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Name: Cricket Deloraine
Age: 18
Gender: female
Height: 5"5
Weight: a little on the skinny side.
Appearance details: usually, she wears dark gray as its hard to see her in it.
Ability(You can develop more than one as the character develops to a max of 2. Start off with 1.): she can manipulate shadows like they're a solid object.
Other: she was raised by her grandmother who passed away shortly before she was captured.
This seams cool. Room for one more?
Hi, I'm Wolfie and looking for a new RP partner. I'm a bit of a follower, so if you guys have any ideas I'd love to join in.

My basic idea is called Haven Ridge.

Welcome to HavenRidge. The self sustaining town of Haven Ridge is located somewhere in the Vermont. They have little cell phone reception and even less contact with the outside world. Most residents of HavenRidge are magical, but there are also a few aliens, and a robot.

These are some of my fav characters in town. I can provide more info about any of them but this a basic overview. Also, you can create your own characters for town.

Dennis Puggle: the head butcher. He is a half pig person.
Alyssa Puggle: his wife aka the main baker. Known for amazing snickerdoodles
Venetta Louse: a genie. She owns the grocery story as well as a bar.
Leonard “Life” White: town doctor. He literally glows due to divine energy flowing through his veins. Leonard is one of the people with the most influence in town.
Heart White: his wife, an angel. She runs an inn. Heart is most known for her kindness and people often take advantage of that. heart however wa trained as a warrior angel before she gave it up to settle down.
Beth White: the daughter of Life and Heart. Beth is one of people who befriend Ari very quickly. She is 15. She is a tough. However, Beth is severely learning disabled and this a weak point for her.
Professor Ian Rose: once he worked for the government and created a clone. Now he is a advanced science teacher for the smartest ids in town. He also keeps the town’s electricity running.
Tinker Rose: a robot created by Ian as a son. He is mentally and physically around the age of 10
Alice Rose: a clone that Ian created. She is an oddball and age 15.
Dr. Lisa Carr: Ian's fiancé. She helped create Alice and is currently a housewife.
Xerquad: an alien. Biologically, xerquad reproduces asexually. Xerquad works as an assistant for Ian. He acts very nonhuman and has the ability to secrete deadly toxin from his body but knows he needs the rest of town to stay alive.
Adam Daily: a teenage delinquent with the ability to make the ground shake to a certain degree. He cares deeply for his mother but is also a bully.
Tracy Daily: a nurse and single parent of Adam Daily. She is rival to Leonard White and enjoys making Leonard miserable. She used to bully him when they were in high school.
Xal: an androgynous 16 year old computer technician/inventor. No one is quite sure about Xal's past and they don't share much of it.
Thorne: a walking talking tree.
Police chief Bear: he is in charge of keeping everyone in order and one of the few allowed to carry a gun in the town. He is severely inept at his job and incredibly laid back.However he is very lucky and knows how to keep calm under pressure.
Jeanette Everwolf: an artist. The creative mother is known for having an outside the box parenting style. She currently works at the local diner, “Fantasma Cafe.”
Jack Everwolf: the observant. He doesn't talk much and because of this, people think he is dumb. In actuality he is quite shy. In fact, he has never talked. There is nothing wrong with him on any tests he's been given so people assume he's dumb. He has the ability to gives inanimate objects life. He is 6.
Puppet: a living puppet created by jack.
Henry: eight year old adoptive son of Jeanette. He can predict the future and saw the fire that burned down his last foster home ahead of time.
Bob Harleyson: a teacher who has the limited power to freeze people in time though it only lasts 5 minutes. He is currently going through a divorce due to disagreement with his wife on how to raise their homosexual daughter He is also 350 pounds, yet well shaven clean, and intelligent.
Elisa Harleyson: his daughter. She is homosexual age 21 currently lives in town and works at phantasma cafe. Has dreams of getting married one day.
Rowan Johnson: Soon to be ex wife of bob harleyson. She is a receptionist for the clinic.
Mayor Dour Bradley. An unaging teeanger who is known as one of the eternal children.
Quinton H Scott: a man who sold his soul to keep his son alive as he was going to die along with his mother. He also cares deeply for his son and would do anything to protect him. He is a lawyer by day. In fact he's the only lawyer in town and has a surprising amount of information he's not allowed to divulge.
Kira Scott: Quinton’s late wife. She due to a problem with giving birth. Quinton holds a grudge against Leonard for this.
Dex Scott: an eight year old child that is one of the most powerful sorcerers in town. He can summon fireballs the size of a large cat but due to his young age he does have what are often referred to as “baby moments.” Due to a town law by Mayor Bradley he cannot interfere in other’s business so he usually watches what is going on with a large bowl of popcorn. He bores easily.
Ladina: teenage miscreant from a poor african american family. Good friends with Adam Daily. Ladina has several little siblings from different fathers than her own. She does her best to help care for them but is often poor,
Louie: One of Ladina’s little brother’s. He is five. He has strong powers despite most of his family not having powers. Even his mom isn’t quite sure where those powers came from due to her sleeping with several with people at the time of his conception.
Sabrina: Ladina’s mother. Is currently jobless but getting back on her feet and recovering from drug addiction.
Dottie French: an older woman aged 76 that often works with special needs kids in town. She is also the head of ODD Academy which is the local public school.
Augustus French: a teenage boy who has healing ability and wants to learn to be a doctor. Is Leonard’s apprentice.

The Town Council (most influential people in town)
Mayor: Dour Bradley
Town Doctor: Life White
Town Lawyer: Quinton Scott
Chief of Police: Bear
In Charge of anything to do with technology: Ian Rose
Head of Teaching: Dottie
Hi, I'm Wolfie. I write OC's, as well as fantasy and medieval. I have a feeling we could get along.
Is it too late to apply?
I’m definitely interested
So, I know this is pretty dead, but I was thinking maybe we could have more OC, since we stll have two spots.
So, when do we start?
@Darshadow edited
That works ty!
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