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Rena regarded Lawrence with a tilt of her head, her twin tails swaying as she slowly nodded to the Asylums' explanation of 'Seduction', her eyes slowly narrowing at Lawrence so as to visually display her disappointment at such a bland explanation. Though such trivialities were hardly enough to curb the Chrono's spirits and soon enough she found better sources of amusement, namely the subtle changes appearing on her partner's face. Despite having a flair for the dramatics, Rena knew that Angel rarely if ever gave visual ques of distress or at least that is what it would appear to any bystander. After spending most of your life with a person, you tend to develop an eye for subtlety that and the fact Reri knew she was a genius prodigy.

While the Asylums walked towards their assigned class, Rena kept her pace aligned with her partner, worry creasing her brow. She instantly noticed a slight slump in her brother's posture, then the fact he randomly seemed to tilt his head and flex his fingers. As far back as Rena could think she knew one constant in her life and that had been Angel. She remembered very little of her family but that never really bothered her, Angel had raised her and she knew how much the man had sacrificed. There was a time Rena remembered her brother as a mountain, unrelenting and invincible but she was not so naive as to continue believing that. She had known the truth for some time and perhaps Rin had known it even longer.

"You should have left immediately, instead of thinking about your body's frailty you attempted to shield us from the alchemic poison.....fool Rin thought, her personality ushered awake from Rena's dishevelment.

Angel suddenly appeared to shift his gaze towards the Chrono, a smile greeting Rin. "I see you are awake," he spoke with his usual candor, the palm of his hand gently brushing the child's head. Rin merely locked her mismatched eyes to her partner and nodded.

Ever so smart Angel mused, surprised he could even hear his own thoughts in the bombardment of noise. Thousands of thoughts flooded his mind from thousand different people, non discernible....just chaos....noise....pollution. This was one of the reasons Angel despised reading minds, people may appear composed and in control but if you opened them up you would realize what a mess they were. It took someone with immense skill to filter a human mind and extract the things of importance and Angel over qualified. But if the ability to filter was disrupted then one would become a receiver, all the chaos flooding into you at once.

It will never lasts for long, Angel muttered softly, thinking to himself, convincing himself and then just as suddenly as the voices began they ended, a blissful mental silence following. Now if only I was on solid ground, Angel muttered once more, grimacing at the thought of a piece of metal floating. The Reaper slowly shook his head in weary resignation, the edge of his vision catching a glimpse of a miracle. Rin smiling, but it flashed away so quick even Angel wondered if it was a hallucination from the alchemic poisoning.

"We have arrived," Rin spoke, her voice mechanical and cold, not a hint of emotion or life in it. Her discolored eyes scanning the group of Asylums, almost looking past them for such was their worth in terms of her interest, non existent.

"Let the lessons begin!" With that Angel stomped the door open and walked in, his gaze falling on the class of nearly thirty students, each regarding him wearily and his partner, even more so. Most likely someone had already told the students that Ante Mortem would be one of their teachers and from their expressions it was also easily discernible they were no strangers to the rumors surrounding Ante Mortem.

"I am assuming all of you have already been briefed over your situation. You are all receiving new teachers for the next month and we will be over seeing your entire course. I suppose I don't need to introduce my partner and me, we are legends after all. Instead here is one of my favorite rumors about Ante Mortem. The secret behind our strength is that we feast on other alchemists and then bathe in their blood."

The awkward silence continued until one brave student slowly rose from his seat to face the Ante Mortem, a team of a thousand rumors.

"What about the Pyramid of Giza?" The boy asked, a hint of interest glinting in his eyes.

"How do you kno-" Before Angel could complete, other questions suddenly surfaced and then chaos.

"What about when you broke the torch from the statue of Liberty?"

"What about when she slapped the Queen of England?"

"What about when you stole Elton John's glasses?"

"What about when she shattered the statue of Jesus in Rio de Janeiro?"

"What about the elephant uprising?"

"What about the top of Mount Everest missing?"

By now Angel's face had become comically blank, a bead of sweat rolling down his temple. How did they find out about all these thing? The rumors were bad enough, now this...."

