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So I have just started Memory sorrow and thorn, namely the first book: The Dragonbone Chair. So far it is on the slow side though I don't mind that. Tad Williams is more concerned with laying out a foundation, building the world, having the reader get accustomed to the characters. This is a harbinger of great things to come, at least in my reading experience.

My only qualms is that the main character is a real dunce. Hopefully the character progression will start soon and things will pick up.
@ArenaSnow Could be worse. I have seen things in the 1x1 section. Things I can't unsee no matter what. I don't care if that's what they want to RP. By all means, go ahead if that's what you want, but I always wonder what went through their mind to think of such a plot or an idea.

-Chuckles- The human mind is a strange and scary place when it needs to be. I have had a few scarring 1v1 reads myself.

Also here is another situation I would like to vent. I don't face it with my current roster of RPers (I love em) but once I had an applicant who entered my rp when it was already about 2 years and going strong (pre guild fall). And this dude just randomly one day decides to change about three critical plot lores just because he found the idea boring. And there I am thinking, "Did you just change the back lore that was set up since day one..... Cause you found it boring?"
I have never been one to write unnecessarily long and I won't start now. And so keeping it brief and to the point, I simply love these three who have been a part of my RP family for over an year. In fact if not for them I would have quite possibly abandoned my RP and most likely would have stopped RPing.



@Ryver et Rhine

All three of you have made RPG a memorable place and Chrono Asylum a memorable RP and I know for a fact as long as I have you guys with me, we will finish CA one day. You guys are the best. =p
Anyone read the "Chronicles of the Unhewn Throne"? It's some really nice work by Brian Stavely. The first two books were among the finest books I have read in regards to modern epic fantasies. The third book however was somewhat lack luster.
While not really bitching though I do suppose it is difficult recruiting new players in a generally old RP, that and finding consistent rpers. Any RP that is say more than 8 months or so old, well there are bound to be times where activity dips. In those times some RPers tend to take flight and that does affect the over-all pacing.
Boy does it make me glad that people are talking and discussing Wheel of time here, especially since that series got me back into reading and into "epic fantasies" so it holds a special place in my heart. My judgement about that series may be biased but then again these are recommendations based on opinions.

While yes the Wheel of time has the standard tropes, "great looming evil", "destined savior" etc, it also has heart. I mean if you pick this series and go with it till the end, it is not just a read it is a journey, an experience. You see the magnificent world, the cultures, the endless abundance of characters and especially the progression. How these three boys, whisked away from a small village, grow to be the 'Ta'veren' that they are and how they shape the world around them. Another something that I really liked was the each book was known for a special event that would change everything, a single event that is extremely important and would have consequences reflected in the next book. Throughout the book Robert Jordan shows us that fate has a grand plot, "the wheel weaves what the wheel weaves" and if you read carefully you can actually see how it is all woven. Each event propelling you forward towards the inevitable goal.

Now aside from the wonderful Wheel of time series and it's bad ass titular character 'The Dragon Reborn - Rand al Thor - I also really enjoyed 'The Prince of Thorns'. Mark Lawrence knows how to create a gritty world and he really gets the reader into the mind of Jorg. I would not suggest this book to those that don't like gory and or dark and morbid themes. It is a story of vengeance and of a 'prince' who will go to any lengths to achieve that vengeance, he will quite literally watch the world burn and stomp right over to grasp at his ambitions. This is not a story of a hero but of a villain and his rise to power.

EDIT: Oh and here are some of the book series that I have on my 'to read list', listed in priority.

The Book of the Ancestor - Mark Lawrence

Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn - Tad Williams

The KingKiller Chronicle - Patrick Rothfuss

Stormlight archive - Brandon Sanderson
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A Devil's Innocence~

"I knew this mission was gonna go to shit. It always does when we start on that fucking ship and you two are involved."

Angel had just about to part his lips to protest only for his words to fall short from the surmounting chaos, the Banshees had destroyed more than half the opposition through their over-drive, a terrifying spectacle that one. Angel had always pondered over the sheer scaling in power just via merging two alchemic drives, such was the genius of the Asylum link.

"I believe our cohorts actually believe we 'murdered' the management," Angel spoke with a rueful shake of his head.

"The path we tread is littered in the blood of our foes and allies alike," Rin replied, her callous tone bearing not a hint of guilt for the unfortunate that are trampled underneath the misfortune that hounds Ante Mortem.

"Quite poetic," the Lost Number crowed with a smirk has his spectacles gaze scrutinized the, once sacred and now bloodied, grounds of Ouros.

"Who are you!" A voice cried out from the death and decay, the aftermath of the overdrive.

