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Current Next time you find things going extremely well for yourself. Remember to brace for impact.
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This will never end because I want more / More give me more, give me more / If I had a heart I could love you / If I had a voice I would sing
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"I feel like I could eat the whole world raw."
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When one of us goes to war. We all go to war.
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-Compares the murder of 50 innocent men and women to the murdering of a murderer- Hooookay. I'm not even American, but jesus those are literally non-comparable.


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Survival in Grimm Studies

@NarayanK @Krayzikk @FlitterFaux

And so it begins.

The fight started slower than I had anticipated. There were enough sayings about caging an animal to infer a certain behaviour, and Grimm were nothing if not worse. The Dionaea immediately lashed out towards our group, perhaps completely randomly. I struggled to resist watching all sides at once, it was an impulse that being in a survival situation thrusted upon you. Especially since Skye and Sangue seemed more likely to dodge past blows, instead of guard them. Which left myself and Ben to do the majority of repulsion.

Speaking of which the young man started to prove he deserved the title Lauren always referred to him. Ben took a strong stride forward to meet the incoming blow from the Dionaea for one second that seemed to last ten where the root collided with Joyous Guard. But soon after the root slid down the side deflecting the blow from truly colliding with Ben at full force. The ground felt shook as the root smashed into the ground.

But the boy wasn’t done and neither was the Dionaea. The beast struck once more, and once more the blow was deflected. But this time, with a hefty slice into the root. I grinned wickedly watching it lurch back in pain. While it was nearly as thick as a tree trunk it was noticeably wounded. With no blows incoming as far as I could see and the root swiftly returning after having been sent hurtling backwards I outstretched my left arm aiming the spear towards my target. It was a difficult shot, but I was able to correct somewhat with my semblance. Of course correction would cost speed.

I took four steps, coming to a quick sprint and stomped my left foot into the ground, focusing on stopping completely. The entire right side of my body came across rapidly as I let go of the spear. While my body twisted my eyes followed the spear frantically.

It was on target.

I reached out towards it and pushed it away, further increasing its speed and sending it completely through the root like a bullet from a gun.

The root fell from point of contact towards but further to the right of our squadron with a massive thud. As it crashed into the earth I caught Ben’s gaze before falling back.


I reached out towards C’est la Vie that rapidly returned towards me, almost magnetically connecting with my hand.

Let that set the tone.

I returned to my place on our flank awaiting the inevitable counterattack.

Hitomi rode around on Kimiko’s back while she answered the phone. Hitomi inquisitively glanced at the phone, prodding her head a little close to Kimiko’s cheek to glance at the name. “Toku Mom”.


Hitomi felt herself slipping backwards as Kimiko straightened up a little so she nudged herself forward and wrapped her legs around Kimiko’s stomach. Her arms dropping further down Kimiko’s neckline but hanging in front of her like some gangly necklace you’d find at a weird art show. You’d probably find Hitomi there too.

Kimiko nuzzled the phone into Hitomi’s arm to end the call and Hitomi glanced as the call faded away.

“Bye mom.” She said quietly moving herself to allow for an easy transition to the ground. She left behind a small braided strand of hair that she had been fiddeling with while Kimiko was on the call. “Kimiko,” Hitomi said, using her commander’s first name. Which she had heard could even get her rejected from active duty. She slid off of her back and walked in front of the group, to face Kimiko head on. “I need to get some things from my house, could we stop there?” She asked, not even to the odd gumshoe who would be driving. But to the co-pilot who would be driving the speakers.

She seemed off to the group, most certainly, full sentences, eye contact. It was strange for the small girl to be so functional. “I told my parents that I would come home after work, I'm sure they'd like to see me before I leave again for the rest of the day.” She said simply to the other girl. She was still holding on to Kimiko’s sleeve, not very tightly just a loose grip. She gazed into Kimiko’s eyes looking for an answer. During these moments of lucidity she felt the prettiest.

