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Current How does one go about getting a Co-GM?
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When it comes to roleplay, I find that there are few things more beautiful than when characters unexpectedly evolve into entirely different people over the course of a story.
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I wonder. Is it considered a faux pas here on this forum to be actively involved in multiple RPs at one time? Be it as a player, DM or both.


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Tall even for a Norseman, though not quite as tall as Uffr.
Lithe of build with sinewy limbs.
Soft of voice but speaks with a bitter undertone.
Pale blue eyes, shaved, tattooed head and a full, braided beard.
Arms, chest, scalp and face covered in a tapestry of dark blue tattoos with, Mjölnir, Vegvísir, Valknut, Sólarhvél and Ægishjálmr designs being most prominent.

Name: Ulf "Thrallson"
Personality: Whimsical, cynical, paranoid, comical, melancholic.
Backstory: The son of a Svear couple taken from their homes as by raiders and kept as thralls, Ulf was born free and raised comfortably as a slave by a good master until he bought his own freedom. Between him becoming a freeman many years ago and now, Ulf joined many a raid to the south, east and west from which he earned a reputation as both a good companion and a vicious combatant.
Equipment: Dane axe, gjermundbu helmet with mail aventail, lamellar armour, small round shield on back, bearded axe at waist.
Skills: Cunning, fearless, uncanny endurance, deadly with a pole-weapon
Here's mine, let me know if you're happy with it as well.

Edit: Moved to character sheets tab! Thanks @Warborn123!
@Caits Absolutely, just PM me with your character or post it in here first, when you're done with it.
'The Garden' Brothel

Sir Luca Aimery

"Oh? How mysterious. Madame Rose isn't here at the moment, she left not long ago." said the girl to Sir Luca as she closed the door after him. Despite the teasing, she knew better than to get too inquisitive and she could see that Luca was anxious to find Madame Rose. "If you've got the time to spare I don't think she will mind if I let you wait her in her office" added the girl as she makes her way past Luca, brushing a hand against his backside as she does.

She lead him up a flight of stairs to an indoor balcony which ran around the entire room, on one side was an ornately carved wooden railing which gave those above a good view of the main lounge below, and on the other side were rows of closed doors leading to the bedrooms. The girl continued along the walkway, leading Luca to a double-door which she opened. Inside was a huge, 4-poster queen bed, a bathtub, a wardrobe, an armchair and a locked desk, all built in the same style and pattered with an array of carvings. One of the walls was lined with bookshelves containing a large collection of ledgers and books. "Would you like for us to get you a drink?" Asked the serving girl as she turned to leave.

The Great Northern Wood


Davian jumped in surprise at the sudden cry behind him looked over his shoulder as Emirien fell forward, causing him to let go of a handful of twigs he had brushed aside which twang back and hit him in the face. Davian stumbled back in surprise, directly away from the branch that hit him and out of Emiriens way, unable to react in time to even try and catch her. He rubbed his right eye with his fingers and started forward to attempt to help Emirien up by offering her his hand. He quips "That could have gone better." and then follows up straight away with sincerity "Are you alright, Emmy?"
I'm interested in this as well.
'The Garden' Brothel

Sir Luca Aimery

Shortly after Luca knocked the door was answered by a young girl, though her exact age was difficult to place. She had a smile on her face as she opened the door, and was dressed in a corset coupled with a flowing sleeveless gown which looked to be at least a size too small. "You don't have to knock, monsieur, come on in." she said as she held the door open and stood aside for Sir Luca.

The brothel was well lit, with wide windows high up on the walls and a candle lamp on each table. Me and women made merry within, talking, drinking and occasionally groping. A pair of burly guards who were stood beside one another talking at the other side of the building peered at Luca through the open door while a third stood by the door, taking no notice of him. These were not the city guards one finds patrolling the streets, but armed bouncers hired by the Madame of the brothel to keep it and her girls safe.

The girl who answered the door reached for Sir Luca, offering him her hand and purring "Come on into the warm, sit down and get comfortable".

The Golden Gryphon

Tomas De'Sean of the Salt

The barman keeps his eye on Tomas and the few gathered parties and patrons in the Gryphon while he goes about his business behind the bar, only occasionally turning around to pour a drink or clean a glass. It seems he keeps his eye on Tomas not out of suspicion but rather to pay close attention to the patrons reactions to the music. Some turn away from their meals to watch Tomas play, some continue on without showing any change in their mannerisms or even signs of having noticed the music.

