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/Grant Rotem\

Rain and thunder. Grant was never too good with this kind of weather. Always interrupted his favorite pastime, sleep. So he laid awake, staring up at the bottom of the top bunk as the rain tapped tapped away at the window, never ceasing its endless downpour. Was it raining that night? That night when his life had changed to the way it was now? Wouldn’t that be funny. Rain and thunder to go with the feeling of utter...

There was a harsh knocking at the door that snapped him out of his thoughts, and his head rolled for his vision to meet with the door. Knock knock knock. He sighed. If he couldn’t sleep, at least there was something to keep him preoccupied, so he pulled himself together to greet the, most likely, soldier waiting at his door.

Sure enough, a ‘generous’ guard was waiting for him, offering an umbrella to the tired boy. How kind. He took the already wet umbrella and stuffed a hand down his pocket. He could only guess where this guard was going to lead him. “...Well go ahead and lead on.” He mumbled and with that, the guard began his escort. He stepped out, looking back to steal a final glance at the knife that laid on the table before he closed the door, following the view of the back of the guard.

Grant sat back in his seat as the briefing went by, listening to the key information he had to know.

His team, the plan, the time, and the enemy. He barely recognized many of the names on his team, one being completely unknown to him, but the biggest thing of the briefing that stuck out to him was their current target. A subnatural. His kind. A human. A homo-sapien. Call it whatever, it was still what he currently was at this existing moment. And now his mission was to kill that very thing. He wondered what he would feel at the very moment this was done. Guilt? Shame? Anything at all? He knew it wouldn’t matter for so long. He had to do this.

He had to survive. Whatever it took. If it meant taking another life. If it meant anything. He couldn’t just let his life end. Alone, he resolved himself. Alone, he ate his meal. Alone, he made a trip back to his dorm. Almost forgot the knife.
/Grant Rotem\

Not even too long after the match had started between the two teams on screen, Grant had slumped back against his chair, asleep with the only sound coming from him being calm, light snores. Luckily for him, he wouldn’t be awake to watch the events of the match unfold live. The absolute carnage and merciless fight between the two groups of classmates. It had to be some kind of miracle that Grant hadn’t been woken up for most of the fight, and only when it was mostly over did consciousness finally return to him.

With a small groan escaping his mouth, Grant’s eyes blinked open to the sight of the replays playing over and over on the screens. He blinked and blinked while his mind continued to chug along from the lingering sleepiness. He only saw the leftovers of what was the brutalities that had occurred amongst his fellow Subnaturals. He felt... he didn’t know what he felt. Sickened? Shocked? He had just woken up and was greeted with the reality of his classmates. And even his new roommate. Even then, only tiredness graced his face. He looked down at the blank evaluation sheet that laid in front of him. Right. He still had to write.

A yawn left him after a few moments of staring at the paper before he picked up the pencil loosely in his hand and brought it down, pressing the tip to the sheet lazily.

General Thoughts:

Fell asleep. Seemed violent. Really violent. Not really a good thing when up against each other. Seemed unnecessary against each other. Up against monsters, maybe justified, but these are our own classmates.

Suggested Improvements:

Try not to kill each other next time when it’s just a game.

Considering all that Grant saw was the violence after, he couldn’t really give any good advice about how to do better. Not like he would have much advice in the first place. Another yawn left before a chain emerged from behind him and made contact with the paper and he let his chain bring the paper over to Frederic for him as he just slumped back against his seat, dropping the pencil back where it was, letting it roll for a bit.
/Grant Rotem\

Oh. They won. That was surprisingly easy. Was easy the right word? It was fast either way. Grant looked around at the soldiers who came into the field, one group of which taking Siena from his arms, and he returned his hands into his pockets. Looking around now, it seems as if Grant was spared from the injuries that might have befallen him, but his teammates weren’t given the same treatment as him. Color him lucky. Or just smart. Soldier surrounded him, but they already seemed to know he posed no real threat to them. He just let himself be led to the outpost.

