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You are the ocean's gray waves, destined to seek life beyond the shore just out of reach. Yet the waters ever change, flowing like time. The path is yours to climb.


I am currently managing Heroes of Beacon, a RWBY roleplay, and have managed several Dungeon Keepers roleplays in the past. I've only recently embarked on a new endeavor: a tournament RP with a unique combat system. Forgive me for melodrama as I say: I can't promise I'm a good man, but I'll do the best I can.

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@Holy Soldier, I would like to enter Slayer in the arena.
Level 3
Day 2
Location: Tetris Castle Grounds
@DracoLunaris @Guardian Angel Haruki @Nerevarine @Zarkun
Experience: |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| (27/30)

The atmosphere of malaise hung over the assembly after Peach's departure, and in her wake, silence took root and began to grow. Having said all they could, the speakers retired to their seats in the audience. In the quiet, respectful moments that followed, some of the attendees began to drift away. By all accounts, the ceremony had finished; when the guests could well up no more tears, think up no more words, and spare no more minutes to the heavy affair, they went their separate ways. After a short while, Slayer concluded that he'd been present long enough. It did not do to dwell on death, after all.

As he stood, he regarded the table of memories one last time whilst hoping that Mario's soul hastened off to a better place faster still than the funeral attendees returned to their own affairs, and spotted an unfamiliar child headed there. Garbed in outlandish, garish clothes that seemed fit to make a mockery of this dignified assembly, the kid drew Slayer's ire, but he watched a moment longer before passing judgment. Before his eyes, the child placed a bouquet of flowers and a bag of what appeared to be mushrooms among the other gifts and memoirs. For a moment the vampire was nonchalant, but he broke down into a smile as gave a slight shake his head toward the ground. ”An immature mind but a good heart. I wonder...such a colorful character must surely be a hero, perhaps called in to replace those who abandoned us in the twilight forest, but at such a young age...” While Slayer ruminated, he seemingly did not notice Naija approaching him until she gave away her presence with a light cough.

He turned halfway, looking over his shoulder to see who it was. Though once again sporting an altered appearance, the gentleman recognized Naija from her introduction the previous day. She did not, it appeared, have much of an attachment to the idea of a consistent appearance. Then again, she had given off the impression of an adaptable heroine, willing to make a sacrifice and alter her body to better do what's right. In a roundabout way, Slayer could appreciate that brand of naivety. He, meanwhile, would not be so eager to experiment with changing himself using elements from other worlds. After witnessing Odin's monstrous transformation, playing riskily with the living, mutagenic corruption known as the Mugen Virus seemed downright foolish. If it worked for Naija, however, he wouldn't hesitate to applaud her courage, so long as she remained free of evil's taint. These thoughts passed as quickly as an autumn breeze, and Slayer pivoted around the rest of the way to face her.

As she spoke, he strode away from the funeral site at a leisurely pace, not just for his own sake. Taking flight at a funeral stood out to him as a somewhat selfish act—hogging the spotlight. If Naija didn't understand she was being rude, he couldn't blame her, but all the same he attempted to steer her in a different direction. Once at a suitable distance, he fell backward into a sitting position, and before he could hit the ground his cape morphed into a winged chair that carried him upward so that he might converse with Naija eye-to-eye. ”Not at all, I could tell it was you. I hope you don't mind me rising to the occasion? I happen to have a touch of distaste for being looked down upon.” He produced his pipe and puffed it once, a knowing look in his eyes and an easy smile on his face. ”I recall you from the meeting yesterday, with your interesting philosophies about heroism. I kept quiet at the time, but for the record I do believe it hinges upon what actions one takes, not one's own views or others' views. It does bemuse me as to why I was chosen for this ordeal, and not the hero of my 'world'. I can only assume it was because of how much free time I had!” Slayer chuckled through his nose. ”In any case, I assure you I did not feel awkward or misplaced in the silence. A consummate gentleman, as I'm sure you're aware, takes any situation in stride, faultless in his bearing. Enough about me, however. Perhaps you'd like to tell me more of yourself? If I'm going to be gallivanting around for much longer, I should like to become better acquainted with my allies.”

His focus slipped off the fishwoman and onto a bizarre bipedal red creature that had taken up a position not too far away. He also identified the technological soldier who'd hung around the backlines in the last battle, who Slayer now knew to be named Varrock. The man sauntered up to the animal, who did not appear to be any trouble, and demanded not just who but what it was. The audacity of the inquiry provoked a wry hmph from the vampire, and he motioned with his head as he remarked to Naija, ”It would appear that our reluctant compatriot is taking the chance to mingle as well, though he seems to have opted for a rather abrasive approach. Perhaps he hasn't quite grasped that anyone around here is an ally, and should be treated appropriately?”
With the voting done, it would seem that there's been a tie...but no! It was a deception!

