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Current Next time you find things going extremely well for yourself. Remember to brace for impact.
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This will never end because I want more / More give me more, give me more / If I had a heart I could love you / If I had a voice I would sing
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"I feel like I could eat the whole world raw."
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When one of us goes to war. We all go to war.
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-Compares the murder of 50 innocent men and women to the murdering of a murderer- Hooookay. I'm not even American, but jesus those are literally non-comparable.


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I miss the activity of the last mission cycle. But I think I'm just nostalgic there were some issues there too. Anyway, I know I'm still around and waiting.

Location: Right in the fucking thick of it (lol this was prophetic)
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Marcella Aveline Bonaparte20, Fifth Year
Ψ Rhea Franky Psomas Ψ 19, Fourth Year

Marcella's beer bottle stopped, gentle grazing her lower lip in dull fascination as she peered out towards Viv and the creatures that pursued her. "Well aren't you all just adorable." Her first thought, as she froze the bottle against her lip, cocked her head and palmed the ruby away from Dal's pretty face, was to illusions. Perhaps a prank on the newest class of 'special select students.' But, as the others began to react to the situation, specifically Bekah, it became clear that the threat would be taken seriously. Marcella gave Dal a quick peck on the cheek before hopping down from the truck, the soil beneath her churning ever so slightly.

As they surrounded the group, a silence hung in the air as the demigods waited for some kind of instruction. Marcy expected to hear Bekah's voice or Dana's war cry. But rather it was Jonas' tactical mind that sprung the fastest, eliciting a small grin from Marcella.

Here we go.

"Marcy, scare these things if you can! Fear of God on deck now!"

"Ohh, coming right up Jo." Marcy's voice shifted from her typical bougie gently French accented party girl persona to one much more reserved. More of her French accent coming through in her words. She glanced over at Rhea, who'd also recieved some direction. The Rhea that Marcy had first met was not particularly good with the idea of combat. Or at least, she didn't have the demeanor for it.

Glancing out towards the Ares kids, they had the energy for it.

Marcy glanced back at Rhea, their eyes meeting briefly. It was a damned good thing Rhea was not the same girl
she had first met.

Marcy walked out towards the wolf-like fiends, Jonas providing some cover fire as his bow shot off, the arrow rupturing the relative silence of the forest with a crack that
rippled into the air. Marcy felt her focus grow, her hand on the ruby squeezing it. She felt the gem begin to splinter as her divine abilities flowed through it, grasping each shard like a tiny dagger.

"Si vous voulez une chose bien faite, faites-la vous-même." Marcy's whispered words took root in her body, as her divine energy began to slide off of her form. Her hair
and dress seemingly affected by a second more ominous wind. The grass beneath her feet withered and the dirt dried up. She glanced out towards the beasts, her form radiated an energy many knew but did not face. The long night, a final rest.

Glaring at the beasts she knew she was effectively defenseless. Luckily, she had whom she did behind her. She felt another arrow whiz by
her form. The force of the arrow's impact and trajectory past her form launched her hair up but she kept her focus. She had the gem if the beasts approached her, and until then she assumed they'd avoid her and split their group for the 'easier' prey. Surely, that was Jonas' quickly drafted battle plan.

"Come on then you little bitches. Let me to guide you to eternity." Marcy spat, as Creboros returned to her side, all three heads snarling at their newest meal. The princess of the underworld and her loyal hound faced the beasts, as they began to spread around her instead of charging.

It was working.

"Rhea! Gather up everyone who can't fight and hit the water! You can keep them safe there!"

Immediately Rhea leapt into action upon hearing Jonas' words. "Everybody who isn't going to get into a fist fight with a demon tonight hop in the fucking lake!" She shouted out with a tinge of almost anger in her voice. In truth, she wasn't angry at all - however she needed to rush those who would prove to be liabilities. She watched as Jonas divided the rest of his chess pieces as evenly as he could afford to. With Marcella's role becoming apparent through a more careful consideration of her abilities. One might assume that through her unique form of ferrokinesis, she'd be apt to handle the back line. However regarding Jonas' weapon choice and Dana's probable firearms given Bekah's cry for a shotgun, the backline was covered.

To protect the backline Jonas could have attempted to assemble a vanguard, but there wasn't enough pieces. The backline would get chewed up if there was an en masse attack, but as Marcella and Rhea locked eyes and Jonas cried out for the
fear of god it was clear that there wouldn't be a charge en masse. Marcy would serve as a glorified obstruction. The demon-like dogs would have to split their attention moving around her and the backline would be able to fire at will as they split up.

