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A Time For It All

The night settled cool and peaceful in the wilds, a stark contrast to the human war and calamity he had so recently known. As a boy, Eclipse had spent a lot of time outside surrounded by nature, and even now, with years advancing upon him, he could still appreciate its beauty. Rider of Unicorns they had dubbed him. Nowadays, it seemed like nobody ever saw those white beasts anymore. Eclipse doubted he'd be so lucky tonight, especially this far north, but oh how he longed for such a creature to come and relieve his burden. He was exhausted.

It wasn't long before he found a trail, that led to a path, that led to a road. Roads lead to farms, which lie on the outskirts of villages, which always have a chapel... Yet the pious knight never made it to any sanctioned house of the gods.


Dogs were barking.

"Gertie? Wake up Gertie. We's having compneh!" A stout farmer in faded, worn, and stained overalls came into the farmhouse bearing a blonde man in armor leaning agaisnt his shoulder.

"Bert! It's an hour before sunrise, and I ain't milked the cows yet. Whatcha mean we got compneh? A guest? Is it another one o' your drinking frien's, because I have had it up to here with... Oh my stars!" The countrywoman gasped mid speech as she laid eyes upon the weary warrior being dragged into her kitchen.

A multitude of children of varying ages suddenly also filled the room, gawking with interest. Despite his taxed condition, the knight smiled at the sight of them.

Gertie put one of her hands on Bert's as Eclipse settled into a chair with the deepest gratitude. She whispered to her husband, "Bert... He's from the war. We can't..."

"He's with the church dear. Can't ye see his cloth? Now I'm no saint meself, but I can't just leave a man in need on the side o' the road where ma pigs shit."

"Bertold!" She was using his formal name now, with her fists firmly pressed against her hips and giving him a pointed glare. Her husband's cursing was an embarrassment.

"Sorry honey. Hey, you kids got chores to do! Now get out there an' do em! We adults are gonna talk a while." Bert then took a seat himself and looked across the table at his guest. Fearing their father's wrath, the kids scattered off. "And Jesse, milk the cows."

Gertie grabbed a towel with a huff and wiped her hands. "Well, I suppose I'll fix ya somethin'." She set about breakfast.

Eclipse began to undo the bindings that kept his armor on. "Bless you stranger. As a knight of the church, I am reliant on the hospitality and generosity of others, yet I will not leave you unrewarded for the grace you have shown me, nor will the gods. When I have recovered, I will work for you, before I go. I promise I will not impose."

Bert nodded and dismissed the subject with a wave of his hand. "I appreciate that, good sir knight." He paused thoughtfully. It was clear the farmer had more than a few seasons under his belt as he eyed the lion-maned man with some scrutiny. "I know that you came from that battle nearby. Now I am gonna ask ya, which side were you on?"

The toll of his exhaustion forced a heavy sigh through the man's lips. He replied with some effort, knowing he had no choice but to answer. "If you will know the truth, I am on everyone's side. The gods do not play favorites. All they want, is for all of us to live good lives, and to restore peace and order. The Holy Order of St. Elenor lends its knights to fight against the insurrections caused by Manshrew Alliance forces and to support the present king and order of Formaroth. I myself know of no signs that show our king was not divinely ordained. He is no 'mad king,' as this land has seen before. Yet, if you ask, why does Andrew Manshrew fight? I must confess, I do not know."

Bert nodded at this, pensive, but showing no sign of disagreement, and they took their morning meals with little else said. A happy dog rested his head in Eclipse's lap the whole time.


*Thwack!* With one fell swoop, the two halves of maple split and toppled with a melodious knocking into the other pieces of wood below. Eclipse yanked the axe free from where it had bitten into the chopping block and turned to grab another log. The light shirt he wore for the cool weather did nothing to hide his physique, but it was enough that exercise and the sun could make up for what warmth was lacking. On he worked, splitting logs into firewood, seemingly oblivious to his curious onlooker.

