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"This is a place where your mind can escape
All the problems today and go far, far away"

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1. I'm generally online weekly. Sometimes life happens but I'll try my best to alert you before any prolonged absence.

2. I generally prefer playing female as my main but I usually play multiple npcs, male and female. I prefer MxF or FxF for any potentially romantic pairings.

3. I'm fine with violence, swearing and most other dark themes. However I don't write explicit sexual encounters. I'll allude to sex vaguely or fade to black.

4. I prefer to write in PMs.

And that's about it! I'm pretty flexible on anything else. So if any of that sounds acceptable, let's carry on!


Supernatural (modern or otherwise): vampires, witches, demons, oh my!
Fairy Tales: Beauty and the Beast, Alice in Wonderland, etc. (I love putting a twist on tales as old as time)
Feudal Japan (fantasy): demons, samurai, priestess. (anime/manga inspired)
Medieval Fantasy: dragons, elves, magic, etc. DnD type stuff.

Now these are just general interests, but I'm open to most fantasy plots/pairings so I'd love to hear your ideas.
I love brainstorming and collaborating together!

Send me a pm if you're interested!
Have a lovely day!
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