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Current Next time you find things going extremely well for yourself. Remember to brace for impact.
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This will never end because I want more / More give me more, give me more / If I had a heart I could love you / If I had a voice I would sing
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"I feel like I could eat the whole world raw."
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When one of us goes to war. We all go to war.
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-Compares the murder of 50 innocent men and women to the murdering of a murderer- Hooookay. I'm not even American, but jesus those are literally non-comparable.


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Stranded at Sea

@Crimmy@Silvan Haven@Lucius Cypher@Azereiah@Guess Who@Ryonara@Abillioncats@Ayazi@Plank Sinatra

The students divided and conquered the task at hand. Stella felt a smirk skip across her lips in amusement.

They were quick to act and use their individual talents. The otter Faunus was the first to act – keeping the water leaking into the ship at bay. It wasn’t long before muscle memory and training had kicked in for the rest of them either. Those who could use their abilities to fight the avian and amphibian Grimm did so, protecting the rest of their teammates from an onslaught. Yue was one of the first to obtain supplies, gathering fifty feet of rope, a ten foot tarp, and some deck brooms.

Although, Stella wasn’t too sure what she was going to do with those.

Gren managed to locate a few lifejackets – though they were a bit too small for him to wear, and many towels. Absorbent so they may be, they were certainly not enough to reverse the damage that had been done to their vessel.

Oswald stood out as someone who was at an immediate disadvantage with his cane, and someone that Stella would have to watch for growth – and for the second stage of this survival exercise. But it was once the cohesion began that the class started to stand a chance at passing the exam. Ashe and Yue were the first collaborators and they managed to locate lifeboats and a means with which to ensure their safety through the use of unrefined water and air dust crystals.

Sangue was a force of focusing Gren’s raw talent. Together they managed to cleave a path through plenty of Grimm to open up a secure route for the students to get to safety. They class was already working well together, it was a great sign.

Meanwhile Bianca helped keep aerial attacks away from the group as they all boarded the life rafts…

Well, almost everyone.

Oddly enough Vega and Gratia seemed to be piloting a frog.

“Piloting a frog?” Stella said to herself out loud. “Only at Beacon.”

She pushed the thought from her mind and watched as the rest of the students boarded the rafts and set off for the island.

The Mistralese model attempted to ignore the no doubt soaked Negasi on her screens and instead focus on her small upcoming speech. Just don't look at her Stella you're an independent woman and you don't....


While it took a bit of time, the Grimm stayed focused on their previous vessel. As the students watched the boat sink into the ocean, the island approached them. It was large, probably at least a hundred acres.

It wasn’t until they had all gotten onto the beach that Stella’s voice would ring out once more.

“Well done everyone, I knew you’d be able to handle yourselves with grace under pressure.” She started, fiddling with a small pen, resting it on her bottom lip ever so gently. “You’re next task is twofold,” she said flicking the pen down to a button on her console that would display the island’s time over the horizon for them. “Currently it is 3:45 on that island. You’ll note that time is moving at a faster pace in the simulation, you’ve only been in for five minutes as of yet. With that being said, you have until 5:00 before an airship will pass overhead. You can, of course, create a bonfire to try and signal them or even draw something out in the sand.”

Stella allowed a moment of silence to fill the air of the island before continuing. “But know that should you fail – a tropical monsoon will reach you by 5:45. Be prepared for the consequences of failure while you’re on a mission – never allow yourself to be caught unaware.”

With that, they were alone again. To decide which path was the best.
Niko Hiruko, First Day

@Krayzikk, @Crimmy, @Plank Sinatra
Niko pushed himself off the ground for the three-hundredth repetition. Sweat poured from his forehead and neck. He boasted his typical tired eyes but he felt them dragged down by the physical exertion he had just been met with. He was supposed to leave for the UTX meeting about five minutes ago. He was usually a stickler for being on time, but today he felt as though he was preparing himself to walk off a bridge. He hesitated as he stared at the clock that blinked notifying him that his alarm had long since passed.

Finally, with a short breath of frustration Niko snatched a tank top and a pair of his smart glasses in order to communicate a bit better with everyone else around him. He found that starting off on the right foot in this way made everyone quite a bit calmer working with someone who had a disability like he did.

He grabbed his signature green jacket, the colours nearly as muted as their wearer, and exited his small apartment with haste. It wasn’t far from Mao Industries HQ, in fact it was only a ten minute walk. He wouldn’t arrive quite on time. But Niko didn’t rush around, however. He entered just a few seconds behind someone with hair that could only be described as extravagant. It was an array of colours and looked as if it changed completely depending on the lighting.