A pair of young, feminine eyes peered at him from behind a bush. Finding this new man fascinating, and inexplicably attractive, one of the older girls had stolen away from her chores for a chance to witness the man who inspired thoughts of far away lands and exciting new life. Yet she couldn't just hide behind that bush forever.


Eclipse rested the axe against the ground and smiled even before he looked at the girl. "I knew you were there." He placed another log, turning it to its most steady position on the block. "Charlene, is it? I thought you were to be hanging laundry."

The girl took a seat on one of the piles of wood. "With you around, mister, there's much less for me to do. I thought I'd come watch. You know, I can chop wood like that too. I even bet I could do it better. Ma says, anything anyone else can do, I can do too."

"Is that right?" Down came the silvery beak of the axe in a powerful arc... *THUNK!* Eclipse blinked and stared down the handle. The axe had bitten deep, but the log held solid.

The young lady behind him burst out laughing while he yanked the axe free for another go.

"Hmm. This one's oak. Holy Eight bless whoever it was that took this tree down, for it must have been a feat." He looked at the edge of the axe and at the rest of the unchopped logs.

"You're funny mister knight."

"Please call me Eclipse. I prefer it that way, because who I am is far more important that what I am."

Charlene nodded, seemingly fascinated by this mote of wisdom. "Sure mister Eclipse, er I mean, Eclipse."

It was close enough. Eclipse smiled and then cracked that log in 3 more swings. "I'm going to break all the oak ones, and finish this pile. That should leave your family enough until spring. Then, I will depart. The gods spurn me to move in my dreams, and I have the greatest sense of foreboding..." Considering the task before him, Eclipse didn't realize he had started rambling and that he had said more than he should have.

"You mean like nightmares?" She hopped off the pile. "Eclipse! I want to go with you!"

Wood clattered apart off the block, and Eclipse paused. The faint lines at the corners of his eyes seemed to be there again, a reminder of the wisdom that years of life had given him. He closed his eyes as he replied. "I'm sorry Charlene, but where I must go is very dangerous, and you are needed here, by your family."

Somewhat expecting this answer, the girl huffed and folded her arms. "I can do anything you can do!"

Eclipse stopped and turned to her. "Yes... You too can serve the gods, Charlene, just as I do, but keep in mind, the gods do not ask everyone to do everything all at once. There are times for it all and for each of us. There are times to be weak, and to be strong, to be young or grown..." He put his hand on her shoulder. "Listen. Trust me. You too have a destiny, and right now, it is to be here. Our paths do divide, but for now at least, we may chop wood together."

She seemed to enlighten at this as she stared at him, caught somehwhere between blushing and crying. He was like an angel.

"Take that other axe. You can toss me the oak ones if you want."


By the time the paladin arrived, the sun was setting, yet the smoke rising from the fires over Nyhem was unmistakable even from a distance. Eclipse coaxed his steed faster as the terrifying recognition of disaster hit him. He was already too late for whatever chaos had ensnared this city, and chaos it was. Temples were blackened, bodies and blood covered the streets, and no rhyme or reason seemed to clarify the need for so much death and suffering. Eclipse rode past the walls unopposed, save for the hesitant concerns of his farm horse. The scene was horrifying. Eclipse halted in the middle of the road, simply stunned. "By the gods.. Holy..." He couldn't finish a sentence as he stared, wide eyed. "Merciful Leplo." He finished a whisper. Tediously, his mind tried to piece together the details of what he was seeing and hearing. There were still screams nearby, still fighting, holy places were hit, looters... Yet he wasn't sure who exactly the enemy was. There were no invaders, so how could there be any reason for this?
@TheDuncanMorgan Well, he was freed from impending execution and left to go where he pleased. He said he would return to Nyhem, but he never said when. Maybe no one sees him for a while. Maybe He'll have some side story adventures I can make up if I ever come back. If you want to use him for something, discord me.
I think I'm going to officially leave rpg. Since my move, my life has changed, and I simply don't find myself writing anymore, at all. Perhaps Eclipse will one day return, but for now, I'm gonna call it for this story. It's been fun. Thank you for your patience.
I'm gonna be out of town for about a week. Won't be able to get back for a little while.
Suffer no Fear

