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Current @Ophidian Funny thing, that was always my court.
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Nanowrimo time.
4 mos ago
I didn't even know Life is Strange had a prequel before Fabricant mentioned it. Going to have to pull some money out of somewhere.
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@Fabricant, I think I understand what you're saying, but it still made no sense.
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Going to overdose myself on fantasy anime.


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@TheDuncanMorgan That's good with me. Yet I was also planning for some of the heretics to have one last ditch effort to try to get Duncan on their side. I could tell you more in a PM.
Like other people I'm not done with my novel. Not even close. I just got past the first part in the book. That being said, I feel like my group of characters have more personality and chemistry than any other group of characters I've previously concocted. I'm going to keep working on this, though I'll probably take a little break first.
@EchoicChamber Yeah, that's fine.
I made a mistake and forgot to add most of the collaboration between Duncan and me. I have since added it.


Riza put his glass down, and stepped forward. There was no reason for him to hesitate. Alcohol had a way of playing with the mind, of dulling it, but Riza did not feel dulled. Disassembling and assembling his pistol was no problem at all. It was something that he had done many times for years, and was something that was natural to him. It was something that did not require much thought from Riza. He disassembled his pistol, then quickly assembled it again as fast as his hands could move.
@LorelleQuips What did you mean by assembly times?
@Tybalt Capulet I've been lucky enough to always have an endgoal in mind, but I could see how that could be a problem.
On the topic of romance, no matter what I do I'm never able to set up real romantic tension between characters. It did happen once accidentally last year between a pair of characters, but I was never able to settle that since there was never a time when a kiss scene wouldn't have been completely out of place.

The vision I have of my characters from when I begin to write tends to be radically different from when I begin. This seems to be affect me without fail. This year I had planned a side character who had a fiery, even rude personality. She's now turned a trickster whose pretty kind, and has turned into the main character. The fact that I am even able to surprise myself is undoubtedly the best part of pantsing for me.

Riza looked to the row of bottles that the Field Supervisor had all set up. Riza knew that they must have been far from homogenous, since the Field Supervisor had ordered them to a bottle from the left first. Riza was not much a drinker, but he had could hold his own on that front well enough. As long as he didn't have to outdrink some Erubescian drunk he suspected he should be fine. Riza approached the drinks and took one off the table.

"Cheers," Riza said.

Then Riza, rising the drink to his mouth, took a gulp of it.
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