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@Duthguy I don't care about the sexuality of your characters because by now I am hoping more women are riding fighting dragons but when mating happens sexuality normally goes out the window
in the hide you click the little landscape in the quick edits above... [img*]link to the image goes here[/img*] (it does not have the * in it)
Name:C'ayn (Conayn)
Age: 27
Physical Appearance:

Name: Wicath
Color: Blue
Physical Description:

Name: M'lore (Maulore)
Age: 33
Profession: Dragonrider/Woodcrafter
Physical Appearance:

Rider: M'lore
Color: Bronze
Physical Description:

You can pop them straight into the character tab and make any edits as needed
thank you so much
Can I please have the following post deleted?
@Omni5876@Lunamaria Hawke@Duthguy@Maria 127@Reia

okay I finally got the plot up, and there are some updates that need to go into it, I started supplying some world info as well. I need to know what weyr everyone would like to be the center of this Omni5876 has already suggested one as the Thread's End Weyr and Hold. I would like to keep it in the southern continent. A good map to look at is HERE. There is also a list of Weyrs located HERE. The OOC and Character info is up it can be found HERE.

I am also looking for a Co-GM
Characters in Play

Dragon Riders & Dragons

Weyr Persons

Holds Persons

Craft Persons


At this time there is no limit to how many characters you can make as long as they are relative to the story. Please use the general outline below when applying with your character.

Some good resources to use to name your rider can be found HERE and for your dragon you can find a generator HERE (this gives you rider and dragon color). If you want to name your own remember all dragon names end in -th. As for riders remember their names are contracted. I believe modern names would have appeared since the finding of AIVAS but feel others would keep the tradition of combining family names. You don't have to write a novel for the characters in any manner. Just give us just enough information that we have an idea of your character. If you play a rider please play the dragon as well. Feel free to update as needed. Any questions feel free to ask.


For Riders and Other people
[b]Physical Appearance:[/b]

image here

For Dragons
[b]Physical Description:[/b]

can remove if you don't have one
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