At the Steel Fist camp, nightfall:

Evennis had been assigned by Patrick to take care of the traitor who had allowed Andrew to escape. In some way Evennis was grateful; had Andrew been captured then it would have been the end of the war and Evennis hadn’t been in a proper fight in years, it would be a shame for it all to end after his first battle. Either way the man’s actions had been foolish and now he had to pay the price. Night had fallen over the Steels fist’s camp and the majority of the fist’s soldiers were already drunk. Evennis made his way over to the tent that held the Paladin within, or at least he thought he was; the directions the drunk mercenary had given him had been vague to say the least. When he entered he immediately noticed the man who sat before him; it was the same paladin whom he had met on the morn of battle.

“Didn’t expect to see you again” Evennis said with a laugh.

The blonde knight was being held inside tent guarded by two watchmen outside. Evennis found him still dressed in the armor he had fought in, now dented and tarnished from the battle. He appeared to be resting, albeit uncomfortably, but appeared no worse for wear as far as any serious injury. His wrists were bound behind him and his sword lay out of reach, unrecognized for what it was. A light came to his face upon the sound of a familiar voice, and Eclipse lifted his head. "As I praise the gods." He said with a ring of surprise. "If it isn't the brother who fought righteously by my side. It is a relief to see you alive and well my friend Evennis. I regret I cannot rise from my place to properly greet you." Eclipse wasn’t certain how much the man had heard, but his laughter put the paladin at ease for the moment, giving him the courage to make light of the situation. Surely there were many who would rather see Eclipse beaten or killed in repayment for his crime, and without Claus’ protection that very easily could be his end. He was well aware of that fact.

“I just wish we could meet on better circumstances” Evennis replied with a grimace on his face “from what I gather you allowed the enemy king to escape,An act my liege has not taken too kindly. I’m afraid I am not here today is your friend but as your executioner”

“Executioner? Ah. So the mercenary Rotstein has already found a buyer for my life. That was… quick.” The knights handsome face frowned in disappointment. “I suppose I must forgive him for his part in this. The plans of the divine are often not immediately apparent, and even I for one cannot claim such clarity except through faith. And faith is different in all of us isn’t it?” Eclipse leaned his head back acquiescently, the emblem of the radiant circle easily visible on his breastplate.

“If I am to die, then let it be so. The Eight above have the right to take my life, and I have no doubts that they would do so only if it best suited their purposes. I have done what they have asked of me. So now, I am given to you Evannis, and I forgive you for dutifully carrying out the order of whatever lord has paid to see it done yet lacked the honor to carry it out himself. Such pre-emptive judgement.” Eclipse’s brow furrowed disapprovingly, for he was trained in law and a Justicar in his native lands. He knew he was being deprived of a proper trial and consideration by appropriate moral authority. He sighed, reflecting on his life’s meaning and searching for the spark of hope in the darkness as he always did. “Perhaps in time, Rotstein will be moved into changing his ignoble ways, and maybe this war will end with a truly peaceful resolution rather than ending in an eternal schism of hate between the people of Formaroth. That is what the gods truly will to happen, Evannis. Let that peace be my epitaph.”

“I fear you hope for too much” Evennis said with a sign as he lifted Eclipse to his feet “This way” He gestured to outside the tent, he allowed Eclipse to move freely of his own will. He doubted he would try and run away. Despite what Eclipse did, Evennis couldn’t help but feel sorry for the man. He was a warrior through and through and had fought well in the battle, and now he was to be killed like a rabid dog.