In the safety of the outpost, away from the eventual battle between teams 3 and 4, Grant watched as everyone was healed from their injuries, with the help of another Subnatural. The healer of the other team, to be exact. His eyes flickered toward the screens, showing key moments that had occurred within the battle. He moved to take a random seat at the desks as Fredric explained what they were to do. Grant let out a long yawn. Looks like he still had to stay awake to watch this match. Or not. Either way, he sat back in his seat and watched the screens with tired eyes, ready to shut at any moment.
/Grant Rotem\

Knock knock.

What was the time? Eh, Grant just slept as usual, so it didn’t really matter. He turned back on his side and tried to ignore the disturbance.

Knock knock knock.

God, who was out there? Maybe they’ll go away if he just ignored them. Sounds like a plan. He didn’t want to deal with anyone this early... Or... late. He wasn’t sure. He didn’t open his eyes enough to actually see the time of day.

KNOCK KNOCK KNO- Grant groaned in annoyance, moving onto his back and sitting up.. “Alright, alright!” He’d say loudly in his annoyance, getting up from his bed. Days spent sleeping... to be interrupted by this? He picked the mess that was himself up, and he wiped off the drool off his mouth as he swung open the door. A guard stood there, appearing ready to just burst into his room at any second now if necessary. He seemed to look Grant up and down before shaking their head, gesturing with their gun.
“Get out here already.” He’d command, and Grant had no choice but to agree. The place that he was lead to, alongside a group of students whose faces were familiar, and others extremely familiar, was a lecture building. Great. He filed into the classroom, deciding to let everyone else pick their seats... and after that was done, he took the seat which was mostly on its lonesome. Announcements, a great thing to be woken up for. Thanks, anonymous guard. Grant spent his time sitting, between the realms of sleep and awakeness as he laid his cheek against his fist. Bursts of information from the teachers came through, a schedule, something about presents that were handed out. He saw a couple things, and obviously none of them were heading his way. He never filled the form out, nor did he sign the requisition sheet.

After everything was said and done, the teacher that was left was the seemingly shy math teacher. Classes. Great. Grant let out a yawn and let the classes pass on by him, and at the end of it all, he blinked his eyes open enough at the sound of a snap. Lunch had just arrived. Finally. His head felt like it was just going to fall over any second now, but the day was still not done. So in the meantime, Grant decided to just get something to eat, maybe sleep a bit. Maybe a lot. Either way, his course was set toward the cafeteria and for once, not to a bed.
/Grant Rotem\

Grant’s eyes snapped up as the explosion went off. Panic, worry, and fear were dulled from the exhaustion that he felt. The nausea had finally left, but that tiredness was not leaving so easily. His eyes widened just a bit when he saw the crystal come down into the trench with him, his hand only tightening more around the hilt of the knife. Surprise filled his mind as he found himself within a sphere. He looked around, finally standing straight... at least he thought he was. The sphere lifted him up, into the air, out of the trench that he had made in the thick of battle. In the air. He pressed his free hand against the sphere as he looked on at the battlefield. Had they won? Was this victory?

His eyes caught the sight of the monsters that had been left on the field be trapped within a similar sphere as he and the remaining others were in. No- not just the remaining students... he even saw multiple bodies, spheres carrying them. Did that mean- no. Don’t think about it, Focus. He shut his eyes and took a deep breath, missing the sight of the remaining monsters being obliterated in their respective spheres. All he knew was that, somehow. Within a miracle, luck, or whatever god up there’s blessing, he was still alive. He survived. That’s what he wanted, his ultimate goal. So why? Why, as his feet touched down on the battlefield of this cruel assessment... Why did he feel empty? No satisfaction, no light-heartedness. Just nothing. He scanned around him, for some kind of answer. His classmates, his teammates, alive and-

Padma. He looked at his former roommate’s body on the ground, in the near distance, where it had landed. Nothing prepared him for her death. It was so quick. His feet began to carry him, onwards toward her body, paying no attention to his comrades that accompanied him in battle. Not letting go of that knife.

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