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Current Next time you find things going extremely well for yourself. Remember to brace for impact.
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This will never end because I want more / More give me more, give me more / If I had a heart I could love you / If I had a voice I would sing
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"I feel like I could eat the whole world raw."
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When one of us goes to war. We all go to war.
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-Compares the murder of 50 innocent men and women to the murdering of a murderer- Hooookay. I'm not even American, but jesus those are literally non-comparable.


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I glanced over at Estelle after having been swept up in all the commotion of Lauren, Vega and Gratia saving us all with an airship. She looked really proud of everyone, she looked at me with the same wide smile even though I didn’t really do anything. But that’s when I saw it.

She was proud, of course. She was also dressed as a pilot, but without the requisite hat.

She directed my eyes to Lorena Negasi, standing there holding her weapon, grinning even wider than Stella and, of course adorned with a pilot’s cap. Immediately my eyes darted back to Stella who was laughing a little looking at me. I looked back at Lauren as the simulation ended and the scenery faded.

No she wasn’t.

I ‘decided to stick around’ waiting for everyone to leave the classroom, the entire time sitting at my desk staring at Stella who was walking around with a skip in her step picking up garbage from her cupcakes she had distributed to the class. As the last few students departed and it was just me and Stella left in the room she threw the wrappers in the garbage facing away from me.

“Stel-“ I started, but before I could even finish she whipped around, that same goofy grin on her face.

“I killed it today!” She said, rushing up to me and embracing me in her arms. “I was so nervous!” She said she was shaking from all the excitement.

“Y-yeah, Stella, everyone knew you’d do well.” I responded, not expecting the openness right from the start. “But that doesn’t excuse you and Lauren!” I said separating her from me and looking at her. She still wore a smile, albeit a guilty one as she scratched the back of her head.

“I got taken up in the moment, I was basically a hostage!” She said laughing, walking away from me.

“Where do you think you’re going?” I called out as she ran to a side room. The skip in her step seemingly amplified even further.

“I’m changing back into my sexy teacher outfit!”

Now, I know Stella to be a bit of a rule bender. I know her to not love the idea of authority what with our father. But damn it Stella you cannot just call it your sexy teacher outfit.

“Come on Stella, don’t you think you’re trying a little hard?” I called out to the changing room. What use did a Survival class have for a changing room anyway?

“Yeah right Bianca!” She shouted back hastily. “She made a nipplecake!”


“She made a nipplecake!”

Okay. I did hear you.

“What is that?” Instant regret flowed through my very being.

“Her cupcake was made into a nipple and then she did stuff to it while staring at me.”


“Yeah okay that’s- Jesus Stella.” I felt my face flush, just what the hell kind of force of nature was Lauren?

Stella emerged from the changing room looking as if she hadn’t just flown through a simulated monsoon. I was always annoyed she could do that. Just turn on being perfectly well kept. She immediately made her way to me with a brush and before I could protest she was sitting up on her desk brushing my hair.

“Oh you laugh and poke fun…” Stella said, gently running the brush through my hair. “But I didn’t take Lauren on some kind of love cruise, that’s straight out of the Bianca Nuit – Heiress Extraordinaire playbook.” I felt my face re-flush just as it was beginning to return to normal.

“I didn’t invite him! He was just there and he thought I was a murderer!” I protested trying to turn to face her, but the brush prevented me as a sharp pain made its way to my head.

“Yeah I know – what luck, meeting Adonis the super spy on a cruise ship and circumstances force you into the bond girl role of your dreams.” Stella said, lowering her face so that it was beside mine. I didn’t look – I already knew that she had a shit eating grin on her lips.

“I don’t even think we’ll get to know each other. I don’t think we have any classes together.” I said somewhat sorely. Stella just giggled and continued to brush my hair.

“Yeah… I’m sure you’ll see each other plenty Bianca.” She said sweetly, “there – all done!” She put the brush on the table and hopped off. “Okay you be good now! I’ve got to go run some errands!” She said taking off with a fair amount speed.

“Hey Stella! We’re not done talking about your whole hot for teacher phase! Do you know something about Jericho?!” I shouted out but before I could finish she was waving and altogether, gone.

I took a deep breath. Stella is totally falling head over heels for that girl, it’s so weird. How are we even related?

