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1 yr ago
Current They are so focus on how they feel they don’t even know how badly they hurt me...
2 yrs ago
I hate feeling like this... I feel like I have to choose either be sensitive or be cold hearted...
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2 yrs ago
I feel lost... and I wanna cry and scream...
2 yrs ago
Graduate college!! Got a MacBook as a gift!! Going to Disney in June!!! Going to a university to continue education!! Hell ya!!
3 yrs ago
Once Upon a Time...


Fairytales do come true...

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Looking :)
Hey everyone I'm back!
Sorry for disappearing things got crazy. Any way here is my rp list of fun stuff to rp!

*Romance I love doing
* I play female and I can play male but I rather play it as my double cause I'm a bit rusty so be patient with me
* If your going to drop let me know so I'm not wondering where you went it won't hurt my feelings.
* I post 1-3paragraphs I try my hardest to not post one liners.
* I don't do fxf or mxm
* I don't do incest
* I do fade to black for sex scenes
Student x student
Teacher x student
Bestfriend x bestfriend
Nerd x jock
Shy x popular
Human x vampire
Human x werewolf
Demon x human
Angel x demon
Angel x human
Rockstar x shy girl
Princess x prince
Prince x servant
Royal x bodyguard
Princess x knight
Princess x servant
Blind girl x seeing boy
* Please Make any suggestions and I will mostly likely say yes as long there not fandoms I don't do those sorry.
* I rather you pm me I may not check here only once a week maybe two so pm is better

I also have plots that I can tell you of if you ask

plot ideas
A Cinderella plot idea ask me about it
A beauty and beast idea ask me about it
A time travel plot idea ask me about it
And a few others you can ask me if you wish to know them
And I have a Peter Pan type idea as well
Looking :)
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