@Ebonsquire, as much as your readership is appreciated, I would be happy if you refrained from liking combat posts as it could easily lead to a misinterpretation of the results.

Since he, not being a member, doesn't count when it comes to voting, the final tally is 5 for oblivious and 4 for Cyan, making oblivious the winner!

If Cyan does not show up by Wednesday, oblivious, I will demote Garbage to NPC status. If that happens, your round 3 post (the one detailing the end of the fight with Angry Dragon as the winner) will be uncontested, allowing you to claim victory.
About half a day remains to vote for either oblivious or Cyan. Only six have done so thus far. Be sure to weigh in!

It's also worth noting, worryingly perhaps, that Cyan hasn't even been online in 19 days. That might bode ill for the future, but we'll wait a little longer.
Level 2-3
Day 1-2
Location: Outside Abandoned Castle – Garden Funeral
@Hylozoist @Holy Soldier @Gentlemanvaultboy @Lmpkio @Zarkun @Bright_Ops
Experience: |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| (27/30)

In the heat of battle, communication between allies could be drowned out not just by the sounds of fighting, but by the distracted attention of the fighters themselves. By a stroke of luck, the stranger in power armor understood Slayer's intentions and approached him to accept his use as a springboard. ”Heave-ho!” Slayer employed just a smidgen of extra strength to send Samus flying up and over. He turned to watch, a thin anticipatory smile on his face, as she provided just the lightshow he'd been hoping for. An overcharged bolt of energy careened into the Demon Lord's head from an unexpected angle, and it didn't stand a chance. From Slayer's perspective, the obliteration of his great foe's gearbox reminded him of an exploding furnace; raw destructive power poured through the openings in his helm like flames through a forge's grate, and an instant later it disintegrated as well. At that point, the battle was as good as won, but the finale wasn't done quite yet. From above, Balor plummeted down to crush Odin's headless torso, and just like a tin soup can being crushed beneath a compactor, it spewed out its noxious juices between its jagged cracks as it crumpled.

From those grievous wounds, however, something else emerged. A writhing black monstrosity—a vile amalgamation of the several detestable vermin that lurched across the ground, burst from Odin's body, leaving only an empty husk behind. Amorphous beings of darkness weren't unknown to Slayer -his experience with Zato-1's Eddie came to mind- but this, above any other, struck him as a wretch of pure corruption. Its hideous shriek caused the gentleman's lips to curl in disgust, but his eyes widened almost imperceptibly as it made a beeline for none other than Luigi. On instinct Slayer tensed into action to help as best he could, but the plumber's lightning-coated fist repelled the noisome abhorrence before it could dig its fangs in, and Slayer gave an admiring ”Hm!”. That display, though, paled in comparison to what came next. The atmosphere itself seemed to change as the Valkyrie Princess jumped into action. ” going to be good.”

And it was.

A few moments later, as the residual light died down, Slayer removed his monocle to polish it against his jacket. Numerous small tears had appeared, though the vampire couldn't say from where, but the garment served just as will to wipe off the dust that Gwendolyn's incredible attack kicked up. ”My, my,” he murmured. ”Such splendor quite boggles the mind. I count myself lucky to have been a spectator, and not a target.” He replaced his monocle, fixed his hair, then placed his hands in his pockets to stand as a quiet, solemn onlooker while Luigi received his brothers soul. No matter how many deaths he'd seen, each one was a new tragedy. Not being privy to the moment that Mario passed did not mean he could not extend his sincerest sympathy. Slayer didn't say anything to Luigi, for what word to encompass this experience, or bring him solace? He told the plumber all he needed with a single look of mournful resolve—that Slayer's heart was with him.

When the moment came, he smiled to Gwendolyn and Oswald as he shrugged and said, ”I have nothing to ask of you. It was my pleasure to be of assistance. I wish you all the very best in your continued fight.” To Luigi, he replied, ”I am well.” Samus turned to him a moment later and registered in Slayer's mind as female for the first time. He managed a flawless recovery and, considering the current situation, gave a pointedly flat-toned reply. ”It was nothing. The rest of you did all the true work.”

Soon after, he and the rest of the heroes left the world of crystalline twilight behind.


The funeral was a weighty affair. Immaculate in black, Slayer paid his respects to the departed. He hadn't known Mario at all, but that mattered not at all. Even with his limited knowledge of the nature of this extradimensional world and all those it linked to, he fully comprehended the role the plumber in red played within it—nothing less than a legend and a hero, and someone like that Slayer did not hesitate to honor.

For the woman named Peach, he mourned his disinclination to shed tears. Luigi wasn't, it seemed, the only one for whom this loss was brutal. With even less ability to help her than Luigi, Slayer opted to not impose himself, and instead wore a morose expression as he listened to the speakers and wondered what came next.
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