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This will never end because I want more / More give me more, give me more / If I had a heart I could love you / If I had a voice I would sing
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"I feel like I could eat the whole world raw."
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When one of us goes to war. We all go to war.
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-Compares the murder of 50 innocent men and women to the murdering of a murderer- Hooookay. I'm not even American, but jesus those are literally non-comparable.


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Grimm Chances of Survival

@Silvan Haven @Plank Sinatra @Crimmy @NarayanK

“Bianca Nuit threw a boy today at a Little Shop of Horrors looking thing!” Said one boy. “It was insane, I thought she was a shoe-in for the psych ward, but I guess not.” Another replied.

“Yeah I think she’s just kind of weird.” A third concluded. The other two boys nodded in agreement. “Nice ass though.”

I walked out of the Grimm Studies room leaving one boy with a sore head and the other two laughing at him uncontrollably. Straightening out my outfit I sighed. It was time to get to Stella’s class.

“I wonder how she’s doing…”

Stella ‘Living her best life’ Nuit was not doing well. She glared at the girl who refused to quit. The young woman had crafted a nipple from a sweet and was now performing actions that Stella dare not consider less she lose her focus. She averted eye contact harder than she ever had, even after the whole identity theft fiasco on parent’s day. She simply stared ahead, sweating.

“I’m sure she’s fine.” I landed on, deciding that worrying about her was fruitless considering I was about to see her. Making my way down to survival I had to take a short trip outside to reach the classroom. It was nice feeling the warm air engulf me, but after the work out I had just been through in Grimm Studies and the fact that sporting plumage on your back didn’t really cool you, I could do without it.

But as soon as I walked into the survival room I felt a gush of cool air hit me at once. To say the building had A.C. was a bit of an understatement. It was essentially a system that could replicate any climate, Stella could have had the place snowing if she had wanted to. Speaking of Stella, just to distract my sister I decided to pick a front seat, sitting down beside a girl I wasn’t too familiar with and Ben’s teammate ‘Sangue’ with the red hair one seat down I placed my pure below my chair, entwining it around my feet.

Looking around, I was really impressed with how well Stella had done at making the place up. There were cupcakes, strawberry icing on top of a chocolate chip vanilla cupcake. Mom always used to make them…

“Yes, Gratia I have taken over the class.” Stella responded to my former teammate, immediately my head shot up.

Gratia’s here?!” I thought glancing all around for the girl. It had been awhile since we had talked about finding therapy over family day-weekend, but I was to present my options to her by Wednesday and she would go over them, analyze them for quality. Knowing Gratia though, it was best not to approach her until my ducks were in a row.

Glancing over at the girl’s beside me it took me a second before I recognized her.

Wait. That can’t be?? The girl from the bathroom wall? She was making deadly eye contact with someone. Slowly licking her cupcake, but... Who… Was… it?

“Ahem.” Stella said, clearing her throat as the rest of the class continued to pile in. She looked about as red as a… Well as Stella did when she was attracted to a girl but knows the relationship would be an illicit affair as their teacher-student relationship was strictly forbidden. It was like a kind of maroon. “We will be starting shortly, so if anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask. The exercise itself will be explained once we begin, so don’t worry too much about that.”

Iwagakure | C-B | Critical Defense Kunoichi

TIME: Present Day - Morning | LOCATION: Forest of Death -> Observation Tower | INTERACTION: @yoshua171, @Ganryu, @Syn MENTION:

Āito nodded at her compatriots plan before the girl dashed off and began placing her barrier rods. Āito had seen this kind of tactic enough times to know that flying was very soon going to be a completely limited option. She glanced at Ai and nodded at her, leaping off the phoenix but leaving the girl on its back, in case she needed to stay mobile while preparing her Jutsu. The phoenix would also allow her to stay ever vigilant of an opening, allowing her full control to jump off of the ink-based bird whenever she needed to.

Āito landed on the ground nearly silently, and while performing her next task she would still be mentally commanding the bird to fly in a wide berth overhead their joint-target. Before starting any new plans she decided to set up a way to bind their target’s movements. ”Fūinjutsu: Bijutsukan.” She said quietly as two snakes crawled from her pant legs and burrowed deep into the Earth. They would reach Havoc in approximately ten seconds, burrowing underneath the ground in order to reach the man.