Rhea's role, of course, was to protect the useless.
In combat, one of her many lessons was to simplify what she could. Did she feel all of these people were useless? In combat, yes. That was all that mattered at the moment.

As Rhea backed up, with a group gathering behind her, she was presented with an option from Jonas. A weapon.

Her weapons were rustier
than her hand to hand experience in combat, and she had the lake here. It wasn't a wise option and would likely slow down her muscle memory or reflexes, if her coat got torn up that was fine.

Her foot stopped just short of the lake. The lapping waves just barely missing her.

The first lesson she
had ever been taught was to avoid training within water. She was heightened in water, it was a crutch. If she could become good outside of water, she'd be great within.

She let her foot slide back in the sand as the water began to lap up her pant leg. Continuing backwards into the lake her mind
felt as if unlocked itself and her blood began to boil in her veins. She felt as if she could access any part of her knowledge in a fraction of the time she had been previously capable of it.

One of the hounds slipped past Marcy, Jonas and the bevy of backline babes that had been assembled.
Rhea continued to back into the water. The monster advanced on her and the others, slowly. Rhea's finger tips gingerly made contact with the water as the beast's tendrils lashed out. It slowly advanced towards her, its maw snapping at the air between them. Its hunger, evident.

But Rhea was too fast, she saw the tension build
in its back legs, the eyes focus narrow in on her jugular. Her hand rose up, calmly, casually and a stream of pressurized water shot out towards the beast. The hound could almost finish a whimper before both halves dropped into the watter, sullying it. The stream of water shot out towards a tree noticebly slashing into the trunk.

"Stay behind me." Rhea's voice was steady, with a tinge of excitement that only the most perceptive could detect. She was ready to go all out.

Location: Right in the fucking thick of it
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Marcella Aveline Bonaparte20, Fifth Year
Ψ Rhea Franky Psomas Ψ 19, Fourth Year

Rhea was leaned down, keeping a fairly casual eye on the lake watching for any ripples, though there was Ian he wasn’t in any danger of drowning as he stood by the lake. She didn’t necessarily need to, she had a good sense of the occupants of nearby bodies of water, but she liked to be careful. For the most part she was very impressed with the crowd they had selected to partake in this special experiment. She liked most of them if not loved a great deal.

It hadn’t been long into the party where Rhea had noticed that Marcy was no longer paying attention to her and she snuck off in order to change into something more comfortable for her. It wasn’t that she didn’t appreciate Marcy’s efforts. But god damn how does she walk in those fucking things? She was now wearing a camo sweater, a white tank top underneath and a pair of leggings along with some cargo boots for good measure. It did a lot to make her more comfortable and she had already caught Jonas' reaction to her initial outfit. Glancing over at Marcy though, it seemed as though the older girl had expected it, holding her bottle up in a sort of 'cheers' motion. Rhea just nodded at her with a bit of a laugh.

In her leaned down position one of the mini-cerberus’ heads were rubbing up against her cheek while she pet the other two. She hadn’t seen the beast in quite some time.

The last time was a rather tragic drunken attempt to pet all three heads at once and crying because it just couldn’t be accomplished. But her focus on the dog was lost as Ariana approached, fashionably late as always. She thought back to first year for a moment, her first year and her first time attending one of Dal’s parties. Their status on campus was legendary and she was, not. She was some terribly dressed girl from Alberta. But she managed to attend, and she met quite a few people for the first time.

“Hey, JoJo,”

Her voice was like a current of electricity that shot up Rhea’s spine and almost made her hair stand on end. She used it as a weapon, often, and this was no exception. Her eyes scanned up Ariana quickly, dressed as one would expect from the daughter of Aphrodite, her midriff lay bare and her eyes were illuminated by the far end of the joint balanced precariously on her lips.

Oh shit.

Jonas himself glanced towards her without any sense of surprise. He must’ve heard her coming, Rhea hadn’t whatsoever. She considered this probably painted the still cavernous gap between their skill levels at this point. She was progressing, but so was he. He rose up to his full height to greet her, standing well overtop of both of the girls.

She blew the smoke towards his face and Rhea nearly shot up, shocked.

But she restrained herself.


It seems Jonas would too.

"Better watch where you point that thing. I can't summon my own, but that might count as a weapon."

