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Hey guys, I'm really sorry but I think I may have to drop out. I hate to do so because finding a lasting community like this is very rare, and the things that have been happening have been so interesting, but I've just not been able to find time to post. I don't want to hold anyone back, so I've been kind of stressing over it.
Feel free to take over Cyan either as a PC or NPC if you want, I know Bee's wanting to do a collab. I also still plan on sticking around here and in the discord, even if I'm not playing playing. I'm too curious about the shenanigans ensuing not to. Plus, you guys are an absolute blast :D
And who knows, maybe time will open up for me at some point and I'll be able to jump back in again!

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Cyan sat atop his throne with the back of his head resting on his hands. It was pretty boring up here, and quite uncomfortable. Maybe sticking the throne on top of a huge mound of gold and valuable artifacts wasn't the best decision, as it caused the thrown to slant at a fifteen or so degree angle. Not to mention the throne itself was rather small, and so he had to sit on it sideways with his legs hanging over one chair arm and his middle back on the other. It was kinda painful, but there weren't any other chairs.

And above all else, despite hating to admit it, the boy felt lonely. Nobody else was allowed in the palace after all. He would have loved to invite some other people to play some baseball, or hide and seek, or just hang out. Maybe he should revoke that rule, he had the power after all. Unfortunately, that wasn't possible. People were only ever after the gold. It's not like this was the first time he'd considered allowing others in. Cyan had revoked the rule several times before, each under different circumstances and with different conditions, but every time he found the room emptier than it was before. People never cared about him.

The fox tail, which was originally draped around his torso, drooped so much that it slid off and lay on the seat of the throne. Cyan sighed. He wanted to go for a walk, but that wasn't possible either. If nobody was here to guard the treasure, it'd all be gone by the time he came back. Samoth came by sometimes and guarded the palace (from outside, of course) which allowed the boy to stretch his legs in the forest, but Samoth was a third year. Third years had all kinds of things they needed to do in preparation for graduation. It wasn't often that the older boy was around.

Suddenly, one of the coins in the pile loosened under the pressure of the throne. As it began to slide down the pile, a chain reaction occurred. The treasure pile turned into a treasure avalanche, and Cyan was balancing, poorly, on top. The boy tried to slide off the chair to stand somewhere safe, but the throne fell over with him on it, and he began to get covered. The treasure was bearing down on his chest and he couldn't move. As a pile of gold coins flowed over his face, he found himself unable to breathe. This is where he'd die, strangled by his own treasure...

The boy awoke, struggling against two arms that were squeezing him much too tightly. His face was pressed up against some round blob of flesh and he was running out of air. Pushing as hard as he could against the belly of the beast, Cyan finally managed to make some room for some air. After taking some deep breaths, he managed to calm himself down to some extent. Ah yes, he was at Meredith's house, meaning this thing was probably Meredith's belly. The boy distinctly remembered her saying she'd sleep on the floor. So much for that. As fatigued as he was, the boy decided walking back to the academy was definitely the better option at this point.

Wriggling the best he could, he somehow managed to escape the death grip the girl had on him and he flopped onto the carpeted floor. A wave of relief washed over him and he lay panting for a moment. That was the most intense and unwanted hug he'd ever experienced, and he'd experienced quite a few unwanted hugs in his time. But now that he was free, he needed to somehow make it back to St. Laurel's, and he still didn't know where it was.

After thinking for a second, he began to look around Meredith's room for a phone charger. He didn't need to charge it much, just plug it in so he could use it to look up general directions. From there he'd be able to make it on his own by memory.


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Cyan would have seriously been fine with sleeping on the floor, but he supposed a compromise would have to be made if either of them were gonna get any sleep that night.
"Alright, I'll sleep in the bed," he conceded, deciding not to mention Meredith's contradiction in saying that nobody should sleep on the floor immediately before volunteering to do so. At this point he just wanted to sleep. He removed his shoes and put them together beside the bed, then rolled under the covers. Facing the wall with his back to whatever Meredith might be up to, he closed his eyes.



This was really bad. Everything was fluff. It was like he failed the worst possible coin-flip and got covered in tails. Not to mention the fact that he'd never been in a bed so objectively comfortable before, and it was actively making it difficult for him to sleep.
'Maybe once she falls asleep, I'll take a blanket and sleep on the floor after all. People fall out of bed all the time, she wouldn't blame me for that, right?' he thought, and lay still in an attempt to listen for signs of Meredith sleeping.

"I'm gonna hunt you, Mr. Hamsalot..." he heard a mumbling and tensed up in surprise.
'The heck? Is she playing video games? I'll never be able to escape this padded prison!'
Slowly rolling over as naturally for someone to be asleep as he could, he peaked through one eye. There she was, lying on the floor and wrapped with her own wings, and most definitely sleeping. Okay, good. Mission Jailbreak: Begin.