I took a second before leaving the classroom to use the changing room Stella had just used. I saw an array of outfits she had prepared, presumably for future classes.

“Jeez Stella at this point you might as well be asking her out on a date in front of the whole class.” I said to myself. I quickly threw on my Practice outfit, an athletic crop top, some leggings and a pair of runners. But I was probably going to ask Gratia to help me practice whatever it was I did in Grimm Studies. I had tapped into… Something, I just don’t know what.

I left Survival and made my way to practice, I was looking forward to having another class with Gratia – she was always a good training partner because she would never go easy on you. Sangue was in that class too and she seemed pretty nice.

I made a mental note to check in with Luke and Skye later on as we hadn't spoken much today.

Sender: Lil Miss Perfect
Recipient(s): Skye Blue Skye True, Mid-Intensity Human
Body: Hey kids! Gonna pick up some dinner for everyone tonight so we can meet up after classes <3
Thank me later,

Lots of love,
Bianca Nuit

P.S. Any requests????

After sending out the text I took a spot by myself in the classroom, there was still some time before classes started so it seemed like I was one of the first to get there. Instinctively I started to warm up for when class would start.

A Crash at the Horizon

@Crimmy@Silvan Haven@Lucius Cypher @Guess Who@Ryonara@Abillioncats@Ayazi@Plank Sinatra

Stella looked onward at her valiant knight. While she may not have been riding in on a worthy steed, she could, if she played her cards right.

Lauren brought two friends along with her, one easily recognizable as a frazzled but ultimately still put together Gratia Mindaro. The other, whose identity was just as clear was the ever-not present, pile of Goodwill bargain bin clothing herself, Vega Venetia. Stella couldn’t help but smile until Lauren pushed her matted hair back out of her face and grinned at the Mistralian teacher/pilot/runway model.

“Hey bitch.”

Suddenly the other two Mistralians, the airship, wind, surroundings they all vanished. Bells clattered through the air and Lauren and Stella were standing facing one another. Wedding dresses, a roaring audience of beloved fans.

“Wanna learn how to fly an airship?” The stunning female Adonis asked her with charisma to spare.

“I do.” Stella said, a grin as wide as it could go, hair billowing in the wind.

Directing Lauren and the others to the cockpit. Trying to bring herself down from the adrenaline high that she was already feeling, she raised a hand gingerly in the air, looking at her students with a grin. The woman snapped as the three students found themselves alone the cockpit, at once all holograms of crew members vanished, save for Stella herself.

She directed Lauren to the pilot’s chair, navigation controls at the ready. She slyly slipped her pilot’s hat onto Lauren’s head, fingers lingering in the girl's hair and brushing against her neck just long enough to get the point across. She leaned back on the wall just to her left, glancing at Gratia and Vega with a warm, almost motherly smile. “Let’s hope you two bet on the right horse!”

Whoops, sorry about that - usually just copy and paste the mentions. I'll take yours off.

A Crash at the Horizon

@Crimmy@Silvan Haven@Lucius Cypher@Azereiah@Guess Who@Ryonara@Abillioncats@Ayazi@Plank Sinatra

“Captain, incoming bogey at 12 O’clock.” The man swiveled around in his chair, hitting a few buttons as he called out to his captain.

“Give me visuals.” A loud, commanding voice echoed through the bridge and immediately the front monitor displayed two women, hurtling through the air at speeds that threatened to outpace the storm and each bolt of lightning it was hurtling towards the beach. “They’ve got moxie,” the commander said, a brazen smile crossing her lips.

"Captain?" The man asked, turning around. When he did he was met with a woman standing decked a form-fitting white dress shirt with a black tie trailing down it. She also wore a black pencil skirt, similar to one a teacher might wear. Her shoulders were emblazoned with chevrons and she looked more confident than she ever had.

“I don’t know what I expected from her.” She said laughing a little, she couldn't contain her smile. Her tousled ivory hair escaping the pilot's hat on her head and trailing down her shoulders. She opened the side doors of the air ship. The entire thing was a massive spectacle, to be sure. But the girls would have to stick the landing on one of the sides, given their trajectory it would be the ship’s right side, their left.