Immediately afterwards she began painting. This time it was of a mighty tiger, she knew that this painting was a bit more intricate, but with the Phoenix actively flying overhead and the myriad of other combatants engaging Havoc she didn’t have too much to fear from the man until she went on the offensive. So she hurriedly worked to complete the illustration using only black to hurry through the project. While she did she kept her orders on her active animals going, as functionally simple as those orders were. For the phoenix it was simply to circle the man while it observed him, waiting for an opening. For the snakes it was to continue towards Havoc attempting to reach his ankles in approximately ten seconds.

Amegakure no Sato | B-rank | Assistant of Amekage

TIME: Present Day - Morning | LOCATION: Konohagakure - Hospital Roof | INTERACTION: ???, @BladeX; Yogensha, @Odin Koma Hitsugi @Glitchybugger

As Sayuri scanned the area to make sure they arrived at the Hokage’s Mountain summit alright, she saw a foe approaching them fairly rapidly. She listened to her master and confirmed as many clones as she could in her frantic search for the source. However while the chakra signature was all over the place she was not able to locate a source of the clones. Her vision focused in once they were all able to stand on the summit, no longer scanning the outer-reaches of her range and focused in on the immediate area. It was then that Yogensha buckled over, it happened in an instant.

Sayuri bit her lip to cause her from reacting too loudly and simply supported the Amekage, offering her shoulder. The blood that trickled out of her master’s mouth only served to further reinvigorate Sayuri. She knew that she wanted revenge and she knew she needed to get it. But here and now was the wrong time and place.

In Sayuri’s concern for the Kage a shinobi was able to approach them mostly undetected. She turned to the new threat but as she did the Kage grasped her shoulder and pulled her back slightly.

”Sayuri,” Yogensha started. Looking all the while at the new man who had just appeared and not daring to glance away. ” Please vacate the area. Rescue as many civilians as you can on the way, and find reinforcements.”. With those words having exited her lips, Sayuri was gone in an instant. The girl refused to waste her master’s time, but she found her vision lingering on the Kage, refusing to stop vigilantly watching her master. But she had to trust her.

She had to know that the woman would be fine without her, as much as she wanted to be there for her. She took a stark look at how much Chakra she had left. She only had about a quarter or so of her usual pool which put her in a terrible place should any opponents actively come to fight the girl. But there were benefits to utilizing Taijutsu primarily.

But Sayuri’s mind lead her to a conclusion that was outside of being ambushed. If her sight did not betray her it seemed as though her short engagement with the clones of that man were not a tangential occurrence. Rather, there was a different motivation beyond destruction for this attack. The tactics behind attacking the most populated village while all of the Kage were there confused her some, but she figured that only meant the reasoning for it was that much more specific. This was not a random act of terror inflicted by a single man or woman. This was a group, enacting the first, perhaps even fiftieth, step of a process. The world was being stirred and she was only along for the ride.

Sayuri went towards the direction of the most unique chakra signatures, which was where she figured the Kage were, primarily. She needed to get reinforcements for the Amekage before anything else happened. Her mind flashed over the sickness that Yogensha seemed wracked with, but before she could make any conclusions she forced the thought from her mind and pressed forward.
All of me please papa Syn.

Amegakure no Sato | B-rank | Assistant of Amekage

TIME: Present Day - Morning | LOCATION: Konohagakure - Hospital Roof | INTERACTION: ???, @Reflection; Yogensha, @Odin Koma Hitsugi @Glitchybugger

As the ash was expelled by one of the clones and took over the group of girls, Sayuri fell back to her leader’s side, scanning the area dutifully. But as Sayuri was scanning her eyes working faster than most could ever hope to her ears waited. Not unlike an apex predator waiting for the first move of its prey, they waited to pounce on a specific sound.


There it was. Sayuri scanned once more, even faster than before.

“Two approaching.”

But as the worlds left her lips one had already struck Yogensha, “Three watching,” the Kage took the blow with diligence, striking the clone around her midsection, “Two fighting Civilians,” she quickly dealt with the other clone that came in for a not too dissimilar attack the dealt with it as well. The ash hadn’t cleared up much and even if the clones were invisible at this point there wouldn’t be much helping the lack of vision. Luckily chakra shone quite a bit more than ash obscured, but it was still a trying arena for any shinobi to have to fight in.