But also the least like herself. Like she was a completely different person.

She found her mind drifting to the idea of a persona quite often since Daisuke had mentioned it.

Hitomi took a deep breath and stopped being a small bird. She was Hitomi Fukushima now, a respectable girl with good grades.

She didn't like being Hitomi Fukushima. Her parents didn't like it either.

Survival in Grimm Studies

@NarayanK @Krayzikk @FlitterFaux

I laughed a little when Ben did a double take at the position of C’est la Vie. But the entire atmosphere of the room changed dramatically once Port wandered into the room. Even Ben’s eyes narrowed and focused on the stout man as he painstakingly made his way to the front of the class. It seemed Grimm Studies wouldn’t simply be theoretical work today.

As the class began to get lead to another room I found myself near the back of the line. It was ominous how the nervous chitter chatter seemed to stop as soon as everyone walked in. But surely it couldn’t have been that ba-

“Oh my god.” I said quietly, while absentmindedly bringing a hand up to my mouth. The creature, Port named it Dionaea was massive. It was larger than any living thing I had ever seen, but it wasn’t the kind of massive that came with an elephant. Large, slow, and heavy. This thing was fluid, it moved in ways that didn’t seem natural at all. My wings unfurled completely, ready to take off at the slightest hint of an attack. It was a defensive mechanism. Port espoused about the lack of teeth.

Teeth? What about the tendrils?

I scanned everyone’s faces and they all seemed to be reciprocating the same thought I was thinking myself. What the hell were we supposed to do to kill this thing?

”Hey Nuit,” Ben said cheerfully, as if he was handing me a drink at a party. ”I’ll probably have its attention pretty quick. If it gets hairy, drop behind me. Sangue, you too. We’re gonna need to cut our way towards its trunk. I can take a few hits if it gets a little pissy.”

“Who’s ready for some fun?

I looked at Ben’s face and he was. Ready. The old members of Jumpercable and Bastille fought a Riesen-class Grimm last week and they killed it.

I can do this.

My arm launched upwards throwing C’est la Vie towards the ceiling, the purse transformed into its spear formation almost instantly and I used my semblance to bring it right back into my hand, arcing it across my body and letting it rest just below my lower back and near my legs, wings still outstretched.

“Well I might’ve won round one Ben, but you better not slack off here.” I said eliciting some confusion from others around us. “Most tentacles killed wins? I’ll count the root as three.” I said preparing for combat.

Sky joined Ben, Sangue and myself asking what she should do. Truth was I hadn’t seen her fight yet and had only recently gotten her dossier.

“Follow Ben, Sangue, and I. Stay in formation and if something is coming your way find Ben. We’re going for this thing’s trunk.” I said confidently. Perhaps I was only confident because of Ben’s exuberance, but if that was what could get me out of bed and ready to kill a Riesen-class Grimm today, that would be enough.

"And Ben. My semblance is attraction and repulsion." I said speaking fairly loudly so he didn't have to turn to hear me. I was already beginning to formulate a plan of attack to take this thing down for good. While her semblance could perhaps repel at least one tentacle, two or even more from multiple directions would be incredibly problematic. It was much easier to move something that wanted to move. Perhaps like Ben or his sword. We would have to think fairly carefully. The tentacles were thick enough that my main concern was essentially being crushed. I bunched a tiny bit of aura into her pointer finger and saw a familiar briliant pearl of aura. It shone dimly, yet beautifully. I had only attempted that once, now, against a Riesen-class Grimm was absolutely not the time to take that level of risk. Only if it was life or death, I promised myself.

Welp 4/7's of the way done my contest entry, nearly there.
@Silvan Haven, @Plank Sinatra, @Krayzikk, @Crimmy, @HereComesTheSnow

Ben caught my glance and I looked at him for a moment confused. I saw his eyes seemingly point behind him and my own followed down his shoulder and arm to Joyous Guard. Yeah, how did he move that thing anyway? He placed a hand on it.

