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Upon reflection I prioritized Luca's reaction to the more interesting (to him) spectacle. But hey -- if he survives (that's a maybe) we might learn something? RISKS!

edit: also I didn't mention it in the post, because it's not something Luca would ever consciously think about, but he's got all kinds of robo-coordination in his bio, which makes such an improbable diving-save more feasible.
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"Donny, huh...." And just like that, Donny was off. Hey, wait a second! Luca wanted to say, but as he followed the gunman with his eyes he saw three more bodies, or.... wait, three of the same b.... what the hell is going on here? The replicating corpses were entirely more interesting than the electrochemical goings-on at the limousine, so rather than inspecting that whole situation, Luca wound up following Donny like a puppy. But he certainly noticed the spreading reaction, and part of his subconscious was striving -- and failing -- to understand the mechanics. It manifested as a surreal sense of danger, as something unnatural -- impossible -- and malevolent. His attention nonetheless was drawn to Donny's interrogation of a corpse which, apparently, was not dead, and had been shot not with a firearm but with some even more primitive stick-like weapon. When did that happen and what was I looking at? Luca wondered.

"I'll spare you the convincing talk about how much longer and more pleasant your life will be if you cooperate. You got ten seconds to tell me information good enough to make me think twice about seeing what happens when a fella takes a few rounds from this puppy in the balls."

He doesn't waste time in conversation either, was the gist of Luca's reaction. He kept it to himself.

The knight -- one of the knights? A knight -- none of this made sense -- appeared to rise from the dead. One of the sticks was protruding from its face, dripping blood. In his hand was a cylindrical tool.... an assaying furnace? A strange one, if it were one, or some kind of high tech...

Luca's musings were short-lived. "Something like this," said the knight.

"DON'T!" Donny's captive cried in horror.

Luca reacted on instinct. He dove at the knight and grabbed his arm, slowing -- but not stopping -- its movement. His thoughts were racing too quickly to keep track of them all. Tesla chemical weapon death death STOP him STOP STOP danger plating death "No! NO! NO! NO!" PAIN!!!

Luca only managed to keep the implement from striking the ground by grabbing the business end with his left hand. But something inside commanded him to stop the weapon. He held on with all his might, with no plan-B and, for that matter, no plan-A either.
Incidentally @Terminal, since Luca is (canon) knowledgeable about what's going on, is there anything in particular you'd like to be going on? My intention is to improvise some science for the current predicament and run with it full-force, so if there's any conclusion he SHOULD be reaching -- i.e. there's some very specific thing happening that should be clear to this character (and that I wouldn't figure out with a quick refresher on Faraday cages), it might......

.....well what I'm asking here is this: is there any information readily available to Luca that will facilitate an accurate assessment by mdk?
Gavlan wheel. Gavlan deal.
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"There's an open window, get to it," he said.

You don't have to tell me twice, thought Luca.

"Get out, now," he said again.

Oh. Right.

Luca tumbled face-first through the window, landing sloppily on his shoulders and back. He scrambled up and started moving away from the vehicle, but paused when he saw the corpses lying in the road. He stared at them. What a terrible waste. In Luca's timeline, life was the only scarcity in the universe. To shed blood was unthinkable, and those who shed it were detestable. He looked at the driver, or what was left of him -- or it? It was difficult to tell whether the driver had been alive or merely a simulacrum, so total was the annihilation. Luca's knees felt weak. And I am meant.... I am meant to.... follow that man? He stared at the shooter. Calm. Unaffected. Without remorse. How can he just stand there? What is wrong with him?

Then all at once Luca had a realization. [i]Oh, shit. How can I just stand here in the middle of the road? What's wrong with [b]me?[/i] He sprinted towards the nearest wall and pressed himself against it. As luck would have it, this random vector put him nearly shoulder-to-shoulder with the red-haired shooter. Sssssshhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiii........

"Who are you?" he asked. In his mind he had phrased it more elegantly, but when he spoke he simply blurted.
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