in rping?
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