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Once I start the RPs I'm plotting now I can go on to start some more! Because I know there'll be lots of waiting in between. :) Putting my interest check on hold now.
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OMFD. That interest check was more successful than I expected. Thank you all for your lovely RP offers! But I need to slow down!!!
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Going to try to start some rps tomorrow!
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The thing about me is that I need to be in a lot of RPs at once. One post will get the engine going for all the others. I've honestly never been in "too many" at once. RP with me a lot! <3


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I read a starter that inspired me and this was meant to be a reply, however that didn't work out! I'm still very interested in the idea though. Here goes:

Shinrai, a Japanese dragon from the Feudal Era, is looking for her brother in Chinatown, circa 1840. She can't understand why he would go so far just to join a gang. But he's got worse friends and deeper plans. In any case, she can handle herself but it's a little hard for a supposedly normal Japanese maiden in a town like this...

And no "mythological" species is truly safe anywhere these days. Those that know about them... hunt them.

Shinrai moved through the darkened streets of Chinatown trying to go unnoticed. It was harder to avoid harassment here--out of her element, in a foreign country--especially when all the proper ladies were safely tucked in their beds this time of night. She, a female, was out alone on the street and 1 + 1 = asking for it? But anyone who tried that with her again was going to be sorely sorry. She quietly sighed and brushed a short black ringlet behind her human-looking ear.

Then again, it was SO late now that the typical degenerates were also home in bed or passed out wherever. THIS was the time of night when it was finally safe for the stuff of myths to come out. So anyone that harrased her now... Well, they might be harder to deal with. And she was SO not in the mood.

Besides, it would get those bastard police back on her tail. And she'd JUST gotten them to back off!

So, yeah, she was avoiding the main parts of town. It was tempting to go walk into a bar full of only supernaturals, shapeshift, and be herself for a change. How long had it been, after all? But she didn't want ANYONE talking about her before she found who she was looking for. If word got to him before Shinrai did... She clenched her fists. Well, it wasn't like he was any more visible now. But someday he'd split and Shinrai would lose track entirely. She couldn't afford to let that happen.

'Oh, Hieri... what are you doing?'

Getting away from all that had happened--that she understood. Partaking of the gold rush--even that might have made sense in a way.

But joining some gang? Blowing his whole life away in this pissant little place of a newborn country? She couldn't believe it.

Yet... She had heard about the dragon in these parts. And there weren't many of those left these days... in any country. So surely it was him? There were a lot of conflicting reports though. The one she'd heard the other day didn't sound like the rest at all, nothing like Hieri for sure... But--

Shinrai felt a shiver of magic across her skin. Her pulse shot up and she halted as a brick wall materialized in front of her. She turned immediately and saw the same at the other end of the alley, though it was far off now. Crap! She never would've come down here if she knew she was being hunted, but she hadn't sensed a thing.

She was almost THERE, god damn it! Now she had to deal with this?

Growling slightly, she threw off her cloak, withdrew a revolver, and widened her stance, all in one movement. Then she stilled, listening and feeling with her magic. Her eyes turned a faintly gleaming green, the edges of her diguise wearing thin, and her voice cut through the dark.

"Who is there?" she demanded.

PUH-LEASE PM if you're interested and have ideas for a character, or have one you can adapt for this RP!

Okay great! I have some ideas, I PMed you!
Thanks for the reply Polarize, I PMed you!
I'm looking for more speedy rps to keep me busy. Discord is a really convienent format for that.

Of course I do like thoughtful long form posts as well, they're just slower.

In the past I've done pokemon trainer rps this way. But I'm into a lot of things.

Let me know! my discord is writingrin#9806
Sitting close, holding his hand, picking up the confidence he was radiating... She wanted to believe him. But she knew he was just saying that. He couldn't know that everything would be okay. He was going up against powerful people! People following orders who would look at him as just an obstacle, not a good man they were hurting. Like she would have if the roles were reversed.

But at the very least... She closed her eyes and inhaled calmingly, leaning her head against his. Their noses bumped together and she sighed softly. "Yes, I trust you."
Ferona's eyebrows rose high. "Berek... it's not your job to save EVERYONE." She came forward and placed her hands on his shoulders. "You're just one person!" And he was not a king. What could he do alone? He was trying to stave off a WAR?

When he gave her the helpless look she sat down, her hand on his arm, turned toward him. Her fingers tensed when he suggested sending her away. She was thinking of the reception she'd gotten yesterday. She had only been standing there feeding Rose, not asking for any trouble! If those guys ever laid eyes on her again it would be the same... Well, perhaps not if they weren't willing to cross Berek. But if he wasn't with her, or anything happened to him...

"If... we do that what do we do about the guys from yesterday?"

Ferona made an uneasy face, not wanting to displease him.

"I can't understand your feelings..." She crossed her arms, still standing apart from him near the door. "At least with the money you could get a new forge... maybe IN the town so you didnt have to travel so far to see another person." Then again, he'd said how much he disliked the men in town and so far she disliked them too, except perhaps the wig maker. "They can't all be bad..." she didn't say that with conviction though.

"If they're going to find a way to take the land, one way or another, shouldnt you take the money?"

Her expression was vaguely perplexed and definitely anxious. If she had still been the queen, on the other side of this she would've said 'what a stupid farmer! Just take it from him!' with out seeing his side even a little... A guilty expression crossed her face. No wonder they rose up against her...
Ferona wasn't sure what to do. When the soldiers began to leave she was relieved but it clearly wasn't over. If he didn't sell, they would just take it all? In just three days?! He had no choice then...

She had mixed feelings about this place. On one hand it still got boring here, for her. On the other, it was her refuge, her safe haven. She called it home yesterday in the midst of all that upset! And now all of that was threatened? But then again, a great deal of what made her feel safe here wasn't just that there were no people around. It was Berek himself. As long as he was okay... Wait--which also implied as long as they were together... She frowned. Was she relying on him that much already?

He came back in and hushed the dog but Ferona was wide awake now. She met him in the other room, a little hesitantly, and leaned on the door frame. When he looked up at her, her expression said she already knew.

"Berek... What will you do?" she asked.

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