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To be completely honest, I can't specify what kind of person I'm looking for. Someone... patient, I guess. But, to make some things clear.

First and foremost, english is not my first language. That, in no way, means I don't try. It only means that some of my posts are awesome, some... Well, not so much. If you can't deal with that, there's no need for you to read on.
Second, my schedule can get pretty crazy from time to time so don't expect I'll write 10 posts per day. Sometimes it will be 5, sometimes 1. Also, I can't promise every single one will have exactly 503 words or something like that. I don't like to do things halfheartedly and creativity isn't something you can force; quality over quantity.
Furthermore, I'm fairly new to role-playing so I'm not quite sure what my preferences are just yet. On the bright side, that means I'm willing to try out nearly anything. Fandoms, though, aren't really my style; I'm afraid I wouldn't do justice to any of them.
Neko, and all the other similar furry creatures, are something I do have a thing for :)
Also, I prefer email or PM's over forums.

Oh, and no, I don't have any awesome plot ideas right now ^^

I think that's about it. PM if you're interested :)
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You seem like my type of person! I'm not an expert RPer but... I wanna RP with you! ^^ Send me a PM! or just... reply back??
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I'll RP with you :) send me a PM if you 1: Aren't a zombie, 2: Aren't an evil robot bent on taking over the Earth, and 3: want to RP with me.
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I'd like to RP with you! PM me?
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