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Current Like plants, so men also grow, some in the light, others in the shadows. There are many who need the shadows and not the light.
2 mos ago
I went into the inner death and saw that outer dying is better than inner death. And I decided to die outside and to live within. For that reason I turned away and sought the place of the inner life.
3 mos ago
One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.
4 mos ago
As a juvenile I felt myself to be alone, and I am still, because I know things and must hint at things which others apparently know nothing of, and for the most part do not want to know.
4 mos ago
Nature has no use for the plea that one 'did not know'.


The Harbinger of Ferocity

Agent of the Wild, Aspect of the Ferine
Nature, red in tooth and claw.

"There is, indeed, no single quality of the cat that man could not emulate to his advantage."
- Carl Van Vechten

I am, at my core, a personification and manifestation of those things whose blood and hearts run red with the ferocity of the animal world. It is this which convicts and controls my works, my writing, my being; the force and guidance in which I gain wisdom from. It is what inspires me as a creator and weaver of words, the very thing I admire as an author.

My leanings, savage as they are, are of the feline sort as there exists no greater lineage of beasts whom can be drawn from. No others captivate and motivate my talent and skill as the greatest of cats do.

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The topic will be continued today. Unfortunately if it goes without receiving more replies, at this rate I will be closing it due to apparent lack of interest.
Considering that I have found this topic through some familiar faces and it is certainly no typical "Free Roleplay", I might just cast my lot in. Although deliberating as to how to make said character work, if at all, is the only issue. Regardless, this certainly does seem to be a solid work thus far and I could not help but notice it and commend it.
I suppose then we owe you an initiative check, @Hekazu? There are many yeas and not a single nay as of yet. As such, here is my throw for the paladin with a solid 15, as we might as well get the combat started. Unless of course you have some insidious thing for us like more spikes.
When I read the word "Twilight" in the context of roleplaying, I cannot prevent myself from remembering an age when vampires and werewolves from that mythos, or at very least similar to, swamped the hobby for years. Granted there never seemed to be a shortage of them, along with dragons and various individuals all each claiming to be "gods", but there were significantly more than any period that I recall.
My apologies but not for a moment will I accept the notion that the slippery slope does not exist, @Ammokkx. Normalization is indeed an alive and well element, and were I one to bet I would wager quite favorably that it falls into the realm wherein people find it most convenient to "cut their losses" when cracks in the foundation begin. Socially this extends even further; the first person to leave a room often encourages others considering to do so into doing so, the first person to ask a question will often stimulate other questions to be raised. On and on it goes, so consider me not of the belief it is some myth when plenty of parallels exist. In fact, the concept itself is not actually a fallacy and only in particular cases does it qualify, contrary to what is popular to believe in our age.

I digress, while you cannot say in good faith that a single player leaving begins to draw others, it is trend I have paid mind to and go so far as to try and wager in various topics I might be interested in. It is perhaps reliable enough to say through this with opinions aside, that if one or a few members leave, the odds of losing more - most profoundly at the start of a thread - becomes significantly higher. Even yet, in your chosen example, again I am afraid I call that a show of the exact thing I was appealing to, in that if one were to lose four members of eight, just how strong are the odds that those four remaining will commit so much? Frankly it would be considered most lucky to have perhaps two of that number who are willing to carry on regardless.

From here you will find me again in disagreement, in that I do not at all believe the thread's owner is mostly at fault. Granted there is not a dearth of Game Masters who slink from their obligations but numerically it will be, more or less is, more likely that the players will up and disappear by the number. In keeping with this, a topic owner who leaves almost automatically spells doom for the associated piece for all the reasons one imagines, more so than a player or really players, but I certainly do not excuse either faction. An unreliable person is, innately, unreliable and inconsistent be them the owner of the roleplay or just a would-be player in it. Again, citing an atypical source as your particular experience is not at all the norm; if we begun digging through the graves of countless topics, I have a striking suspicion, a hunch if you will, that we will see anything but that.

We are not discussing the issue of whether "ghosters" are responsible, in fact we were describing that which irks us, as they by their nature are very much responsible for any ill that comes to a target for their unexcused absence, the specific issue taken is that people do it at all. And more importantly, elope free of much retribution or scorn. Finding "the people that are worth your time" is an unlikely experience, as were that the case by majority, there would be many more age old topics than there are currently and many more changes of hands or custody, formal or otherwise. Simply put, as those are not seen by raw number, they can only be held as ideal.