Yogensha would take that as a tool for her to use, however. Yogensha readied herself to become a platform for the girl they were with, but Sayuri did not have time to watch. She stood vigilantly protecting their technique so that it may go unhampered. Sure enough, the smoke attempted to hold onto Koma as she came spinning out of it, bow drawn and a second arrow at the ready. She quickly fired off two shots seeming to almost slowdown in midair as she did so. Sure enough the arrows found their marks and quickly dropped to the ground, the clones dispersing around them.

”Sayuri, locations, if you have a moment.” Yogensha uttered, as if she was adding sugar to her tea. Sayuri saw the chakra spinning and concentrating in Yogensha’s palm. She wouldn’t leave either of their side so that she could defend a frontal attack, but she could be their eyes.

“Two paces left, one pace forward.” Sayuri responded, and immediately an arcing wind that seemingly wrapped around Sayuri, just missing her as it curved around her body, pierced the cloud of ash and impaled a clone. But more clones were around and approaching quickly and the ash was dispersing. Sayuri knew what had to be done, even if it would put the girl in a dangerous situation.

She allowed the oxygen to leave her body, and her skin tone faded back to pink, however she was clearly looking fairly exhausted.


The archer landed and Yogensha steadied her from falling. Sayuri took one small leap towards her team members.

“Hakkesho Kaiten.” Sayuri said simply, almost cheerily, as chakra fell over the group like a veil lighting up the area. The ash immediately whirled around them adding a dark hue to the rotation, before moving so fast that it simply dispersed. Sayuri’s eyes focused straight ahead and it seemed they recognized the defensive capabilities of the rotation. Thusly, they stopped and so did Sayuri. She felt herself panting, there was no way she’d be able to fight for too much longer. She could last ten more seconds in the third breath, twenty in second, and thirty in first. Perhaps she’d be capable of pulling off one more rotation as well. But she was running dangerously low on Chakra.

She stopped rotating and landed elegantly in a gentle fist fighting position, her eyes trained on her enemies.

“All directly ahead.” She said once more informing her leader on their position.

Amegakure no Sato | B-rank | Assistant of Amekage

TIME: Present Day - Morning | LOCATION: Konohagakure - Hospital Roof | INTERACTION: ???, @Reflection; Yogensha, @Odin Koma Hitsugi @Glitchybugger

As soon as Sayuri noticed Yogensha slowing down, Koma as well, her eyes were scanning the area around them. There were clones that had rapidly approached the three women. Sayuri stopped completely assuming a posture of peace and readiness. Both of her fists at her hips, feet shoulder-width apart. She took one deep breath in towards herself centering her body, her mind, and her soul. The clones spoke with Yogensha, she responded as the found herself at the border of newly minted Amegakure land. A tension hung in the air.

Sayuri and Yogensha had often trained in the circumstance of a hostage situation, even if Yogensha was being held hostage by a foreign body. You keep any thoughts that had to be communicated down to two words and moved to kill immediately.

“Sayuri whenever you’re ready.” As soon as the sound of the ‘r’ in ready had begun to be formed by Yogensha’s lips two kunai were in the hands of the protégé “Six invisible,” she said as the kunai had already been hurled towards two of the clones that were not revealing themselves and were on the same rooftop. A difficult shot to miss, even moreso given Yogensha’ technique of using her Jutsu in a slightly different direction, removing their window to dodge by that much more.

But it wasn’t enough for Amegakure land.

Sayuri took a breath that was a quick, sharp, inhalation and releasing her third-breath state. Her skin immediately turned a pinkish-red and her eyes seemed to sharpen. She had two minutes and thirty seconds before she was out of stamina and her lungs wouldn’t be able to support this level of activity. She did not lightly enter this state, but this was Amegakure land. With her enhanced speed she would wait for the two clones to dodge the kunai before appearing before them almost instantaneously with incredible speed.

Manpai Kita. The direction in which they both dodged would be filled with a shotgun like-Hakke Kūshō that threatened to rupture any organs they had, more likely dispersing the clones. They would not have an easy time dodging or even countering the girl as with the Byakugan and Daisan Kassei she was reading their every muscle and tenketsu. . Should they dodge both of those techniques, Yogensha had also provided a wind-based technique to shred their innards. The game of chess had begun.

Rook takes both pawns. Queen stands.

