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Congrats to all my Peeps in After Miranda, we have hit the 6 month mark! Ain't Misbehaving fun? lol
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Anyone else feel like force choking 2016?
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Isn't there a white knight upon a fiery steed? Late at night I toss and I turn and I dream of what I need. I need a Hero.
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Date: Sunday May 21th, 2017

Anyone not replied to here was PMed their characters information. ^_~

Alleyway Behind Club AfterDark: - Relic shakes his head. "No, I don't want to leave it behind but better they find the car out front than us," he says. He knows it is a risk leaving the car for now but better than walking onto a crime scene just to get his car. "It can't be traced to me," he assures Mali. The car isn't in his name and anything with his name on it is on him. "We need to get to the docks to meet my sister," he says before gasping as Mali picks him up. He barely weighs 120lbs soaking wet, so the lift and carry really shouldn't be anything big for Mali. He moves around a bit to get a better view, telling her to hand left or right as is needed to get them away from the club and over to a main street. "Put me down please," he asks her as they come up on a road. "We should be able to catch a bus two blocks down from here," he says as he points off.

Classic Building 3C: - Marc looks at Felix as if he is mental. "Are you mental? You read something and think you can handle a weapons exchange with people that are able to take down Navy Seals? Do you just write fiction or do you really live in a fantasy world?" Marc asks before turning slightly as he hears Riley lock her door. Cocking a brow he turns his attention back towards Felix slowly, wondering why she locked the door. Maybe she wants to change or just wants a moment alone but to lock the door? Something seemed off. "Right.... okay, let's go over what we have. We have files on people, people that are dead and then some. A drop location or meet up location. All hidden in a dead Marines apartment. With all this, isn't this the time where your writer senses start tingling and you give me some out of the box absurd conclusion that only makes sense in the head of a writer but we follow it anyways, Castle?"

The Safe House: - Risa watches Roy leave and runs her hand through her hair before standing up and gathering the blank id's and anything else she needs. "I say we get out of here while we can. I have a burner phone I found, Roy probably knows the number, if not, oh well. We can use it if we need. Right now let's get these ID's straightened out. We could use public transportation but I hate to say it, it's better if we procure a vehicle. I really don't want to get stuck in a shoot out on the bus," she says before shouldering her bag. Heading over to the door she opens it and looks around for the first real time since she was brought there. "What in the world," she says as she looks around. They are in town, that much is sure but she isn't sure where they are. The house is run down on the outside but the entire block seems that way. There isn't much besides a convenience store in the distance it seems. "Guess first thing is first, finding out where in the damn city we are," she mutters as she waits for Lucas and closes the door behind her. Turning she starts heading towards the corner store. Looks like they are in the bad side of town, the sound of cop sirens can be heard off in the distance.
@Morose @Rivaan @Sigil @FantasyChic @Caits @Nallore @Oliver

Okay, WN is up - HOly shit, no one died!!!! In fact the rolls went so well that everyone is in the clear for a small time jump that happened in the RP to get the convoy to the crash site. Enjoy the lull! Counters are now reset to my last post.

The Crash Site - Astrid looks over towards Ray and shakes her head some. "Not yet but soon, just rest," she tells Ray before looking back at Ceil and glad he seems to be leveling out somewhat. Looking around the hoard seems to be looking elsewhere and Astrid grumbles under her breath as she sees the direction they are turning. She was just glad the walls were still standing. Picking up the phone she calls Ash and wait for him to pick up. If he does she says the following - "Hurry, hoard heading towards Newnan but away from us," she says to him before hoping out of the bed of the truck and looking over the new comer for a moment. "Astrid," she says frankly. "We have given him plasma, fluids, pain medications and antibiotics. We cannot give him more until we get him back for blood typing and matching. Keep him comfortable," she says before looking at Tiffany. "Keep an eye on her just in case," she says towards Tiffany about Chloe. Picking up the weapons she hands them over to Tiffany and takes a step back from the truck to examine the damage. They aren't going anywhere.

