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I'm just a boy who wants to write out the many ideas he has in his head. That's all.

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@Dynamo Frokane Sent you a message, sir. C:
If I may... My best moments were on MySpace, Facebook, and SiteModel/Roleplayer.me/AniRoleplay.com I had some pretty good times there but my best-best was on MySpace before it went to shit and then my second best was Facebook before that also went to shit.
I know right? Aniroleplay and Roleplayer.me were once great but everyone is either a whore smut obsessed little bitch or a snobby prick with their cliques. Forgive my language for I am a bit... vulgar.
Thank you both so very much for the warm welcome and lovely greetings. <3
Hey, everyone, it's nice to be here and I would like to start off and say I come from a place that was once a great site to be on but it become an absolute shit-hole so I decided to come here and get my writing fix from the lovely people who are willing to write if they want. Probably might make some new friends. Anyways, I hope to get well acquainted with you all soon.
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