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24 Apr 2017 16:39
Current Working on a Gming tutorial but putting the steps I go through in my head into organized text for others is frustrating. Up next: a tutorial on how to write tutorials LOL
23 Apr 2017 13:02
Signature updated with links to Gming 101 and 201 links - Also can be found on bio page and in articles section
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22 Apr 2017 23:07
Welcome to Thunderdome!
21 Apr 2017 19:41
People were warned. ~puts on her Evil GM overload cap~
20 Apr 2017 22:02
Congrats goes out to the peeps in Darker Than Black! We've hit the 12 month mark!! Well done!


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@BrokenPromise It does but only up to a certain amount of people at once - 5 is the limit (well 6 if you include the sender). Only reason I know this is because I have to send out Pm's to rpers a lot who are in my rps so I mass PM constantly. I don't know if the mods can send out more than the general population but that is my experience.
Something else I would like to see on the forum - A defined list of rules for the Status Bar. It gets treated as a black hole on the forum. It is spammed, people talk smut on it constantly, and more. Granted, I would also like to see a limit of updates allowed per 24 hour period but that is a coding issue and nothing can be done about that currently but a list of rules or the rules being enforced there would be wonderful. Though I think sometimes it is a blackhole is because it is looked at as a spam section? Maybe? I'm not sure.

But yeah, an enforcing of forum rules on the status bar over all, or a defined list that applies there would be huge.
@Buddha Perhaps then you should make a request of the mods since they are here and active to move this topic to the Suggestions forum and pin it. As well as linking the posts where people are spatting with each other to be deleted from the thread. People need to report more, so let us start here with getting the bickering posts out the topic and this moved to a place and pinned where it will be more likely seen and less likely forgotten in the long run.
Perhaps something that could be done to draw more into the Arena area is to have a trainer. Fighting in Rp, actual sparring can be daunting to those who are unfamiliar with any system. When in Free, Casual, or Advanced - much of the time fights are just thrown out there and people go at it. Whether it is fighting monsters, villains, or each other. Sometimes the GM moderates the fight and lets people know if things hit but perusing fight scenes in areas out side of the arena I personally would classify most battles I have seen as "Free" (No matter how many paragraphs are put into it or how well the descriptors are) - Why? Because there is no system used.

Now I am old school. I remember when T1/T2/T3 were being developed on various chat programs and Angle Fire was the main hosting site for people making websites trying to break down the rules. (Most fights I see outside of the arena are T3 if you broke it down and took out the fluff.) I personally prefer the T1 system though I utilize the §I T1 Alt variation I developed personally back in the early 2000's. It runs off a base T1 style with Para and Ref influences. For me it works better for forum. (But that is me personally and that is for RP's I Gm personally.)

My point is, not knowing how to fight in RP can be daunting. Looking at the Arena section there is no clear cut guides or explanation pinned concerning "Hey, I'm new but I want to learn, what do I do?!?!" - Now there are several articles in the articles section but as it has been stated several times in this topic people aren't reading these thread, many probably don't even know there are tutorials on certain subjects because they are pushed back and older.

If there was someone active in the Arena area that could write up at least a topic that could be pinned in the section that can link people to these already written articles or write some new ones that fit this forum in particular - it could do a lot for the section.

Arena, I feel does need it's own section because it is a monster all of it's own. Being an RP fighter puts you in a different category than the rest of the Rpers. Sure there are cross overs but in the end they need the separation because of the different set ups and such for their fights. It would be too much getting lost in the mix.

Anywho, once again just my two copper pieces.
K, will be posting tomorrow.
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