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The Backstory

1943. A young woman, no more than 19 - recently widowed. Her husband was killed overseas in the war, though his body was left where his life ended, in pieces. She was given nothing more than a posthumous medal and a few of her late husband's belongings they were able to salvage from his remains. He'd been a hero in their small Georgia town even before he was drafted - an athlete, an honor student, good looking. Someone who was going to bring pride back to the area when he returned home.

While the two weren't high school sweethearts for the entire four years, they certainly made up for it throughout their senior year, as they were nearly inseparable. She was just as perfect, which either tended to make people exceedingly happy for the couple, or maybe a little jealous. Either way, on paper, they were a perfect match. Their families were both wealthy, and he made a promise to take care of her financially, so long as she gave him the big family he always wanted. Maybe not the most romantic agreement in the world, but it was what they'd settled on, and decided to get married just as the war overseas began. When the U.S. got involved, he was drafted.

But, even perfect people weren't immune to gunshots.

The Other Backstory...

The reason the "perfect couple" didn't spend their entire high school career together? Him. The complete opposite of the man she ended up with. He was dark. Dangerous. Troubled. From 'the wrong side of the tracks.' At least, those were all of the cliche labels he'd heard from a young age. He grew up motherless, with a tyrant of a father. Worked alongside the old man, though, as a handyman to bring in extra money.

But, the two had been friends. He would be lying if he said he never wanted her to be something more, and she'd be just as dishonest if she never said the same, but neither of them ever dared to speak such things out loud. For all she knew, her family would've disowned her. And, he knew she deserved better.

So, he resigned himself to the fact that she had been one of the few people in his life that saw past the stereotypes he'd been slapped with. They'd share conversations about their families, their futures, their hopes and dreams from building big houses to playing with dogs. If she was being honest, she shared more about herself with him than she ever had with her future husband.

But, it was never meant to be...

The Present

It didn't really matter what people thought of him in their small southern town. They accepted imperfect people in the draft, too. He was a pilot. And, ended up being a damn fine one at that. That didn't mean he didn't see his fair share of combat. Visions that would haunt him for the rest of his life. It was during one of those combats that he ended up getting his ticket home - a shot to the arm. While he was still very much willing and able to do his duties, the military rendered him useless when he only had one good arm and would take weeks to heal.

The sticky Georgia heat was never welcoming, and neither were the people in the town he'd grown up in. Now that he'd returned home, but Mr. Perfect hadn't, would things be even worse?

She ended up getting a job at the local diner. While she still had the financial support of her family and her late husband's small fortune to tide her over, she needed to keep herself busy. It wasn't lost on her, though, the stares that people would give her as she poured their coffee. The whispers they would make about how sad the situation was. They didn't know the half of it, really.

So, what happens when he walks through the door one morning? What happens when he sits down, she goes to pour him a cup, and the two friends reconnect for the first time?

What I'm looking for

Alright kids, I've been swirling this story around in my head for a long time, so I'm really looking for the right person to play it out with.

I have a few different ideas and directions in my head, but the most important is that the two rekindle their friendship, much to the disapproval of most people in town - including her family. I was thinking that maybe she needs some things done around her house that she can't do on her own, and since he's a handyman by 'trade,' he offers to help her out. Maybe she's got an old farmhouse she and her husband were supposed to fix up, and it's out in the country - but of course, people talk. Other themes could include things like PTSD (Before anyone wanted to recognize what it is), resentment, guilt, a 'forbidden' sort of romance. I can see both of them struggling a lot with their true feelings. Anyway, I have plenty of plot twists and ideas for it, but it's more fun to work out with the right partner, so I'm hoping that's where you come in!

You can check out some of my other posts for general rules and whatnot. But, I'll lay down some basics:

  • Be over 18. Actually, be over 21. Thanks.
  • If you're going to say you're literate, be literate. Thanks.
  • Post frequency doesn't really matter to me, as long as it's once a week or so to keep the story moving.
  • Please be okay with mature themes. Life is messy, and since this particular story is based on reality, it's going to be messy, too.
  • Be comfortable playing secondary characters. Life also doesn't revolve around two people, and I have a feeling there will be several minor characters in this story who have important roles.
  • Looking for someone to play the female character here, if that wasn't clear. But, again, please be open to playing secondary characters of any gender.

If you're still interested after all that, feel free to shoot me a PM! If you respond here, I likely won't see it. And, because of its mature setting, this is going to take place over PMs anyway, so let's kick things off on the right foot, eh? Like I said, I'm really looking for the right person for this, so if you have a writing sample, that'd actually be kind of awesome.

The Layover

Finding myself with a bit more free time on my hands over the next few weeks, and I'd like to fill some of it up with writing. With that being said, I'm tossing out an idea that is half-based on my own craving and half-based on another idea I saw somewhere else. Stealing someone else's plot idea is the greatest form of flattery...or something.