Unsure of how light a sleeper the girl was, he did his best to make as little noise as possible. Rolling up the blanket on the bed, he inched his way to the edge and put his feet over. Halfway there. Putting the large ball of comforter on his lap, he began to stand up when suddenly nyan cat began to play.

'Crap, the alarm! I've been caught!' Cyan quickly unrolled the blanket and laid back in bed as if he were sleeping.

"INTERNAL BLEEDING?! Oh Satan take me!" Meredith almost screamed in response to what turned out to be her phone, not an elaborate trap set to make sure he stayed confined within this ocean of cozy suffering.

'Wait, internal bleeding? That's a bad thing!' The boy thought and bolted upright.
"What's going o-" he began to say until he say Meredith changing and immediately averted his eyes and lay back in bed. Maybe she wouldn't notice he "woke up".

"WILL YOU PIPE DOWN, MAMMOTH!" shouted a younger female voice. Great, now there were more people. Pulling the blanket up to cover his eyes and ears so he couldn't see or hear, he gave in to the inevitability of never getting out of this bed until morning and did his best dead fish impression. Once he got tired enough, he'd probably fall asleep despite the unearthly luxuriousness of this piece of furniture. Probably.

Then the mattress began to compress as another body, a small one, lay down on it. At this point Cyan was beyond caring about what happened around him.
'Just sleep. Just sleep. Just sleep.'


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Cyan's relaxing vacation on the floor was interrupted by the surprise appearance of a classmate.

"Hi Ceylon! Are you on a late errand too? My mother wants whipped cream and strawberries but I didn't see her bake a cake at all tonight. It's curious. Oh... are you that tired? You can't sleep in the floor, silly, it's dirty!" She rambled a greeting, sounding like she was attempting cheeriness but was audibly tired.

"No, I was just..." Cyan trailed off as he turned to look at the monster that was drooling all over the window. Now that he got a better look at it in the light, it... Well, it didn't have glowing red eyes.
"Uh... Yeah, my phone ran out of batteries." It took him a moment to regain his trail of thought, but once found he tossed in a non-sequitur. It was probably best not to admit that he'd been running at top speed for the past five minutes to get away from that thing. Even if he knew better, she would probably think of it as a lovable newfoundland dog.

Pulling himself back to his feet, Cyan brushed off the seat of his pants. The other student hadn't been lying about the state of the floor. This place needed a janitor, someone at least as good at cleaning as his tail accidentally was. The boy grimaced as he pulled off a few leaves and brushed off bits of dust that collected in his tail. Some of it was probably from running from the dog though.

"So... Meredith, right? How come your mom's making you come out here in the middle of the night?" Cyan asked in an awkward attempt to not be awkward. Luckily he knew her name, even if she didn't know his. It wasn't that he was especially good at names, she was just one of the more memorable students in his class, even if he hadn't talked to her before.


"Sorry for keeping you hanging, but it turns out Andras would not be affected by the first casting of any spell, meaning that you'd have to get heads twi-" Suddenly the phone beeped once and shut off. Cyan's phone had run completely out of batteries. Hopefully they would be able to continue whatever plan they had without his help. Something about raising the dead so someone wouldn't attack someone else? It was all very confusing, but Cyan wished William the best.

However, at this point in time, he had his own problems to figure out. There was no way he could just continue sleeping in someone's house, he could get into a lot of trouble if anyone found out. So he basically needed to find his way back to the academy.
'Now seems like a pretty good time to use a coin-flip, but if I can figure things out without it, that would be better,' he through, and looked around. It was a partly cloudy night, but there were a few lampposts dotting the area so he could see alright. It seemed like he was in a pretty nice part of the city. Big, house-like buildings with neatly trimmed hedges and trees. Signs posted out front showed that they were businesses rather than homes, though. A lawyer here, a doctor there, a funeral home...

Cyan frowned at the realization of what the comfortable box thing had been. He didn't want to be here anymore.
"Heads I get some power back in my phone, tails, uh... I get chased by a big dog," he mumbled as an ordinary gray coin materialized on his fist. Immediately after flipping it into the air, he reached up and grabbed it out of habit, speeding up the flipping process. However, he didn't even need to check what the result was. A low, gutteral growl from behind him gave it away.

'Crap!' The boy took off running immediately. That was like the third bad flip in a row. Taking a quick glance behind him, Cyan saw what was indeed, a big dog. It was maybe the size of a wheelbarrow and had thick, dark brown fur. And also sharp teeth. And probably glowing red eyes. And it was fast. Using its loud and constant barking to gauge its distance behind him, he focused on searching for somewhere, anywhere he could go to get away from this demon.

