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Current Working, essentially, second shift blows. I hate getting home after midnight. xD
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Any day now, I'll have my first kid. Mini Rilla. #Awesome


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So, after watching @Dynamo Frokane's card battle, I had an idea to add to it, but instead adopted it to its own thing.

It's a little intensive, and involves numbers. Players Hit Points, power(unarmed) and speed would be calculated by player size, in terms of build. For instance:

Light Build: Hits for One Damage, has smaller amount of HP, but can move up to, say 3, spaces in a turn.

Medium Build: Hits for Two Damage, a medium amount of HP, and can move two spaces.

Heavy Build: Hits for Three Damage, a higher amount of HP, and can move only one space.

All these numbers are scalable, but that is the general gist - small moves faster, bigger hits harder.

Movement is based on the grid as well, with each space being one, and each diagonal move counting as two spaces moved, up/down-left/right.

Weapons range/Power is based on the weapon size:

Dagger sized: One space, diagonal counts as one. 2 HP of Damage

Sword sized: Two spaces, 3 HP of Damage

Great sword/Halberd/Spear: Three Spaces. 4 Damage

Armor would act generally in the same vein:

No Armor: Would provide no bonuses to HP, but also no penalities to speed.

Light armor: 2-3 HP bonus, but a minus One to Movement

Heavy Armor: 4-5 HP Bonus, but a minus Two to Movement.

Magic and Archery are mirror images of each other, but with key differences. One uses magic, which would have its own mana system in a full version, and the other uses a finite, but quickly deployed, bevy of arrows. Each causes 3 damage, but after a set range the damage diminishes by one point per every two spaces.


Would anyone be interested in testing this? I'll be testing out ways to post the grid, after I attain the proper paper for it.

This is the general idea, and sort of a takeoff of a dice system I tested out with an old mod, Lancrist - the cheeky bugger.

In Card Game Beta Battle 21 Mar 2017 22:42 Forum: Arena Roleplay
<Snipped quote by Rilla>

And I have pre-established card list, nearly 100, it was a long task making all of them but its the only way it can work. I'm keeping the list secret for now. But I'm happy to make a starter deck for anyone.

Watching mainly. I had me some ideas, but they would be rather intensive. Would require someone better at being around than me. Haha.
In Card Game Beta Battle 21 Mar 2017 10:54 Forum: Arena Roleplay
As an observer, and someone in creating a viable card user, a quick question @Dynamo Frokane.

Do they come up with their own cards, or is there an established list?
In Arena Chat Thread 30 Jan 2017 12:31 Forum: Arena Roleplay
Hey LeeRoy
In Arena Chat Thread 29 Jan 2017 17:53 Forum: Arena Roleplay
Gimme some time.

No, I've participated in multi man battles before. It was just out of nowhere. Unfortunately, I'll be passing. As it wouldn't fit with the coming narrative
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