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A collaborative post with @Fading Memory
Awesome! Sounds like you had the right idea from the start.

Grenade and Shotgun both approved.

Note: That grenade will not disable a lightsaber.
My apologies for taking so long to get to this.

The character is a good one, and I like where you are going with her, but I need to confirm your understanding of a few SW technological elements before I can approve.

Firstly, and somewhat more minorly - Virtual Reality. We have very few meaningful examples of VR technology in the SW universe. Holo tech is often used for making advanced Heads Up Displays, but true VR seems limited to large simulator units big enough to walk into. In this regard I suggest altering her headset to be more of an advanced Heads Up Display, and adjusting the interests section to account for the lack of commercial VR.

Secondly, I need to make sure you are aware that wireless networking is quite minimal in SW. It does exist, but typically one must access a physical network in person to meaningfully slice a system.

In order to make use of this particular piece of tech:
- A neuromachine interface seated into the brainstem, to allow control of vehicles and droids by thought;

She will usually have to have physically jacked into the vehicle/droid or, if they are controlled by a larger mainframe, then she will need to physically jack into that mainframe and use its wireless network.

Starships in particular almost always require an individual to board them and access their systems from either the bridge or engineering to be sliced effectively.

As far as I can see, the feats in her character sheet are largely all still achievable with this limitation in mind. I just need to make sure you're aware of it before I can approve akkdog__.
Ship is Approved - with the one caveat that some of the numerical stats (regarding hull strength, Shield strength and such) may need to change when we complete the ship guide.
Nitpicks fixed, as requested.
Zavas Ordo? As in, Mandalorian Clan Ordo? Or just happens to share a name?

Otherwise, an interesting and well researched character. She's definitely walked the line very close in terms of not getting kicked out of the order, but she seems to understand that fairly well so I'd say its fine.


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