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16 Mar 2017 17:48
Current Finally, have some time to get my Shadowrun RP coded, hope to have it up soon in Interest Checks.
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14 Mar 2017 23:36
TMW you look at your profile page, see names you don't know and go "Who the fuck are you?"
7 Mar 2017 21:32
O.o Guess the whole no smut outside of Pm's things doesn't apply to the status bar.
29 Jan 2017 19:50
TFW your RP hits the 12 month mark. O.O
27 Dec 2016 18:15
Anyone else feel like force choking 2016?


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k, gonna post tomorrow here - right now debating how to run everyone in different locations. I might just pull what I do in TWD and DTB from time to time and PM you all in groups with the details.
I'll post tomorrow to move things along a bit, so feel free to wrap up moving from place to place and starting to get ready. Hopefully 1-2 more rounds and we can commence with the wedding.
@Dragoknighte Comes down to it I can draw up one of Sunie's sisters or another character to fit a "role" if you need it, just let me know.
@Nallore You are clear for a total of 4 characters at once.

@Charnobylisk Like Dick would stay in the room with Ryan if he had a choice lol
@Morose God, if Ryan and Chloe just got alone for five minutes to talk. Those two are funny - both knowing nothing will happen but doesn't change how Ryan feels LMAO (I actually feel bad for him on that level)
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