Immediately she began an outburst, mentioning not taking shit from a girl who spoke through a Roomba. It was a difficult metaphor to follow – but Niko didn’t try to connect too many dots. After all it was his first time meeting everyone here. Instead, he simply stood beside, but not too close to the girl who had been the victim of said tirade. He nodded casually to her, acknowledging he presence but not really insisting that she do the same for him.

Stoll? Were these his teammates?

As everyone began interacting and his glasses picked up the words being spoken by others he caught Stoll’s hands moving fluidly into a few recognizable positions. He felt immediately giddy, it was as if he had taken the entire weight of the world off of his shoulders. But he refused to immediately break out into joy. He was more professional than that.

However, he couldn’t help his positivity from creeping into his signing. (Hello friend) his fingers danced through the air as he turned to Stoll. He was concerned that the woman with the mesmerizing hair would notice his signing and yell at him for it as she had done Stoll. But, somehow he felt as though they was a kind of history between the two that Niko and her didn’t have yet.

Not that he would mind. While the lenses that were reporting her words were concise and quite clear about what she was saying. His personal judging of her body language, facial expression and other factors told him that she wasn’t mean per se. Rather enigmatic.

Stranded at Sea

Stella dutifully walked around the room, picking up the stray cupcakes and their wrappers. While she was narrowly avoiding bumping into desks her eyes stood transfixed on the display that was showing her students’ progress in the escapade. Escaping a sinking ship and making it to an island with enough resources to last the night. She was curious to see their approach.

She took a second, standing in the middle of the class watching the monitor to recognize where she was. How far she had come. She had been a nobody for her entire life, the Nuit that didn't matter. The Nuit that took after her mother. Hardly a Nuit at all. But now, she was Estelle, the teacher for Survival Studies. She had her own students, her own job, her own money. Her place in this world. She felt unshakeable.

She made it to the final cupcake that was still in the form of a nipple.


Her hands came up to her face as she quickly tried to disregard the cupnipple… Nipplecake? Either way it had to go. She put it into a Tupperware container and threw it into her desk, just in case Lauren wanted it later.

“God I’m starting to become Bianca.” She said as her face launched past three different shades of red. But then she caught my eye… She was-

As soon as we were on the sinking ship I felt completely in my environment. While these Grimm weren’t real it was nice to finally have some target practice with the new wings. With a single elegant motion they extended fully to my right and left and with a single heavy flap I was spinning into the air. I’m sure I looked beautiful.

As soon as I entered their domain a few targeted me but shifting C’est la Vie into it’s spear form and letting it extend into one of their faces was all too easy. With one down and two more rapidly approaching I wrapped my arm around C’est la Vie and tilted it downwards, bringing my wings in in order to quickly use my body weight (as little as it is!) to dodge the blow with a sharp turn. A few Grimm appeared to be targeting my teammates in this situation and I didn’t think I was going to be able to reach them in time. Extending my arm and using my thumb as guidance I hurled C’est la Vie through the opposition, I made sure to wave in a pretty cute way at Gratia when she saw what I did.

It’d annoy her, sure. But it felt too good to be back.

I let the fire inside me grow as I continued my onslaught on the Grimm. One approached me talons outstretched and with a brief flex of my semblance, I pivoted as if I was taking a boxer’s stance in midair. C’est la Vie twirled back to my and a single back step was all it took for the spear to take the Grimm full throttle. But another had soon replaced it and C’est la Vie couldn’t change direction fast enough to strike this one as well.

I took the blow and cringed as the pain was simulated in my forearm, but the Grimm hadn’t expected my tenacity. I snapped my head forward and struck the beast, my head felt like it had just smacked steel – but sure enough the simulation dissipated. I was doing well.

C’est la Vie magnetized to my hand and I looked for my next set of targets. I hadn’t felt like this in ages. But soon it was over. My wings felt as though they doubled in length and just as I glanced out at them I dropped back down to the boat. I was barely able to catch myselfand immediately rejoined the fight from the ground. But all of the sudden I was exhausted. My chest rising and falling my wings felt as though they were back to being featherless. Though quick and careful examination would prove otherwise.

I could only think one thing.

Thank god Jer didn’t see that.

...God I’m starting to become Stella.

I'm super interested @Crimmy, if you'll have me.

