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21 Apr 2017 2:15
Current Today had an uncle die of a heart attack & a cousin hang himself.


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I might be interested depending on what superpowers I am given a choice of.
Rose Mary wasn't quite sure what was happening, she thought Miss Frost's power was the diamond form. She began to wonder if it was her power adapting somehow, she sure as hell hope she wasn't becoming a telepath. She didn't quite know how to process it all. What she did understand was the pain of loss, missing those that you will never see again, she knew it all to well. She ran to her and hugged her. "I'm..." She didn't understand why people apologized for deaths they didn't cause. She heard it way to often after people find out her mother died when she was young, she hates the phrase to the point until now she would never consider saying it for any reason, but she lacked any clue as what else to say, so she just shut up.

Tatiana was sure the Professor was going to scold her for dragging the boy by the hair, he did have a small temporary bald spot. Not to mention every kid in school before the week was over was going to know he was not that well endowed. She wasn't going to say anything she was way more interested in what was going on between the lady and the Professor. She wanted to wait outside the room and listen in but his telepathy would give her away. Plus she needed to deal with the blood bath in her room. So she settled for having her cursiosity unfulfilled and to clean up blood.

She went back to her room. The matress was a lost cause it would never be fully clean again. The blood soaked linens she took to the laundry room she threw them in along with a special cleaning solution she was taught how to make. It would be quite a while before she could take them out. The mattress she took outside to a paved area far enough away from the house and set it on fire. Once there was nothing but ash she allowed nature to take over and blow it away. The bed frame and floor she scrubbed to get as much as blood as she could out. She left a window open to air the place out.
Name: Tytus Cloben, RC-02/574

Species: Human clone

Skills: Trained in covert infiltration, sabotage, demolition, assassination, & piloting a starfighter

Force skills: Mind Trick, Telekinesis, Force barrier, Kinetite, & Tutaminis

Personality: Tytus' foremost trait was his loyalty, a dedication to the Republic and its ideals he held above everything else. A very close second was his family, who were "everything" to him.

Bio: During his cloning his batch was exposed to lightsaber crystals by Dooku & Grievous. The batch immediately began to fail, Tytus was the only survivor. Before he could be taken by the Sith Yoda and Mace Windu repelled them. Tytus was trained as a Clone Commando.

After numerous missions he began to show signs of Force Sensitivity. He was taken out of the Grand Army of the Republic and assigned to a Jedi to train him in the ways of the Force. After many missions as a Jedi, he and his master were sent to Taris to help train the locals to fight against the Confederacy.

They were not on the planet long before his master was murdered.

Equipment: Katarn-class commando armor (with built in knuckle plate vibro blades)
DC-17m Interchangeable Weapon System (blaster, sniper rifle, anti-armor)
Indigo Lightsaber
Emerald Lightsaber Shoto
Grappling spike launcher
@Burning KittyNo, just Revan in KOTOR. Unless it was a mod or something.

I never played mods for any of the KOTORs.
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