In the immortal words of Danaye Harade. ‘Nani the fuck.’

Was Jonas trying to... Fuck? Rhea clearly had much to learn still from a man much more enigmatic than he lead on. He waved the smoke from his face and for one instant Rhea believed that she saw a crack in his calm and casual demeanor. But it was tough to tell for sure.

Rhea had sparred with Jonas and spent quite a bit of time with him as well. If there was a single defining trait about his demeanor it was his fucking perfect poker face. It most likely came with his level of control over his mind, but you could not read him whatsoever. She was sure she was projecting due to her sheer surprise.

She glanced over at Dana, who was already moving to respond. "Ari-chan is good girl," Dana postured politely towards her friend. “But if you want to hang out with your friends tonight, I can hang out with mine. We can both keep eye on things together." Rhea couldn’t help but wonder where Dana got the strength to be so kind and measured.

As soon as Dal sat down between Kelsey and Marcy the daughter of Hades wrapped an arm around him and kissed his cheek. He was whispering to the two of them about Jonas and Ari. She glanced over in their direction and watched as Rhea floundered about having been caught in the immediate proximity of that fuck-bomb.

As soon as Dal had finished with his apt comparison of Jonas to the leader of the X-Men Marcy watched Jonas stand up to his full height in order to greet the daughter of Aphrodite. Marcy side-eyed Kelsey and Dal and whispered back.

“We’re all looking at the same thing, right?” Jonas was, very evidently, a big fucking guy. He was around six feet and two or three inches, packed muscle on just enough that it didn’t slow him down but he could probably flip a car if he needed to. The man must’ve had a foot and at least 100 pounds on the smaller girl. And she was trying to land that fucker like she was a fishing competition. The biggest stronger sunova bitch the school had to offer. The more Marcy considered it, however the more it made sense.“Honestly, good for her.”

But as Rhea made her presence known and Dana also began to intervene it seemed more like a rescue attempt. But Dal, Dal had already hit a boiling point. His blood was pumping and he was excited. If Ari was as persistent as her reputation preceded than Marcella may yet get to see Dal become a beer pong table.

She glanced over at Dustyn who had handed an absolutely horrified Viv her tooth. What a fucking legend. This is why everyone invited Dusty everywhere. You couldn't slow a bitch down. She couldn't even slow herself down.

Marcy knew Ari like people knew celebrities. Her exploits were talked of and her conquests probably had a group chat or some shit. But she knew that at one-point Rhea had nearly fallen victim to the walking embodiment of charisma. Marcy looked at Dal for one more moment, his arm around both her and Kelsey and in that moment, she realized something beautiful.

Dal is having a great time.

I bet he’ll let me pierce him again.

“Hey kids,” Marcy said turning towards Dal and Kels with a devilish grin. “I just got a fun idea, how do you both feel about getting a piercing? I’ll do anywhere and you get your choice of gem, I think sapphires would look beautiful on you Kels,” Marcy’s charm was being cranked up, her eyelashes fluttering as she spoke. While she did speak to Kelsey her eyes shot from the girl’s gaze straight to meet Dal’s. He knew the look on her face well by now. Her grin was less kittenish like Ari’s and more apropos to the devil himself. Still tempting, but for all the wrong reasons.

The entire ride over was basically cakewalk. Jer and I listened to some music, that was cool he has great taste so it’s easy to listen to his stuff. Then there’s Viv and she seemed a little peeved about the fact that Jer’s knighted, but I mean come on! He’s fricken knighted. Like a real knight.

But as she moved away from me and the door she had closed behind Jer and Evangeline she prepped for their own descent. I figured it’d probably be best to let her focus at that point.

I for one think that kind of thing is incredible and worth celebrating. Not sure why she’s so jaw-clenchy and irritable. Almost like Gratia a little. Besides, she had been one upped by Jer’s awesome new plan she didn’t need his right-hand lady to rub it in any further.

But soon it came time Viv turned to look over the three of us. Luke looked a little bit nervous, nothing too crazy but somewhat moreso than his usual kind of jumpy demeanor.


But for me, well I was just excited. This was my thing.


It was what I was born capable of doing and there wasn’t many people who had more experience with flying than me.


All things considered, I can’t wait.




Viv leapt first, but I was right behind her.

Without anyone giving me any further instructions, nor words of encouragement, of ‘you’ll be okay Bianca don’t worry’ I was enveloped in the freezing howling winds as the ground opened up around me.