Inside Franklin High School - Sana nods slightly and looks over towards Amelia. "Right okay, need fresh water, the hydrogen peroxide out of that cabinet, the suture kit from here. How are you with a needle?" Sana asks as she rolls up her pants leg and rolls over on the table so that Amelia can get to her wound without issue. "Medic must be out helping the rest of the school, sorry but you're gonna have to stitch me up. Don't worry, I'll walk you through it," she says as she lays down and starts to explain the procedure as best as she can. She doesn't know much but enough to clean it out and how to sew it up basically. It isn't anything too hard but she knows it is going to be painful and she refuses any pain meds for it. "Ever get the feeling like something went horrible wrong?" she asks as her face turns sour and she sighs. The gun fire is over, thankfully, and no one else is being brought in yet. That is either really good new or really bad.

Downtown Franklin - The trucks and cars pulling out do not seem to take notice of Riley. They work their way through the streets slowly before speeding out of town a short while later. Seems they know the way in and out, where to turn and which cars to pull around for the best exit. Seems they had been scouting out the place to know how to get in and out so quickly. Within the city it seems most everything has been gutted at this point. There will be no water or supplies to find but there also seem to be no walkers other a few that are wandering by and getting caught on the various road traps that are set up. They are rather obvious to the living so Riley should be able to weave in and out of them rather quickly without hassle on foot.

Newnan Tower - Once James is up there, he will see the convoy leaving through the south main gate. Within the walls of the City, things are calming down as the fire gets put out. Sophia's body lays out on the ground as Dick sits down on the curb, Froggy rushing over to him to tend to his burns until he can get him back to the infirmary. Over at the north end of the city somethings are happening... "Hands up" one of the men at the wall yell towards Beatrice. Several more on the wall turn and point their guns at her but no one is firing, yet. "James, we got a single coming in towards the emergency exit gate at the north," the man on the wall calls out. "Come on, show me your hands and tell me just what in the hell you want," another demands to know as he looks at her through the sight of his rifle as he takes aim.

Newnan Streets - Froggy gets Dick patched up and tells him to go to the infirmary. Dick nods, saying he wants to check on Zoie anyways, Victor is forced to stop him, giving him a knowing look. Dick stumbles back slightly, shaking his head before turning and storming off down the street away from the infirmary. He isn't going to the infirmary now, that much is clear. Froggy sighs and lets the man go before heading over towards the Armory to check on the people putting out the fire and getting other tended to. He knows more injured are coming in and he wants to make sure that everyone in Newnan is tended to before even more come in from outside of the gates.

Newnan Infirmary - "You no let someone die, you help people. Sometime's people die. Nothing ve can do. That is life, alvays has been. Ve all die. Nov you must live, so they death not vithout meaning," Tatiana says sympathetically. Holding still she lets Neisha check her head, nothing more than some bumps and bruises. The girl looks like she will be just fine. Looking over towards Kris, Tatiana gives her a nervous smile. "From Russia, vas in Vegas vhen outbreak happen." Tatiana sighed slightly, hoping that Jack was okay right then, she didn't know what was going on outside and no one was coming in to give the infirmary an update right then. The radio that was left in infirmary at all times rang in that someone was at the northern gate and Tatiana bit her bottom lip timidly. "Hope no more problem causers."

Road Leaving Newnan - Alight. Jack and Bazhooli manage to get in the Hoard Buster before it leaves the gate and climb in through the suicide doors. The gate closes up tight behind them after both the Hoadbuster and Megs car are out. The radios will crackle a little between the two and you will get the last messages in from the town before the only two you can contact are each other as you head south.