Iwagakure | C-B | Critical Defense Kunoichi

TIME: Present Day - Morning | LOCATION: Forest of Death -> Observation Tower | INTERACTION: @yoshua171 MENTION: @Ganryu

Āito stared at the girl who appeared out of a trail of paper. She looked so… She introduced herself as Ai but Āito seemed to just stare through her. Something felt incredibly off with the current situation. Like a bug that was in her ear. But she also said that the Tsuchikage told her to stay away and before curious, Aito was loyal.

She veered the Phoenix back towards the forest when it all erupted. "Ayame, Āito! Shark at 12 o'clock." In an instant, sharks were attack and a barrier was around them. She wanted to thank Ayame for her reaction speed, but it was clear that an aerial exit would no longer be possible until whoever was doing this had been stopped. She was commanded by Ayame to fly up, and she did so.

The water all around them was both horrifying and beautiful. With the barrier allowing them to travel through it something was to be said about its prospective beauty. But as the Phoenix emerged out of the water and the barrier could dissipate safely, should Ayame choose to allow it they scanned the horizon for their target. However it seemed there was a more pressing issue at hand. Half the forest had eben flattened, even if they were able to take out the man controlling this water, he could squash any flier's. Āito made a choice for the rest of the group. It was what had to be done. Āito had a fairly strong sense of where the target was based on the destruction around them.

“We have to kill him.” She said as the Phoenix dove in towards where they were going. But hints of whoever this woman was were starting to unravel. In the same sentence she introduced herself as Ai, she called Aito by name.

It could’ve been a coincidence, Ayame may have told her about Aito. But, it didn’t feel like coincidence. It felt like something was going on. There was an air of secrecy between the two. But it wouldn’t matter if Aito allowed either of them to die here. So as they came in for a landing about one hundred feet from their target, Aito noticed the entire forest had been flattened, absolutely devastated. She had the Phoenix fly closer to the ground so they could decide where they would land, or even if they should.

“Are you both ready to face this opponent? I’d be surprised with anything but an S-Ranking.”

Amegakure no Sato | B-rank | Assistant of Amekage

TIME: Present Day - Morning | LOCATION: Konohagakure - Hokage Mountain | INTERACTION: Kaito Chosokabe, @Ganryu; Yogensha, @Odin Koma Hitsugi @Glitchybugger

Sayuri looked at Kaito, as he asked for an explanation about her eyes at a later date. “The next time we see each other.” She said in response to his asking Yogensha’s permission to stay behind. She looked at him hard. She didn’t need the Byakugan to know that he’d have to be resourceful to survive. She placed a hand on his should and her fingers gripped him lightly. Her pale lavender eyes glared at him unwaveringly. If this was war they could not afford to lose a single soldier. It was his turn to make it up to Amegakure, and more importantly, Yogensha herself. As Sayuri, Yogensha and Koma took off from the hospital she was commanded to find the highest point in the village, so that Yogensha may feel winds not unlike their own back home.

“Byakugan.” The phrase showed her the entire landscape, as if it was a painting. She could inspect the canvas from any and every angle, almost simultaneously. “You’re right my lady, the forest is a war zone.” Sayuri noted, seeing a massive amount of chakra signatures in the small area. Taking her position as the leader of the group by immediately taking off in a sprint, knowing the others would have to keep up. The village had descended into chaos already, people were screaming, there was so much horror. As she climbed up onto a building and she scanned the leaf village she rotated, looking for a point that would eclipse all others.

“That will do, my lady, please follow me.” She said pinpointing her route between where they were and where they were headed. She saw conflict on the streets and as such she easily transitioned onto the rooftops. Her movement skills were some of the best in her village and it showed when muscle memory kicked in. But the young girl gasped when she saw the forest. She watched as nearly 4km of the forest was destroyed and its radius covered by sharks. It was just as they thought.

This was a full scale assault. While avoiding conflict and escorting Yogensha to the highest point in the village, her other tasks came into play. The first was the location of the Tsuchikage, and Iwagakure ninja. As she felt comfortable with her current course, her vision immediately focused on the observational tower. She could make out a few figures, but due to the explosion and the debris it was hard to see anything too specific. But there was a few figures flying on what looked to be a chakra-based creation. She could make out three distinct chakra signatures as they approached the foot of the mountain.

Immediately, she took off climbing up the stony citadel, while reporting her findings back to her leader as they reached the summit rather rapidly.

