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Alright Soooo here it goes,

I'm a 26 year old Aircraft Mechanic who has been at the RP game since I was in Middle School. Happily Married and a huge Nerd. My main interests for RP's and such are Medieval Realistic Fantasy, As in no one person wielding a massive 200 lb weapon in one hand or going way over the top with crazy 25 hit combos in the air. I like things to play out as they would normally of course with magic, magic is always fun. I also like Futuristic Space (Star Wars, Mass Effect, and almost anything involving some sort of Mech). I work a crap ton and cant really get into a real post every day but I do try. If you think you got something I might like hit me up.

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It be fine. I might post tonight, if not soon. Work is tiring... Airplanes that sit in the sun become ovens inside... I'm a baked potato...
@SimpleD demonic possession with computers is annoying. Most people don't believe you, then the priest you call in to excorsise it is probably some old dude who doesn't even know how the thing works in the first place and thinks the entire computer is black magic. It becomes a real nightmare.

:p but I'm glad you got it fixed computers are important things these days.
:( no one is talking... I feel lonely...
@LylaI'll let you post before I go
Drako Alugard

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Sith Apprentice
Known Information:
-Apprentice of the Sith Lord Tillhex Vindel
-Violent and Unstable
-Assassin known for killing 3 Jedi (more suspected)
-Collector, takes a trophy from his victims
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