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31 Jul 2015 0:18
Current Working, essentially, second shift blows. I hate getting home after midnight. xD
17 May 2015 18:23
Any day now, I'll have my first kid. Mini Rilla. #Awesome


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In Arena Chat Thread 30 Jan 2017 12:31 Forum: Arena Roleplay
Hey LeeRoy
In Arena Chat Thread 29 Jan 2017 17:53 Forum: Arena Roleplay
Gimme some time.

No, I've participated in multi man battles before. It was just out of nowhere. Unfortunately, I'll be passing. As it wouldn't fit with the coming narrative
In Arena Chat Thread 28 Jan 2017 20:16 Forum: Arena Roleplay
<Snipped quote by Rilla>

I was a Ram, actually. I am in the tournament, yeah, but it's not that high intensity surprisingly (despite being in three fights simultaneously.)

You were some weird as animal. But if you want in, I'll set it up soon. It'll be a lot of story and of course, you can add to it and all. Multi person world building.
In Arena Chat Thread 28 Jan 2017 18:25 Forum: Arena Roleplay
<Snipped quote by Rilla>


Still chest stabbing?
In Arena Chat Thread 28 Jan 2017 16:33 Forum: Arena Roleplay
You sure you wanna do it again, you were the penguin, and ina. Tournament. Has that officially started yet?
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