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28 days ago
Current Death Anniversary of [@Hebigami Shiho] I like to believe that you got an alt out there, but dead people don't talk but if you do, reply
28 days ago
Thanks for raising me all this time, Sensei. I have realized my conviction and my desires , I have my own will and I will surpass you!
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4 mos ago
4 mos ago
Endeavor is the best character in MHA, I see nothing but respect in a man who realizes his mistakes and work to atone for it.
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4 mos ago
And you will die braver than most!

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Miharu Kido
The city does nothing more than mediate a sea of people who're a school of sardines rather in Miharu's mind it's a pack of koi fish in a big pond. Skip the formalities she thought, let it be known that the Onmyōji Hero would make a legend for herself than people prying in her past life. Miharu saw through to the noob introduction and skip right into the action.

"Aren't we all sharing the first day of school?" Miharu laughed erratically and apologized quickly for her intrusion in their conversation. Rather than pretend she came before them, she didn't hide the fact that she just got to class like those on the way.

Miharu gulped and contained her laughter. "My redundant apologies at the most random time, you see, you guys are dope and aha~ I really couldn't contain myself from laughing when I see everyone's thermal signature...added to the fact that my deluded vision make you all appear to be a laughing stock! Really, I'm so sorry~ "

"Yuki isn't it? You look like a Princess on my fantasized vision right now. Then girl with the eye bags looked like some Witch in a horror movie." Miharu bursted out laughing.

"The rest of you are extra, side characters — no offense and I'm rolling my eyes. I'm not really trying to insult anyone but I figured I make it clear to you guys that my quirk is just that. I don't usually reveal my name but you can call me, Fridge, the Onmyōji."
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@alexfangtalonThe RP is still under recruiting, I got a discord available.
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Story Overture
The rules of the universe. All high and mighty. No one can defy them, and all must obey. The dead cannot be brought back to life, the laws of physics, number 42, and of course, the rule about nothing is impossible. They said it was impossible to have Dual Skill, or even Multi-Skill. They said Hybrids cannot be produced. Well, they are going to be proved wrong, in this particular academy. An academy that not only achieves the impossible, but brings in trouble as well.

Many apply for Hybrid Academy, but only so many can actually get the application. You are here because you want to be in the so called 'best' academy in Academy City. You are here because everyone who came out of this Academy are, in some ways, different to how everyone else are, not just because many of them are Hybrids. You are here to quench your curiosity and explore the very depths of your own abilities. Ways to get into the academy are quite bizarre, as nothing guarantees your entry into Hybrid Academy. Just what is this academy, that does not follow any set guidelines to become a great learning institution? Well, if you want to know, apply to Hybrid Academy, "Where Chaos is the Norm."

Welcome to Hybrid Academy, Where Chaos is the Norm. It is the first academy of its kind to band together both Magicians and ESPers. From here, students will learn how to better control their ability, magic, or both. Our teachers here are of the best, possessing proficient skill in the art of teaching. We have espers that can teach the students how to use their ability safely and magicians who will instruct the ways of mana. We even have former students who graduated from our Hybrid program coming back to teach as well. You might ask, why should you enrol into this academy. Well, do days off sound nice to you? Yes, we celebrate all holidays and such, ranging from two weeks for Hanami to Tanabata. Not only that, we have plenty of field trips, funded from the magic and science sides. Our goal is for everyone to have fun and learn with all their hearts. What are you waiting for?

Join now, and become a part of this prestigious academy!

Concept Notice
This Roleplay is remotely an alternate universe continuum of the Raildex Series. Events of the canon are alluded but may have also played out in a similar fashion which won't affect the flow of our established storylines. With the aforesaid facts, our story is one of the rare result specimens alluding Aleister Crowley's influence about hybrid projects but he won't be the head chairman.

Our roleplay agenda will be focused on story driven arcs along with character driven focus. We'll be having interactive pacing regardless of free mode or story mode. Don't bother asking me about creating high end characters like the Level 5s and Saints, I will choose people who I want to be a powerhouse like them suitable for the story. Lastly, the current society is not so different from the canon, just more accepting of differences whether you're a Cyborg, Esper or Magician. We will unravel more about our purposes beyond simple reasons why we chose this school.

Any questions?

Character Sheets
Don't confuse the Cyborg class from the canonical iteration of the Light Novels. In this Roleplay, Cyborgs mean two variants: Mark I and Mark II. The first variant are regular humans who utilize hard counter weapons to deter Espers and possibly Magicians although it's difficult to deal with Magicians. The Second Variant is cyberkinetic implants that will also counter Espers. This is to enforce that our characters are not invincible and can be taken down by the right tools and tricks.

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