Now, the rolls have been made and everyone is clear for the next 30 minutes at least. Everything will go smoothly in and outside of Newnan, as well as in and outside of Franklin - including at the crash site on the road. (Holy shit right?) - After a drive taking the back roads south from Newnan, a few off roads and detours, but the convoy will manage to get to the crash site and everything will be clear. Astrid is sitting on the fallen tree, Tryke's body has been pulled off of it and is laying down next to the truck with a sheet over her. The Franklin crew stands up but Astrid let's them know it's their ride. She is looking sweaty and feverish but she is still holding as strong as she can. Standing up on the tree trunk she holds up a hand to signal to Ash everything is safe but the blood has majorly stained her dress and hair, as the winds kick up the massive bite mark on her shoulder and base of her neck is clear. "Don't shoot me yet, I'm still speaking," she says flatly.
@Catchphrase Sure thing, and hank you for formally withdrawing instead of waiting on removal on my part. It is a welcome change to how others sometimes just vanish without a word. (Why I have no problem welcoming you back at a later time. ^^)

Location: Her Office

Vera leaned over the tiles as Nora began to explain what she had discovered. Her head tilted to the side somewhat as her fingers ran over the mosaics that the tiles created. She hadn't noticed it before but she was no mathematician either. Pulling up her chair she seated herself down and began to look more closely at the titles compared to the rubbings. The markings on the tiles were obviously added with some intent but Vera was not sure what that was, yet.

"Intriguing," she whispered as her curls fell over her brow while she leaned over more to get a closer look. "I can translate them but I don't think that will add us until we know what all the points are. With the missing pieces, whatever is being said here is incomplete and which the ancient Egyptians a single missing hieroglyphic could mean the difference of black and white."

Looking up she glanced towards William before looking away quickly and back over towards Nora. "If we had not already decided to make the trek to the dig site it would have been made for us because of this discovery. We need the missing tiles." Standing up she gave Nora a soft smile and an approving nod.

"Your contribution has been invaluable thus far and I am sure it will be even more so come the days ahead. I think that is all we will be able to decipher this evening, perhaps it would be best if we all got some much needed rest. Would you meet me on the morrow after noon here? We can speak more on this as I try to procure us the rights and papers to enter the dig site," she asked of Nora before taking a breath and scribbling down on a piece of a paper and thrusting it over towards William without looking at him.

"This is where you can find Lord Major Keystone, my uncle will be needing a list from you on dig supplies for the trek." She waited for him to take the paper before retracting her hand and sitting back down. I will finish up here and then retire, I suggest you two do the same, it will be a long road ahead of us, if you should need anything Lady Kingston, you can reach me here or," she said jotting down her residence on another piece of paper and handing it gently to Nora. "at this address."

Location: Qasr El Nil Barracks Officers Club

"Very well then, we should retire. Thank you for the offer Lord Major but we are just a few grains of sand from here at the Grand Continental for the evening. I believe the walk would do us both some good," Aziza said gratefully before reaching into her purse and pulling out a key.

"Here, I can retrieve another at the front desk," she added as she handed the key over towards Lauren.

"Very well the, safe travels for the evening and I hope to see you both again soon. Uncle, once Miss Ridgeway is ready to retire for the evening I should like to take you up on the offer of the conveyance. I can escort her to the hotel and then return," Peter said before bidding both Aziza and Harry good evening as they exited the officers club.

Aziza gave them all a smile and Lauren a quick embrace before taking Harry's arm and waltzing out the door. Once they had exited the barracks proper and were out on the streets of Cairo she let out a soft breath and rested her head on his shoulder. "I did wish that you would stay with both Lauren and myself this evening but if you wish to retire back to your residence after you escort me to the hotel I will not ask for you to stay. Whichever you are most comfortable with though please know you are most welcome. The suite is large enough for all of us while maintaining privacy."

Peter smiled as the two left and then looked over towards Lauren. "Well my dear, have you chosen to stay because you truly enjoy the company of two war veterans or did you wish to give the couple a moment to themselves?" he asked with a cheeky grin curling at the side of mouth before raising his glass to her and then taking a long sip. "To the fellowship of the Ring," he chuckled.
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