Oh no you don’t there is no wa-


Ben placed his hands behind his head. All that was missing was an innocuous whistle and a shit eating grin-

Oh wait there it is.

Okay Ben, that’s how we’re doing this huh?

I raised my eyebrows and feigned shock. Which was pretty easy to do because he was moving a car door that weighed the same as a full car. Well I’d show him. I reached down to grab C’est La Vie and pulled on it, gently and without channeling any aura, so it wouldn’t move. Glancing up at him with a pout. But then I snatched the clutch and placed it in my right hand gently opening it. Pulling out a tube of lip chap and lightly coating my lips. With a smile and a tilt of my head to the side I popped the lip chap back in my back and placed C’est la Vie, delicately on top of the boy’s shield.

In Starkissed 19 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Ah I attempted to make it seem like an accidental kill on the magical creature. Can easily change it if you'd like, however.
In Starkissed 19 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

So this is done But I need the okay of:
@McHaggis, and @ihinka

If you guys don't love it that's totally fine! PM me and we'll work something else out! Anybody else feel free to give it a read, I'll do Gaia and Persephone tomorrow!
@Plank Sinatra

Hear that?

That's a partridge.

“Yeah she’ll probably be trying to be more active around campus.” I noted taking a pencil from in front of me and flipping it around my fingers to allow myself to fidget. Sangue also introduced herself in a slow somewhat drawn out manner. I couldn’t help but think that she was either incredibly nervous, kind of like me. Perhaps she too felt some anxiety in social situations, I thought. But before I could reach the end of that train of thought l found myself, Ben and Sangue approached by another two girls. One immediately introducing herself as Ashe. The other, I recognized well enough.

“Ah, of course please, sit. Skye it is a pleasure to finally properly meet you. JLBS will be better off with you, I’m sure of it!” I said happily to my teammate She was quite a bit taller than myself, but my height was always strange to most people. Due to my wings and the fact that I often hovered above the ground I constantly looked slightly taller than I was. But I was only a meager five feet and five inches.

As everyone was finally seated I glanced behind me at the massive shield that lay lengthwise on the ground. It was absolutely massive, but couldn’t possibly be as heavy as C’est La Vie. I turned and slightly nudged the shield. It didn’t move. Huh, I mean, okay yeah obviously it’s pretty heavy.

I reached forward with my hand gently pulling with my semblance. It didn’t move. Huh.

I smiled in Ben and Sangue’s direction, trying not to make it obvious what I was doing. I faced both of my hands in the direction of the shield. Once more I pulled greatly. HUH.

I looked in Ben’s direction with some amount of discomfort.

Just what the hell was this guy made of? And what the hell was his shield made of?

But before I could try plan c, we had another newcomer join the fray. Her name was Yue, as she introduced. She had a slightly darker complexion and didn’t seem to be too comfortable in social situations either. But for some reason that actually made me more comfortable.

“Yue, it’s great to meet you too. Please take a seat and try to relax a little okay?” I said with a small smile on my face. I glanced to my right and saw Ben and Sangue, to my left was Ashe, Skye, and Yue. It really was starting to feel like a large group of friends. Even if we were all just trying to get through class. It was nice though.

I felt the smile I gave Yue persisting on my lips, I couldn’t scrub it off my face if I tried. I found myself hoping that Jack and Luke were having equally good days. At lunch I was having a pretty rough day, and I didn’t’ feel up to touching base with them. But now I was determined to find out how they were doing.

So I pulled out my scroll and opened up the Jumpercables group chat.

Sender: Heiress with Tariffs Bianca Nuit
Recipients: Samurai Jack, Skye Blue Skye True, and Mid-Intensity Human
Hey guys! Skye, Jack and I are in Grimmm studies this period and I just met up with Skye. Haven't seen Jack yet, how's your day going Luke?

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