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19 Jan 2017 5:34
Current Had pretty much zero time today. Running around for most of the day. No time for posts-tomorrow should be less busy.
15 Jan 2017 20:26
Gentlemen, I think we've fallen victim to Poe's Law.
15 Jan 2017 20:16
*Cough* Pinochet *cough* regime change *cough* overthrow of democratically elected governments *cough*
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15 Jan 2017 17:59
"Why is it that people like you always think you're more ruthless than people like me?"
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14 Jan 2017 19:48


Hello there.

I'm Ophidian,as you might have guessed, I have a certain fondness for snakes. I'm also interested in history (with middle eastern and mongolian histories being of particular interest to me) and anthropology. Aside from this, I tend to enjoy lovecraftian fiction, various genres of sci-fi, historical fiction and low fantasy with the occasional tidbit of high fantasy.

Ah yes, I'm gay. That may be pertinent. If this is an issue, I kindly direct you to the nearest den of starving lions. Or wolves. Whichever you prefer.

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Swanky new joint. I like it

Is that new carpeting?
@Ophidian Two spots remain if new claims are final.

The island way up north or the bit of land down south.

As being Undead, we shall see what Spleen thinks.

Way up north would likely be ideal then, as I've got some ideas regarding stereotypical takes on Vampires. And this requires a certain...environment.

I'll await their input then. Thank you kindly for the response!

There any room remaining? I know there's quite a few private agreements about here. And the map is quite full so....

If so, would an undead faction be particularly objectionable?
@Ophidian As I've told people before, your sheet needs to be more trimmed down and concise than it is. At the very least, I need a cliffnotes version covering the important parts of your sheet without all the fluffed up language and unnecessary verbiage. There's no section on the sheet that should need to be more than three paragraphs to get the core concepts across.

I'll just show myself out then. It would I am incompatible with this RPG.
@Ophidian But the thing is, we don't need him that much since the rules are arbitrary at best. As in there is none aside from don't be a god modding derp, or an meta gaming edge lord. Not to say we don't need him. But if he has to take breaks. We can definitely move on without guidance. Since I can only hope we are all able to work through any disagreements that come along etc.

Well, you might not, but from the looks of it, he's the guy looking over newbie sheets right now. And I just submitted one. So I figured it was best for me to put my two cents in. :p

also I apperciate your avatar.
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