Stranded at Sea

Estelle listened to the remarks of her students. Gratia wanted to know why she was teaching the class when she had, just last week been a student. Emerald was making grand gestures and the cupcakes were killing.

Point Stella, that’s for sure.

“Ms. Mindaro, Ms. Felicia I’m going to have to ask for the floor back. I’m glad to hear you’re enthusiastic, Emerald. And Gratia I am not my sister, I’m going to have to ask that you wait to be called to ask a question. If you’d like to take up my employment status with Beacon, please let me know during my office hours and we’ll both speak with Professor Ozpin.” She spoke confidently, she was determined to get this right on the first try. She wasn’t going to falter with her students, which lead her to the lesson.

“If there are no further questions, I’ll ask that you please leave your seats and join me in this apparatus behind me.” She said, leading them to a door in the side of the lecture hall. It opened up to the massive room that the front of the lecture hall gazed out into. It was easily the size of a football field with massive ceiling as well. “This is the best technology that Beacon can buy so you’ll have to trust me that what you’re about to experience will feel completely real.” Stella began.

“But it will not be,” she walked out in front of the class, who had formed a group in front of the entrance facing Stella who was near the front of the room. “You see this room is controlled by a panel at the front of our class. It can simulate just about any circumstance so your time in Survival will not be spent learning the theory of making a fire for if you get shipwrecked, it will provide you with the experience of that.” She noted. A simple Grimm spawned in beside her it stood completely still like a blank slate, it lacked the usual look of malice that they had, regarding more like a common dog, granted still as twisted as the Grimm usually were. It took the form of a Beowolf.

It took a second but soon it began to mimic the usual motions of the Grimm variant exactly, snarling, circling around Stella. And as it charged her, she let out a right hook that caught it directly in the jaw, smashing it backwards.

“The system is advanced enough to know when you’d make contact and if you’d die if the situation was real. Those who die during a test will fail the course, so make sure you take these workshops to learn the tools you will need to survive.” Stella explained, it was a strict curriculum, but the lessons needed to be learned.

With that she let the room sit for a moment before she left, leaving the students alone in the blank room.

“We will be starting the exercise in one minute, please find a place to stand that is at least five feet from everyone else, I will take care of the rest.” Stella’s voice rang through one of the speakers as students were given time to prepare.

As they did there would be a gentle humming of the simulation preparing itself and as the time neared its end a 10 second countdown would appear in the center of the room.

After the ten seconds were up, every student would find themselves on the same ship. It looked not unlike a frigate and it was taking on water, fast. There were Grimm attacking the ship, but not the students themselves. They had at most, two minutes to find any supplies that would reasonably be on the sinking ship and get out.

This was their first test of the fight or flight instincts.

“In two minutes the ship will sink, the main objective is to head to the island 1600 meters west of your current location.

Good luck.”

Sunagakure | S | Kazekage

TIME: Present Day - Evening | LOCATION: Sunagakure Center | INTERACTION: @Queentze, @BladeX,

Ishi’s Judgement

Ishi watched the girl attempt to counter her through the use of Shadow clones and more weak techniques in order to fend off her preliminary attack and the foxes. But she still resided in the exact same place. On top of a building away from Ishi. That wasn’t smart for a woman who fought primarily with a scythe. The Kazekage allowed her scroll to unravel just enough for the tip of it to be lightly touching the water. As the woman attempted to deal with the foxes that were rapidly advancing on her Ishi’s hands found the pages of the scroll. A bolt of Chakra was sent up into the air, which gave the clouds purpose. They began to charge up with an electrical current that would strike the pond in a few seconds.
Without hesitation after the bolt left her scroll Ishi’s focus turned on a dime and she began to perform handseals, three of them were all it would take before her palm would smash into the water. After about three seconds the sand the building was made out of that Akuno was standing on would begin to suck her into its depths violently. Allowing the foxes to violently rip at her throat.
The chess game had begun.

Kareha watched Havoc and Yogensha quietly exchange words. She watched with a single hand on her blade and her eyes transfixed on the woman’s jugular. She knew what she had to do to end her life, perhaps even more than what was necessary due to the woman’s apparent health issues.

Sayuri meanwhile listened intently, but not so much to form an opinion on the matter. The things being discussed were her ladies prerogative and Sayuri was meant to observe alone.

