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So, when do we start?
@Darshadow edited
That works ty!
Btw, I've been stuck on Noon's mother. Any ideas?@Darshadow
I haven't seen it a while. I really need to rewatch it truthfully.
@Darshadow that sounds like a great idea :D
"I'll have you know I nabbed several doubloons and a silver bracelet," Birdie replied.
She passed back the apple with a grin.

"Thanks, Captian." Birdie grinned catching the apple. "I was getting hungry."


Finally, Birdie decided to find her captain and noticed some of the other crew member around. She grinned, taking a swig from the bottle of ale she'd stolen. Then she moved swiftly and silently in an attempt to sneak up on their captain and scare him. After all it might be fun seeing his reaction.
As birdie wandered through the crowd, she pickpocketed anyone who looked rich. By hours work she’d amassed several coins and bottle of alcohol. She grinned taking a sip.
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