Once Tomas finishes playing many of the patrons within who turned to watch him raise their cups in silent toast, and the barkeep, whether he likes the result or not grins at Tomas and salutes him, placing two raised fingers against his brow. Perhaps unsurprisingly he fishes some copper shards from his money apron in plain sight of Tomas, counts out the exact change for the drink and places the money under the bar counter with a single, firm nod.

The Residential district is generally far quieter than most of the others, save for perhaps parts of the Delucian district, and now that the patrons who were watching Tomas play his flute have gone back to their feasting and drinking the low hum of many a conversation and the gentle tapping of silverware on crockery are the only sounds which can be heard. Such conditions seem to almost invite Tomas to begin playing another song.

Eastern Farmlands


"Absolutely, we shall!" said Davian enthusiastically as he made after the two hounds, through the gate and then around and past Emirien's house towards the great forest further north. Only one thin, messy field of uncultivated land divided Emirien's house from where the forest started abruptly.

Emirien and Davian had to watch their footing as they followed after the dogs across the field as the occasional large stone or hole in the ground, likely dug by a rabbit or badger could leave either with a broken foot. The dogs ran happily along lead by their noses after the scent of bird and didn't seem to care much for the smell of rabbit and badger for the time being.

It wasn't long before they had reached the woods. There was no commonly used footpath or trail leading into them here, save for that marked by a few broken off twigs and trodden ferns which Emirien and her family may have used in the past. Still, that didn't seem to bother Davian who pushed twigs and branches aside with his arm. "Have you ever seen a real, live Dreg, Emmy?" He questioned idly as he made his way into the woods.
Delucian District

Sir Luca Aimery

The midwife had her eyes covered by her hands as Luca came back into the room, and a set of bloody fingerprints covered her face and forehead. Her look of horror turned to one of anger as he spoke and handed her the coin, and if looks could kill, Sir Luca would be naught but a pile of ash. Even so, the midwife took the coin and nodded once at him before hurrying out of the room with a few parting words. "If fate is kind we shall never have to cross paths again, Sir."

She decided to make use of the facilities in Sir Luca's house, particularly the plumbing and the kettle, rather than be seen outside covered in blood and went about warming up some fresh water with which to wash her arms and face in a basin. She remained clothed the entire time, removing only her apron which she left in a heap on the floor, and did a quick job of washing the blood off of her, drying herself and rushing out of the front door of the house to disappear into the city streets. The basin, now filled with warm, bloodied water and a soaked towel was left on the floor of Sir Luca's kitchen beside the midwife's apron.

Averine City Docks

Ryker of the Barrows

As Ryker left the inn, he found fhe quay still bustling with noise and energy, stevedores and sailors work or socialise, standing in doorways as they converse with one another, a pair of what look like urchin children wielding sticks trundle hoops along the wharf-side footpath. The merchants have either packed up or moved on by now save for a small handful, and as Ryker walks he's only offered fresh fish, eels and squid a total of three times.

As he makes his way across the seafront, and then north up the main road: The easiest if perhaps not the quickest route to the Delucian district, Ryker can eventually tell he is approaching his destination by the quality of the houses and the fact that the smell of fish becomes more and more distant. As he is coming up the main street and nears the Siren's Pride inn a woman heading south from the Delucian district makes a brief moments eye contact with him as she passes by. She wears a simple dress, is sour faced, red eyed and stuffy nosed from crying, and would have been entirely unremarkable if not for the brownish-red stains covering her sleeves which Ryker would no doubt recognise as drying blood. Perhaps not a common sight, but not an uncommon one either.
@Nymeria I was thinking something similar, actually, yes. I don't think much harm will come of each scene involving different players taking place at a different different times, then perhaps converging later as player characters meet one another.
Eastern Farmlands


Davian raised his eybrows, exclaiming aloud "Oh-hoho!" at Emmirien's playful jabs. "A harmless mouse, am I? I'll have you know I am scourge of the crop fields, and many a weeping crow-widow knows my name.". Her words rang true, as despite his generally even-tempered and relaxed demeanour, his cocky attitude and an unlucky tendency to joke about those not to be joked about occasionally lands him in fights and scuffles. Typically these altercations arise with men his age with Davian himself preferring to avoid confrontation, which resulted in him having been branded with the reputation of a cowardly troublemaker. Still, he didn't seem to mind the woman's taunts, and laughed along with her as the two joked.

