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6 mos ago
Current I can't get anyone to join my Sailor Moon S rp
6 mos ago
I'm looking for people to join my Sailor Moon walk in rp in free form


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If anyone use to rp in the Crystal Tokyo aol chat room back in the day please join my group
I'm looking for others to join my Sailor Moon free form rp discord server


EDIT: it looks like their account was deleted.

I've seen this community it seems dead though like no one posted in it since 2013
Does anyone remember the Crystal Tokyo aol room for rping Sailor Moon in ? if so what was your screen name?
I've been on a quest to look for my friends from a Sailor Moon rp from 14 years ago. I haven't had any luck and facebook doesn't have the option to search by email addresses anymore =(
Do you ever miss your rp friends who lost contact with over the years? I made friends with people I rped with 14 years ago I lost contact with them and I miss them a lot
I had a rp family on aol that I lost contact with
@kokorochiru I would like to do a Sailor Moon S type walk in style rp and have the Witches 5 be saved instead of killing them off
I'm trying to start a Sailor Moon S rp up but I haven't gotten anyone yet
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