Stella moved to meet the two, adjusting her black tie as she stepped out on the side deck which was usually used for controlled high altitude jumps. Her sunglasses stayed on only through the use of her semblance and her entire outfit flapped in the wind. Her hat was tossed to the sky, perhaps as a signal or perhaps just because of Stella’s flair for the dramatic.

The teacher stared down the two girls in their swift approach. She would have to make sure that the two could survive the landing, regardless of their accuracy. Her grin was uncontainable as she knew that Lauren would enjoy the outfit choice. Of course Gratia would be sure to make snide comments about it until the exercise was over and she was out for the day, but that was just who she was.

Stella finally took the flare in her right hand and ignited it, discarding the lid and holding the flare up with a single confident hand.
“Bring it home, girls.” She whispered under her breath still standing on top of the aircraft, a Nuit in a pilot’s uniform riding a plane, it somehow seemed apropos.

Thanks for the kind words! 5e!

Hey Mae, long time no speak. I had no idea you were so talented in this way too! I can't help but adore your art style so I figured I'd post some info about my character here.

So I don't have a full sheet for you (Play him in a tabletop game actually), but I know the guy pretty well.

He is a cleric for the goddess Amarine, she is a goddess of abundance.

The man himself is named Omari Gentille, he is a Mountain Goliath known for being barbarians, bloodthirsty warriors and killers. But his parents left him on the doorstep of the mountain temple of Amarine and instead he grew to love life. He acts Amarine's honour as a gatekeeper between life and death in fact.

While he is 8"4' tall and 300lbs of muscle you'd most likely notice the pink flower he wears behind his ear, or his equally pink-lavender eyes. He has a gentle expression, all things considered, and is often found sitting in nature feeding animals. He has a black mohawk as pictured above and the same skin tone and face paint as well. He carries a mace with him as his weapon of choice, but feel free to leave that out.

Omari is, above all else, kind. He wishes to enjoy a life experienced in kind with other living things and takes a great deal of joy in learning new things about nature.

As far as information about a pose/expression, I saw the lovely piece of artwork you did just a bit earlier, so I don't want to make you do something similar. So perhaps a snowy scene, in which the giant can be peacefully petting a small animal of some kind. Something that emphasizes his kindness, but also perhaps his burgeoning strength.

If this is something you're interested in doing let me know Mae! Otherwise, it's nice seeing you around, don't be a stranger!

P.S. I checked the first few posts and you mentioned only doing this for a while so feel free to just shut this down! Anyway have a good day.

A Crash at the Horizon

@Crimmy@Silvan Haven@Lucius Cypher@Azereiah@Guess Who@Ryonara@Abillioncats@Ayazi@Plank Sinatra

Stella watched, amusingly plucking the pen from its resting point on her lip and creasing her mouth into a gentle smile, ever so slightly closing her eyes and allowing her head to sink just a little. Her hands effortlessly glided down to her blouses top button. Stella’s hair was tossed around her, dripping in front of her eyes and over her chest, but she sat frozen with a smile on her face. Her lesson was working and her students were growing.

She fiddled with her outfit incessantly, but her eyes were transfixed on her students. There was one obvious outlier in the group in more ways than one that caught her eye, but she focused her eyes on the home they were building. It looked like a good foundation, but wood would have a hard time standing up against torrential rain without leaking furiously.

The goal was twofold, of course. There are two options presented to a group of shipwrecked students there is something that will be perceived as the easy way out, signalling a ship in order to be lifted to rescue, or the hard way. The monsoon. But it seemed as though the students ruled out the ability to use one of their potential escapes. That much was untrue.

Stella, with renewed vigor and zeal strutted her way to examine the coming events, closing the small door behind her.

The students on the beach would hear a massive boom, any who glanced up would notice the airship approaching the island head on, and it would be there in a matter of one to two minutes. As it approached, however, the storm clouds also began to roll in. What they did next would partially decide their fate. Until next class, anyway. The house the students had begun constructing would obviously not be enough to signal the ship, which meant that if they wanted to escape they would have to put their trust in that hurricane of a woman standing there confidently on the beach facing her exit.

Once more Stella's voice would breach the clouds and be audible to all students once more. She commanded their attention as the physical manifestation of their choices approached.

