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9 Feb 2017 22:23
Current Holy shit For Honor is fun. 1v1 me.
24 Nov 2016 16:40
"It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done. It is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known." ~ATotc
9 Nov 2016 10:46
Motherfucking DNC, Bernie would have crushed Trump, he had an approval rating of like 83% ffs.
29 Aug 2016 18:13
A Freudian Slip is when you mean one thing but fuck your mother.
18 Aug 2016 16:32
A baby chicken is a chick. An adult chicken is a hen. Chick-hen. Clever bastards.


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In Death's Gifts 25 Mar 2017 9:26 Forum: Casual Roleplay

It's open so go ahead and post a cs.

Great post! Really showed her wariness and such. Though if I had to say anything, a little more wariness of his general attire and way Ander carried himself would've been neat, but that's me.

I'm itching to post a reply but I also wanna wait for Kidd's post to not leave anyone behind.

Ander cupped four coins into the calloused hands of the barmaid, smiling slightly at her before turning his head towards the two whom had acknowledged his presence;

"Ol' Lutter went out hunting. Suppose to be he's got inter a scrape with a wolf. Worse thing- says aint no weapon ken hit the spirit that rides it."

"Oh, sure. Thinkin' I'm a old fool! But if that spirit wolf wants blood... It'll be from our herds and our lot. A spirit needs blood to hold onto the natural plane."

"So the Shaman says, If yer askin' me I'd say it was just a wolf and Lutter was drunk. A old wolf and a old fool to match."

Throughout the exchange Ander silently sipped his grapejuice, taking into account what both are saying. With how these lands tend to be it's entirely possible that there was a spirit- atleast, something that can make these villagers think so. After it he planted down a few coin on the table for them and clambered up into his room, the wooden boards creaking in tow. He grabbed the sheathe of his weapon and set out to 'find' or atleast explore the woodlands for a bit, it was daybreak and seemed to be the safest to do so and he was slightly curious. People still eyed him but quickly went about their own business, they were indeed getting used to a 'foreigner's presence', well, atleast they seem to tolerate his presence.

After arriving the woods seemed inviting, the birds chirped surreptitiously and the rays shone through the evergreen trees, even being a tad too too peaceful for his tastes. "Well, nothing ventured nothing acquired." he said in his lonesome before stepping foot into the mellowing greenery. It was rich in small animals, plentiful fruits and sturdy trees. It wasn't much of a wonder how the village thrived for a very long time. Even when something felt off he genuinely smiled at the relaxing atmosphere that the forest exuded. It was a nice change of pace that juxtaposed the suspicious stares and general unwelcome vibe given off by most of the villagers.

It wasn't for about twenty minutes till he came across a stream of water. A figure clad in armour was edged along the stream, seemingly looking for fish but cautiously kept an eye on the open woods. That's good, keeping caution would make sure that you wouldn't perish uselessly. The individual let out an aura of a warrior, something Ander was familiar with more than he would like. After a few more moments their eyes met and he let out his natural smile, which looked mischievous no matter what he did. He wanted to let her know that he wasn't a threat, a fight is one of the last things he wanted. She seemed like she wasn't from the North so he kept a slight vigil of wariness.

"Hello~!" he called out, raising his hands in mock-surrender and letting the sheathed weapon on his hip dangle lazily, "What brings a person out here, clad in that much armour?"
In Death's Gifts 23 Mar 2017 16:57 Forum: Casual Roleplay

Yeah throw me one!
In Death's Gifts 23 Mar 2017 15:50 Forum: Casual Roleplay
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