Cyan slammed the door shut behind him, panting almost as loudly as the beast on the other side, which had stopped and was now staring at him through the window. After taking a minute to calm his nerves and catch his breath, he looked over to the young store clerk that had the unfortune of manning the small convenience store at the wee hours of the night.
"That's... That's not my dog," he said, and slid to the floor.

Ascot, Andras, and Cyan

TAGS: @Letter Bee @Crowvette @CavnderOHeart

Cyan appeared in a room even darker than the one he left, but it was definitely more cozy. After his eyes adjusted to the sunset light straining through the closed window shades, he saw he was in what appeared to be a living room of some sort. On the floor was a thick, comfortable carpet, and against the wall with the double window was a couch. A couple other comfortable-looking armchairs were also in the room. On two walls opposite of each other were bookshelves, the contents of which were quite varied in size and thickness. In the middle of the room was a large table with some sort of equally-large, comfortably-lined box. Cyan hadn't a clue what that could be.

Being too tired to really care about much other than sleeping at this point, but still thinking clearly enough to realize that he was probably trespassing, he decided to curl up in the corner next to the couch rather than sleep on the couch itself. Would make it less likely he'd be spotted. Luckily, the carpet was more than worthy of sleeping upon. He then pulled his fluffy tail over himself as a makeshift blanket and fell into a deep sleep, thoroughly exhausted.

He suddenly awoke to the chorus of The Final Countdown by Europe, and knocked his head against the hard plaster wall.

His first thought was, 'Ow!' followed by, 'Crap, I'm trespassing and now my phone is going to wake them up!' He rubbed his head as he attempted to fumble his ringing phone out of his back pocket while lying down. Finally managing it, he held it over to his face and noticed the clock in the corner.

1:43 AM

'Who on earth would be calling me at this time at night?' he thought, and swiped across. Unknown caller ID. This could only mean one thing.

'Wrong number,' he thought, a bit irritated, and hung up.

William Ascot thanked Vernon with a smile and a "Thank You; make sure he only shoots at the wheels of that half-demon's transportation and does not kill anyone," but frowned when he mentioned Cyan. "To be honest, I was going to call him now to help boost mine and Andras' luck so that we pull the right cards. As for a love triangle, only if he's willing. Emphasis on willing."

Andras blinked. 'Shoots at the wheels? Love triangle? H-Have these amazing things been happening all around me without me being aware of it?' She studied the two boys with a renewed perspective, but decided to keep her speculation to herself.

And with that, Ascot searched for the fox-boy's phone number on the White Pages, the privately-owned database of cellphone numbers. Once he was done, he would send a text message: Hey, Cyan, it's me, William Ascot, the St. Laurel's Student who frequents the library a lot. I need your help; am willing to pay $1000 out of my private savings; been saving it up since I was eight. Text me back if you're willing.

No answer.

Ascot decided to call Cyan through voice instead this time. No answer again. He attempted one more time and finally got through.
"Hello, Mr. Bridget?! It's me, William Ascot! A fellow St. Laurel's student! And I'm willing to pay $1,000 dollars out of my private savings for your help!" he said over the phone, a note of desperation in his voice.

After hanging up, Cyan stood up. He was still drowsy of course, but after getting some rest he realized the importance of not being found in somebody else's house. He unlocked the one of the two doors that lead outside, and his phone started playing music again.

'Well they must be trying to reach me if they're ringing me a second time,' he thought, slightly embarressed by the idea that he just hung up on someone.

Pulling his phone out of his pocket, he tapped the answer call button and held it up to his ear.
"Hello, Mr. Bridget?! It's me, William Ascot! A fellow St. Laurel's student! And I'm willing to pay $1,000 dollars out of my private savings for your help!" the voice on the other side almost seemed to shout in the quiet.

"One thousa- Hold on," Cyan whispered and glanced behind him to the other door, afraid someone would come through. Satisfied that nobody was coming yet, he left whatever building he ended up in, locking the door again before closing it.

"Alright, what is this about?" he asked in a hushed, and rather confused, voice.

The answer was short, with a low, fast, nervous tone. "I need two things. One is a boost to luck for me and another person, Andras - you may know her as Alexandria Sova. Another is a boost to my health; my life force. Two coin-flips for 500 dollars each, right?"

Cyan didn't know anyone named Andras or Alexandria Sova. He didn't even think he knew this William, though he did recognize the name.

"Um, well, what's this for? Like, I could try to do those things, but if I know what it's for maybe there's a better way to do it," he asked, slightly puzzled. Nobody had really asked him to coin-flip for them as a service before. He then added, "And it's not really two coin-flips, it could be like three to five or something, with several bad things."

