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22 Sep 2016 13:53
Current Uni is kicking mah ass
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27 May 2016 19:17
London this weekend hell yeah
27 Apr 2016 10:37
About to have exams, mehhhh
26 Aug 2015 1:05
6 May 2015 13:28


Heyo, I'm Fern. Just call me Fern, please.

I'm 18 and in the first month of uni at Glasgow, studying computer science.

Information List (cause I like things tidyish)
Gender: Agender (they/them)
Interests: Writing (duh), Reading, Guild Wars 2, TTRPG Games, Being a shit, programming, some other stuff I really can't remember
Current Roleplays - Baybridge: Old Ghosts and Altaea: The Age of Revolution
Current Stories Writing: Life's Ending (Series of Medieval Fantasy Short Stories, First Draft Finished) and Knife & Gun (Dystopian Fantasy, only 30k in ;_;)

What am I most likely doing right now: Playing gw2, being told to shut up, procrastinating or photosynthesising

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Im going to say yay and pretend ive contributed at all this past month :P
<Snipped quote by FernStone>

Don't worry, Wendy will jump in and rescue that Bird booty before anything happens to her.

Oh good good, nice to know Rori has someone watching their back xP
Yay for the end game coming and shit

I'm just posting to say I'm alive and mostly not inactive / I'm totally inactive but please don't kill Lihn and Rori :P

I am actually doing stuff with Tsu for Lihn, I just have no time in mah life ;0;
@Mr Allen JThat's good xD I have like no free time
@Mr Allen JYeah sorry about that, I have a lot of shit going on and rping has really been pushed to the back of my mind, sorry
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