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In Arena Chat Thread 24 Apr 2017 14:59 Forum: Arena Roleplay
Shit. You fucks woke Guru up
I don't want to see the arena merged, at all. There is, in my opinion, nothing inherently wrong with the current layout - at all.

Arena sections are a staple on most, if not all, roleplaying sites. If you think this one is dead, please never go to Gateway. While it may not be the most active forum on Guild, and it has never been, it has its place. While most fights are 1x1, our rules are different from a normal RP, either group or 1x1.

For Guild's current layout, it was perfectly suited and fine where it is. Such changes won't effect activity, a stated somewhere back before, and luckily has admittedly little chance of happening. Mahz actually gives us pretty free reign in there, and let's us try out our ideas - hence the leaderboard he implemented on our suggestion.

My take on it, is leave it alone. We dint bother people, don't need to share a space, and in general, handle things in a way that works for us.
Candy Land that devolved into something out of Five Nights and Freddies, A ladyboy expo, Sand sphere in space. The kind of stuff our kind can think up is always interesting.

Not so much space, but the space station was held up by the glass spire thing as it was falling. Actually, I think I can find it. I came in 4th for that tournament, also lost all my characters abilities except one. Damn that skin thief.
What's the weirdest place you've fought in an RP fight? (General question to the public. The Bouncy Castle takes the cake for me.)

Space station fell down, a sand manipulator created a giant glass spire thing.

That as fun.

I also took some arenas from Dead Fantasy.
All fights, no matter the power tier, no matter the format or venue, ranked or unranked, tournament or funsies, go the same way. Nine out of ten fights are total moose piss that make you wonder why you still waste your life on this damn game. That tenth fight is the perfect-storm-of-awesome reminder you need to keep going at it.

Frustration makes many a player do many a silly thing. We've all been there. Don't sweat it too hard, Ev. Just remember to keep your mask on and suplex harder in the future.

The only reason I still even occasionally dabble in the Arena is becausenof the fight that drew me in, my white whale that I have never been able to find again - so it's my mission to participate in a fight that gave me the same feeling. Oh and some of the people I've met. Including Melon there, and Xavier, whom I've known since before Guild
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