“My lady, there is a full assault occurring on the forest, as you can see from this vantage point it appears to be two techniques as the base of the assault. I cannot see that far, however I can tell you that there are at least fifteen, perhaps more people in that forest currently. The Tsuchikage is most likely at the observation tower as there are currently three Iwagakure ninja departing from there, the most probable outcome is that they received instructions already. This is the highest physical point one may reach in the hidden leaf. I apologize that it is one-hundred feet underneath your request.”

Iwagakure | C-B | Critical Defense Kunoichi

TIME: Present Day - Morning | LOCATION: Forest of Death -> Observation Tower | INTERACTION: @yoshua171 MENTION: @Ganryu

Āito watched as Ayame quietly approached her and silenced the thousands of different thoughts running through her mind all at once. She awkwardly smiled at Āito and the quiet girl glanced away, blushing slightly before her entire body was struck from behind by a shockwave. The sound followed soon after, there was no doubt about it. That was a bomb.

“Actually, never mind, let's stick together. I don't know if the exam is still on, but I think it'll be postponed. Let's head for the observation building. I need to see if Ai's okay.” Her friend said.

Āito’s ears rang ever so quietly as the thunderclap of the explosion passed over her and undoubtedly resonated towards everyone else in the forest. Ayame immediately motioned for Āito to follow her as she headed for the observational building, but there was no time for that. Besides, an attack of this size was clearly a sign that this would not be a singular explosion, and sure enough a secondary shockwave made its way over them.

“Fūinjutsu: Bijutsukan.” Āito’s lips delicately muttered as her shirt’s sleeves slid down her arms making way for the phoenix animating itself from her back. It grew to a size large enough to carry both of the girls, perhaps even a third. It flapped its beautiful swirled wings, red and oranges flowed around its body as it waited for the girls to mount it. This left Aito with only two snakes and a catfish left on her person. She was most certainly in a poorly defensible state, she decided while they flew to the observational tower she would have to replenish her techniques, even if it would leave her with only three quarters of her chakra afterwards.

As Ayame and Āito got onto the bird Āito pulled her scroll from her pouch and immediately got to work painting a dragon to replenish the one she had used during the Exams. Once she had finished she cast the sealing technique on the dragon in order to seal it on her shoulder and chest as she usually did. But since her Phoenix was currently being used she could not paint a replacement. So instead she painted a Nue to go on her back where the Phoenix usually did. Sealing it as well. She could feel the effect of the painting on her chakra levels.

She knew that this was a dangerous expenditure considering they were in the middle of a warzone. But she rolled her scroll back up and placed it in her pouch, glancing at Ayame. Whoever this Ai was, she clearly meant a lot to her friend. She was shaking like a leaf in a rainstorm, though her eyes only read as composed. Still, the body had a much harder time lying. Āito gently grabbed Ayame’s hand, steadying it and gave it a small squeeze. Words were not necessary, nor would they help.

So she watched the tower closely as she approached, scanning for this ‘Ai’ or the Tsuchikage.

Estelle Nuit: First Day of the Rest of my Life

Estelle carefully balanced on one foot, the ladder a little rickety. It was times like these she was jealous of Bianca’s ability to fly. She teetered back and forth on the thing attempting to stabilize herself enough to use the staple gun in her hand. She finally hit a sweet spot on the ladder’s legs and gained a stability. Enough to push the staple gun into the right hand corners of the banner. With a sigh she clambered down onto the safety of the ground. She carried the ladder back to the corner of the room and took in her work.


In beautiful hand written cursive adorned the entire length of the gigantic lecture hall. From this hall there was Estelle’s desk which, of course contained the controls for the survival exercise room, which was separated by Plexiglas but was otherwise completely visible from where the students sat, and behind where Estelle would stand to address them. She quickly put her heels back on and straightened the pencil skirt she wore back out. She had decided to take a more serious look for her first day of classes. Opting for her blouse, putting her hair into a chopstick bun with small stands escaping in front of her face, and the pencil skirt that she wore now.

She quickly retrieved her cupcakes from her desk that she had baked the night before. Carefully placing one on each desk for the students to eat while she explained the basics of her new curriculum before they were going to go into the Survival Room.

She took a deep, uneasy breath and prepared for the first step towards a better, more honest life for herself. This was the start of something that she could do for as long as she lived. It felt incredible. Now she just awaited her students.