I kept my wings folded against my body, allowing me to drop much faster. I let one loosen its grip on my side just a little so that I began to spiral, quickening my descent a bit more. For a moment, I couldn’t hear anything outside of the wind. It whistled in my ear and I heard my clothes flap from the force, but other than that, silence.

No commands, encouragement, even my own thoughts were difficult to hear over the wind.

”That’s probably enough.” I hummed, forcing my wings to unfurl around me, they caught the wind and immediately I was propelled higher into the air. For as far as I could see Vale stretched outwards, with the warehouses just below me. It wasn’t quite as beautiful as Mistral and I hadn’t yet been this far above Atlas, but it had its own sort of lived-in charm.

I flipped around, placing my hands behind my head as if I was laying on my bed back in the dorm, my eyes scanning the mass of blue for Luke and the others. I was able to spot him fairly quickly as it seemed he was among the last to jump.

His form wasn’t perfect but for someone who had certainly been worrying to some extent prior to jumping he was keeping himself together and relying on Viv covering his landing.

I didn’t need the assistance, nor it seemed did Jer.

I wonder if that made Viv even angrier.

But I still had plenty of time before I would hit the ground – unfortunately my eyes weren’t quite as good as Estelle’s she’d be able to make out what everyone was having for lunch from this distance. It was enough just to keep my head on straight after the spiraled descent I had just undergone.

Still, it would be best to appease Viv, I had to keep in mind that this was my first mission back since everything happened. This was our team’s first mission as well. If I wanted a second, I would need to at the top of my game.

But I just can’t help but be excited!!

Closing in on the ground, I made sure to drop quickly and quietly. Allowing my wings to once more fold in on myself until I was as close to the roof as I could get without hurting myself. I quickly opened my wings once more and used my semblance in order to push myself away from the ground, and then releasing. The effect was stopping just shy of the rooftop and falling from about ten feet above. I landed quietly and immediately scanned the air for my comrades who were still quite a way behind me. I readied myself with my semblance in order to help any of their descents, in case something went wrong, but I would follow Viv’s lead.

That should make her happier about not being a knight yet. At least, I hope so!

Scanning the perimeter, I couldn’t see anything too terrible, maybe a couple people – but it wasn’t clear if they were related to this warehouse or walking through the district itself. The skylight wasn’t far off, maybe a few feet.

After a minute or so my comrades landed. I shot a big grin towards Luke and Viv and quietly motioned towards the skylight. “Let’s do this thing!” I whispered excitedly.

Location: Ares Colosseum
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Marcella Aveline Bonaparte20, Fifth Year
Ψ Rhea Franky Psomas Ψ 19, Fourth Year

Rhea glanced over to Marcy, who was reaching into the backseat of Dal’s car grabbing something. The Daughter of Hades had threatened Rhea with immediate reprucssions from Dana if she didn’t dress up tonight. As such she found herself in a far too elegant golden dress with golden heels to match. The top tying almost into a ribbon. It was certainly a step in a different direction compared to the ratty jackets Rhea had made a name for herself in.

Marcy was wearing a more simple outfit, though still fairly elegant. Her dress shot straight down from her shoulders leaving not a lot to the imagination, it trailed down to her ankles where she was wearing some flats. She claimed the only reason she made Rhea wear heels was because she knew that no matter what she’d put on the girl’s feet they’d end up hardly being worn.

They were instructed to drive the car over to the baech while Dal, Jonas and Dana took the truck. Her gaze left Marcy’s frantic search over to the path ahead. “You know I always have this weird fear that when we go away for the summer everyone is going to come back different,” Rhea started. “I have this strange sensation that people are just going to stop talking, or hanging out.”

Marcy rocketed from her head in the backseat to out the passenger’s side window, a key stabbing into a can of beer as she lifted her quarry to her mouth with those crazy Bonaparte eyes.

After finishing her shotgun in record time, she wiped her chin off and returned to her relaxed position in the car kicking her feet up onto the dash. “Aw, babe. We love a wistful bitch.” Marcy chided, her eyes jokingly pushing Rhea to swing back.

“You still shotgun like a Freshman.” Rhea relented, the two girls laughing as they finally approached Dal and the others.

"Hey, Jaime Lannister! You wanna fucking suck my dick, or what?"

It seemed They were getting there in about the middle of the pack. Not everyone was already there, but a fair amount were.

