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Current In each of us there is another whom we do not know.
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But the universal consciousness of the real Ego transcends a million fold the self-consciousness of the personal for false ego.
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Man is the microcosm of the macrocosm; the God on earth is built on the pattern of the God in nature.
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A man who has not passed through the inferno of his passions has never overcome them.
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Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart.


The Harbinger of Ferocity

Agent of the Wild, Aspect of the Ferine
Nature, red in tooth and claw.

"There is, indeed, no single quality of the cat that man could not emulate to his advantage."
- Carl Van Vechten

I am, at my core, a personification and manifestation of those characters whose blood and hearts run red with the ferocity of the animal world. It is that which convicts and controls my works - my writing; the force and guidance in which I gain creativity from. It is what inspires me as a creator and weaver of words, the very thing I admire as an author.

My leanings, savage as they are, are of the feline sort and there exists no greater lineage of beasts whom I draw from. No others captivate and motivate my talent as the greatest of cats do.

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I have experienced a few encounters with the phenomena, although I note my experiences were less frightening or alarming than they were enraging. Each time it has been the initial shock of being enfeebled, followed by a surge of fury which allowed me to break it. Similar to the notion of "moving your toes" although my reaction was to strain every inch of the body to resist and mentally motivate myself to fight free. Fortunately this resulted in the episodes being extremely brief, a few moments of tremendous trembling as everything works to break the paralysis, but never as disturbing as some have reported. I suppose that might be in part due to my reaction being one of intense, single minded will to escape and get free and or fight back against what initially feels like an attacker. The only downside being almost throwing myself free, but I suspect that would be a small price to pay to no longer feel disabled as that.

As for how the incursions upon sleep came to be, yes, odd sleeping behavior and positions were the issues I suspect, such as not sleeping in a regular format I am accustomed to. The oddity in it all was an overwhelming atmosphere of darkness, that the world felt darker, appeared darker, and gave a malevolent air to it. That too likely added to the fight and or flight response.
Mark Theron
Solo, Intellitron Corporation "Hunter"

Name: Mark Theron
Appearance: For all intents and purposes Theron is outwardly as human as one might come, at least at a cursory glance of physique and build, although as much is suspect in the age of internalized cybernetics and cosmetic alteration. However, rather than being trimmed in chrome and lined with hardware, Theron is a rehash, a chimera, a "splicer", an exotic, all thanks to the handiwork of microscopic machines and a bit of genetic tinkering and biological trickery to biosculpt. As it goes, it isn't that his athleticism or ability is innate to him, rather it was put there like any other mod, just much more even and throughout. Part of that makes him deceptively human, but there are some clues on the surface he isn't untouched; Theron is too anatomically improved without hardware bolted on to be legitimate. People are not just normally faster, stronger, or more resilient without a good throw of the dice from their parents and probably more than a little training added in. Theron on the other hand is what happens when you decide to throw some of the wilder things into the mix.

The end result is that Theron is lean, as tall as any other man, perhaps a bit taller, and has an abnormally defined build throughout that is uncannily limber, and pocked with too few scars for his own good despite his occupation. Though of course he has a few distinct novelties built in, the kind people do notice; night eyes of the amber variety, retractile rippers, skin grafts and the like, all the thing one does when they want to make an identity for themselves while having too much credit and faith in an employer offering upgrades. Fortunately, he's a bit older now, a bit wiser. Unfortunately, Theron is not all that much better off, but at least he's kept his penchant for having his near-black crew cut and avoiding balding while not being too pale. There's some perks to being an exotic after all, even if not all of you is human throughout anymore.

Unlike the stereotyped ronin or enforcer, Theron opts to avoid the duster and camouflage. Granted he isn't far off of course, preferring black, polished combat boots, grey battle pants, fingerless weighted gloves, smoked polarized adjusting sunglasses, and headed off by a false leather armored jacket. Woven with fiber-optic cable and integrated lighting, it makes for a nice addition anywhere where the air is hazy and simultaneously all too dark and garnished with garish vibrant pinks, yellows, blues, or violet. Of course one could always turn off the lighting, which is at least half of the appeal for when you need to look somewhat professional.


