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4 mos ago
Current They are so focus on how they feel they don’t even know how badly they hurt me...
10 mos ago
I hate feeling like this... I feel like I have to choose either be sensitive or be cold hearted...
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11 mos ago
I feel lost... and I wanna cry and scream...
1 yr ago
Graduate college!! Got a MacBook as a gift!! Going to Disney in June!!! Going to a university to continue education!! Hell ya!!
2 yrs ago
Once Upon a Time...


Hey to whoever read this,

I don’t know my bio I’m still trying to figure out where I fit in life and I feel like I don’t belong anywhere except maybe at work...
so for now Here is what I can tell you about me I’m 25, I suck at dating or finding guys to like me and I don’t want kids...

The end

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