“What in the god’s names would have you think that we're stupid enough to fuck with perfection?” Marcy said leaning in closer to Rhea before giving her a quick peck on the cheek. French people. Dal didn’t waste much time in approaching the girls, as did Dana.

"You two are on security tonight. Dana, you do what you always do if shit starts. Otherwise, you just mingle with your shopping buddies. Rhea, you remember what we talked about? You hang by the lake. Anyone we like falls in, you spit 'em back out."

"What if we don't like them?"

"Qu'est-ce que tu fais?"

Marcella laughed from the passenger's seat. Rhea shot her a look, fucking French man. She was part Canadian she had no real excuse for refusing to learn the language besides spiting Marcy in a fun way.

"Rhea, what strategies did we devise for saving people we don't like?"


"Then, by implication, you know what to do if someone we don't like is drowning. Don't sweat the small shit, alright? It's a new year."

“He’s got you there.” Marcy said, leaning back in towards Rhea as Dal grabbed the keg and began to haul it back over to Jonas’ truck. Her eyes lingering on his magnificent ass.

“That man is a hurricane.”

“Yeah...” She said, giving Rhea’s shoulder a confident clap before exiting the car.

Rhea voice shot out in a whispered hiss. ”Hurricanes are bad, Marcy.”

Marcy examined the trees in the area before happily clapping when her eyes found one about as dead as any of them got around this area. She skipped over rubbing her hands before placing them on its fallen trunk as it seemed to almost stitch itself an entrance to some horrible place. Screams echoed through distant yet present and in a matter of seconds a smallish three headed Dobermann-esque dog sauntered out, one of the heads rubbing on Marcella’s leg.

“Hey, boy. Aren’t you getting big?” She said in an excited somewhat childlike voice that was pretty abnormal for her. “Go watch Rhea, listen to her really well!” Marcy said, and just like that the Dobermann took off just stopping short of Rhea whose head was still leaning out the driver’s side window staring in disbelief at Marcy.

“Two things really quick.” Rhea said, leaning out even further. “What’s his name?” She asked.

“Creboros.” Marcy called back.


“Sick, sick.” Rhea said, leaning back into the car a bit further. “Second, the fuck was that voice Marcella Bonaparte.”

“Shut up Franky.” Marcy called back waving her off. Rhea smiled and exited the car, leaving it where the grass met sand on the shore. Together with the flesh dog she marched closer to the shore, to keep her ever-watchful eyes on the idiots who thought they turned into Michael Phelps after a pbr.

“We love a motherly bitch.” She whispered just above the volume of the music.

Marcy walked up to Dana, Dal, Kelsey, Damien and the others who were left with the kegs. While Rhea crossed their path to go and stand near Jonas for a while.

“Rhea’s getting too comfortable here.” She joked, watching as her dog ran after the girl excitedly. She turned to face the rest of ‘em who’d already started to set up on the beach.

"You and Bekah better actually have fun tonight." Rhea said, sending a soft elbow in Jonas' well built defenses. "It's about time you guys relax."

Dal was getting ready to throw Damian into the lake, at this point he’d do it just for Rhea to have some fun. Kelsey was already set up and she was prodding Dal to move quicker, no doubt a lesson in disappointment. Seemed like Damian, Emma, Azura and Dustyn were also already there.

Marcy let out a small yawn and stretch before reaching a hand into the Earth and waiting. About two minutes later she managed to pull two red gems from the dirt. She went ahead and tied them in front of the truck’s lights as Jonas got the music playing. The shore was awash in a red glow, the alcohol was here. Finally.

“Glad to see no one’s changed.” Marcy laughed a little propping herself on Dana’s shoulder. Turning towards Marston, "whenever we're ready for pong I've got Rhea's desk in the backseat."

Marcy glanced out towards Rhea who smiled shooting her middle finger up. Marcy blew her a kiss.

Location: Ares Colosseum
Mentions: JoJo @HereComesTheSnow,
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Dana @Plank Sinatra,
Beks @Krayzikk,

Marcella Aveline Bonaparte20, Fifth Year
Ψ Rhea Franky Psomas Ψ 19, Fourth Year

"Well, just about who you'd expect honestly." Rhea said, sizing up Dallas' disposition. It had been Beats 1 from the time he picked Rhea up to their arrival at the academy, his energy generally ebbing and flowing through each song that came on. She was more of a Billy Joel fan than a Billie Eilish, but it was a nice break from the familiar. "Let's see, we've got about two kids per parent, generally speaking." Rhea said sizing up the group of them. "Save for me, no half-brothers or sisters as far as I can tell." Uneasiness flashed through Rhea's eyes before her smile retook its place on her lips.