It's true it wasn't fair, but this was the kind of thing that happened every day. How much sway did the gods really have in the world when things were so far from perfect? Eclipse rose and walked ahead of Evennis with no resistance. Although his hands were tied, he still might have been able to shrug off a few men and make a run for the trees under the cover of night. Certainly others in his position would have tried it, but the paladin made no such attempt. He had a unique agreement with fate, and it required the utmost in self control, to trust that which could not be seen. To deviate from that path, to doubt even for a moment, would break that contract and not only forfeit his life, but worse, it would render him useless to his divine lords. Eclipse maintained his dignity in silence as his fellow led him across the encampment.

Evennis led Eclipse out of the camp into the dead of the night, the mercenaries were all too drunk to even notice. As Evennis continued to walk with Eclipse his doubt increased. Did Eclipse deserve to die? As far as Evennis could tell the steel fist had dishonored themselves, afterall there was no fun in attacking a fleeing enemy. Even from a strategic point of view Eclipse was worth more alive than dead. He was a capable leader and a strong warrior who could serve the Concord well. Eventually Evennis brought Eclipse to a halt, they were now secluded away from anyone else. Evennis drew his sword and pointed it at Eclipses neck, he hesitated as he continued to debate what to do. Eventually he made his decision, he moved the sword away from Eclipses neck and instead slashed at the binds at his hands.

Eclipse had to blink a few times before he realized what was happening. This man, this warrior and brother, was setting him free. At first, he said nothing, silenced by the sudden rush of contemplation as the future unexpectedly opened wide again before him. Carefully, he rubbed his wrists, turning his blue eyes, now dark grey in the dim light, on his warden. “Son of the gods, child of Leplo…” He kept his voice down in his exclamations. “Evennis, I swear to you that your choice will not have been made in vain. The gods smile down upon us both this day.” Rather it was night, but terms of expression.

The man then held out a sword to him, knowing the paladin would need it. Of course, it was Eclipse’s own sword, which Evennis must have gathered upon their exit from the Iron Fists camp. The words, Spem in Tenebris, ran in stylized script down its length. Eclipse took it graciously, and a knowing smile graced his dusty features. “Thank you my friend. It always finds a way to return to me, you know, this sword… but that is another story for another time.”

“Blessed Nidanke pave the way, we have work to do!” Newfound energy surged through the holy knight. He put his hand on Evennis’ shoulder in a brotherly fashion. “May the gods show you their favor and lead you always. I am going back to the capitol, back to Nyhem, to reconvene with my order. I shall keep the details of my little ‘escape’ to myself, should anyone ever hear of it or know what knight it was who had spared the enemy. Suffer no fear for doing the work of the divine, dear brother. Fear is the sword with which the dark ones battle the light. I bid you fairwell.” With that, the lion-maned knight turned and vanished into the night.
The Paladin and The Mercenary Lord

.................... A brief flaskback.

"I am Claus Rotstein, commander of the Steel Fist, second son of Adolf Rotstein, general of the concord forces in the east... who are you to take away command from me?" Claus boomed out....

Eclipse narrowed his eyes as he scrutinized this mercenary commander and lowered his swordpoint beside him. "I am Eclipse, Knight of Klebirthy, General of the Knights of Ralda, and brother to the Order of Saint Elenor. I swore myself to the Eight Gods of righteousness during the war against the mad king, a war lead by Andrew Manshrew!" The last words rang in the air for a long, stark pause, the emphasis of the man's name removing any doubt that the knight knew who he had just allowed to escape.
Eclipse heaved a heavy exhalation. "It was a war that many seem to have already forgotten."

"You are a massive Twat! ..." The rest of the encounter had gone for wrote (as described above) in the minds of the Steel Fist onlookers who witnessed it. Their valiant, and generous, leader besting the haughty representative of the lofty and unpopular ideals of religion.

In truth, despite their conflict of ideals, Eclipse could no more have brought himself to slay Claus than he could have Manshrew behind him a moment ago. Finding himself in a bind mid-battle without specific direction from the gods, the best he could manage was to sunder Rotstien's weapon. In between exchanges, Eclipse hesitated, turned lethal strikes into near-misses, and served as much non-lethal battering as he could, but didn't make it obvious. The Steel Fist general was undoubtedly strong and utterly refused to yield. Eclipse subconsciously made note of Claus' effectively sinister fighting style, and wondered briefly if he would pay for his ideals with his life against this man. Certainly, it had been laid on the table.

