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But he likes hugs...

He'll have to earn it.
In Chaos Is Born 28 Feb 2017 7:50 Forum: Arena Roleplay
(Dice roll 8)

Myrda was indeed surprised by the unexpected weight that he managed to put into his attack. She stumbled backwards, seeing stars from the impact placed on her brain rattling within her skull. She was not able to do anything to stop the combo, letting out a grunt as the last attack hit, causing her to once again falter away from her opponent. She could feel her armor crumpled awkwardly against her body. It was now more of a hindrance than a help. With a quick flash of movement she unlatched the steel, allowing it to fall heavily at her feet.

“You’re far stronger than I give you credit for,” she’d say if he gave her the time. Her body began to glow all over. She was beginning to get more serious, upping her body’s defenses in place of the armor as well as increased her physical abilities in general. Now that her vital organs were exposed she was going to need it. She had to admit that he was impressive. Not nearly as powerful as her if she were to go all out, but far more powerful than the average foe that she would come across. She wanted to see more of what he was capable of. Perhaps learn the backstory of where he got this power. Such intelligence could prove vital to snuffing out the source.

(Dice roll 74)

The dread energy dispersed around the area hadn’t begun to affect her yet. She was powerful enough to disregard it for now without even knowing it was there. For now she was remaining within it’s zone, oblivious. If he still did nothing for her to react to, she'd make her way forward and attack with a series of slashes and stabs towards various parts of his body, hoping to wound but not kill him.
The magna pater sounds like he could be in a creepypasta. He could totally eat slenderman.

So I'll be using Evvie's "second outfit" so she'll have her staff with her. That will help her get some distance from him, as I don't like the idea of getting within hugging distance very often.
In Arena Chat Thread 27 Feb 2017 22:29 Forum: Arena Roleplay
Community vote. My Viking-Esque guy secretly likes cute things. He teams up with Evvie on at least one occasion, so I'm thinking that could be one contributing factor in him wanting to help her, that creepy? It's not remotely a romantic interest. Kittens get more synpathy than many animals likely because of cuteness. Of course it could still be seen as, at the very least, a stupid reason to help someone, assuming that cuteness equals goodness or innocence and need of protection. Of course he'll learn his lesson in that regard but...creepy or not?
Evvies power level here is intentionally vague like my Viking. I'll have her an even match for magma hatter just like Viking will be even match for his foe. I imagine those two of lower power level and Evvie versus hatter being the main attraction.

So what if Viking guy is afraid of people finding out he likes cute things? Would that mean your guys power would just reveal that to the world? It's not the same as being afraid of a monster eating him or something on that order, so am curious. To summon hatter it seems like it has to be based on when he uses it his opponent doesn't have anything to fear, so according to that, this fear doesn't count.

I didn't plan it, but him liking cute this could contribute to why he teams up with Evvie. Hmm...or is that creepy? It's not a sexual attraction to cute things.
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