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When it comes to roleplay, I find that there are few things more beautiful than when characters unexpectedly evolve into entirely different people over the course of a story.


My time with the guild must come to an end, it's been a short but relatively enjoyable one. This is me just stopping by for the last time (6/12/2017) to say goodbye to past and present RP partners!

"This sword, forged in fire and ice. The runes that trail its blade can be seen but by my two eyes.

As if written in the snow, the lies, shall melt away. By the wheel of sun to cross the sky this day. Shadows may lay heavy upon the earth.

But the truth, cut deep in stone, will last 'til the heavens comes tumbling down upon this world."

Historical reenactor, Avid roleplayer, Writer, HEMA practitioner, Gamer, Painter.

I'm an experienced Roleplayer who has been roleplaying for 13 or so years, mostly in MMOs but also on the tabletop and via text among other things. Roleplaying, creative writing and history are a few things I am quite passionate about. I like to think that I am quite flexible when it comes to style of roleplay and the setting in which it takes place, that being said I have a bias towards Fantasy settings and tend to prefer deeper narratives.

To name a few of my other hobbies aside from roleplay, I enjoy historical reenactment, gaming, worldbuilding, writing stories, HEMA and LARP, painting, cosplay and making things.

A bunch of my favourite settings are Dragon Age, Guild Wars, Bloodborne, Total Annihilation: Kingdoms, Pillars of Eternity, Warcraft, Warhammer (40K and Fantasy), Fallen London/Sunless Sea, Darkest Dungeon, Cthulhu mythos, A Song of Ice and Fire, Runequest/Mythras, Dungeons and Dragons and Hillfolk.

Low fantasy
High fantasy
Dark fantasy
Bronze age
Iron age
Dark age
Cutthroat/Grimdark worlds
Post apocalyptic
Group roleplay
Grey characters
Deep characters
Original worlds
Original characters

Modern slice of life
Non-original characters
Overpowered characters
Shallow characters
Unrelatable characters

Discord: Winterwake#7316
Skype: Winterwake

Oh yes, one more thing. I should probably mention that I'm not a nazi, and the fact that Norse symbolism and the "viking" image are often used with bigoted connotations disgusts me.

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This is exactly my kind of thing. It pains me to say but despite my interest I've got too much else going on right now to give this the attention it deserves. Sorry!
Bumping again.
Velta Burr

Delucian District

The courier in his blue uniform was already carrying a letter, no doubt one he was on his way to deliver as Velta stopped him. With only one letter to deliver she could be certain that her letter would reach castle Sauvage very soon.

As she reached out to grab the boy, the two guards who're stood lazily guarding the gate which seperates the Delucian and Residential districts stare, frown and push off the walls as if to approach the slaver woman and the courier, though they are discouraged when the young courier boy seems entirely unscathed, and happily replies in a cheery tone. He looks up, smiles and nodds at Velta. "Why of course, miss, I know Mr. Nolani! I'll take this straight to castle Sauvage and make sure he knows you want a letter back as soon as possible, how's that?"

Arnlaug Leifsson

Averine City Docks

The little girl looks sheepishly at Arnlaug, following his eyes as he looks down alleyways and streets. The alleyways aren't as busy as the main streets, and though there's no merchants or fishmongers calling their catches down them, they are most certainly in use. Sailors and stevedores stand in groups and talk to one another out of the rain, there are children, paupers and brutes both male and female keeping mostly to themselves. Arnlaug can't see anyone who is acting suspiciously and the young girl doesn't seem to look at anyone in particular.

Her eyes sparkle and she cracks a toothy, childish grin as she spots his coin purse but her grin turns serious again as he asks his question. She doesn't answer for a moment and stutters when she finally does "Well... Uh, monsieur, it's my job you see. I get to keep what I earn." after which she nods and smiles again, awaiting a positive response from the man.
@BrightSteel I'll address you in a PM rather than here on the thread.
OOC bump. Hoping to catch some new players who think they might enjoy this! Only 4 of my players are still involved, so please, now's as good a time as any to sign up if you're interested.
Velta Burr

Averine City Docks

Velta found her stroll was a pleasant one as she trailed Sir Obirrin and the young Silver Shield. Either the thugs knew she was not one to be trifled with or they had already scurried away at the sight of the reputed old knight and his armed companion. The two continued north along the main road with Velta shortly behind, they carried on past the Siren's Pride and into the streets of the Delucian district lined with tall, rich buildings. From here they turned to go down the eastward road from the Delucian district square towards the rich residential area of the city. It was almost without any doubt that the two were headed straight for Castle Sauvage.