Having players be so discourteous as to snub others is not being "set back a light amount", rather it is purely something that should be scorned and looked down upon, to the point it is taboo in highest. Furthermore, "gid gud" is not an answer to a problem more complicated than that. Thus that leaves me with my original commentary of, "If one hasn't the true dedication, time, or interest to invest in a topic until it ends or until they might bow out appropriately, do not make the effort to join in the first place." Individuals should be held responsible to their roles in whatever they pledge themselves to. Members can always of course attempt to take up buckets and cast water from a sinking ship, but that is not always a viable solution with a consistent outcome.

The second issue fundamentally taken, at least by what I was speaking to initially, is that people draft such tired, hackneyed, trite excuses for why they cannot write in a topic until they fade into obscurity or are pressured into just withdrawing. The amount of times I have heard the rationalization of their being "sick" or that they simply do not feel well, the number of "family emergencies", or the sheer amount of "busyness with school and or work", leads me to do nothing but roll my eyes at this point. It is my own failing that I expect more from people whatsoever, foolish of me to hope for as much, because at this point of apathy and jadedness I cannot be bothered to care or believe. All too many times has it been abused to the point it might as well be parody.
A phrase uttered that I never expected to hear to another other than myself.
The most irksome element I encounter roleplaying is indeed the element of "ghosting". I have said it before and will say it again and again breathlessly, tirelessly, and without an ounce of insincerity or jest in it; players who are unreliable in their topics should not be roleplaying whatsoever or in the slightest of capacities. It is one matter to utterly insult a singular partner by disappearing or being scarce, as is seemingly most common in private threads between two parties, it is another magnitude more disrespectful and disgraceful a snub to be so discourteous to a group of players. It happens time after time, where one player for nebulous "reasons", which I will suffice to say are almost always of the same caliber or so utterly lame and pathetic that they are fooling none, becomes severely inactive in a topic and their lethargy spreads to the rest like a miasmatic plague. The resultant fallout of this one individual's lack leaves two, three, maybe four or more other souls waiting, often because said character was essential to the plot or was being engaged with in some way.

Granted, a Game Master can always move the matter along and players themselves should have said power if several days pass, but it begins an insidious corruption in most every thread it touches. As one fades, so often too does a second, then a third, until at most a smattering of players and or the thread's owner might remain, mind you that is being terribly optimistic. This matter cuts deep into the marrow of a writer's morale and often leads to them simply eschewing another character or concept, finding it difficult to continue if they so desire any longer. Problematic enough is it to retain the attention of those today, as our medium is particularly archaic by internet standards, even more troubling is the effort of retention when players disappear without actual consequence.

As a result there is no one singular thing which irks me more than the petty, rehashed, abused old excuses players invent for their disappearances. Writing is not a disproportionately difficult exercise, even a bad day of writing can be fought through just by getting words on to the metaphorical paper, and at most - truly the most it might take for several paragraphs of writing - is an hour. For some it might take less, far less, or in rare cases more, but the point is neither of these, rather that even if one has no desire to continue a topic that they should carry on for the sake of the rest until they can bow out at an appropriate time. Performing a disappearing act and pretending to not notice or worse yet inventing some "crisis" in their life as a backdoor to avoid the social reprisal as no one realistically will challenge it, is not only a sorry display of individual personality and character, it is detrimental to others who might well have been interested and invested in a topic.

If one hasn't the true dedication, time, or interest to invest in a topic until it ends or until they might bow out appropriately, do not make the effort to join in the first place.
I am willing to afford you an opportunity, provided you do attempt to play the straight and narrow, steering clear of the comedic or strange. As well, if one can avoid purposefully working against the party, I cannot say that I will decline outright, @Doc Doctor. If you are agreeable to this and have reviewed the topic itself for a rough sense of what it entails, by all means do let me know the outcome of your decision.
I have a compendium of various practically optimized character builds for various editions of Dungeons and Dragons that I will never likely see to use. This is not just because they are optimized at all rather because almost all of them are in some way, shape, or form, completely themed around felines.
Then the question becomes does anyone object to moving into the next seeming combat? I am none confident that lying in wait now, with the kobolds dragging off their dead, that they are somehow not exactly aware of the enemy. If we delay further more might come in and reinforce this group too.
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