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@soren Pm, if thats fine with you!
@King Kindred Sure! Which would you prefer to do?

@soren I haven't been able to do a good Fairy Tail rp in awhile. How about that?

@Aristocles Sure! Also, yes, please! I prefer to plot in pm so!

@medalliah Ikr? It's such a great series! I don't have a plot for it, but I'm definitely up for creating a Madoka rp!

@Ricasso Generally, I prefer playing ocs, but I'm fine with doing canon x oc things (So long as we're doubling/I play an oc!)

That's fine! I'm up for plotting any of those three or doing an original plot! Whichever you prefer to do!
Hello! The name's Willow! I've been on this site before, however I forgot the username and password!

I'm fine with smut in my rps, as long as its not the central focus and theres at least some story.

While I am not advanced, I do have pretty good grammar and tend to post a paragraph (trying to expand on this and post multiple paragraphs!). Whether it's a good paragraph or not depends on you and how interested I am in the plot. If there's a sudden drop in post length or activity, it may also be me struggling with muse.

I prefer that you be semi-advanced, in the sense that you can type a good paragraph and understandable grammar. The occasional spelling mistake or so is fine, as I probably make them too.

I also prefer to play female characters, however, I am fine with doubling! In fact, I'd actually encourage doubling.

If we plot something from scratch, I would prefer for you to help too. I get kinda disinterested if you just let me do all the work.

I can use an anime or realistic face claim, if we do a human roleplay, as well.

Now that that's out of the way, onto things I'll roleplay!

The more *'s, the more muse I have.




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