Davian voices his agreement "That sounds like a good deal to me, Emmy, I shoot the birds and you pluck them." and goes to string his hunting bow, placing it between his legs, supporting the lower limb against his shin and bending the upper limb against the calf of his other leg, as he slips the bowstring over the string notch. "All set, and ready when you are." he says, as he looks at Emirien and a soft smile tugs at the corners of his lips.

Averine City Docks

Ryker of the Barrows

As Ryker addresses the boy he nods silently and begins to back away, then pauses as he is addressed a second time. "Oh, of course, yes m'Lord." The young attendant scurries off, returning quickly with a large, fresh towel in hand. "Do you want it now m'Lord, or should I put it right here beside the tub?" he asks sheepishly while eyeing Ryker's sword but knowing better than to disturb a guest with foolish questions he opts not to mention it and simply awaits an answer from the man.

Alexandra "Siren" Flores

It's a well known fact that the Empire's opinion on the aesthetic charm of Sethkra'Vesh was a subject with as many conflicting opinions as whether or not they should be considered thinking, feeling creatures like Humans, or more akin to sheep, cattle and horses. As Alexandra stood and entertained the crowd with her music, she had the pleasure of seeing their reactions to the creature.

It, or she, was a tall and thin thing, towering half a head taller than even the tallest man in the tavern, with flowing, graceful movements and light feet. She made her way down the stairs and across the room, some of the patrons sneered, some tried to trip her, some of them grabbed at her or spanked her on the behind as she passed by, others looked on in pity and Alex even managed to read the lips of some as they discouraged their companions from treating the Dreg badly.

Everyone, the Dreg in particular knew that it would be better for her to be out of sight and out of mind, and so as soon as she had made across to the bar on the other side of the room she disappeared into the cellar, only occasionally popping her top half up through the trapdoor to pass bottles of alcohol to the innkeep and serving girls.

All the while, the patrons inside drank, sang and laughed.

Delucian District

Sir Luca Aimery

By now, not only did the midwife look terrified but she was visibly shaken by what was going on, she gasped as Luca grabbed her arm and tried to wrench free, but brought her hands up to shield her face when his grip was too strong for her, and when no blow was struck she attempted to push him away, but stopped to listen when he started talking. By the time he was finished she was sobbing gently, having nodded along to what he said to her she replied "Y-.. Yes, Sir, just don't hurt me, please. I'll keep this a secret and no one will ever have to know."

She looked up at him, her eyes just as wet with tears as his by now. "I-..." her voice cracks and she closes her mouth, unable to find the words she wanted to say, perhaps never knowing to begin with. "The Mage-Hunters could be here tonight m'Lord... You... You should start digging."

Residential District

Tomas De'Sean of the Salt

The bartender in the Golden Gryphon, who at first seemed guarded and defensive seemed to quickly warm up to Tomas once he realised that the man was no immediate threat. "The lads and lasses here are a tough crowd, matey, I'll tell you that now." He whispers and grins, adding in jest "You know they only accept the best of the best, right? Are you the best of the best?".

"If it's a job you're looking for you'll have to prove you can keep this lot paying without making too much noise, eh? Golden Gryphon's not like all those quayside inns and bars, folk here like to relax, not just get sloshed, and some of them might take offence to the noise." The man pauses and starts pouring a glass of foamy, dark orange ale from one of the many barrels sitting behind the bar. He holds the ale in one hand and leans forward on his other arm, putting all of his weight on his elbow as he looks Tomas in the eye, offers the tankard to him and says "And as for me. Whether or not I've heard of you's irrelevant. I need to know you're not just a freeloader who's after a quick drink and an easy meal. How about you pay for this one and show us what you've got?"
So that you all know I updated a bit of lore where it was necessary, expanding slightly on the world in hopes of improving player's understanding of it. I also added that NPC compendium I mention, a link to which can be found at the top of the character sheets tab.
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