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16 Feb 2017 13:09
Current Major Kudos to all my peeps in TWD - We are now 1 year strong!!!
29 Jan 2017 19:50
TFW your RP hits the 12 month mark. O.O
27 Dec 2016 18:15
Anyone else feel like force choking 2016?
14 Dec 2016 20:42
Isn't there a white knight upon a fiery steed? Late at night I toss and I turn and I dream of what I need. I need a Hero.
23 Aug 2016 21:13
Theory Of Relativity: When typing a post an hour feels like a minute. When waiting on a post a minute feels like an hour.


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Good suggestion but too late, seems we are expected," Quinn said in a flat tone as he eyes Anisa with her hand on Camilla and watched her draw her side arm and stick the barrel of the the gun into Camilla's side. "Don't do anything stupid Captain Crowe," he warned as a flash of worry went through his features before they were buried back down in him and his face went as cold and stoic as ever.

"Shut yer trap Quinn. I know your ship can blow us out of the waters but this little tart here means something to ya, don't think I wouldn't put a bullet in to her pretty back side just to spite you if you did anything to harm my crew," Anisa hissed as she stood there and jabbed Camilla so hard in the side that she caused the woman to flinch in pain.

"Now, let us all take a deep breath, this is most unbecoming for all of us," Dr. Moreau said as he stepped out between the two groups. His hands out towards each of them with a broad smile on his lips. "We are all on the same side here," he added, to which both Quinn and Anisa scoffed openly at.


"Like hell."

"Of course we are. Are we not all against being raped to death by Reavers? Of course we are. Tis a horrid and unmentionable way to go."

"Then why bring it up..." Camilla piped in and Jahosafat laughed, shrugging.

"As charming as ever beautiful," Jahosafat said with a coy smile.

Over in the engine room of the Vengeance, Gideon stood up slowly, wobbly in the knees as he tried to put on a brave face. "I'm fine, I'm fine. Nothing more than what feels like a hangover," he teased but leaned against the wall as he tried to take a few steps.

"Come with us and you will be treated fairly until your trials are finished."

"Go to hell Quinn, I wouldn't bring my crew with you unless your head was on a pike."

"Now let's be reasonable here. We have bigger problems than what just transpired and your ship doesn't look like it is in any condition to fly anytime soon.

Peter & Vera

Location: Grand Continental

"He was rather tight lipped about the on goings but it seemed that some man came in and caused a scene before storming out. Looking for one of the patrons staying here," Vera said before there was a large commotion and much yelling coming from out in the alley way. Vera, ever the curious one, ran off towards the sound of the yelling and nearly tripping over everyone in her path and her own to feet.

Peter grumbled under his breath. "For a woman that will jump at the sight of a single book out of place on a shelf she has no sense of danger when her curiosity is peeked," he muttered before smiling softly towards Lauren and motioning for her to stay close to him as they walked calmly but as quickly as possible after Vera. Leaning on his cane as he did he rounded the corner only to get slammed into his chest by Vera who let out a scream and trembled in fear as the police drug a body out from behind some rubbish.

"I believe you two should retire within the barracks this evening...." he said as he wrapped a protective arm around Vera and pulled her close. Looking over towards Lauren his lips thinned somewhat. "We should seek out your companions post haste and leave the scene as quickly as possible. It obviously isn't safe here. Please lead the way," he said to Lauren as he kept her arms in his and lead the trembling Vera away from the alleyway and back towards the front of the hotel.

Millicent Wyndham

Location: Wyndham Estate near Hyde Park (Inside - Father's Study)

"I would think mud and ash but perhaps blood was indeed the first ink that us humans used. If only we could see those who first drew onto walls to know for sure. Perhaps somethings we will never be granted the knowledge of," she said a she sat there in thought.

Watching her friend write away at her fathers desk made her nearly mourn for the man she had not seen in so very long. She missed her father, the talks they would have, the silence they would enjoy around each other. It was a comfortably she had not felt in such a spell, she yearned for his presence once again, she always did but right then it was stronger than usual.

Sighing she nodded. "Time does not easily slip through my fingers like grains of sand, perhaps it was the dream I had this previous night that has my head swirling and time becoming lost to me," she stated as she rose from her place and took the letters, sealing each in wax before turning and heading to the door. Summoning her butler she handed them over to be delivered post haste. Closing the door behind her she looked back at Virginia.

