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Current Working together with a team to try and reboot the forum's arena into something greater. Check it out and get your input as well!


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If we don't have enough people, perhaps something along these lines is like a 1v1 and if they can't decide amongst themselves which is best then a third person acts as a judge, perhaps amount two others also doing a 1v1.
I'm involved in a lot of battles so I'll give someone else a chance to do this one. If nobody bites for a while then I'm in.
In Arena Chat Thread 26 Apr 2017 5:51 Forum: Arena Roleplay
Consider me tentatively interested in the newbie tournament. No promises but it seems interesting.

Anyone have any ideas to make it more interesting? Getting people who are not normally involved in the arena to give ideas what they want in the tournament could be very beneficial.
In Arena Chat Thread 25 Apr 2017 23:47 Forum: Arena Roleplay
Yea, a second chance bracket might be more ideal.

Or maybe prelim matches that decide people's seeds to be used in the actual tournament? This prelim counts as giving everyone a second chance. Of course it would be better to intentionally lose if you only cared about winning the tournament itself, but if we make it more about fun then that shouldn't be an issue. The main issue for that might be if people get self conscious if they get a super bad seed.
In Arena Chat Thread 25 Apr 2017 23:37 Forum: Arena Roleplay
So... space 'cops and robbers'? Lol

I thought of that. Adding space in front of anything makes it better.

<Snipped quote by Guru>

Many things, which is fitting for the arena.

Most of my arena chat postings have been stupid character ideas such as the telekinetic bookcase controlling man.

Just so long as we don't try that fucking 10 on 1 again.

I had an idea for a 100 vs 100 fight. I still might do it just for the lolz if anyone else has 100 characters. However, it would quickly devolve into a fight with the top 3 or so character of each side. One thing weird about super hero movies, they have to somehow act like the person who can use guns well is doing a whole lot when the person with super duper speed on the team should just wipe everything out themselves.

Also, as a newbie tournament, I have some pretty good ideas to get new guys and gals some experience. I.E. We wouldn't want to just dump the first round of losers. They'd need a fighting chance afterall. They will presumably not be experienced in the Arena, so I'd recommend a 2nd chance round. Placing the losers in a new bracket for a chance to come back after the first round.

I was going to suggest round robin, which would also solve the issue, but then people might be playing an overkill amount of matches.
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