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Current I didn't even know Life is Strange had a prequel before Fabricant mentioned it. Going to have to pull some money out of somewhere.
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2 mos ago
@Fabricant, I think I understand what you're saying, but it still made no sense.
4 mos ago
Going to overdose myself on fantasy anime.
4 mos ago
Rest in peace Adam West.
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5 mos ago
Mahz is asking us what needs fixing most, but I have no idea. I leave that stuff to Buddha.


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:::Head to east instead
:::Stop at fruit.
:::Harvest fruit.
:::Eat fruit.
<Snipped quote by ZB1996>

One useful technique for voicing opinions is to first check them for objective/subjective wording. You've written "there are some positions which are so vile" which is an opinion dressed up as fact. What you're actually saying is:

'there are some positions I find so vile that I think it would be best if people didn't believe in them'

I don't suppose I have to say much more than that for you to hear how that sounds.

Yes, I think there are some positions which I think are so vile that people should not hold them. One of those positions might be that the holocaust would have been better if it had been more focused on some groups more than it was. I did not mean that such positions should be banned outright. I thought that there were some opinions which were nowadays naturally repellant to people, but it appears that I was wrong. Apparently it has not been decided yet whether the methodology of the Holocaust was a good or a bad thing.
@Dynamo Frokane
Andreyich. I didn't mean that there should be laws against saying such thing. I meant that there are some positions which are so vile that it would be best if people didn't believe in them.
<Snipped quote by ZB1996>

I never said he didn't have the right to say it, but people should really know better.
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::: Create Blue Mage
::: Go west
There are some opinions which shouldn't be said no matter what.
I will try to fix the errors.
Big post up. Hopefully there are not too many syntax errors.

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