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Rest in peace Adam West.
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Mahz is asking us what needs fixing most, but I have no idea. I leave that stuff to Buddha.
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Negative mass. Crazy stuff.
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Relationships are a fickle thing, but I guess that's part of being human.
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A meta crossover RP consisting of characters from old RPs, except its actually the RP afterlife since all their home RPs died.

The knights of Elenor are made up of dedicated and well-trained knights, and so have the accordingly level of ability. I have not worked it out exactly, but I would say that there are about 500 of them in total, but only 300 of them will be present at the battle.
Been sick the last few days, which is why I haven't responded. I'm, predictably enough, ZB, #2467. I've never used discord before, so hopefully it is not a disaster.
I normally keep away from posting in this thread, as there is no easier way to make enemies. However, this post has irked me for a certain reason. I have tried to conceal my own political beliefs as much as I can, though obviously I could not do so fully.

I don't care what Ayn Rand thinks, but the "libertarian ideal" can support both of those ideas without the slightest problem or conflict of interest.

It is clear that to those who believe utterly in selfishness, a conflict of interest would occur between he and his boss, especially if his boss demands something of him. Further, he who is governed by self-interest has no reason to serve his boss for pay, if he can simply take it.

Can a women protect her body if somebody tries to rape them? Yes, it's in their self interest to protect their property. (their body.)

But she will probably fail. The placement of this example is curious, for if the attempted rapist is her boss then she will not follow this latter category.

Private property is yours and it is within your best interest to protect it. I don't even know why someone would be stupid enough to argue why private propriety is a bad thing. If you had no right to private property that would include your own body.

This seems true enough, but it seems to miss this point of most discussions of private property. It would seem that the greatest problem regarding private property is not that it exist but that the number of holders naturally becomes disproportionate. Far from the Locke’s vision of many small-scale landowners, what appears is an oligarchy in regards to wealth, where only a few gather up most of the wealth. And for most people, this does not result in any advantage for them.

Libertarian are not anarchists. The court system and government would still exist. I feel like people never seem to grasp this. Nor is self interest the main goal of libertarian. It's about non-intervention.

This seems true, but I would add that belief in private property and the emphasis on self-interest is an important distinguisher of libertarianism from anarchism.

You can do whatever you'd like unless it intervenes with others. That including "breaking those oh so arbitrary private rights, like breaking and entering." Get off with this 'arbitrary rules' nonsense, that's a crime and I oppose anyone who says otherwise or wants to live in a world where you can sue someone successfully for being hurt while breaking into someone's else house. Self interest could include killing someone because YOU personally feel like it and while that might align with anarchist ideology it does NOT go with libertarianism.

This is true. The Left enjoys creating a strawman of libertarians. They draw conclusions from what they think is the Libertarian ideology, and assume that these are the conclusions that libertarians draw. This stand especially for Rand.

Also obeying and respecting your boss is a stupid thing to disagree with. It's within your self interest to stay employed...where's the contradiction exactly? And it's in your bosses self interest, to keep those he finds easiest to work with and who is making him the most money. Once again, this picture thinks it's so clever (like alot of button memes do.) but it's the stupidest thing I've ever laid my eyes on. But the best part about that is if you don't want to follow the rules of any employer. In this system and one that libertarianism needs to work properly, you can be your OWN boss and become self employed.

This is true, but it must be noted that even under this restriction they will do what they can to fulfill the desires their self-interest desires. This means unionization, strikes, or, if the situation should so demand, revolution.

The alt right I'm almost convinced means absolutely nothing. But if it only has to do PC culture and the "SJW" culture believes. It sorts of boils down to, most of these trolls are immature and obnoxious twats. It's the internet. It's everywhere and it existed long before they existed it didn't have anything to do with politics. Trolls go after the ones that "get offended" the easiest. That's what I always hear, so why even be remotely surprised when it's almost impossible NOT to offend them.

But they're at least fighting against something they believe in. Free Speech. Even the lowest common denominators are at least smart/aware enough to know banning speech becomes the "slippery slope argument" perfectly realized. Most SJW's don't know what their fighting for. To paraphrase someone else, "You're not fighting for any rights, your fighting for the right to be a pussy and censor whatever opinion you don't like."

There is no real reason to believe that the prominent individuals of alt-Right or most of their followers are being disingenuous. They have political beliefs which are not merely shams to troll people. That is not to say that there have not been trolls and fake controversies. On the other end, political correctness is a real problem, though it has been exaggerated. It was ridiculous when Orlando Bloom was criticized for calling himself a pikey, and it was equally ridiculous when people complained that Blizzard made Tracer from Overwatch gay.

53 percent of white women voted for trump. Every race, gender and age group voted far more for the republican president than the past several republicans presidents. Blacks over twice the percentage over someone like Romney.

This is true. Yet while it certainly helps Trump from charges of racism, it does not really alleviate his opponents fear that his policies, whether real or simply stated during his presidential campaign, have deliberately targeted minorities.

Also Trump was and has been the only president that was for gay marriage (when not politically convenient) and had no quarrels with transgender community.

During the campaign Trump indeed said nothing against the transgender community, and openly disregarded North Carolina’s transgender bathroom law, though his Administration seems to have made peace with that law since. I do not know what you mean when you say that he was the only president that was for gay marriage when it was not politically convenient. I presume you mean his speech at the convention in regards to Orlando nightclub shooting, but almost all Republicans were equally supportive, regardless of their opinion on same-sex marriage. But Trump has never been a supporter of gay marriage, and has only decided to leave the law alone, which is not really a move of courage.

