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Trump was mostly memeable because of his silly public persona. Le Pen seems more like the serious doomsday right-winger a la Ted Cruz.



However, if you do support Marine Le Pen, you're a racist. So..... you know....
I'm aware he does other things, are you denying he fans division at all?

Oh he rises to the occasion, no question about that.

So do the Neo-Nazi groups that hailed Trump, and Trump's refusal to disavow a leader of the KKK make you the guys? If no then why should this apply to the anti-Trump crowd?

What? He denounced these asshats like a thousand times. Google "did Trump disavow white nationalists." You'll get a hundred hits. Or watch Spicer address the coverage with Wolf Blitzer. About five minutes in.

Meanwhile, would-be VP Tim Kaine (edit: his son, sorry, meant to put that in here and got caught up linking) is an active participant in the shittery. The DNC and the Clinton Campaign actively participated in the shittery. This isn't six degrees of Kevin Bacon -- they're straight-up doing this shit.

No, I did not say that. I do not support the behaviour of these groups, in fact I would happily disavow them, something Trump refuses to do again and again when it comes to the bad apples on his side. I also meant pettiness as in they're being petty and he is responding in kind, I was not pointing solely to Trump. He is not simply responding, he insults anyone who disagrees with him and belittles the concerns of the people he is supposed to represent. Obama put up with the crap of the tea party and birthers, and I can't remember him calling people losers via twitter...

He didn't use Twitter for that, no.

... or threatening freedom of the press.

Well about that.... Also, it's not like the left needs to worry about the press, they own the press. Hell, they straight-up ARE the press.

@mdkI get my information on Trump from his own twitter feed, where he calls anyone who disagrees with him weak, a loser, or fake news/media. How is that anything other than fanning division?

This twitter feed? He does a lot more than 'fan division.'

But antifascist groups aren't the only ones protesting Trump.

I mean there's also convicted terrorists, convicted kidnapper/torturer/murderers, proponents of racial violence, and actual literal nazis. At some point you really have to stop and think.

And he's the President and they're not. He's supposed to have dignity and rise above pettiness. You can't blame everybody except the President, the buck is supposed to stop with him.

"We can act like shitheads all we want and if you respond at all you're petty" -- wait, who's the troll again?
<Snipped quote by mdk>

I agree to some extent with that. I'm not going to pretend to understand fully the distinction between the strategies used, however the repetitive use of drone strikes didn't appear to be accomplishing anything to me. I don't necessarily favour a stronger approach than previously but I do favour a more purposeful one. I know that here in the UK for awhile our government only bothered to bomb ISIS before press releases, it was absurdly passe.

But globalised communications bring the fight home too. No matter how much spending you put into the military they can't fight a war in your own country. If we want to stop terrorism, which is supposedly what this is about, we have to engage in the ideological war at home too. Trump is vastly outgunned in that department. He's a caricature of an American who repeatedly seems incapable of seeing other viewpoints or stringing an argument together. He's done nothing but stir up divisions at home so far.

"He's done nothing but stir up divisions at home so far" -- well, ah, um.... would you argue if I pointed out that the divisions are stirring themselves up? The stated objective of the Democrat party right now, right this very minute, is "make Trump furious." AntiFa is literally throwing bombs at pro-Trump rallies. "Impeach Trump" started before day one of the presidency. And I could go on and on, but the point is this: Trump isn't the one sowing discord here. If you're seeing a caricature you might wanna think about where you're getting your info. He's actually done quite a bit.

Anyway, moving back to the start of the post: drones honestly did accomplish quite a bit. The reason we're dealing with ISIS, and not Al Qaeda, is that we basically took AQ apart with drone strikes, bit by bit, piece by piece. It was very effective -- against the organization. What it failed to do was address the core ideology, because drones are the pinnacle of non-commitment. Drones are what you send when you don't care enough to put boots on the ground or even remotely near the ground. Like I said, still plenty effective in the short term. We killed a lot of terrorists with drones, and lots of them were senior leadership -- awesome, right? The MOAB was just one strike, so you can't exactly call it a strategy just yet, but it does a lot more than just kill a few guys. We destroyed an entire cave system -- that's a force-multiplier, it's what makes 100 or so terrorists seem like 500 because it enables them to do more damage.

.....and I'm getting a little into the weeds, so let's just slow it down and simplify. Obama's drone policy was under executive control -- basically he was running it. He controlled the rules of engagement. Trump has left all of that to one of the greatest military minds America has ever produced, and that's not an exaggeration, Mattis is a real-life anime war genius wunderkind. With one bomb, he's got these guys so rattled that they're already scrambling to make friends. (I know we hate them both, but they have not been friends).

TL:DR it's working, and we're not invading anybody. Hell we even got China to turn on the DPRK. Jesus it's all going so well.
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