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Current Every human life contains a potential. It that potential is not fulfilled, that life was wasted.
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We meet ourselves time and again in a thousand disguises on the path of life.
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The highest, most decisive experience is to be alone with one's own self. You must be alone to find out what supports you, when you find that you can not support yourself.
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Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.
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Creative power is mightier than its possessor.


The Harbinger of Ferocity

Agent of the Wild, Aspect of the Ferine
Nature, red in tooth and claw.

"There is, indeed, no single quality of the cat that man could not emulate to his advantage."
- Carl Van Vechten

I am, at my core, a personification and manifestation of those characters whose blood and hearts run red with the ferocity of the animal world. It is that which convicts and controls my works, my writing; the force and guidance in which I gain creativity from. It is what inspires me as a creator and weaver of words, the very thing I admire as an author.

My leanings, savage as they are, are of the feline sort and there exists no greater lineage of beasts whom I draw from. No others captivate and motivate my talent as the greatest of cats do.

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I long for the day a mainstream or major title release allows a playable large felid. There are very, very few examples of it that I can name, with the majority that do in part exist, which is not many mind you, almost exclusively being the lesser cats. Or worse, the portrayal is neotinized and made into a cutesy experience, diluting the entire thing. Something more personal and savage would be far more interesting.
I will gladly take an effectively free round of combat, a something, over the absence thereof. Particularly in this case as the enemy had such a high initiative that this almost wholly negates their going first. In essence they are now at the "bottom" of the order despite their exceptional roll.
To arms again at last, what a welcome thing that is! This in mind, @Gordian Nought, we require our addled sailor.
As quick as he had come, the stranger was off like a shot with little more than another notice. Theron, in the meantime, took his own time in departing if only because two men leaving very suddenly right after one another was more than a bit suspicious. They might have came together, living scrapheap in tow, but the delay was more important at this point. After all for someone who wasn't directly linked to Davidson, this wasn't nearly as personal as it was for his brief cohort, who he still knew little actual about.

Theron shot a glance down to Golemeth, "Sorry friend, you need your rest."

The body before him seized briefly in what was bottled rage as the standing figure's fingers plied the plugs from the ports. The entire system deadlined in connection while the cyborg shuddered and soon went to the uncomfortably glazed stare someone with not enough processing power had. Theron couldn't stand the awkwardness of it and flicked the other's eyes shut with his fingers before bothering to close up the wrist mounted display, reattaching his own vitals. Unlike his mechanical counterpart, Theron wasn't lit up with glowing bits or shiny metal, and the bracelet that monitored his life was a wholly external thing... with a few more features that he knew existed earlier. Apparently it was pretty much a more useful little trinket than he thought and that amused him.

It was always a question of his why anyone would wedge so much cyber into themselves to well, end up a drooling mess like Golemeth if it went bad. People like Tracy confirmed that further, someone with as much knowledge as that and how to exploit vulnerabilities in hardware and software alike? It made him shudder as he tucked each piece back together and replaced the plate. On cue, the system was back to ready to read and with hard reset now to soft reset, it was as good as new. Theron tinkered with it a bit until he got the soft blue fringe ambient glow back to his coat, bits of the lighting not wanting to cooperate after being sheered off in the earlier shootout and panic of a rolling street battle.

That would be comped, anything lost or broken in the field generally was, assuming it was made worth it. And this all? This seemed pretty well worth it, but hey, who knew, right? So what came next, after straightening himself out fully in the mirror, be that brushing those last bits of pulverized concrete out of his hair or wiping down the shades, was getting Golemeth out. He removed the last bits of what was hanging loose, other than the wiring and harness that was a spiderweb of tangles, to hell with figuring those out, he'd let some tech junkie figure them out again, and crouched to shift the weight of his capture back on to a shoulder.

It all went so well that the impending bad news was nagging Theron at any moment as he hauled off with surprising subtlety down the stairwell and off out to the street. One arm slung over Golemeth, the man peered left and he peered right. It was as empty as expected to be and he wasted no time getting that terminal up and at'em with a few quick jabs on the brutalized board. Pecking away at the keys with the free hand, he paused now and then to shoot a glance here and there until he finished sending the signal.
Brannor is on initiative count 6, @Hekazu.
Either this coming evening or the next there should be some interaction made available if desired, @Terminal. Even if not, things will move along there, at least where this one corporation is concerned.
"Of all God's creatures, there is only one that cannot be made slave of the leash. That one is the cat. If man could be crossed with the cat it would improve the man, but it would deteriorate the cat."
Mark Twain
I love biology.

The life sciences and natural history are my own particular pursuits, although I must admit I find the microbiology sciences a bit grating. Chemistry, despite obviously delving into biochemistry, feels too different and disjointed from the rest, with some odd obsessions about reducing life down to inorganic existence. Macrobiology I am far more sympathetic to as it, to the surprise of none, feels far larger and more interactive.
I am not seeing how this is an issue. Live a silent hero, die a silent hero, @Sewer Rat.

Regardless, you have been sent to the gulag, yet instead it is the idealized memetic, perfect communist utopia that has invaded the minds of internet goers like a virus. You suffer a life of being blasted with falsified niceties and burning bright rainbow patterns whilst doing hard labor, being starved, beaten, and tortured, locked forever away even after your psyche has broken, with only the grace of time coming to collect on you when your hourglass' sand has run out.

I wish for no wishes.
A nuclear explosion itself is the thermal and radioactive emission from the nuclei being split or fusing together, where as the concussive force generated by it, in this case, is the shock wave generated by the growing fireball that heats and expands the surrounding air and creates a forceful disruption that acts as a blast. It is prefaced by a dip in pressure than a massive spike in it as the molecules in the air are all forced together into a not-wholly-invisible wall that pummels things in its path when it buffets them. The rest of the explosion, the thermal emission, heat and light, does the majority of the destructive impact, unlike conventional explosions. The radioactive emission, in the form of Gamma rays and Neutrons, tend to be particularly deadly as they are released at blinding speeds during detonation and are hard to defeat, whereas Alpha and Beta particles tend to be more a consequence of them clinging to atmospheric particulates that are created by the mushroom cloud and become fallout as the intense heat cools and they rain back to earth, either as "black rain" or just radioactive "snow", @Luna_Maria.

I suppose this also constitutes a random fact about myself as well, that nuclear physics was a part of my repertoire. Unfortunately not often is that required but it certainly has been an interesting subject matter to delve into. I revisit it at times, when I become fond of learning things outside my actual scope or relevance.
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