Kareha upon seeing Havoc getting assaulted by Yogensha and thrown from the tower immediately got to work. Sayuri meanwhile was stunned to see Kaito push the advantage knowing him to usually hang back instead of fight head on. With Yogensha out in the front, injured, and collapsed she was upon her in an instant with a devilish grin on her face. She unsheathed her blade and in one movement she had it swinging towards the head of Yogensha in a downwards crescent. Sayuri would not allow for any harm to befall her leader, however.

With one breath activated she managed to reach Yogensha, standing beside her and clapping her hands onto the blade of Kareha. She held it within her palms in order to ensure that it did not strike her sensei. But Kareha was a Yomigaeri and Seven Swordsman of the Mist. When she struck it was not with a single plan of action in mind. She stomped her foot onto the ground and single sheet of ice grew just above the ground, with the tip reflecting Yogensha’s wounded visage back at her. Some blood dripped onto the mirror as Sayuri spun her entire body in order to snap the ice from the blade’s hilt and throw Kareha to the side and away from her master. She saw Kareha’s wicked grin and handseals however and knew that she had to act faster than what she was currently allowing herself.

As she breathed in she allowed some chakra to reach her eyes, and she saw the chakra gathering at the base of the mirror that Yogensha was gazing into.

“Shichi Tenkohō – Daisan Kasse.”
“Hyōton: Shintō!”

As the second breath was activated and the spear of ice shot out of the mirror Sayuri kicked it hard enough to completely shatter the spear, just centimeters before it reached the ridge of Yogensha’s nose. The shrapnel from the spear impaled the wall as Kareha grimaced. But Sayuri was upon her in a single second. The apprentice sent a flurry of closed first blows at Kareha’s elbows and gut, knowing that while she was fighting to kill, she also had an identity to protect. Kareha expertly avoided the blows and sent the blade directly in towards Sayuri’s throat in a stabbing motion.

Sayuri managed to duck underneath, all the while raising her hands and bringing them down on Kareha’s wrist hard, which caused the girl’s grip on the sword to loosen. Sayuri was quick to use that, using the momentum from her ducking motion to bring her even further down towards the ground and send a sliding kick towards Kareha’s feet. The blow connected, but as it did Sayuri felt an immense amount of cold wash through her leg as Kareha grinned. Stabbing the ice blade into the ground and using it to steady herself enough to land on Sayuri. The cold overtook the girl, but it was clear what the next course of action was.

“Jūkenhō Ichigekishin.” She said commandingly, releasing a burst of chakra from the front of her body that would no doubt collide with many of her Tenketsu, enough so to send the girl spiraling backwards. Sayuri regained her footing, her skin had reddened rapidly and her body temperature was getting dangerously low. But Kareha glancing around at the others knew that this was no hill to die on.

She scowled and stuck her tongue out at Sayuri before jumping from the tower to join Havoc. Counting on him to ease her landing.

Sayuri immediately whipped around to make sure that Yogensha was alright after exerting herself as much as she did. She kneeled by her superior’s side and offered her shoulder for support and her sleeve to mop up any excess blood that may’ve dirtied her lip. It would be clear just by touching Sayuri that she was absolutely freezing.

Sunagakure | S | Kazekage

TIME: Present Day - Evening | LOCATION: Sunagakure Center | INTERACTION: @Queentze, @BladeX,
Ishi's Will
Ishi nodded as the woman took her place and sent a wind Jutsu her way. Wind was recognizable perhaps through the process of deduction most of all. Every other nature was so clear that it made wind just as clear in comparison.


She commanded her pack, and immediately five went right and five went left. They all stormed the woman’s current location. Ichi and San leading the packs the foxes looked like beasts from an old wives tale. They drooled in anticipation as their backs arched in a way that seemed both reminiscent of a wolf and a large cat. As soon as they reached the building, they would dive seemingly into the material used to construct it itself. Seemingly swimming towards their target they were beyond petty Jutsu now. However that still left Ishi and the wind Jutsu. She didn’t have much in the way of defensive techniques, so instead she had to meet a show of force with something more. Her hands rapidly weaved together four handseals as she put the final seal to her lips.

“Suiton: Suidan no Jutsu.” She uttered, expelling a large quantity of water towards the wind Jutsu, causing the two Jutsu to clash in midair. As she continued to release water she seemed to blow past the technique and towards its user. She used one more handseal to release lightning around the stream of water amplifying the destructive power of the technique massively.

The move was on the cultist. But knowing that this technique was unlikely to kill her Ishi began to plot out the various ways in which her opponent could dodge the assault. She was prepared for almost any mistake the girl made. Ishi was out for blood tonight.
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