"It is time for you all to make your choice to flee or fly." She said, making sure that the students knew this was a choice they would have to commit to.
Niko Hiruko

Nico adjusted his glasses and felt his cheeks warm as Corrine recounted the tale of how she felled the monstrous bear. He loved stories and made sure to read every detail of hers. He slid in closer to the group as they made their way to Ireland, his glasses told him Hazel's PDA was speaking for her and the tone seemed fairly serious so he decided not to read too much into it. It could be private after all. The technology was fairly advanced in his glasses, which transcribed every word it could hear. However it didn't offer much in the way of privacy. Of course that being said - he also couldn't judge the volume she was speaking at.

He examined the pink-haired woman for a second. She reminded him somewhat of ancient films he had seen, the shining hero who had come to save the day. Her demeanor sold him on that instantly.

At first he considered speaking with her, signing something. But he was pretty quick to assume most couldn’t understand signs. As such he simply slumped into his chair allowing the hero her peace and quiet. He would get the chance to speak with her or Hazel Ada Stoll later on in Ireland. He considered their mission, and what the food was like in Ireland. If he had researched properly it meant that there would be an abundance of wonderful warm stews available for purchase there. He hoped that was correct, once more his cheeks warmed as he flashed a content smile on his lips closing his eyes and awaiting arrival.

Stranded at Sea

@Crimmy@Silvan Haven@Lucius Cypher@Azereiah@Guess Who@Ryonara@Abillioncats@Ayazi@Plank Sinatra

The students divided and conquered the task at hand. Stella felt a smirk skip across her lips in amusement.

They were quick to act and use their individual talents. The otter Faunus was the first to act – keeping the water leaking into the ship at bay. It wasn’t long before muscle memory and training had kicked in for the rest of them either. Those who could use their abilities to fight the avian and amphibian Grimm did so, protecting the rest of their teammates from an onslaught. Yue was one of the first to obtain supplies, gathering fifty feet of rope, a ten foot tarp, and some deck brooms.

Although, Stella wasn’t too sure what she was going to do with those.

Gren managed to locate a few lifejackets – though they were a bit too small for him to wear, and many towels. Absorbent so they may be, they were certainly not enough to reverse the damage that had been done to their vessel.

Oswald stood out as someone who was at an immediate disadvantage with his cane, and someone that Stella would have to watch for growth – and for the second stage of this survival exercise. But it was once the cohesion began that the class started to stand a chance at passing the exam. Ashe and Yue were the first collaborators and they managed to locate lifeboats and a means with which to ensure their safety through the use of unrefined water and air dust crystals.

Sangue was a force of focusing Gren’s raw talent. Together they managed to cleave a path through plenty of Grimm to open up a secure route for the students to get to safety. They class was already working well together, it was a great sign.

Meanwhile Bianca helped keep aerial attacks away from the group as they all boarded the life rafts…

Well, almost everyone.

Oddly enough Vega and Gratia seemed to be piloting a frog.

“Piloting a frog?” Stella said to herself out loud. “Only at Beacon.”

She pushed the thought from her mind and watched as the rest of the students boarded the rafts and set off for the island.

The Mistralese model attempted to ignore the no doubt soaked Negasi on her screens and instead focus on her small upcoming speech. Just don't look at her Stella you're an independent woman and you don't....


While it took a bit of time, the Grimm stayed focused on their previous vessel. As the students watched the boat sink into the ocean, the island approached them. It was large, probably at least a hundred acres.

It wasn’t until they had all gotten onto the beach that Stella’s voice would ring out once more.

“Well done everyone, I knew you’d be able to handle yourselves with grace under pressure.” She started, fiddling with a small pen, resting it on her bottom lip ever so gently. “You’re next task is twofold,” she said flicking the pen down to a button on her console that would display the island’s time over the horizon for them. “Currently it is 3:45 on that island. You’ll note that time is moving at a faster pace in the simulation, you’ve only been in for five minutes as of yet. With that being said, you have until 5:00 before an airship will pass overhead. You can, of course, create a bonfire to try and signal them or even draw something out in the sand.”

Stella allowed a moment of silence to fill the air of the island before continuing. “But know that should you fail – a tropical monsoon will reach you by 5:45. Be prepared for the consequences of failure while you’re on a mission – never allow yourself to be caught unaware.”

With that, they were alone again. To decide which path was the best.
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