As the minutes passed, a ring was formed around them. The gathering mercenaries cheered and jeered, but none dared intervene. With the preceding events jarred from his memory, Eclipse felt cold hard earth hit his back as he fell. His skull rang and his awareness wavered briefly before clearing. He was breathing hard, then he felt a cruel weight settle on his chest and pin him. He grunted against it but didn't struggle, rather accepting his inevitable defeat, fully aware of the fact he had been spared. "Why?" The blonde knight panted and lolled his head as he thought of the answer. "It was the honorable thing to do."

**Some time later, with Claus sitting next to the tied-up Eclipse.

"You have some guts to stare down the entire fist. You are stupid, but have guts. I'll give 'ya that." Claus was now drinking some water. Shaking his head. Bloody paladins he thought.

The blonde knight's only answer seemed to be an exasperated sigh as he squeezed his eyes shut and let his head fall back against the crate behind him with a pained expression. He swallowed, leaning there with his hands bound behind him. His eyes remained closed for the moment, as if he had no words to explain himself. Finally, an answer came in a calm voice, "I do what had to be done, Claus Rotstein. The Gods do not come to Formaroth to manifest their will themselves. They steer us, like captains steering ships in a storm. It seems there are times those ships will inevitably clash." Eclipse looked at Claus then, his blue eyes vacant of malice but belying a resolute determination within. "Despite your vile orders Rotstein, I believe you are not a man without honor. I can see it in the eyes of your men. They may follow you out of their own avarice and pride, but for many, there is something more, a noble respect that flows from belief in a man's soul. This is why I could not kill you when we fought, and this is why you spared my life."

Claus was a bit surprised when Eclipse spoke, looked like he was only half listening but was in fact all ears and followed with sitting down next to the paladin offering some water. "You are right there sir, while i ain't a fancy noble i'm not part of the rabble either. Comes with being a burgher, fathers usually knock some sense into their kids." He paused. "I don't have to be a bad man to do bad work after all." Followed by one of his smirks. Katrina was standing a few steps away gave him a smile before realizing Claus had seen her and returned to her duties. His response was shaking his head before returning his attention to Eclipse.

"Thank you." Eclispe said as he took some of the water. He noticed Claus exchange looks with the woman as he contemplated what he should say next, given his position. Thoughts of gods and kings came to mind, of history, justice, scripture, yet none of it seemed to carry enough weight to matter in this particular moment. King Duncan had been the one ordained to rule, yet Lord Manshrew apparently wasn't yet meant to die. Why would Eclipse have been thrown into the man's path otherwise? Manshrew was something more than an enemy. He had to be, for there had to be some reason why Eclipse had been moved to give over his reigns. The paladin's brow creased slightly in consternation. He was now in a precarious situation of dubious loyalty. He didn't have the answers he would have liked at that moment, but his faith remained strong. The Eight always had a plan, even if he did not yet know what it was.

"Who is she?" Asked the knight, forsaking everything else to attend to the one spark of light he had seen flicker between this woman and Claus in the darkened moment. He considered it was probably better not to think about himself any more, and to instead step aside and let the gods do their work with human hearts.

"She? Katrina Nikos. She joined the fist just before the Telmarion campaign. Came in all high and mighty to a inn and declared she was what the fist needed." Claus smiled. "She got everyone a good laugh at it. But she wasn't too bad with a sword when i tried her out and she seemed to want in. So i let her." He then Scratched his right arm and stretched his neck a bit. "Young lass got some fighting spirit, but lacks experience." Claus followed with taking another few gulps of water.

Eclipse's expression warmed genuinely for a moment, but a solemnity slowly sapped the sympathetic smile from his face. He sighed and shifted uneasily with his wrists still bound behind him. "Gods..." He slipped an utterance before he realized it, which then had to be followed. "I wait, on you." He said, stilling himself and remembering to be patient. A scuff on his cheek where Claus had punched him suddenly seemed to be gone, and the knight was resting quietly.