"We shall discuss this after your lessons, today we will be learning about seduction and who better to teach you than Olivia and Cade, the real experts in this field. They say Cade is such a master of the art that husbands are forced to lock their wives. And Olivia? She is so renowned in her techniques of seduction that even the gay community fears her. They guard their secrets closely but if you prod them enough I am sure they will reveal it to you!" With those lies Angel successfully managed to divert the attention of the students towards new victims and then he observed the group of thirty students swarming Olivia and Cade.

"Ah I missed messing with them...."

Post is up!!!
Before Angel could even address Lawrence's astute question regarding their unnecessarily long period in the tanks it seemed he would have to face a most irksome adversary, 'the pissed off viking banshee bitch' as some secretly called the Asylum who was prone to breaking things and limbs. The Silver Reaper however simply settled for 'The Annoying One'.

"No, actually. No ice cream. Lets start with answers, instead. Like, why the fuck did you murder the Ourosboros management? Why the fuck was that Chimera going for specifically you? And what the fuck is the plan for making sure we don't get put at the top of everyone's 'too murder' list?"

The weary Lost Number slowly tilted his face towards the heavens as he remained seated while nurturing his pounding head, yet no absolution came, clearly when he thought this day couldn't get worse some entity out there decided, 'hmm why not'. This was not the first time Angel contemplated why was he the source of the 'Annoying One's' ire? True enough, usually he was the reason behind almost having the two Celtic ladies killed in a horrible fashion, but such things never came to pass.

"I didn't kill the management," Angel replied in weary resignation, knowing if he wouldn't explain the 'Annoying One' would simply continue nagging him. "What would I gain from it? I have enough hounds chasing me, adding others to that list is not wise now is it? Especially when it includes Ourosboros, A.M.R.O and all the Crests." As he spoke, the Lost Number made sure to fix his gaze upon the Celtic Asylum, his tinted spectacles shimmering an eerie silver.

"There was more than one party at Ourosboros. There was us, the Asylums tasked with locating Anya." As soon as Angel finished his sentence his index finger gestured the number one.

"Then there were those that were tasked with disposing the evidence, which was Anya." With that his middle finger joined his index to gesture the number two.

"And finally there was the person who somehow knew we would be in Ourosboros and devised the means to capitalize on the chaos and have me blamed for the deaths of the management, you all were bystander caught amidst a vendetta someone has against me." Once Angel finished, his gaze had shifted to the three fingers raised before him. "Now while it is unfortunate that eventually you maybe hunted to oblivion, such is not the case...presently. Live today and...maybe die tomorrow."

"Big Brother you forgot to answer the question why the Big Rhino thing was focusing on you? Did you do something bad?" Rena, realizing her moment to shine suddenly entered the fray, jumping between Maeve and Angel, twirling between them.

"I didn't forget little one," Angel replied while gently patting the Little Chrono, the kind smile on his face slowly warping to something more sinister as his gaze switched from his partner to the lot of Asylums in front of him. "And yes we did spend a considerable time in the tank." By this point Angel decided it would be most prudent to pretend Maeve was just a part of the wall or furniture and ignore her.

"Shouldn't have stayed that long in the blast radius you bunch a sillies!" Rena suddenly chirped while raising an admonishing finger towards Angel and his cohorts. Her expression a mimicry of Maeve's 'angry face' however Rena could only manage a comically adorable version of it.

"I agree it was not the most wisest of actions to delay our exit, but luckily the Alchemic Poisoning was not as serious as I thought it would be, I apologize for making you worry none the less." Angel's tone had taken a more sober touch despite the slight twitch of his lips that betrayed his submissive act, but then again the Lost Number always enjoyed spoiling the princess.

Rena on the other hand beamed with satisfaction as she continued to 'huff' and place her fists to her hips followed by a nod signifying her scolding would be enough to teach the rowdy bunch of Asylums a lesson.

