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@User alright i'm accept him I guess.
@User i was hoping the characters would be students. So ages 12-17ish.
Name: Quinby Darkrein
Age: 13
Personality: Quinby is the shy artist girl you’d see doodling in her notebook, but when you try to talk to her she blushes and looks away.
Disability: social anxiety disorder.
Other: none
Taking place in a medievalesque fantasy world, the wizard school known as Faeton is one of the top schools in the country. This year’s class of students of new students are some of the brightest young minds and some of the not so brightest young minds. However, they have now accepted some rather unique students. These students have disabilities, but that makes them even more determined.
Jonah looked at Grant, "what do you say?"
“If we take the collar off, you’re going to try to kill us,”Jonah said.
"Not going to happen," Jonah told him.
Meanwhile in his solitary, Henry had managed to scream/cry himself into an uneasy sleep. Of course the burning visions of who knows when were still very present in dreams.
"Right, " Jonah said. He'd somehow forgotten about Mr. Markus.
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