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Meant to post a lot sooner. Home life suddenly decided I don't need time to myself after work these days.
"The severity of your actions means little; an infraction is an infraction," Manami countered Keita's excuses with her usual sharp tone, never wavering in her resolute compliance with the rules. Granted, the rules didn't expressly forbid changing clothes after school, on school grounds, but more and more students seemed to be growing ignorant of the implied intent behind words these days. And it totally had nothing to do with Manami perhaps reading too much into text at times.

The strict student had plenty more to say - most of it recycled from the trillion other discussion she'd had - but Keita's update on the app kept her silent for now. She listened intently, managing to more-or-less follow what he was talking about. Computing was not her forte, but she was hardly oblivious to the subject. As far as she could make out, at least, whatever the source of Strange Gospel was, the developer had not only managed to create many fake locations... but completely hide the true source, even to someone she could consider somewhat specialised in that field. Well, as much as a high-school student could be, maybe.

Manami appeared to be lost in thought for a few moments, not immediately replying to Keita. This whole situation was pretty disturbing, and it was frustrating just how little she could do. Doing whatever she could was a noble enough idea, but her possible actions were just so limited!

...Well, she could at least make sure no sstudent was left alone after school.

"...I suppose I am done," Manami eventually replied, glancing at the school gates, "given your refusal to adopt proper, healthy sleeping habits, I suppose I should escort you home, lest you fall asleep at the nearest bench."
The sight of a student out of uniform crossed Manami's vision, and, grateful for the chance to distract herself from thoughts of Strange Gospel, immediately donned her disapproving expression of disapproval. It conveyed disapproval to the target.
She strode to the student that had caught her eye, a dark-haired boy that, for some inexplicable reason, had decided to change out of their uniform before leaving school. Why?! She didn't care that the school day had ended, it was the duty of the students to proudly wear their uniforms until they returned home! Changing before you'd even left the building was nothing more than disrespectful to the expectations placed upon them!

"...May I ask why you are dressed like that?" Manami addressed him from behind. Her tone was a tad more confrontational than usual, perhaps due to the stress of recent events. Regardless, she wasn't one to lose her composure over this - it annoyed her to no end, but flying off the handle immediately did no one any favours, even if someone was a repeat offender.

It was no doubt apparent to the students that Manami was acting slightly off today.

The current head of the disciplinary committee, as always, stood by the school's gates at the end of the school day, keeping a stern eye on her peers. Or at least, she was supposed to be. Normally, she would reprimand anyone getting lazy with their appearance just because school hours were over, or if they were simply leaving too fast for her liking... but today, her eyes wandered over the others and she said nothing. She simply folded her arms, lips pursed as troubles ailed her thoughts.

Things were getting extremely hectic lately. Her usual complaints aside, lately that stupid app had been all the rage (and led to so many phone confiscations - popularity of apps meant nothing before the rules, damn it!), and she'd pegged it for trouble ever since the start. Not because there was anything overtly sinister about the thing - apparent predictions aside - but because it could, and most certainly was, a disruptive influence to the students.

And now, users of the app were disappearing.

Manami wouldn't be an immediate guess as a user of Strange Gospel, and that guess would be correct. That said, she had most definitely seen it in action during one of her first confiscations. As if showing the stupid thing's features would change her mind. That said, the fact it managed to show she would be twenty yen short for a sandwich during lunch the next week was... concerning. She considered the possibility that it was a video someone took from awhile ago and uploaded to the 'net like a creepy weirdo. But something niggled at the back of her mind, denying this could be the case.

And then, the spate of disappearances that only seemed to target users of the app... Manami didn't consider herself easily intimated. Her background and personality certainly showed she wasn't afraid of confrontation... but this was just too strange. How were her schoolmates disappearing? Was she a target too? Manami didn't even possess a phone that could download the app, but why did she have the horrifying feeling that just seeing the app in use had 'marked' her?

And then, on top of that, there was apparently a stranger in a trenchcoat hanging around?!

It spoke of Manami's incredibly self-restraint to prevent herself from screaming into the air in frustration, potentially freaking out . Lazy, slobbish students she could deal with. This was just getting riidiculous!

Ah, yes, the cherry on top: a recurring dream she could not understand, nor did she have a strong desire to at the moment. She leaned against the school's boundary, her present task momentarily forgotten. It sure took a lot to take her mind off of her duties, and damn was there a lot on her mind right now.
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