Amegakure no Sato | B-rank | Assistant of Amekage

TIME: Present Day - Morning | LOCATION: Konohagakure - Exam Stadium Observation Room | INTERACTION: Kaito Chosokabe, @Ganryu; Yogensha, @Odin Koma Hitsugi @Glitchybugger

Sayuri nodded as the Amekage agreed with her, and before she was finished with the movement her ears were ringing and the Amekage was supporting a concrete pillar with both of her hands. She utilized her hiden technique and Sayuri swallowed a bit of fear. She was first shown that technique in complete secrecy. She was never to reveal it to anyone, let alone know about it in general. But it had been a wonderful tool for training against. It was a tool that was unrivaled in training a prodigy’s Taijutsu and Byakugan simultaneously.

Seeing it now, here like this made it clear to Sayuri that this was officially real. She grabbed Kaito and helped the young boy to his feet. She scanned the area and hurried out of the quickly collapsing room, following Yogensha’s lead. As the elder Amegakure Kunoichi let go of the pillar and prepared the scene of the crime. Impaling her kimono on rebar.

She glanced back at Sayuri and nodded at the girl.

“My lady, I’ll find a route to the nearest defensible point.” There were many specifications that would be necessary, cover, water, and preferably far from the village as it was as of yet the epicenter of the attacks.

“Byakugan.” She uttered calmly, as if in a trace. Veins extended from her temples towards her eyes, her vision immediately expanded as her perspective widened to include everything within a twelve kilometer radius. The streets were in panic and chaos, if a fight broke out there they wouldn’t be able to get away in the panic of civilians and Yogensha’s technique would most likely be revealed. So the rooftops. The nearest location that offered coverage from the village with potential for water was the Forest of Death. She could see just about half of the forest from their current position. That meant they were twelve kilometers between them and safety.

She deactivated her Byakugan scanning around for anyone who may’ve witnessed her use it. But there wasn’t anyone in sight and Yogensha was ready to depart. She helped Kaito out of the room, but found the boy had a fine time getting around by himself for the most part. Still she offered herself for support as clearly the area was not stable.

“My lady, we can proceed on the rooftops to the outskirts of the village, take the main road to the Forest of Death where we can find a defensible location, should that be the course of action you’d like to take.” She said, not looking directly at the Kage but scanning the area for enemies.

They continued on towards their newest recruit a blonde girl that was also in the medical wing. Sayuri did not pay much heed to the girl. She was being groomed since she had met the Yogensha to be her personal guard, she was going to do that job from this point forward. While the Kage bowed to the girl in the room, Sayuri made sure that no one would be able to get to her back awaiting the new girl to join them or not.

She glanced to Kaito and nodded, they knew when it was time to act. Kaito was a proud young man but he wasn’t stupid by any means. He knew that this was a situation that would require her to act should she be required. Kaito was injured, she leaned him against the wall and assumed a stance that would allow her to act should she be required to.

Amegakure no Sato | B-rank | Assistant of Amekage

TIME: Present Day - Morning | LOCATION: Konohagakure - Exam Stadium Observation Room | INTERACTION: Kaito Chosokabe, @Ganryu; Amegakure no Sato, @Odin

Sayuri bounded through the empty Konoha streets searching for her favourite restaurant, she intended on picking up a small treat for Kaito and the Amekage. She had watched her teammate lose his fight, Byakugan activated and all. She saw the mistakes both combatants made but she still thought her teammate was going to overcome his opponent. She sighed, that loss probably did two things to Kaito.

He was probably going to lose it and try to fight the boy again at some point. His ego had most likely already rebounded and he was going to be even surer of himself after he got out of the medical ward. The Amekage had gone to visit Kaito, she supposed she should do the same. After all they were a team still.

She quickly made her way to where Amekage-Sama and Kaito were waiting and knocked on the door.

“Enter.” One of them said as she rolled the door open carrying a few sticks of dangos, bundled like a bouquet.

“For the lady,” she said handing the Kage her two dango sticks. “And the gentleman.” She finished handing three to Kaito. She knew he could get grumpy, but only a fool would turn down free food. She sat down on the foot of the bed, carefully avoiding her teammate’s feet, adjusting her robes as she did. She glanced out the window in the direction of the ongoing competition, listening to the broadcast. It seemed this year’s candidates were fairly capable.

“You fought well.” She offered, adopting a more serious tone. It was not out of pity but genuine respect. The boy was an incredibly combatant, even more so than she was. But luck played a part in every fight and this time she believed it wasn’t on his side.

“Still, it’s good you get knocked around every once in a while, makes the path to betterment much clearer.”
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