"I don't think there should be any big surprises, although seeing how the group is trending, we seem to have a large number of fuckers on our hands." The Daughter of Poseidon giggled through the words, her eyes scanning all the future hangovers in the room. "Should make for quite a bit of fun." Her gaze returned to Dallas just in time to issue him a patented Psomas wink.

She scanned out once more into the crowd, noting Bekah and Dana speaking to Marcy, Jonas was with them as well. They were reunited this year certainly in a much stranger way than what was the usual more casual friendship. Now they found themselves at the beginning of a whole new crossroads. Surely, they'd be tested and perhaps in ways none of them would've expected to be.

However, Rhea found herself wholly unconcerned with what kinds of tests they would be given, or how they would be challenged. Rather, her dread came from an uninspired group of potential fun nights. Her gaze didn't return anyone she wanted to chase, perhaps someone would surprise her. No doubt she'd walk in on Marcy and Dallas going at it like...

"Anyway Dal, I think we should start making sure the word is clear insofar as your party. BYOB or are we buying a keg?"

Marcy whipped her hair out of her face as she pulled away from Dana's hug after a few seconds, throwing her hazel stare towards Bekah.

"Darling, I would be honoured to make a contribution to whatever small war fund you've started up. It would be my pleasure," Marcy's eyes lingered on Bekah's frame but also flitted over to Dana. "I know that this one can't wait to go shopping, if I remember a single thing about this school."

Marcy stifled a small laugh to avoid people thinking she made a habit of laughing at her own observations. Her eyes quickly sharpened however, critically examining those in her surroundings. Word had already started to spread about the yearly welcoming that Dal liked to organize. She wanted to let loose and have some fun for the first time in months tonight. She was scanning the crowd to see if there was anyone that she needed to weed out to make sure that could happen. There were a few kids who would've have considered themselves outsiders, her brother dearest came to mind. However, no one that couldn't use a good loosening up. Placated with tequila most of the group seemed like they would adequately misbehave.

It was uncanny and Marcy would be lying if she hadn't considered that grouping so many ne'er do wells together might've been part of the test. She just didn't give a fuck. She was here for a good time, and quite potentially for all eternity.

But whatever, it was a block party not a riot.

"I need to be on my A-Game tonight." Marcy said confidently towards the other women. Bekah and Dana were damn near the living embodiment of a power move, so Marcy assumed that they always were on their own respective shit. "It's been too long since I let my hair down." Marcy said with a characteristic devilish grin.

Location: Ares Colosseum
Mentions: JoJo @HereComesTheSnow,
Dal @Plank Sinatra,
Dana @Plank Sinatra,
Beks @Krayzikk,
Lil Miss Sunshine @Altered Tundra,
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Marcella Aveline Bonaparte20, Fifth Year
Ψ Rhea Franky Psomas Ψ 19, Fourth Year

Rhea’s hair was ruffled by the much taller man, inciting a small laugh from the diminutive earth-shaker. She roller her eyes a little, but nodded along with Jonas’ story. But before much more time could go by their glorious ray of sunshine himself returned and picked Rhea up, spinning her around before dropping her back down in front of him. His eyes shifted to Marcy and her shade changed just one nigh-unnoticeable hue.

“Not much babe.” Marcy shot back, the game had already begun. His hand played around with her hair as if he could even frazzle her general appearance, but even with some loose strands falling on either side of her face she looked great. “What did you manage to get up to with all that free time?” The question was rhetorical, judging by the look in Marcy's eyes.

Rhea laughed a little, his immediate return was felt. Glancing across the way she noticed Wynter eyeing the group of them with a bit of misplaced callousness, but that was fine – she was okay with people disliking them. They were loud, could be obnoxious, and Rhea was sure it would be difficult watching people as happy as them. She hadn’t always been this happy, but since running with the group she had been with, it was all peachy keen.

“Viv, so good to see you too.” Marcy said, her eyes scanning the daughter of Apollo in a quick microsecond glance. She was about how Marcy remembered her, a little tired perhaps. But Marcy was quick to move on. She glanced over at Dana, now being rustled up by Jonas, the two struck imposing figures for completely different yet altogether similar reasons. Jonas loved fighting, it wasn’t too long ago now that Marcy and him had spent an evening together watching some UFC. It wasn’t at all what Marcy was expecting, much more technical and artful. Jonas was enthralled by every strong performance and for every weak one knew exactly what had gone wrong.