"Though so many will be warned, I feel that this might will continue as if none were given. Perhaps it is for the best, the security there will be higher than anywhere in the city this evening. It may be safer to be within Almack's walls than here. I know unless the walls come tumbling down my mother will insist on attending so I must be prepared to be there as well. I suppose she will just have to accept that if they are to attend that I will be armed this evening, I will not loose my sisters to whatever this plague is that seems to be taking grip on the world around us."

Elizaveta Romanova

Location: St. Etheldreda's - Hallway

The boy watched Elizaveta carefully, with much interest as she went over towards Mary and spoke to her. He looked a little forlorn that she seemed to be exiting the room with the woman who had saved him. Elizaveta glanced over towards the boy and smiled softly towards him as if to reassure him before turning and following Mary out of the infirmary. Once they were outside of the room which held the sick and the doors were shut she finally took a breath, or at least appeared to take a breath a bit larger than her usual calm shallow long ones that were barely noticeable to world.

"Please do forgive the secrecy Lady Hale, I just did not vish to place vorry on the child that vas not needed. From vhat I could discern is that the child vas attacked not by Ryne as one vould think but another creature that is very similar. Perhaps a private room vould be best. There are things in my country, from my country, vhich differ from the vorld here, the seclusion makes for interesting vanders of the shadovs. Ones that have adapted for such places. Vhat you are trained for and vhat is vandering the streets nov are so much alike and yet so different. Like tvins being raised by tvo different families on other ends of the vorld. I vould like to be of service if I might," she explained.

Standing there, she let this sink in. New Soulless that those of Europe, the America's, and the Middle East has yet to face. Something different and new. Something that had adapted to a different world. There had been whispers but nothing concrete had been spoken of; each location was slow to institute anything new into the books. Change came hard to all, especially those governing the ways which they had felt were soon to be unneeded. If there were new beings, this meant the treat was anything but contained but spreading and that was a horrid thought indeed.

Date: Sunday May 21th, 2017

Justice Asylum: - Marc followed behind Riley and chuckled as she looked around. "Deep breaths, I got your six Riley," he assured her before climbing into the cab and sitting back as they headed towards the Asylum.

Over at the Asylum it seemed that the front area was starting to get crowded. "Country, as in soul food, deep south," Relic said finally looking up from his phone and grinning in a nervous manner. "Lots of fried stuff, collard greens, sweet tea, stuff that clogs the arteries," he added sheepishly. The way Mali was built he wondered to himself if the woman had ever eaten anything fried in her entire life.

The woman at the desk looked over towards Felix as he came up and cocked a brow. "Happen to have a last name?" she asked before looking over at Relic. "You two can go up," she said to them before buzzing Relic and Mali through the front and turning her attention back to Relic once the door was shut tight. Marc hearing the conversation over the wire kicked himself, had he told Felix the girls last name? Didn't matter now, he needed it. "McMillan," he said into Felix's ear piece.

Relic stepped through the door and headed up to Dr. Kingston's office, following the signs. Opening the door and peaking in to see Iris and Cynthia sitting there. Cynthia having pulled her chair behind the desk to sit next to Iris and grinning from ear to ear. Relic looked at her oddly for a moment before shaking his head. "Dr. Kingston I presume?" he asked looking at Iris and hoping to god she was the doctor and not the one grinning like a Cheshire cat.

Justice Morgue: - Natasha looked over at Roy and perked a brow. "Dr. Natasha Brinne, and you are?" she asked him personally. Roy groaned inwardly somewhat. "Det. Roy Gregory, homicide," he said before turning his attention back to Caesar and Cecily. "Would have been here sooner but I was at a scene when I got the text. You'll have more bodies coming in soon. There was a drive by at Club Afterdark earlier, looks like something out of a horror film right now," he said as he pulled up a stool a sat down. "Glad you are alright then and everything," he said to Cecily before looking over at Caesar and nodding. "Yeah, just mind telling me why I needed to grab your bike? Which, might I say is a damn nice."

Natasha sighed inwardly, more bodies? It seemed like this place was never quiet. "More? What on earth made Dr. Chang think this would be a quiet place for me to work while I recovered?" she muttered more to herself than anything as she stood up and and started getting more tables ready for the incoming dead.
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