History tells that Castle Sauvage, once upon a time known as Castle Aveliere after the great Empress, was originally built north-east of the oldest parts of Averine city, but growth and expansion have since caused the two to join. The castle boasts of the largest fortresses in the Empire, once the seat of Empress Aveliere and her military might. It has since become the home of one of the most influential and famous, or perhaps infamous, of the great noble Battlemage houses and is one of the only two houses who maintain a strong presence within the capital.

Arnlaug Leifsson

Averine City Docks

Having grown accustomed to the smell of sea air, the first thing Arnlaug is greeted by as he makes his way towards the streets bordering the wharf is squawking of seagulls overhead and the heavy smell of fish in the air. Children play, some of the townspeople, be it stevedores, sailors, merchants and the like occasionally glance at him as he passes by as if sizing him up. The wharf is lined with rows and rows of buildings, mostly warehouses and shops and the outside of these buildings are themselves lined with stalls, barrels and crates.

Eventually, after a few minutes of walking he finds himself at an Inn called the Rugged Fish. Just as he is approaching the front door he is accosted by an urchin who had been staring at him. The young girl has a dirty face, ragged clothes, bare feet and raggedy blonde hair which resembles a birds nest runs over and asks in the telltale accent of one who was born and raised inside the city "I can buff and shine your armour for just a few shards, monsieur! Sword-... Uh, axe as well if it needs doing."
Right, so. I had an idea for a relatively short (Who am I kidding?) plot. I'll write out a quick outline of the idea itself and we can discuss it further if anyone is interested.

The initial premise is this: A bold crew of norsemen are raiding around the Christian Kingdom of Cornwalum in West England. They take the fortress of a minor Lord with the intent to raid while he is away, the fort is lightly guarded by only a handful of fighting men making it a tempting prize.

By a twist of fate, during the time that the raiders are sacking the fort the same lord killed what few guards the vikings had left to protect their ships, and set said ships all aflame on his way back towards the fortress leaving the raiders trapped. With intent to hunt down the norsemen, the lord sends a scout to warn the fort of the happenings, and ends up finding out about the situation in his fort.

Now the norsemen are trapped in the fortress with the lord's army outside, they have no ships and could be set upon by reinforcements at any time. The only bargaining chip keeping them alive is a relative of the lord who is trapped with them inside the fortress they captured, be it his wife, daughter, son, etc depending on player's preference. I will be playing one of the Norsemen forced into a position of power amongst his crew during the introduction of the plot.

I feel the the plot has plenty of potential for character development from the outset, be it Stockholm syndrome, genuine appreciation of one another's cultures, romantic feelings, a brotherly rivalry etc you name it.

A few things you should note when considering choosing to roleplay with me. First and foremost I don't do erotica/smut, nor do I much enjoy romance RP. If the idea of romance evolving organically is compelling then I am more inclined to humour it, perhaps even enjoy it, but otherwise it feels awkward and forced. If you're looking for a fluffy romance plot you will be disappointed, it might be that you are disappointed if you're looking for any kind of romance plot here. I also try to avoid writing my character's thoughts as I much prefer having roleplayers guess how characters are feeling through descriptions of body language, I'd prefer if you did the same. As for post size, I don't expect a novella, post as little or as much as you feel the current post/scene needs. Oh yes, and I should note that I've no preferences when it comes to RP-partner's ages and genders as long as they are over 18.
Hello and welcome to the Guild, Selig. I've no doubt you'll find exactly what you're after here in the free and perhaps a few in the casual section.
Madame Rose

'The Garden' Brothel

"Yes ma'am." Says the girl obediently before she scurries off to do as she is told. Once Rose had ascended the stairs, made her way across the balcony and entered her room, the guard who had been waiting within and watching over Sir Luca bowed his head towards her in a respectful greeting. "Ma'am, the monsieur here. He says he needs to discuss some matters of importance with you." He pauses and quickly adds, standing up straight and stuttering somewhat. "T-That is only with you, ma'am. Won't tell anyone what he wants but he's been following the rules so far." The uneasy bouncer then steps aside and leans against the wall by the door with his arms folded across his chest. For a moment it is as if he intends to stick around until he speaks again. "Am I dismissed, ma'am? Or will you be needing me to hang about?"
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