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Nanowrimo time.
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I didn't even know Life is Strange had a prequel before Fabricant mentioned it. Going to have to pull some money out of somewhere.
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@Fabricant, I think I understand what you're saying, but it still made no sense.


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Lycaon stood outside the Grand Temple, awaiting the High King. Beside him stood Sir Glynda, who, with Sir Raeya’s death, now served as Lycaon’s most trusted advisor when it came to subtle matters. Sir Daeleth, Sir Sayer, and Tydeus all were busy with other tasks. Sir Oswyn had been left in charge of guarding the base. Lycaon had left him there per Oswyn’s own request; Lycaon could tell that what had happened earlier was bothering him. Lycaon wondered whether or not he had acted too rashly, or whether he had led his soul astray. Reactions to his cleansing of the heretics had not had the reception he had thought it would. In truth, he did not think that anyone would care. And now he had angered the King, and estranged himself from one of his most loyal and skilled lieutenants. He would have to be more careful in the future.

For the time being, however, he had other matters that concerned him. The King had come to meet them, and with a battalion of well-armed guards as well. It was certainly intimidating, considering the heated conversation they had when they had last met. Yet they were not alone when they met the King. Lycaon had come here with a hundred of the Knights of the Order, and he was hopeful that the King would not be so hysterical as to be offended that at such a royal and august meeting he had brought them along as symbols of the Church and the Order. Along with them were the Bishops, nearly two-hundred. They were here to witness the High King’s Speech, though that was not the only reason they were here. One among them would be the new High Priest or Grand Cleric. They had assembled here at the Grand Temple to choose the Church’s next leader, but had been interrupted by the riot. After the speech they would return to that task, for to them there could be nothing of greater importance. And as Duncan approach Lycaon, Sir Glynda, and all the knights and bishops bowed to the High King.

“It is an honor, High King,” Lycaon said.

"Ser Lycaon" Duncan said cordially "please rise" Duncan wasn't interested in continuing hostilities, right now he wanted Lycaon to think he was on his side. However he had no intention of giving Lycaon the satisfaction of apologizing either. He was certainly impressed by the vast host of knights clergymen that had gathered to meet him. However all Duncan could wonder was how many of them were already in Lycaon's pocket. "I trust you and your men have recovered from the riot"?

Lycaon rose to his feet. In fact the riot had not made a dent in Lycaon's forces. The recent battle was in fact what Lycaon's brigade was recovering from, and it would be some time before their numbers could be replenished.

"Yes, my King," Lycaon said. "My force emerged with few casualties. It is the great city of Nyhem that has truly suffered."

"That's good to hear" Duncan said as he walked past Lycaon into the temple "I trust preparations are ready? The people of Nyhem will soon gather outside to hear who is responsible for the chaos that took place over the last couple days. We must make sure that the people of Nyhem are united behind these hetertics".

"The announcement of it was made some time ago," Lycaon said. "And there can be no doubt the people shall wish to hear their King speak at such a momentous occasion."

"Very good" Duncan said as he turned to one of his guardsmen "make sure the plaza is secure, I don't want these heretics taking advantage of this gathering and start another riot" The guardsman bowed before making his way back down the temple steps to pass on his kings orders to the battalion waiting in the plaza bellow.


"-and with the help of the nobles knights of Elenor the vile heretic's have been purged from this city, once again securing the safety and security that the people of this city deserve" With this a thunder of applause and cheers erupted from the crowd gathered before him. Duncan was currently standing atop the temple steps so that the people bellow could clearly hear him. He had been speaking for what much have been nearing an hour but it seemed it was working. The masses of Nyhem had gathered before him and Duncan had given them exactly what they wanted; someone to blame. Turning the people against the heretics had worked out much better to his favour then he could have hoped. The very people who until recently had despised him were now cheering for him, now that they believed they both shared a common enemy. Duncan raised his hand and eventually the crowd was silenced,
"Amongst this chaos that has ravaged our dear city, there is one man who's heroics stood out amongst all others. Ser Lycaon" Duncan said as he turned to face him" Please step forward

So the time had come for him. Lycaon stepped forward, and bowed to Duncan, awaiting whatever honor he would bestow on to him, though he was sure that it would be of little importance.

Once Lycaon stepped forward Duncan turned to face the crowd once more "Ser Lycaon has proven his loyalty to the crown and to this city. He single handedly purged Nyhem of the heretic's and helped restore order. As such I grant him the title of inquisitor of the Concord. It is he who shall root out the seeds of this corruption and be the protector of Formaroth's faithful" Duncan raised his hands at this signalling the crowd to break into a applause.

"You have my undying thanks, my King," Lycaon said. "I shall faithfully execute the task you have set before me, and shall properly cleanse our Kingdom of the heretical menace that threatens it."

"For now we must remain vigilant and we must all be united in strength" Duncan finished as he gave his closing remarks to the crowd. They they gave out one last applause Duncan turned to face Lycaon "Do not disappoint me" He said under his breath. Though one could pass it off as a harmless jest, any fool could tell that it was a warning in disguise. With that he walked back into the temple to wait for the crowd to clear, he wanted to get back to the keep as soon as possible, word from his brother would soon arrive; hopefully announcing the annihilation of house Mandarass.

(collab with @TheDuncanMorgan)
@TheDuncanMorgan That's good with me. Yet I was also planning for some of the heretics to have one last ditch effort to try to get Duncan on their side. I could tell you more in a PM.
Like other people I'm not done with my novel. Not even close. I just got past the first part in the book. That being said, I feel like my group of characters have more personality and chemistry than any other group of characters I've previously concocted. I'm going to keep working on this, though I'll probably take a little break first.
@EchoicChamber Yeah, that's fine.
I made a mistake and forgot to add most of the collaboration between Duncan and me. I have since added it.


Riza put his glass down, and stepped forward. There was no reason for him to hesitate. Alcohol had a way of playing with the mind, of dulling it, but Riza did not feel dulled. Disassembling and assembling his pistol was no problem at all. It was something that he had done many times for years, and was something that was natural to him. It was something that did not require much thought from Riza. He disassembled his pistol, then quickly assembled it again as fast as his hands could move.
@LorelleQuips What did you mean by assembly times?
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