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4 mos ago
Current Somehow still surviving this airline crisis. My writing has taken a back burner because of it though. I’m so sorry.
5 mos ago
Working for a major airline has never been more fun. If people can stop stealing the hand sanitizers from our planes, that would be great.
6 mos ago
Hi I'm Xephyra, and if ya'll can pray for me, nothing is wrong, it's just I live where it's 50s and spring one day, then 20s and snow the next.
10 mos ago
Isn't it weird for most people that you have a hand that knows how to do everything and the other just sits there like "How do I hold a pencil?"
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I am just over 25 years old, with a family, a job in aviation, and little time on my hands. I really enjoy Harry Potter, and writing has been a part of my life since I was a young teenager at least.

While I can’t always be on every day (my child is under 1 and she adores my attention when I’m not working, sorry not sorry) I can be on a few times a week and I can respond multiple times when I am available. I do not mind PMs, and have discord but have never roleplayed over discord so if that’s your fancy, please teach me how to do so correctly and I’ll give that a proper go. :)

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I didn’t think it was ever started. I was interested and then nada.
@Sadi I’m totally fine with that or waiting for any others, I can see this good with the small group or just 1v1 with multiple characters lol
It is?! I’ll be honest, I’m still definitely interested (I’m also mad I already finished Lore A Olympus and now have to wait three days for the next chapter :( )

If it’s any help, I am pretty good at writing multiple characters c:
It's been forever since I read any mythology but this sounds like it would be a fun idea. I'd be down to try as Aphrodite or Persephone; but first I'm going to spend some of my upcoming time off reading Lore A Olympus and Hadestown so I'd feel more caught up. Let me know if anything changes or whatnot :)

EDIT: the Lore A Olympus is a webtoon, aawww yeeeeea that makes it even better!!
I never stepped a foot on a plane until I started working in aviation.

I'm so damn tired I just realized I posted this in the character section first. I'm so sorry lol

Interested :)
Is there a word limit to these? I've never done one before..
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