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The question there is, would Xavier end up with that same weakness?

Perhaps. She simply wont be using it too much against him.
She will try to be a good person but secretly realizes that she actually loves the thrill and praise it brought her. She'll be caught in a balance of thinking she's not really being a proper white knight if she can't control her feelings, so tries to be more reserved, although other times can't help herself and her true colors come out. On one hand she beats herself up over it, while on the other she still gets a kick out of it and that frightens her.

She might have some sort of holy energy at her disposal, which explains why she ressurects herself. Chaos energy seems like a very logical kryptonite to her so it doesn't even sound like a stretch.
In Arena Chat Thread 17 Jan 2017 8:39 Forum: Arena Roleplay
Important decision time. For my next "main heroine character" I'm torn between hair colors. I'll leave it up to a vote by you guys. Options:




Ironically, option C is like Xavier's avatar. Don't remember him having that much purple. Hmm...his vote might be biased! jk

This character isn't for my fight with Xavier. As part of my new year's resolution I'm trying to organize some characters and get some of them into my main character status who I actually plan on using at one point or another. Right now Evvie is my only main character, and as fun as she is to play as I'm trying to get more characters to invest some time in. I'll introduce a list of my planed main characters to anyone interested once I figure things out more.
She has no idea who Xavier is before the battle starts so she would indeed be left completely in the dark about him and his capabilities. She will misread him thanks to that and perhaps he can be clever about covering up his stat boosts. She wants to hit hard enough to knock him out of the fight, not obliterate him, so she could figure something out about him and might enjoy the fight too.

She wouldn't come back to life right then and there, as she'd come back later on to hunt him down when they could both unleash their full potential. Unsure if this is an actual power of hers or simply because they're in the multiverse and people tend to spawn in again at one point or another. If she is able to have her dead body come back to life rather than simply spawn in, she'd likely require enough time to do so until after Xavier is already long gone and certain conditions. Perhaps his energy in her body halts her ability to come back to life, but his energy fades away from her to allow her to do so.

That gives me an idea. If it stops her from coming back to life for a bit, perhaps his energy is sort of like her kryptonite able to break through her defenses far more easily than normal attacks. So while she thought she could block a nuclear explosion, her defensive shielding couldn't protect against his pin point attack somewhere that breaks through. She could evolve her defenses somehow to protect herself from it later on, of course, but simply couldn't do so thanks to how sudden and underhanded he was with that attack.

With her warriors pride she's probably not angry with him for killing her, being more interested in him if anything. Although if you were dead set on her being very heroic, she'd of course have to be more upset than anything else that she allowed the village to be massacred thanks to her carelessness.
It could be fun to have her chase them all around, but I think she'd go to check on the dog instead.
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