Frankly, I have no idea WHAT Trump's political stances are. He certainly isn't Conservative in the slightest. (at least by american standards.) But calling it the death of libertarians when he's been far less authoritarian than many other presidents of his caliber, seems a little erroneous.

It doesn’t seem appropriate to not call Trump a conservative. Though he has some differences from most Republicans, such as support for large increases in infrastructure spending and a less interventionist approach in foreign policy, he does not differ much from most Republicans.

Mixed race relationships have been on a steady high rise. Highly unlikely if white supremacist ideals we're actually somehow rising in popularity. Among many other things that make this claim completely bogus.

These two theses can be true without there being any contradiction, for among some people mixed-race relationships may be rising while among others white supremacy may be rising.

Also a significant portion of people that voted for Trump, also voted Barack Obama. Calling them racists because of this seems really stupid and is precisely why Trump won in the first place because that's exactly what happened. Everyone was "a fucking white male" who Sanders said himself. "They don't know what it's like to be poor or be in the ghetto." And all those assumptions, assuming every person criticizing all of this rhetoric was racist and white supremacists.

"Of the 700 counties that twice voted for Obama, 1/3 flipped to Trump"

Of course there are many in the swing states who voted for Trump for economic reasons. Yet I do think that many of them voted for Trump for social reasons, as you implied yourself. There are no studies that I can point to to prove this. However, I can say that I remember the campaign, and it was not an economic message which spiraled Trump to popularity, but his comments on Mexican illegal immigration, which, because they were more inflammatory and its position harder than his rivals, made him more appealing to the Republican base. Likewise with his comments regarding Muslims.

Also this is anecdotal evidence, but it perfectly encompasses the teen mindset when how stupid they are (usually #notall) when it comes to politics. (Sorry any teens that are reading, teens don't know anything about the world...that includes me when I was one. It's just a fact of life.) I had an entire classroom arguing about taxes. Now ALL of them, nearly everyone said they liked leftist politics. But then argued about taxes and how republicans we're the ones that wanted to raise them. The logic they we're following was, stealing all your money you made and taking it for themselves was an evil thing to do and right wing is evil so therefore. Clearly, right wingers want people to pay more taxes. This was accepted by nearly everyone there. Mind you, this was older teens. And not a single one of them, knew that democrats we're the ones that tended to raise taxes.

If these were their thoughts, then they were certainly ignorant. Yet Republicans have often raised taxes, and the Democrats have often lowered them, despite the received view.

"Public and private hospitals alike are prohibited by law from denying a patient care in an emergency. The Emergency Medical and Treatment Labor Act (EMTLA) passed by Congress in 1986 explicitly forbids the denial of care to indigent or uninsured patients based on a lack of ability to pay."

Perhaps it is not possible to be turned around now, but with truly privatized hospitals people would be turned away.

Ignoring that is almost guaranteed to be a smurf account…

I have no idea what a “smurf” is in this sense, but this person seems real enough, and there is no need to impugn their character.

"The big difference is that in Canada, social policies, provincial laws, taxation laws, etc. are well integrated such that it's almost impossible to function as an illegal immigrant. In the United States there are about 12 million illegal immigrants. In Canada that number is estimated at only about 60,000.

In Canada, it's almost impossible to get an "under-the-table" job -- Canada Revenue Agency is so efficient at enforcing social insurance numbers and most Canadians simply won't hire workers without valid SINs. You also can't open a bank account, enroll children in school, apply for provincial health care plans, etc. within proof of citizenship or valid visas. This means you can't get a credit card, pass a credit check, rent an apartment (no checking account), etc. Further, many people will turn you in if you do try any of these. "

You also will not get border access if you've ever received a DUI in your life.

Were these policies adopted in America they would be a moral disaster.

A report about the integration of immigrants issued over the summer by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development noted that more than a fifth of Europe’s immigrants from outside the European Union were unemployed, about double the rate of European Union citizens.
One in four of the economically active is out of work in France and one in three in Belgium and Sweden. And these poor employment prospects persist down the generations. Youth joblessness among the European-born children of immigrants is almost 50 percent higher than for those with native-born parents.

Employment is not the only barrier. Children from less-educated immigrant families are much less likely to succeed at school in Europe than the sons and daughters of natives, and much more likely to end up marginalized: out of school and out of work. Immigrants feel discriminated against more often in Europe. Perceived discrimination is particularly acute among the European-born children of immigrants, who in several countries still do not qualify for automatic citizenship.

In other words, immigrants in Europe are having a bad time.
As Professor Foner put it: “The United States does a better job at accepting immigrants as Americans in the making.”

So can we put this, 'America is evil to immigrant lie' to rest please?

It does not seem so. America has a long history of anti-immigrant sentiment, in spite of long his story of welcoming immigrants. I think you helped show that America is still the land of opportunity, but this does not exonerate us of our own wrongdoing. Though others may be worse, this does not mean we should stop looking at our own wrongdoing and attempt improvement. Illegal immigrants have reason to fear right now. They are vilified as criminals without reason, they have minimal protection from the law, and they have to live with the fear of being deported back.

I have the hope that my response did to rouse your anger too much.
Still here.

I don't know exactly how long it was, but it couldn't have been too long, since she has been doing nothing but traveling since she escaped Nyhem.
Rest in peace. All is not right in the world.
@ZB1996 Good post. Though Klom is right the Concord army camp, though in Telmarion, is still a fair way away from Clarm.

All references to Clarm I think are now gone.
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