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"Welcome 'friend',

I do hope you are not bothered by the abrupt intrusiveness of these, how should we say... change of events? I admit, had there been an easier ends to this endeavor I would have gleefully taken that path, alas getting you here was no small effort for even I to accomplish. However, this is all well beside the point which we both are to confront. You are here now and before you have the impudence to ask, yes, nothing is quite as it seems. I hope that this does not bother you, but if it does that is just a terrible misfortune to meet now, is it not? All the same, you have been so meticulously drawn up from your realm into mine. Yes, I did state 'mine', as it is just that; this world and its functions are my own doing. The entire construct is and was for my own protection, as added insurance you would not cheat fate as it were; who knows what inexplicable events you would conjure up and ruin my efforts.


You are uncertain why this chance has befallen you? The simplest answer is that I wish to test you, but that would be lying. Truth would have it that not only do I wish to put your mettle through a trial unlike any other, I am partial to doing it in an amusing fashion - one that keeps you from doing horrible things to me. I note this because try as you might, you are not about to escape my challenges. No, I think I shall instead punish you for such efforts to turn this against me. We simply cannot have you ruining this special occasion, that of finding yourself into my realm, with you gallivanting about to break its rules; that would be numbing to both our minds. So please do not try my patience as I will simply cast you back from the heavens above in a halo of burning failure, that of which stings twice as much in that you failed - not even in the glory of being tested.

Honor denotes that I should state your challenges and divulge a fragment about each of them, although do not expect me to spoil all of my secrets. I should say that the other challenger has proven... less than amusing; I believe I might have erred there, but only in slight. As for you, I will see to it that the pawns placed before you are suitable to your skill. She will not be however, so I formulate within my mind the rationale that one of you will likely eclipse the other. All else barring such a probable exception? That might vary, wildly at that. I suppose I might add that death here means nothing. You will be none the worse for wear than when you began, albeit you only have this opportunity to not disappoint once.

Yes, once.

Fall and I claim victory, simple terms for something so arcane, that I do understand. Succeed and you win my kudos, perhaps something more if it was particularly worthwhile. Try me not by asking for more, I could find many others as you can imagine, so take some shred of pleasure at this invitation and chance for reward. An experience is undoubtedly worth more than most any prize material, is it not? I am content to think so, so I choose to. Such are my ways I suppose, yet at this point you have almost certainly made your choice, at least in heart you have.

So what say you, 'friend'? Care to gamble with your life in a trial of skill outside all time and space, compelled by a strange voice you do not recognize, one that has come from afar and over an immensely distant void in your dreams? Do not doubt the reality you find yourself in, just take comfort in that I will not change it on you. After all...

What do you have to lose?"

~ Yours Truly,
The 'Dungeon Master'

What oddities lie in store, one can only wonder, though one truth is clear. Someone, perhaps something, beyond apparent understanding has beckoned you from the dark depths of the unconscious with a call you have not heard before with an almost divine accuracy. It tells you these things and abides by some bizarre, even twisted sense of honor between its formal ramblings. Many questions writhe about, begging for answers, however small they might be. Sadly, there seems not to be any time for that. There exists only the option to pledge your hand bravely, or even foolishly, at this mysterious challenge or decline swiftly - lest this seeming weaver of dreams hides his deceit in wait.

Mundane, heroic and mighty heroes born of science, magic or grit need not worry in their application, but godlike powers need not apply. As in the end, what series of challenges and battles could such an entity face? Evidently this test is meant for those who would still be considered mortal. The cryptic power at hand seems not to even budge in such a case otherwise, almost as if knowingly resisting even the thought of the attempt to work against their intent.

If you think that you might enjoy a series of scaling conflicts played out, this might be for you.
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As intersting as this is, I might have to craft a char. My only ready-to-go char is a tad too OP for this challenge...
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@rawkhawk64, a reasonable effort given the intent. Do let me know what you have in mind.
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