Dana on the other hand was a walking fashion icon that could kick your ass from Sunday through to next week in Louboutin heels. Marcy approached her. She made sure to walk closely past Dal, brushing past him and messing his own hair up. When she got to Dana she gave her a small squeeze on the wrist. “Hey you little spitfire,” she said, her eyes practically aglow. “How are you?” Her sincerity a bit of a departure from her regular demeanor.

Rhea nodded at Dal as Marcy fluttered over to the daughter of Ares. “That drive up was fucking killer, I really appreciate you driving me out again.” Rhea said, a cheerful dancing across her lips. She continued to look around, she saw some familiar faces. Among them, Ariana. Her mind briefly flashed back to a party from first year and foggy, drunken memory but she attempted to look away before making eye contact. Glancing back at Dal she could tell from his general demeanor and energy that his excitement from the year had just hit him or he was planning something. On the drive up Dal was as calm as ever. He had picked Rhea up as they both lived part time in the West Coast. She glanced over at him and now at Marcy who had moved to the Ares kids. She couldn't help but laugh to herself with a bit of nervous energy.

She was rooming with Marcy now. Frankly speaking, every day she entered that room there was a 10% chance Marcy and Dal would be using it. She shuddered and stuffed that thought to the back of her mind. Noting to herself to make an investment in sound-cancelling headphones.

“So, fourth verse same as the first?” Rhea asked. “Should I expect a ‘study-session’ tonight?”

Location: Ares Colosseum
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Marcella Aveline Bonaparte20, Fifth Year
Ψ Rhea Franky Psomas Ψ 19, Fourth Year

Marcy glanced at Bekah's invitation for a small hug and glanced back at Rhea. Her head pivoted into a double take glancing at Bekah once more in disbelief. Looking back at Rhea once more, the daughter of Poseidon simply smiled and urged her forward. Marcy took a small step towards Bekah and was pulled in to the hug. Marcy was sure not to overextend, however. "Nice to see you again Beks."

"Of course, I didn't want my training to go to nothing so I spent most of the summer going through with a daily regimen that I constructed from the things you were having me practice." Rhea began rolling her eyes as Marcy left the warm embrace of Bekah. "I wanted to come back for training the same if not better than you had left me." Her eyes glowed up to what would've been an imposing figure to anyone. Sure, if Rhea was under the impression that she had some reason to fear Jonas he would've been a colossus, but he was more of a beacon as it stood now.

"So," Marcy said, adjusting her hair and taking another big gulp of her latte, the steamed drink slightly searing the inside of her throat. "Dal ran off on his own, that can only mean trouble and booze, huh?"

Rhea's gaze swiveled to Marcy with a smirk and an 'oh you'd love that' kind of face she'd perfected by now. But she did relent. "Yeah, almost definitely." Rhea scanned the crowd for a moment. "Hey Marc, where's your shadow?"

Marcy perked up and looked around her. "Oh yeah, Ian was called wasn't he?" Marcy said, she was admittedly lost in the moment of seeing everyone again. "Well, knowing Dal this should be good. I'm always ready for a pre-semester kick off." Before long Marcy's wandering gaze was set on Dana and Bekah once more. [color=e03c131]"So, ladies, how were the summers?"[/color]

The more Rhea contimplated the idea of a party to open everything up, the more excited by the notion she became. "Jonas, how was your summer?" The much more composed and frequently less scattered Rhea was still gently scanning the room for either Ian, who had a habit of showing up in a corner or near Marcy when they were all in public places. Or Dal, because god knows when that man was on his own he was a wrecking ball through a doll house. Nothing would be left but the sense of general satisfaction and destruction.

Location: Ares Colosseum
Mentions: JoJo @HereComesTheSnow,
Dal @Plank Sinatra,
Dana @Plank Sinatra,
Beks @Krayzikk

Marcella Aveline Bonaparte20, Fifth Year
Ψ Rhea Franky Psomas Ψ 19, Fourth Year

"Another year of disappointment Rhea." Marcy casually glanced at her friend, sipping the chai tea latte that they had picked up just a few minutes earlier. Her sip was hasty and her face scrunched up as the still searing hot liquid scorched her tongue. But she gulped it down anyway.

