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Current Next time you find things going extremely well for yourself. Remember to brace for impact.
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This will never end because I want more / More give me more, give me more / If I had a heart I could love you / If I had a voice I would sing
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"I feel like I could eat the whole world raw."
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When one of us goes to war. We all go to war.
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-Compares the murder of 50 innocent men and women to the murdering of a murderer- Hooookay. I'm not even American, but jesus those are literally non-comparable.


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You already know - but daughter of the water guy and daughter of the dead one. Cheers.

Oh and my fcs are Lucy Hale & Zendaya not in that order don't @ me.

“Buy me breakfast if I make her scream at me.” The steely voice whispered into my ears, I felt my wings flutter a little and my grin was unbearable. But I just nodded a little and bowed my head somewhat when approaching the team of four girls. They looked close in the way that Stella and I were close. We might throw a hairbrush at each other every once in a while and overshare about our sex lives or lack thereof – but we loved each other.

Once we were in the vehicle proper Jericho sat beside me. I couldn’t quite tell if it was something of a supervisor on a field trip, or rather a simple gesture. But either way I was happy. Either he or Luke were easy enough to talk to on the trip there.

Jericho looked at me with his signature Piper Grimle. It was a grimace and a smile – I had coined the name! Kind of like: “Bianca, I know you’re incredibly attractive, and also my partner in this life and this mission, but I wish you weren’t so fucking awkward.”

Honestly, it was nice to see every once in a while. It showed that he cared. I grinned at the team of girls standing across from us a few of them looked like they’d fall more into the Gratia/Jericho camp of how they’d react to me but maybe a few of them would like me. Well, Gratia likes me, and Jericho likes me more than he likes the average Mistralian – which I’m told isn’t the highest bar but hey, it’s something.

Finally after a deep sigh Jericho handed me an earbud and, placing it gently in my ear the saxophone flooded through my senses. It started with a low basey crawl through the beginning of the song, but almost immediately took off into an electric cacophony of drums, that filled me with energy. I grinned at Jericho and was going to say something but he saw my mouth start moving and just nodded his head.

I laughed a little and nodded back, turning to look at my handbag, slowly levitating in place. It would come in handy soon.

“Soooooooon.” I whispered quietly, the anticipation was starting to kill me. But not because I was scared.

I am so excited. I placed my head on Jericho's shoulder, letting his music fill me with energy and anticipation.

"Let's kick some ass today."
It is I - a friend of his. Also interested cheers.

I laughed a little at first, but Jericho’s genuine reassurance struck me silent for about a second. I smiled at him and Luke attempting to mediate as best as he could, before sitting on the foot of Skye’s bed. I was planning on gently waking our fourth.

“Hey Skye, time to get up girl.” I said rustling the blankets, but as soon as I touched them I realized there was no substance underneath them.

Oh Jesus I’m talking to linens.

“Okay, I know that looked bad, but in my defense it is dark in here and Stella got the eyes – I got the wings!” I said in a hushed voice so I didn’t wake Sk-

You were doing so well, too.

I shook it off, quite literally, and moved towards the front door to take a moment. “Hey, I’ll be right back, just going to stretch my wings real quick.” It was a simple sentiment, there was a large possibility of combat in any mission and if so my largest advantage I could offer my team was on my back and covered in feathers.

So before I could get a: be back in ten from my new captain I was out the door and flying through the halls.

I exploded out the doors and greeted the morning, dewy air by soaring through it. My jacket flapped violently in the wind but all I saw was a destination. It was something that most people dreamt of, that I got every day. I found a place eventually, floating above the clocktower that dominated the landscape of Beacon. This is the place I had first remarked about the beauty of Beacon. It had only been weeks since then ad yet somehow it might’ve lost some of its luster already. That was not to say the school wasn’t the same as it was when I first came here. Rather, I think I just found things that were even better than this to me.

With a smile I spiraled back towards the ground, steadying myself with a single mighty flap of my wings, and strolled back to the dorm. It had only been about ten minutes before I saw Skye – standing at the door and knocking.

With a goofy grin, and slightly messed up hair from the wind, I approached her and threw an arm around her shoulders.

“You know you live here right Skye?” I lightly pushed the door in and looked into the dimly lit room with a grin. “Looks like we’re all here!”

I felt a dream slip from my mind as the darkness of the room flooded my vision. It was something about flying, or, no, maybe I was falling?

Today’s the day.

I hardly gave my team a passing glance when I made my way to the bathroom, Luke who was rolled over facing the wall by this point, Skye who was still passed out and Jer – as usual, out. I fixed my blankets on my bed, snagged the clothes and requisite three options for underwear so I could judge them against each other and walked quietly into the bathroom.

The warm yellow tint of the bathroom lights washed over me as I sat down on a small stool in front of the mirror.

I had stolen a T-Shirt from Jer as a fee for joining the team late, and mostly because I wanted one of his T-Shirts. It wasn’t as bad as it sounded though, I found a few copies of the old “Atlas will indoctrinate your youth” shirt and ordered one for each of us. He was incredible at making sure we didn’t wear it on the same day, but still.

