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I'm Tuujaimaa. It's pronounced Too-Jai-Mah. You could also call me Alex.

I am from Britain. I like video games. I am a raging homosexual (I get the raging from my mother's side).

I normally frequent the IRC.

That is all.

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etc. etc.
I'm getting over a particularly nasty case of bronchitis, but I am around.
I have been struck down by not only a terrible cold, but now also a chest infection. Breathing is a lot of effort.

I'll check periodically, but I might be a little MIA for the next week or two.
Indeed - the Natrelmoves giveth, and the Natrelmoves taketh away. I gracefully concede etc. etc.
The holiday season at the end of the year is always a particularly busy time for people, so it shouldn't really come as a surprise to anyone that things have slowed down. It may be sad to see things grind to a halt, but that's what late December is like.

@Dawnscroll - Maybe people would be more inclined to keep you in the loop if you didn't sound like such a self-entitled asshat when you make update posts. Raven is obviously stretched thin at the moment, and the end of the year is calling, so slow responses are going to be the norm. I appreciate that it is difficult for you to have written such a large post and to have gotten nothing back, but Raven /physically cannot/ match what you're doing and still keep pace with everyone else.

Chill dafuq out.

He will get to you with what he can, when he can. It may not be pleasant to have to wait when some people have already gotten posts and you haven't, but coming across as you have will not make things go any more quickly or compel anyone to write any more quickly for you.
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