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2 yrs ago
Current High Heeled Boots. Wait... was that a trap?
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2 yrs ago
*Shaves* FREEDOM!
2 yrs ago
I AM ALIVE! I changed three outlets in my place. On the last one, I did something stupid and blew a fuse. My wire cutters now have a scorched mark on them. But my computer stays on and I AM ALIVE!
2 yrs ago
I'm fine. Thanks. How are you?
2 yrs ago
Oh my..look at the time. I better get going now.
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Hi Jared!

Sounds like fun. Who doesn't love camping?
@ladyanglaise Okay, silly question time: Can we portray descendants to the King? lol

Expected Fat Albert, didn't get Fat Albert.

I'm sorry. Here you go...


I'm new here. I've done lots of roleplaying, just not here.

I like the traditional D&D/Pathfinder settings, sci-fi. Even some slice of life stuff. I guess I'm saying I'm open to almost anything...

Any how, hope to see you in the games.
@Leo Khan are you in the SCA? The time frame looks familiar.
Thanks. I've just read them.

If you like that area and time frame, you might a series of books called "The Last Kingdom" by Cornwell. It's England in 9th and 10th century as they fight off The Viking raiders and settlers. It's a good series. It's 10 or 11 books long.

I'm looking forward to joining the game.
Are you still looking for players? I would love to join in too.
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