Anyway, the basis of this story is quite simple, which gets me excited for all the various possibilities that could come with it. Think of it as a bit of a "meet-cute." The beginning of a movie, where we get to decide on the rest of the script. Our two characters will meet in an airport, both waiting around for the same flight that just got delayed - again. They'll strike up some general conversation, talk for a few hours, hit it off.

Then, lo and behold - when they finally do get on the plane, their seats are next to each other.

But, they're going to very different places. For one of them, the flight is a connection. They'll be getting on another plane once they get off this one. For the other person, it's a flight home. So, what happens when the plane lands? Do they say goodbye and have a nice life? Do they exchange numbers? Do they forever just remember the man/woman who made their flight a little more bearable?

So many possibilities here as to where the story goes and to who these people are. Why are they flying in the first place? Coming home from a family reunion? Traveling for work? Starting a new life somewhere? Maybe one of them is afraid of flying, or maybe one has so many frequent flyer miles under their belt they could probably pilot the plane themselves. So many ideas to explore, and I'd love for us to be able to do it together.

Also bumping this for grins.
Bumping this after an unintentional/unexpected hiatus. I'm sorry if I left anyone in the dark or didn't answer PMs! I promise I'm not typically a "ghosting" kind of guy and feel awful about it. Hopefully we can make some fresh starts!

"I Wish I Was"
I wish I was a flame dancing in a candle
Lighting up your living room high on the mantle
I could bring some romance without any scandal
And then when you were done you'd just put me out
I wish I was a tune you sang in your kitchen
Putting your groceries away and washing your dishes
I could float around your tongue and ease the tension
And then when you were done you'd just quiet down

But if I get too close
Will the magic fade?
Would I turn you off or away?
If I pull you in
Would I push you out
Of something here you care about?
I'm at a loss for what to do
I'm drawn to you

I wish I was a sweater wrapped around your hips
And when it got too cold into me you'd slip
And when the sun came back you would hang me up
And I would watch you while you undress

I'm not a song
I am not a sweater
I'm not a fire
I am something better
I'm a man in love writing you a letter
Will you take it
Will you keep it
Will you read it
Believe it
I love you
I'm sorry

I'm apparently back to my angsty teenage years of basing RPs off songs. But hey, let's give it a go.

Been listening to this song on repeat lately, and I think it'd make for a pretty cool story. I know I want it to be in a historical setting, but exactly when is up for grabs. Could be pre-Civil War Antebellum era, could be WWI-era...willing to work on this bit.

The big 'plot point' here is the classic trope of classism. A man who develops strong feelings for a woman he can't have, for a variety of reasons. I'm picturing a farmer's/plantation owner's daughter, and maybe some kind of hired farmhand or local handyman. Maybe she's already seeing someone or betrothed to someone, maybe their pedigrees are just too different, etc. There can be a lot of different ways to insert some drama into it, and that's what I'd like to brainstorm with you!

Feel free to send me a message if you're interested in working with this one out. You can check out my general interest check for more of my "rules," but the basics are:

- 18+ (Preferably 21+)
- High-casual/advanced (Novella-style posting - 3rd person)
- Can reply either through PMs or Google Docs
- Okay with adult themes (hence the 18+)
I didn't intend for that title to be a half-ass rhyme, but here we are.

Hello hello! Hoping to find a few solid partners for some cravings I've been having lately. You up for it? Sweet. Let's get to it.

First of all, the ground rules. I'm not going to get all heavy with this because honestly, they're just about the same as everyone else's. I'm 27 years old. With that being said, I'm only looking to work out stories with people who are 21+. I'm trusting you with that. Don't let me down.

I write in 3rd person only, otherwise I get creeped out, and my posts can typically range anywhere from 3-5 paragraphs if there's a lot of dialogue or we're looking for a more casual RP. If we agree on something more detailed, well...then expect more. But, also expect that it'll take a little longer for me to get a reply out.

I can't do sci-fi stuff, man, I just can't. Best I can give you is some light fantasy stuff, but we're going to need to work together on it. My niche is more realistic - whether that be modern or historical (I'm kind of a sucker for historical).

I'd prefer to either write through PMs here, or through Google Docs.

All pairings will be MxF. I'm always down to write secondary characters, and in fact my RPs usually have several of them. Life typically doesn't revolve around just two people, right?

I've had a few plots in mind but I'd really like to flesh something out with someone. To give you a better idea of what I'm looking for - like I said, I'm a sucker for historical. By that I don't necessarily mean Victorian Era (I think it's overdone - don't get offended). I really dig Civil War-era and WWII-era, so I'd love a partner who would help me with some ideas with that. I love dramatic power struggles /classism. Who doesn't love a good underdog story, right?

Slice of life stories are also good for me. I know a lot of people tend to stay away from them because they can get "boring," but I don't think that's the case with the right people involved and the right plot.

Anyway, if all of this sounds good to you and you have some ideas or you're willing to work some out, feel free to shoot me a message!
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