I waited,

And waited,

And waited.

But it never came. The nausea, the tears, the anger, the feeling of powerlessness. It wasn’t there.

I looked in the mirror and did not find a scared little girl in a van holding a gun. I saw… Well, me.

Bianca Nuit.

The Queen of Beacon was ready to make her triumphant debut in the field of battle!

I threw off my pajamas and leapt into the shower, making sure to wash my wings, which wasn’t that easy to do. The entire time I spent in the shower was lip synching into my shampoo microphone and dancing in the rain. After my song had ended and before the hot water ran out I made sure to hop out, the steam had begun to fog up the mirror already.

After drying off I regarded the underwear I had laid out. I considered something lacy at first, but the idea was quickly discarded, much like the bra itself. I settled for a sports bra and some underwear I had bought at a hiking store a few weeks ago. My outfit – I settled for a fairly casual denim jacket, white long sleeve shirt, torn black jeans and a pair of tan boots. The jacket and white shirt torn from shoulder blade to lower back in order to give my wings enough room to breathe.

I heard the door open, and it became clear that Jer had returned from his morning preparations I considered leaving the bathroom, but feeling a smile creep onto my lips I decided to give him a minute to relax. Sitting back onto the stool I finished up a few self-care tasks half-listening to the parts of the light conversation I could hear, only one word really making it through the door.


But I wasn’t too concerned with whatever the boys were talking about.

Walking out of the bathroom looking like a fusion of my usual self and maybe a little influence from my lovely big sister.

“Luke, Jer,” I said, smiling and tilting my head to the side a little. “Let’s do our best today – Okay?”

“Huh? No that’s Jack.” I remarked taking the cap off of the wonton soup and pouring myself a small bowl. The warm broth released a gentle fog that rose to my senses, I repositioned myself to give Jer and Luke more room to get around the already fairly crowded room. I had seen that on an animal planet once before - it helps caged animals relaxed... or something.

I took a big happy mouthful of soup and immediately regretted it as the overly hot broth cooked my tastebuds, I felt my entire face turn red as I resisted he urge to spit the soup up.

Be a lady damn it you are practically a duchess.

I swallowed hard and forced a half smile.


It’d probably taste better with non-scorched tastebuds.

I put the soup down carefully, examining both of the TVs in question in the debate. ”although now that Jack’s stuff is all gone I guess you’re taking the captain’s quarters!”

The remark was innocent enough but I realized that once again for what was probably the third time this week, Luke’s team shifted. I hope he likes being my teammate now.



It’s so cool!! I tried to keep my jubilation at bay so no one could tell just how excited I was, but...


”You guys shouldn’t fight though, I had a projector installed while classes were on today - and it can serve as a disco ball for dance parties!” I tried and failed to not stare at the dance pad that had been moved with some of Jer’s other things.

”Anywaaaaaaay - why don’t you guys at least dig in! Once everyone’s done I’m probably gonna have to run all this food out anyway!”

Hi my names Nice, it's really Bianca to meet you!

@Plank Sinatra@FlitterFaux@HereComesTheSnow

I waited, and waited, I had already been behind given the fact that I had driven for dinner but even then it took a few minutes before anyone had come into the room. I wanted to just relax, to hangout like I usually did, but then…

I just kept staring at his stuff. I… Get to just-

The door handle moved and by second nature Bianca grinned, it was as if she was being prepped for another gala by her father.

“Hey Lu-“

Chalk it up to muscle memory, hoping that I wouldn’t have to improvise conversation with Jer alone until the rest of her team showed up, or just nerves.

“Oh hey!” But before I even managed to stand, Jericho turned around calmly and walked back out of the room.



“H-hey?” I called out twirling a loose strand of ivory near my chin. “I have swordfish.”

You have swordfish.

You dense bitch.

That’ll get him.

Hey I know you think I stalked you on that cruise but there’s slightly less common than salmon seafood in here, come on in.

I wish you weren’t so fucking awkward, girl.

God why is this so weird???? You literally just-

“Sorry, I have more than swordfish - obviously…”

A moment of silence. “Like there’s lamb and twelve vegetarian options.”


“And eight vegan options.” My voice was quieter by the millisecond. “Okay, well I’m just gonna keep sitting now.”

I waited for an answer, but I saw another student walk by the door, they were clearly headed somewhere else but they couldn’t help but stare in confused at me.

Shut up you NPC.

I took a second to look around the room at the Atlesian culture that was just tossed in, along with the trunk of weaponry Jer had just thrown in the room. There was more than just some hunky knight in Atlesian gold-plated armor standing out there.

There was a guy I really just… Wanted to get to know. He seems so fun! Look at that smile and he's just genuinely hugging people!

He plays instruments and dances! I sing, maybe we could talk about our favourite artists

Who knew he ran marathons? I’ve run a few maybe we could talk about that, compare times!