"What's this about coin flips? Five hundred dollars?! William, who exactly are you speaking to?" Andras felt a bead of sweat roll down her temple. 'These negotiations are getting rather expensive... William sure is something else. Shootings, love triangles... Luck and health boosts... Maybe I should meet him outside of the library more often!'

William Ascot explained to Cyan as best as he could: "There is an 'enemy' student, Vittorio Twinveil, who only hates Alto because he thinks that the latter is somehow to blame for the death of his parents, who were gardeners at St. Laurels', and his four best friends, who were St. Laurel's students. This was two years ago, and their real killer was a Demon who was seeking out Alto. Now, I was told that resurrecting the parents and best friends is impossible...and that's normally true. But my friend, Andras/Alexandra Sova, has a power that can get around various cosmic laws. But this power requires drawing random spells from a magical source of power, and of those random spells, reliable resurrection requires magic that takes away half your life force and physical health. So I need both a luck and health boost. So please, help me."

"As for why you should aid me in aiding a Mephisto's student, well, let's just say that his story is tragic. Or if you don't care about tragedies, well, resurrecting four St. Laurel's students and getting Vittorio to defect will improve the school's position greatly. So yeah, again, please help me."
And with that, Ascot waited.

Most of the stuff William said went in one ear and out the other for Cyan. It seemed like they might have been in over their heads, but they seemed pretty adamant about their objective. Something that did catch his attention was their mentioning of this Andras being able to get around cosmic law with randomly drawn spells.
'That sounds a lot like my power... I haven't heard of anyone else having a power like this before,' he thought, curious.

"If Andras or Alexandra is the one using her random power, only she would need luck, right? Or do you need luck for something else?" Cyan asked after William finished his spoken essay.

The response was, "True, very true. So one luck boost for Andras, one Health boost for me. Also, I will be taking on every bad result on myself; it's unfair to ask you to take on any side-effects alone. Will you be all right with that?"

The side effects were mainly what the boy had been worried about, so he thought that would be a deal he'd want. However, for some reason, he felt a bit guilty at the idea of being paid to just flip a coin and potentially really hurt someone else. It didn't feel right to have other people take the consequences of his power.

He was silent for a moment, thinking it over.
"Are you sure?"

William felt fear for the first time in this quest, a cold feeling in his chest. Nevertheless, he answered, "Yes. I was the one who demanded this of you, after all. Plus, I heard the story of how you got your tail; it isn't right to allow something similar to happen to you."

Cyan was taken aback by the mention of his tail. What? Who did William hear the story from? He put the question aside, though. That wasn't really important right now.

"In that case, do you have any suggestions for tail flips? The worse the 'side effect', the better the heads flip would be. It also helps to make the flips similar, like good luck against bad luck," he said, feeling a pit in his stomach. This wasn't right. Maybe they didn't understand what the coin flip could entail? That would explain their willingness, and if so, then it would definitely be wrong to make them take the consequences.

Ascot was impatient now, "We're wasting time. The flipside of the luck boost would be my worst enemy," this was Galbrek, even though he didn't know his name, "...getting a full dossier about me and my powers and countermeasures against said powers, effective tomorrow. The flipside of the health boost, for me, would be getting wings. And not the functional kind, either; I think wings that actually allow flight would be a cheat."

The impatience and forcefulness in William's voice took Cyan by surprise. All of this stuff was important! If he didn't know these things, he wouldn't know what to flip and his power wouldn't work.
"Um, and, when would you like the boosts to begin? And for how long?" he meekly ventured another couple questions, afraid they'd jump down his throat again. It was important to know though, he didn't want to mess this up.

The reply was softer, "Two hours each; that ought to be enough time for the plan. And the boosts can begin now."
Cyan nodded, even though that didn't really communicate anything during a phone call, and held out his fist. An ordinary copper and nickle quarter appeared on his thumb, ready to be flipped.

Andras Luck vs. Galbrek Info - FAILURE!
Ascot Health vs. Ascot Wings - SUCCESS!

Heads: 2 - Tails: 3

Sitting on an escalator in the Mall of America. I had to walk through the largest mall in the US with the seat of my shorts almost completely shredded. Luckily they were double-layered, so only the outside layer was ripped through. I doubt anyone would consider that in any way fashionable.

Since it's April 1st, have you ever fallen for an April Fools' joke, and if so, what was the most outlandish thing you've fallen for?
Just thought I'd ask but are you guys still accepting for this?

Join us! We St. Lauries made cupcakes :D
I'm sorry, but I'm gonna have to bow out of this. Hope you guys get enough people though!
I think I like the sixth picture most for Alto, but I also kinda like picture four. Regarding Clara, I really like picture five.
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