"Wait on what?" Claus asked out loud, having missed the gods part and thought Eclipse was adressing him. He then got a bit confused when a scuff on the paladins cheek which was there a moment ago was clearly gone. "You some sort of mage or something?" He asked Eclipse with a slight frown.

Eclipse looked up at him and blinked a moment, then he realized after following the man's gaze what had happened that had spurrned the question. "Ah. I see now why you ask. No. I am not a mage. I was praying, and sometimes Jykher or Leplo see fit to bless me, or others, when I do so. It is a gift and a sign to assure me that I am on the right path, to reassure my faith... or possibly yours." Blue eyes turned the attention back onto Claus, putting him unexpectedly on the spot and narrowing at him with an accusatory, lightly amused smile. "They watch us all, Claus, and they are not nearly as uncaring as many would have you beleive. With even a little faith, Nidanke can move mountains."

Claus gave Eclipse a raised eyebrow and spoke with utter skeptiscism. "Riiight. Jykher just fixed yer chin up." He resumed a more natural look when he realised how he must've looked. "Don't have much need of them to be honest, i however shout at Timtos from time to time. Either he's scared of me or finds me funny, either way seems the old chap is looking after me seeing what i've gotten through."
Claus recalled his latest mad stunt and laughed out and shook his head. "Ever jumped off a castle to attack an elephant?" He was smiling dumbly while looking at Eclipse as he stood up to strech a bit.

A blonde eyebrow raised. "No... That sounds like quite the story. Surely there is purpose intended for you."

Clause continued. "The siege of Clarm, Andrew had sent a massive elephant bull to tear down the gates to the fortress. Which was still making headway after i had had it shot with ballistas, crossbows and insults was still tearing down the gate. So i was forced to try and kill it myself, I shouted at Timtos there that if this didn't work i'd kick his ass in the afterlife..." Claus paused and looked at Eclipse. "That's the sort of prayers i do, anyway i climbed the fortress roofs, felled a flagpole and used it to ramp myself towards the bull... I sort of slammed into it and broke my sword in half." Claus paused and seemed to gaze into the distance and stifled a laugh.

"I somehow managed to kill it, it then fell over me and i miraculously wasn't crushed by it." Now he looked at the paladin. "So no need to preach, i've already got Timtos on a leash!" Which was followed by a massive smirk and a laugh betraying his humour.

Eclipse sighed heavily after listening to the story and shook his head. "Such irreverance." The mercinary captain was abrasively cocky, and his flippant association with the great god of war and honor was shocking for the holy knight to behold. "In any case, Sir Rotstein, I will not be your final judge. Your relationship with the divine is your own to define. I am merely glad you lean in the right direction." Eclipse shifted, once again growing uncomfortable with his bindings. The irony of the situation hit him as he finished his last words. A paladin, a servant of the Eight and yet a traitor, lecturing a morally ambiguous mercinary from a seat on the ground... He contemplated his captor for a moment. "What do you intend for me?"

Claus eyed him from top to bottom and then gave his answer. "Don't know, someone probably wants to have you back, so the best thing to do is simply ransom you. It's the best option after all. One does the right thing, and get paid for it." He made the classic rubbing money gest and smirked. "One can even pretend that i am one of the good guys when i heave down the beer that the ransom money bought."

"Very well then."

Suddenly a rider arrived, a Cawanor horseman bearing a missive. "Message for general Claus Rotstein." The man said in a non nonsense kind of way, Claus got all boastful of being called general and smiling stood up and asnwered.

”Yes, that’s me.”

”You are to meet king Patrick De’Reimer, please follow me.” After he said that he gestured with his arm and went to his horse to mount.

To his annoyance Claus didn’t call for a horse, instead he walked alongside the rider......

With that, Eclipse was left with some guards. Some of the steel fist vanguard.

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