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Current I would have forgotten that it's 4/20 if not for the everpresent smell of weed.
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Shoulda started this speech before the day before I give it.
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Does unironically enjoying Kemono Friends make me the weeaboo version of a brony?
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"I want you to wear a gag and some oven gloves when you leave the house from now on because I am pretty convinced anything you touch you will burn down."


I'm a weeaboo communist. Are you surprised?

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Robespierre was a bastard that got what he deserved.

Robespierre did literally nothing wrong you blueblood piece of shit.
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Deal me the FUCK in
The American Spring: An Alternate Present RP

On April 26th, 2017, American forces crossed the 38th parallel into North Korea after the nation performed a nuclear test in celebration of the founding of the Korean People's Army. The increasingly divided superpower was reunited briefly in support of the war, and when the Chinese chose not to intervene it was considered already won. A long slog similar to the original Korean war set in, with the North fighting fiercely to defend its borders.

Fearing a retaliatory strike from America, North Korea failed to walk the talk and didn't deploy any nuclear weapons in the early days of the war. Both sides chose to keep the war conventional, with the North knowing it could be annihilated and the USA knowing that the loss of even one city might turn the public against the war. American and South Korean pressure-combined with the agenda of national politicians-forced the Japanese Diet to consider repealing Article 9 so as to provide offensive support in the war.

The moment the bill passed, Chinese forces crossed the North Korean border. Not to invade, as most had expected, but to rush to reinforce the front lines. Both the USS Carl Vinson and USS Ronald Reagan were sunk by Chinese anti-ship ballistic missiles as the official opening act of the war, leaving America with 12,000 dead in a strike that took seconds and without their main source of naval power projection in the area. The entire face of the war changed in an instant, as the Liaoning and its fleet took control of the East China Sea.

Fearing that their anti-ship missiles would be countered with American strategic strikes, the PRC preemptively destroyed American reconnaissance satellites. The debris created by the attacks snowballed into full-on Kessler syndrome, which was likely less of an unintended consequence and more of a calculated risk. In the face of American strategic superiority, the Chinese simply crippled everyone's strategic capabilities.

With the help of the Chinese, the North went on the offensive. Seoul fell in July, and shortly afterwards North Korea took an action that would forever change the world.

On July 12th, 2017, over two million people lost their lives in the nuclear bombing of Busan. America retaliated with an ICBM strike at Pyongyang, which ultimately did nothing to stop the enemy advance. Northern forces marched through the charred remains of Busan on the first of August. In September, the USA launched an all-out assault on Shanghai while Japanese forces landed in war-torn Korea. The two-pronged attack had been meant to force China into a two-front war, but instead it laid the groundwork for America's downfall.

The greatest naval invasion in history quickly turned into the greatest defeat. Both landing attempts were pushed back by Chines forces, resulting in the most pathetic military defeat in America's history. The initial rallying effect the war had on the American public had given way to cries for peace, the opposite of what the government had hoped for. Were the government fairly popular before the war, the public would have been outraged at the enemy and thirsty for revenge. Instead, the public was outraged at the government that started the war in the first place.

A massive protest took place in Washtington D.C, with over a million people protesting the war in the American capital alone. Across the country, similar protests took place. The massive loss of life, constant defeats, and the destruction of orbital communication infrastructure had come to a head. On the second day of the protests, the tragedy now known as the Washington Massacre took place. National Guard units opened fire on the protesters, which led to an all-out riot in the streets of the capital.

Armory raids were executed by various different anti-government groups across the country, and by November the USA had erupted into all-out civil war like that seen in Syria after the Arab Spring. What was almost the Third World War became a regional dispute between Japan and China, and the attention of the world turned to the American homeland. Out of the countless different rebel groups, whichever one won would inherit the domain of what had once been the greatest superpower on the planet.

It is January of 2018, and the Second American Civil War is in full swing.

This RP will be restricted to North America, since most players will play the role of a rebel group within America and said rebel groups are definitely not going to be able to organize a naval invasion of Hawaii. Canada and Mexico will likely get involved at some point, especially considering that Alaska has a hell of a lot of oil that any faction would be happy with getting their hands on. Both countries will eventually have a stake in the war, since the rebel factions can take any shape or form you want with only minimal realism necessary.

The end goal for everyone is the same: take control of America. You can try to accomplish this through any means you wish. As such, this RP will be heavily military-based. Establishing (and disrupting) supply lines, taking key locations, and killing important figures will all be big focuses here. Donald Trump is in everyone's crosshairs, and other individuals (your own military leaders, related media personalities, etc.) all make for great targets for the other factions.

There are only three possibilities for you if you want to play something other than a rebel group: Canada, Mexico, or what remains of the USA. The USA is NOT a military juggernaut anymore, since the intense divisions caused by the constant military defeats has led much of the military to desert. Canada and Mexico are both currently uninvolved, and as such anyone playing as them will be playing the diplomacy game for the most part. For Canada and Mexico, the goal is to ensure that the winner of the war will be friendly to you.

It must be stressed that these rebel groups are just that: rebel groups. None of them have a nice pretty senate chamber, and none of them are designing their own tanks or laying down destroyers. The central figures of these factions will likely be generals and such, and everyone will be using equipment stolen from armories or owned before the war. As a final note about equipment, Kessler syndrome has taken out the satellite network. As a result, any munitions that require GPS guidance are now useless as is anything else that uses a GPS.

Faction Sheet (Not required if you're playing as a pre-existing nation):
Name of Faction:
Platform (Are you communists? Fascists? Liberals that just want Hillary? Conservatives that just want Cruz?):
Important Individuals:
History (How did your faction get started, did you take any actions of note before the civil war began?):
Military Forces (How do you fight? What do you fight with? Who fights for you?):

Planetes: A bunch of garbagemen fuck around for 26 episodes.
Reading this for a class. If someone can give me some insights and explain/summarize it for me that'd be great because I am hitting neither shore nor ocean with my attempt at figuring it out. I am reading the words but they just don't materialize for me in my head as tangible things. It just seems like a lot of theory that doesn't make sense to me.


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