"Ah yes, we haven't dropped this charade!" Angel clasped his hand in mock surprise. "My lovely little partner is the Chrono Asylum known as Reri and I am -"

"Crow..." The man spat vehemently, disgust is his tone. "The very existence of you two is profanity, I will watch you burn for this!" The executioner bellowed as he limped closer. Upon a closer look, the alchemist's was a tattered mess, his arm a mess of sliced flesh and bone and his leg attached by just the tendons. "Even if it means to sully myself in the forbidden!" As soon as the fool of a man screamed his final words, Angel didn't need to see the unnatural glow to realize the executioner had turned his very body into a bomb.

"You are dabbling in the archaic you fool, you do not even understand the magnitude of your folly." Even while saying those word the Reaper knew the executioner was no more and the shell that was his body had already gone critical.

'Sacrificial alchemy' he thought with his lips awry, as if tasting the foulness of it all.

"There is no containing this without incurring casualties."

Even the thoughts of Rin came across as cold and stoic, but they bore the truth. With each passing time that shell of a body was continuing to draw in alchemic energy. Every alchemist has a defense mechanism that prevent them from over drawing from the source, continue and a 'backlash' occurs. There is only so much a human body can hold and if you ignore your limitations your body starts to tear apart. "Eventually you die from that backlash and that deactivates your Alchemic Drive." As far as Alchemic theory went, what Angel had thought was the agreed norm but there were, far obscured, counter arguments. Like say one sacrifices their very life to fuel their alchemic drive into overload, no conscious control means the backlash is useless and the energy keeps consolidating until..."

"BOOM!" The Chrono exclaimed, her hands gesturing the blast as if to emphasize it all the more. Even in this predicament, just like how her partner maintained his casual demeanor, Rena had her usual joviality at it's prime.

"Quite accurate little one. We leaving the Asylums as distraction and teleporting to a safe distance where we can watch Ourosboros be destroyed gloriously....." Even as the Reaper voiced his judgement he quickly appeared to raise his hands at his partner's pouty stare.

"You know we need to get the suspect!" Rena chirped as she chastised her partner, the glowing human bomb forgotten in the background. "People in A.M.R.O don't like you big brother...and they want an excuse to hurt you....and I....I don't want you to're getting weaker..and.." Before the teary eyed Chrono could complete her sentence Angel had already dropped to his knees and embraced the child.

"Come now little one, there will be no fighting. There will be no running, we will find the girl, stop the Bloodlines from going to war and clear this Ourosboros mess. Now what say we do something about him huh?" Even though Rena had her face buried in Angel's chest, her quiet sobs eventually seized and with a smile the Chrono gave a nod and uttered a single word.


With that the floor under the executioner appeared to give way, and the one under that, and the next one. Very few knew exactly how many levels did Ouros have and so Angel stopped the count after what should have been the sixty fifth floor.

"Excellent thinking as ever, this should give us some modicum of relief, perhaps enough to escape," Rena appeared to beam at the compliment and at her partner's hand that nestled atop her head. "I need you to help Cade, we need to find Anya and leave immediately." The Chrono merely nodded once more and vanished in a gust of superhuman speed.

"Oh yes." Angel clasped his gloved hands once more upon realizing he had completely forgotten about the Asylums. Apparently the Banshees and gained enough strength to stand and SenDep had cleared the remaining rabble of opposition.

"I would have offered to help but I see you all managed to kill everyone, oh woe what to do with all this time. And by that I mean the few minutes we have left before we all die excruciatingly," As if responding to the Reaper's sarcastic taunts, something appeared to crash through one of the walls, something big.

The Reaper couldn't help but tilt his head up to look at the monstrosity in front of them, an action he assumed that was mimicked by the others as well. What stood in front of the five (Lawrence, Olivia, Maeve, Kiara and Angel) was a behemoth. It stood at roughly fifteen feet, a terrifying bulk of writhing muscles covered with scales. Twelve inch claws appeared to protrude from its twisted webbed fingers and a massive tail whipped around the floor, upon a closer look you could see several jagged and sharp scales embedded in that tail. Though perhaps the most vile and or inhuman feature was the creature's face, while its eyes were human everything else was not. The abomination had a long snout akin to a crocodile which when opened revealed the cluster of predatory teeth.

In but a few heartbeats the creature's eyes appeared to meet with the Asylums and in the next few minutes chaos would start once more but before that Angel managed to raise a finger to silence the others.

"If anyone blames me for that," Angel pointed to the abomination in front of him as if to emphasize. "I will kill you before another Chrono does or before the bomb does or before the collapse of the building does or before a 'Chimera' does..." It didn't take long after that for the creature to lunge.

Though right before the Chimera managed to land it's pounce, right before the five managed a last moment evasion, Angel's eyes finally observed exactly what Maeve was wearing and even the Chimera's scream couldn't overshadow Angel's echoing laughter.
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