  • Bioware
    • Biosculpting
      • GENX Biomedical Apex Sculpt1 (Genetic external cosmetic physique and condition improvement, includes pronounced features. Animal donor basis.)
      • GENX Biomedical "Chimera" Template (Viral Modification) (Genetic internal template, allows cross-species grafting, alters base genetic code.)
    • Audio
      • Graff-Stein Research Laboratory "Clairaudience" (Amplified hearing, supersonic, subsonic ranges.)
    • Grafts
      • Re-Human Stage I (Muscle Graft) (Enhanced muscular strength, endurance. Growth hormone, animal donor basis.)
      • Re-Human Stage I (Muscle and Bone Lace) (Viral Modification) (Enhanced muscular and bone strength, endurance, amplification. Organic variant, growth hormone, animal donor basis.)
      • Re-Human Stage I (Nervous Augmentation) (Viral Modification) (Enhanced passive reflexes, reaction. Compare to Kerenzikov Reflex Booster neuralware. Organic variant.)
      • Unlisted Retractile Claws1 (Compare to generic ripper cyberweapons, animal donor basis. Organic variant.)
    • Immunity
      • Unlisted Metabolism Accelerator1 (Viral Modification) (Improved healing rate, disease resistance, energy output, metabolic reserve. Shortened life expectancy, increased consumption demands, atypical circulatory and respiratory behavior, animal donor basis. Compare to Enhanced Antibodies.)
    • Olfactory
      • GENX Biomedical "Hunter" Boost (Enhanced perception, tracking by scent. Compare to Olfactory Boost. Organic variant.)
    • Optical
      • GENX Biomedical "Eyeshine" Night-Eyes (See in dim light, near-total darkness. Retinal retroreflector. Amber, predator variant, animal donor basis. Compare to Low LiteTM cyberoptic.)
1 = Grey bioware, cross-species hack, unauthorized tampering with patent(s).

  • Brandish Fingerless Weighted Gloves (Kevlar reinforced, knuckle weighted and polymer capped, fingerless model. Finished in black pseudo-leather.)
  • Cobalt M31 Heavy Pistol (Gas-operated, semiautomatic, twelve round, magazine fed, 11mm handgun. Designed to fire tungsten penetrator caseless ammunition. Highly effective against armor and cover, less effective on soft targets due to lacking hollow point ammunition and its over-penetration. Features integrated reflex sight and tritium optic, hand and trigger guard, black polymer finish.)

  • Cylife "Urban Jungle" False Jacket (Protective light Kevlar jacket, finished in black pseudo-leather, capable of stopping most handgun and submachine gun rounds. Passes for regular leather jacket, but features integrated Synthskin and Biomonitor, both of which are controlled on the sleeves.)

Background: Mark Theron did not so much chip in as he "spliced in", trading far more plentiful, available cyberware for the sort of thing that turns a man inside out and messes with all of the little details deep down inside them. Of course this was easy, everything is when you can pay for it, no matter how deviant the purchase is, and rest assured getting biosculpted at the genetic level into a chimera, a muddied mess of human and animal, is pretty deviant even if it is not obvious as with other exotics. The reward of course for the deviancy was being ahead of the averaged jacked up, glinting booster, yet Theron was far from finished.

What came next was a venture into the criminal underground, first as a hand for hire, rather another added gun for the fight in the Combat Zones of Night City. While this afforded Theron a few more tweaks and augments through the grey market, things that "just so happened" to end up for sale outside their clinics, it wasn't enough. What Theron was looking for cost handily, but at least now he had a base to work from and a reputation. GENX Biomedical, the same ones who provided a number of his earlier augments, were offering work and incentives in place of euros, and it helped to already be on file for their side of the Net. For an aspiring solo, this was an opportunity too good to ignore.

Though like everything good, it never lasted forever. No matter how competitive one remains, everyone is replaceable, and Mark Theron was no exception. GENX Biomedical reorganized not long after and swept away anyone their corporation considered non-essential. While norm for Night City, it set the man back further than desired. Months were spent doing what he had done before in the shallow end of the pool until the Intellitron Corporation decided it needed something more subtle, more atypical, more unexpected and low-key. The type of contracted agent who didn't look like he had seen one too many ripperdocs or stuck too many 'dorphs into what few non-wired veins they still had. What they needed were hunter-killers in one, contracted out to those who could go just about anywhere and complete either role, and Mark Theron was one.

In short order, ending that stint of wandering the street and its Combat Zones again with nothing but animal cunning and some experience, the Intellitron Corporation had another Hunter, and only fitting it was a man who was at least some notable percent leopard. As expected the first few marks went smoothly enough, some hunting and observation, others with a dash of finishing the work. What came next however, was another sealed document, nothing digital, about a Night City Police Department lieutenant by the name of Davison, working for Murkywater Security. And while it was clear there was only two reasonable contractors for the Intellitron Corporation to be directed by in this matter, something else was at play...

