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5 Nov 2016 21:58
Current I want to see things - that no one else can see
15 Aug 2016 2:36
I'll judge you with my Stand! 「Greased Lightning」!
2 Aug 2016 18:16
At maximum overbork
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7 Apr 2016 0:47
Are you tired of peel, peel, peeling potatoes? Stop!
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25 Mar 2016 2:36
You are the ocean's gray waves, destined to seek life beyond the shore just out of reach. Yet the waters ever change, flowing like time. The path is yours to climb.


I am currently managing Heroes of Beacon, a RWBY roleplay, and have managed several Dungeon Keepers roleplays in the past. I've only recently embarked on a new endeavor: a tournament RP with a unique combat system. Forgive me for melodrama as I say: I can't promise I'm a good man, but I'll do the best I can.

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Tomorrow then, likely in the early afternoon, I will light the fuse. I have high hopes that we'll get off to an explosive start!
Hey sorry, I got hit with a lot of work, but tomorrow I will be able to finish my post. It's nearly done already anyway.

Alright. Not long after you do, I'll advance again and get things started for real.
guys there is one last spot for an NPC in the roster who's calling dibs on it

In a previous post, I think, I indicated that I would take care of it, as well. This is no problem, because I was planning to fill it out all myself if nobody helped, so you all have been a great aid so far.

Is it ok if I skip my post this turn. I don't think there is anything I can add to this scene that not everyone has done already and pretty well at that.

That's fine.
Honestly, I'm getting rather frustrated with my two teamates.

Sorry about that. It's been woefully commonplace that the RP's new members desert almost immediately for some time. It's one reason why I am always hesitant about admitting new people.
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