Maybe we could just talk for a minute and hangout and enjoy each other’s company like teammates.


“Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer.” I called out in that way that I knew he had developed an entirely physical reaction to.

“Are you… Moving in?”

“So yeah, basically I fought this gigantic plant Grimm with someone who could pretty much be in Vale’s version of the bachelor, if you guys have that here. After that, I kind of messed up my opportunity to shine on the water for my sister, but honestly – Lauren did such a great job and I’m just really proud of her. And then me and, well he’s technically not my boo, but my boo and I we practiced to cap off the day and I was wearing this outfit actually. So I looked cute, right? But capable.”

“So, sorry is that debit or credit ma’am?”

“Oh that’ll be cash, sorry!” I said, quickly thumbing through about ten or so bills from my perfectly theft-proof purse.

“Right… So that’s $422.95,” the teller said, reasonably surprised. It wasn’t like he was in Mistral, people from Vale didn’t generally walk around with this much money.

“O-kay!” I said, gripping all of them tightly and handing them over, they were pristine and unbent. He took them and neatly deposited them into the till. He handed me my change, and at once I began stuffing the bags of food under my arms. I had gone a little out of town to get the best food, as according to some twenty or so reviews the store had been left. They were an all you can eat buffet of various cuisines, but I had something for everyone.

Some wonton soup, pepperoni pizza, pad Thai, smoked salmon, veal marsala, kielbasa and sauerkraut, grilled swordfish.

There was more, but I had lost track through the order. I basically just ordered three of everything just to be sure everyone could get whatever they wanted. With that done, assisted by my semblance I managed to cart all of the bags of food back to the town car, garnering many looks on the way there. The backseat nearly full to the brim with food, so much so that it was all the driver could do to see out of the rear-view mirror. I guess not many people nearly bought out buffets here.

Ah well.

My phone chirped to life under my thigh as I gazed out the window. I snagged it and saw Luke’s text and immediately cringed.


>My bad Luke! As long as you only eat what you can this should be good!!

A few minutes passed and, finally, I arrived back at Beacon. Once again with some added effort and a few notable whistles from some passerbys who admired good workout attire, I managed to finally cart all the food back into our dorm. It seemed as though I had just barely beaten Luke back as he wasn’t quite in the room yet.

"Time to get to work!" Okay Bianca, get your head in the game you've got to show these people that you're worth having around!

I placed everything out on a rather large table that spanned almost all the way from each of the beds with just enough room to walk around it. Considering the room size it was a wonder I'd been able to fit it at all. I laid out each food by region of origin, making sure to keep the covers on until people could dig in so it wouldn’t be cold.

Finally I threw myself abck onto the bed, sweat beading at my forehead but the wind in my hair and through my feathers. I think they're really going to like this, but all the same I had to catch myself, either I was way more tired than I had thought or maybe a bit dehydrated. I had been running ever since class to make sure I made it in time for dinner, and I did do a lot today but my recovery had been going well so far!



There were a couple guitars, several in fact that I hadn’t seen before.

Was Luke taking up music?

No. Wait, there was also a Dance Til Sunrise dance pad, along with a new tv leaned up against the wall. I was rushing around, I must not have-

Am I in the wrong room?

My hand flew to hit the button by my bed stand, which immediately confirmed I was not. A small projector lowered itself out of the ceiling, as I turned to see where the screen would also lower from I noticed the empty bed... Wasn't empty at all?

Immediately, I jumped off the bed, quickly hit the switch once more so the projector and screen retreated.

Running over to the bed there was a great big poster with a few figures on it. With big bright blue words. ATLAS WILL INDOCTRINATE YOUR YOUTH!

But that was from Noel’s year in the Vytal Festival? I wouldn’t think Luke would…

That was when I was sure, this was from Noel’s year. Another picture of the Vytal Festival – the scoreboard proudly declared in the background. And a young boy who garnered my attention, his hair a bright bubblegum pink.

That was Noel du Acier’s look – no doubt about it.

This last one, it has Jericho smiling…

I picked it up, gingerly as if an artifact from an ancient civilization.

He was smiling… So deeply.

“You look so...”

I immediately put it back down looking around the room more.

“I don’t” but before I said another word I flew over to my bed, rustling a few papers, knocking them on the ground, and I sat on the bed, hugging my legs and resting my chin on my knees. My wings neatly tucking behind me, I scanned the room for any mess I made or left, but I had been pretty clean save for the massive amount of food prepared.

I felt a warmth spread from my neck to my cheeks, into the tips of my ears. I felt the sunlight catching my shoulder and warming it just to the point of being noticeable. The mixed smells of food filled the air but I couldn’t notice it. I didn’t really.

Why was Jericho’s stuff here?

Would he come over?

Would he like any of the food?

There was only twelve vegetarian and eight vegan options. Was he either of those??? With that body it was more than likely.

He looked so wonderful when he was happy - I hope he still gets that happy, I don't think I've seen him like that.

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