Corporations working through proxies don't offer incentives in place of pay.
More or less my plan was to upload my character to the list today, hoping people would have added more over the weekend, but since we all seem to be in a general mindset of "To hell with it.", I might just start. This does need to begin at some point, so unless anyone is in opposition, let the posting commence after their sheet is transferred?
A great deal of my character plays into itself, @Jurassic Weeb. But I digress back to the topic.

I have lived in every major cardinal direction of the continental United States and have even gone abroad outside it, if only temporarily. To date, I have never had any interest or desire to live in foreign nations for any reason, and any business I conduct in them is only brief. I do however, wish to get back to the frontier states, which are the closest things to home I have ever known. In my lifetime I have moved roughly sixteen times and the West is the only place I have found worth living, as well as the United States. Everything else was varying shades of disappointment, frustration, or undue work.
Among my collection of fossils, I prefer the tar pit stain and finish to the bleached alternative most often seen in museums or associated with them. It comes across as more sincere, more authentic for my tastes, as well as not standing out too much. There is something strikingly distinctive about the remains in their unkempt finish, familiar in a way that the pure cleanliness of them in many institutions is unmatched by.
The Lion King is perhaps the first movie I had seen, being at least the first one I have any real recall of. There are other movies, unquestionably so, but there is no indication of which came first. Perhaps it was the most memorable of them, which is why it stood out in what is otherwise a mostly unknown period of life.
Thank you, @Hekazu, and for my first trick this is what I have from both myself and the inspirational source material at the moment. As before, please do let me know what you or anyone else would like added. This is mostly for the sake of our characters acting in character and us having a shared, universal idea of what is being said or going on. If there is anything anyone would like to add, please forward me the snippets in a format as this.

I will begin a collection of lingo soon enough, so other than that, I am ready to begin whenever. No less, if you are interested in having your portion be incorporated into a single document for anyone in the roleplay, please do forward it all to me. I am going to, at minimum, compile a list of slang and organizations.
What was going on behind him was not the most pressing concern, at least not initially. Glancing back after the man he felled slumped into the bloodied soil with a twitch, he could hear the shouting growing more hurried and reckless. The savage had thrown himself into a swing that bit deep into one of the thoughtless zealots, followed by a twisted jab from the young priest who then wisely bolted as yet another enemy fell. Still shuffling along at a hastened pace, the man's voice rose much like the hair on the back of his neck.

"Don't waste your time with them, leave!"

Whatever had possessed them to delay was now more than quickly catching to them and he knew it more than most. The game was up, the surprise was over. Anything done now other than withdrawing was an absolute waste of energy. If the slaves failed in their escape, so be it. They had done all they could for them after all; if their will to survive and evade capture was so meek and meager, natural selection would thin out the worst of them. If the fire did not devour most of the cult's camp, so be it, but at least it cost them some of their luxuries and would damage their morale. If killing one of their lesser leaders did not make some of the aspirants think twice who they were crossing with, then that would be how it was, and Brannor would take due pleasure in freeing the darkness from their stained blacken souls with another purging swing. Bit by bit would he tear the evil from the cult, even if it meant he left nothing of them in the end, mercy being entirely optional. After all, the fading light of hope, that flame in the hearts of others, was dwindling elsewhere faster and faster the stronger and more coherent this enemy was allowed to become.

But first they would need to escape and their dallying was putting that at risk. Their break across the grassland and out the shoddy ramparts would just be the start of it and there would be far more to come. So he carried on in his spellbound shroud, leaving bits of fading stardust and pale light from him as he continued on his way. If need be he would fight, but first he needed to break from the enemy and get them somewhere safe enough to actually fight; here at the doorstep to their camp was not that place.

@Hekazu@Gordian Nought@Ryonara@Lucius Cypher@Norschtalen
The majority of my marring comes from things that should have done significantly more damage to me than they managed. I heal well, comparatively fast, and the majority of it comes from attending properly to the injuries and getting ample sleep. Provided I have the time, I can sleep off most illnesses and injury in short order, same going for wounds; it isn't long they prove too inhibiting. Though I must admit, I am fortunate to have avoided the worst where I should have been far more injured.
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