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10 Apr 2017 7:08
Current I'm falling into my depression and unhappiness mode...
4 Feb 2017 9:00
Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust!
11 Dec 2016 5:04
Happy Christmas Time!!!!
11 Aug 2016 6:33
I can't say no or say how I feel so I just won't say how I feel and I won't say no ever....
17 Apr 2016 8:55
I love the song Peter Pan by kelsie ballerini


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Time travel with tom Hiddleston ending up in olden times of a princess

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Looking :)
Rose stood there in front of John looking at him tears fell down her cheeks. She didn't want it to be true her suspicions of him cheating. She stood in he graveyard and watch John pace back and forth mad that she look at his phone when she borrowed it to call her best friend and check in with the bookstore and see how it going. He was the one that insisted that she not get the international plan so she had to use his and found a number from babs and it was a number that been called a lot.

Tears fell down she look at him felt hurt and betrayed. She thought they would settle down she moved in with him and yes there been nights where she been alone and she hope he hadn't been cheating but now seeing it she felt like a idiot for being here with him.

She watch him leave his card and then walk away like she meant nothing to him. Her legs were shaking and she slid to the ground in front of the gravestone and start crying in her knees. Then the wind pick up and a storm start coming. It started raining and the gravestone with the knight name on it start shaking. She stood soaked and watch as the group open a portal and she screamed as she got pulled through. It opened in the past time of when the knight is alive. She drop from the sky and fell on the ground cried in pain as she sprain her ankle and she whimper look around. She saw trees and saw a village near it look different like what she read out is history books. She stood and whimper look around still soak from the rain and is wearing shorts and blue tank top her long red hair is in a side braid that is messy down. "Where am I?" She ask herself scared
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:) searching

I'll do any plot where I'm playing a demon.

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