"We may still experience the affects of Alchemic poisoning, you know the usual. Claustrophobia, Hallucinations, migraines, link disturbances. Oh and since none of us have used Alchemy at all for over a month, you may all also experience extreme Alchemic withdrawal. So you know, the usual. Claustrophobia, hallucinations, migraines and alchemy surges. Now if you all don't mind, I am taking my partner to get some ice-cr.."

"Oh good you all are up!" A stranger's voice casually interrupted the Silver Reaper as a rather tall fellow slowly made his way towards the crowd of re-awakening Asylums. From his stride and general body language it was quite obvious the man considered himself important and the way the others showed him respect also quite possibly signified the man has rank, perhaps a Lost Number. His appearance was all quite standard, traditional A.M.R.O attire, all aside from one oddity.

"What a weirdo..." Rena whispered while standing next to her partner, her eyes staring at the large twelve foot metal ladder strapped to the man's back.

"Yeah.." Angel nods in agreement while strapping his metal coffin onto his back. "Who would use a ladder as a weapon?"

"All of you are officially inducted as A.M.R.O instructors for the next month, your classes start," in that brief pause the man raised his arm to glimpse at his watch. "Now."

As if on que a deafening ring echoed across Innocence signifying the next round of classes.

"The art of seduction," with those final words the Ladder carrying fellow withdrew leaving the Silver Reaper just staring at his back in a strange silence.

"Seduction?" Rena finally broke the awkward silence, confusion showing on her face.

"A ladder?" Angel replied, equally confused.

True enough, A.M.R.O was made to be the necessary evil. Though I suppose the evil aspect as escalated a tad bit. :p
Just saw your post Konan, Lawrence is pretty astute ain't he? xD

Dear Reader,

What I am about to tell you, is classified. It may or may not reach you, but the world needs to know the truth, you need to know the truth.

What if I told you there is more to the world than what an ordinary bystander can perceive?

What if I told you there are forces in this world kept at bay so you may enjoy your tranquil life of ignorance and bliss?

What if there is an organization that has overseen humanity for centuries, rewriting truth, reshaping history and institutionalizing you to revere logic and reasoning all so as to dull your senses?

Surely you would think me insane, but let me tell you something. In a world of madness, sanity is for the foolish.

I am sure you are wondering, who am I? I am one of the soldiers of this organization, trained to maintain order in a world tainted with madness. All those tales of magic and sorcery, well in my world those aren't stories you tell children and in my world we call it Alchemy. It is a force which enables us to bring change and break the chains of limitation but at a price. There is always a price for such things.

Alchemy is like a drug, the more you use it the more you crave it. It is an addiction that slowly strips you of your humanity and I mean that quite literally. Within my organization we have a name for it, we call it insannadiction. The use of alchemy comes at the price of your soul, of your sanity and those that abuse this curse slowly find themselves to be but a husk of their former selves fueled by base and carnal desires of destruction. The world almost fell to these vile monstrosities, that is until the Alchemy Management and Restraint Organization (A.M.R.O) surfaced to combat the malice of Alchemy. Their rational for this war was quite simple, 'to fight monsters we shall use monsters'. I am an Alchemist sworn to battle madness, to stop insanity, within my organization we are called by a different name, we are known as Asylums and we are everywhere.

I cannot give you the entire history but I can tell you of the events that have led to this point, they are in within the attachment below. I have also managed to hack my organization's data base so you maybe able to read up on additional information. I shall paste the link below the attachment.



Link to A.M.R.O's database: Confidential: Password required

Those that have taken an interest in this matter, feel free to contact me.
Oh nice ones, interrogation and torture techniques most certainly!!!
Progress is better than no progress :p i'll take it!

Also anyone want to take part in designing the curriculum for would be Asylums.

Theory wise we have

* Alchemic theory

* fight strategy theory

* World history/economy/politics/geography

* the art of seduction and speech and infiltration

* Covert strategies

* Weapon theory

* survival theory

* self medication and herbal theory

* deception and manipulation techniques

Am I missing any other theories that the greatest soldier/agent in the world would want to know?

What is the progress on the post my pretties =p
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