"It's only a disappointment if you're counting the amount of times you got to fuck." Rhea said calmly, pushing her mane to the side as the girls walked back into Olympus Academy. For Marcy it was the start of the fifth year of her attendance, for Rhea the fourth.

"You're lucky you've wormed your way into my heart Re." Marcy said, gently bumping into the girl as they made their way towards the Ares Colosseum. "So how's your training been going anyway? You started with Jonas last year rigt?" Marcy's eyes peered over at Rhea while she scanned the crowd of demigods that also made their way to the colosseum. Keeping an eye out for any of her favourites.

"Yeah, that's right." Rhea nodded, doing the same, scanning over the crowd. "It's going well, learning combat skills from Jonas is strange. I've definitely improved, but my hand to hand is still leagues behind him."

"Come on bitch, Marcy said whipping around in front of Rhea, nary spilling a single succulent drop of her latte. "You've improved so much, own that shit."

Rhea stared the daughter of Hades down, she was almost half a foot taller than her but by most metrics was still fairly short. They both glared at one another, long enough for a few onlookers to notice it until they couldn't hold the tension any longer and burst out laughing.

"Gods I missed you Marcy." Rhea said through the laughter, giving her best friend a hug.

"Well you still got to text me, putting you on a very exclusive list of people I'll remind you." Marcy said as she was squeezed by the shorter girl. "Imagine how the rest of the school felt without my guidance on how to dress for dates, accessorize for the next big fight, etc."

Rhea giggled, "Did you just say etcetra?" The two girls continued into the crowded arena.

Anyone watching them would notice subtle differences in the girls. Both fairly confident in the routined return to their school and partial home. Marcella's scanning of the crowd was emblematic of her need for socialization and wanting to catch up with the notorious son of Apollo, his hulking best friend, and of course Ares' favourite daughter and Athena's golden child. The group had formed fairly quickly into the earlier years and the younger ones were adopted the year after. It was a good group of fools.

Rhea on the other hand seemed pretty calm and not quite as frantic as the other girl. Rather this one was focused and calm. Even as the entire staff of Olympus Academy took the stage.

That was odd.

"The fuck?"

"Language babe."

"Shit, right. Thanks."

Marcy opened her mouth once more, but she decided against it.

Hector and Helena took the forergound for themselves. Waxing poetic about their expectations of the students, and also saying something about how there would be 32 students taken for a super secret program.

"We get picked for this every time." Marcy whispered into Rhea's ear.

"How do you figure that?" Rhea asked back, barely moving her head to acknowledge her friend.

"Daughters of two of the big three." Marcy said, that bit of cocksure energy dripping back into her words. Rhea sighed, acknowledging there was some merit to the notion. Though she wasn't nearly as sure as Marcy seemed to be.

Helena began to call the names.

"Dallas Relo." Rhea heard, and watched as Marcy's ears perked up and mouth started to salivate just that little bit more. She glanced at Marcy with a smirk, which Marcy shoved away as Rhea continued to push into Marcy's slightly reddening face.

"Jonas Highwind." Rhea nodded, she was happy to see him selected.

Marcy's grin widened.

"Rebekah Cross."

Once more it widened.

"Danaye Harada."

"They wouldn't."

"Rhea Psomas."

The girls turned to one another.

"Marcella Bonaparte."

"The madwoman."

Rhea and Marcy took their spot in front of their peers, standing near their friends but making sure not to make the higher up's mistakes evident by acknowledging them. Instead both Marcy and Rhea smiled and nodded at their fellow trouble-makers while glancing out over the crowd of onlookers that were staring up at them.

Marcy offered her friends a sly wink before once more gazing out into the masses.

"I will rule you well my subjects." She whispered.

"Shut up." Rhea whispered back.

As the rest of the 32 took their place alongside the girls and the remaining students filed out. Living arrangements were given and the girls couldn't be more ecstatic.

"This is good, I was hoping for more time to cultivate your wardrobe. You still smell of the North." Marcy dictated to Rhea, pulling her along to go and find their friends in their own living arrangements.

"Of course Marcy, what would I do without your fashion guidance?" Rhea asked sarcastically as she was pulled through a small crowd of people.

"You'd bug Dana." Marcy quickly retorted pulling the other girl along.

After a short while of searching the imposing figure Jonas struck was clear as day. They approached the other four with massive smiles.

"Hey guys, miss us?"

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