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Current The highest, most decisive experience is to be alone with one's own self. You must be alone to find out what supports you, when you find that you can not support yourself.
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"They are still in the childhood state." (3) - Psychology and Alchemy by C. G. Jung
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"There is no right and no left in human society, but there are symmetrical and lopsided people. The lopsided are those who can fulfill only one side of themselves, either left or right." (2)
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"The existence of the left does not contradict that of the right. They both exist in everyone. Whenever I feel it like that, as a mirror-image, I am at one with myself." (1)
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To find out what is truly individual in ourselves, profound reflection is needed; and suddenly we realize how uncommonly difficult the discovery of individuality is.


The Harbinger of Ferocity

Agent of the Wild, Aspect of the Ferine
Nature, red in tooth and claw.

"There is, indeed, no single quality of the cat that man could not emulate to his advantage."
- Carl Van Vechten

I am, at my core, a personification and manifestation of those characters whose blood and hearts run red with the ferocity of the animal world. It is that which convicts and controls my works - my writing; the force and guidance in which I gain creativity from. It is what inspires me as a creator and weaver of words, the very thing I admire as an author.

My leanings, savage as they are, are of the feline sort and there exists no greater lineage of beasts whom I draw from. No others captivate and motivate my talent as the greatest of cats do.

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The issue with the Roy Moore story is that there isn't one, @Dynamo Frokane. Last I had heard the accuser refused to surrender the evidence, the infamous yearbook, to a third party after many critics came forward about it being an apparently obvious forgery. There's other issues as well, such as the claim the man was the district attorney in 1977, signatures being lifted from divorce papers, the ink being in different colors, the fact "he" repeats the date twice and the message of "Christmas", yearbooks coming out at Christmas, the fact the person involved has direct ties to the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign, that her story doesn't pan out, that she was offered a thousand dollars by reporters to accuse the man, so on and so forth.
If that is your challenge, I cannot answer it as I am a male, but in the reverse I would much rather take a taller female over a shorter female in such a circumstance, assuming all other things are equal. Otherwise, if we are factoring in other variances such as their experience in combat ability or physical capability, it becomes obvious the smaller but more seasoned of the two is very likely to succeed more reliably because they know what must be done. There are natural correlations with taller humans, regardless of male or female, having greater athletic and physical potential just by body alone, meaning this should create a system where if you repeated this exercise over and over again, they should come out as the superior by number. This is what drives, or at least in part does, the feeling of safety and security in height, @Dynamo Frokane.
"The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting."
Sun Tzu

When speaking to "protection", the first of the most important "Ds" is deterrence, @Dynamo Frokane. If you can deter a threat just by appearing intimidating or dangerous, you have already achieved as much, if not more, than you might well have had if you engaged in a conflict with those people. This is a culmination of factors, varying from one's height, build, dress, sex, among others such as being obviously armed or not. A meek, short man or woman is going to be reliably a more easily perceived target than if they were tall and slightly gangly. There is a large amount of psychology that goes into this that it provides not only an unconscious "safety net" that comes with height, but confidence too. It in itself will never save your life, but it is a factor, particularly if one is aware how to use reach, height, and mass as a weapon, but I digress... tall females, apparently less "desirable" just as short males are, not just biologically either.
The enemy seemed suddenly wary, perhaps almost from the blue, enough so that they continued to spy the hunter in their midst time and again. They were truthfully right to be nervous as they seemed, the beast of a man would have killed them in their sleep just as carefully as he would have in a roaring frenzy with sword in tow if he had the chance to do either; an opportunity to exploit them was all he needed, all he really desired. Come to think of it, they had been wandering about this camp for some time with... virtually no success in finding this man they so needed it seemed. If it were to go on too much longer, the ruse would likely come apart faster - some of the dragon's zealots seemed to have been alarmed as noted prior, enough to put their work on stay for a short time.

Brannor, in this interim, began to devise a set of simple yet efficient means to an end, specifically that as he thought more about the cult and this raggedy camp that he would continue their ploy, if only to conceal the others. These scaly minded interlopers to the land hadn't the clarity to decipher them all, especially not if mislead. It seemed they were only concerned with him and something else, something in that cave which the warrior of the green mused on. Between what little he knew of the admissions of the cultists, caves, their motives and the almost snoring sound in the crates, it was their weakest point, emphasized by their hurriedness to return and delve into it.

Perhaps soon the huntsman could drive the blade straight into the heart of the matter and lay it down to rest, as would need be done with any sickly blight; diseased in mind men and true scaled monsters. So he took the time to admire his rusted, worn chains upon himself, thinking of the easiest way out of this danger would come when the moment presented itself. He knew well one way, but it was unreliable; he had never buckled iron before, yet he was sure he could do so if need arose. It would just be a matter of finding himself that deep into the thrall of the snarling, unquenched primal might. That would be difficult, nothing the underlying animal need to escape did not provide, but for the moment flight was impractical.

The rest needed to make themselves useful. This was going on long enough.

@Hekazu@Ryonara@Lucius Cypher@Gordian Nought@Irredeemable
Based upon what I have learned in light, @POOHEAD189, not at all an exhaustive or comprehensive delving into the matter, it seems tall females are regard as "alpha females" unironically, I might note. Males apparently seem to regard them as more ambitious and difficult to keep or know social pace with, in addition to a stigma that they might be "too masculine" as biologically height in humans is more prevalent among the men, and that the general standard as it goes is that women who are shorter are regarded, at least by survey, "as more motherly and nurturing". At least a component of it is intimidation, some elements of social expectation, then a tad of biological investment. Personally I disagree with this apparent "general" standard, which seems to vary from 40% to 58% of average men in their taste for height, but I am no good metric to measure against. One other related, but random factor is that the length of a woman's legs in proportion to her body, as well as the way her body weight sits on her frame, are considered more important; a female of average height but lean and long legged would see, statistically at least, higher returns than a tall yet proportionate female with a more heavy or muscular build.

It should also bear mention that taller women seem to have certain advantages and disadvantages in life as a component of this, that males take them more seriously, consider them a greater threat, and they are at least partially biased by their height biologically to be more outgoing, athletic and aggressive. I suppose, coming from the side of felinology, this is also true with maned lionesses, who seem to have many parallels here; they are physically larger, more robust, aggressive, outgoing, and even a deterrent to outsider males when part of a pride. There is unquestionably more to this, which I admit is a fascinating subject, but I am not qualified beyond my own limited observations and research to say if these are related mechanisms. Socially they might well be, but I cannot say.

Speaking of social implications, it appears to be among my limited community the notion of taller women takes some issue in the fact the majority of males are... stereotypical, to say the least of them. So the general rule of "Men having a thing for women shorter than them." might be well skewed into that territory deeper than it should be.
I have noticed for one reason another males seem to be, as a generalized statement, uncomfortable or insecure around females who are taller than them. This I am curious to as I have witnessed this time and again, not only in conversation but in behavior. Athleticism among females has become more tolerated and desirable - as the new age gym culture has shown - but the height aspect seems to still be a point of contention. Intellectually? I have not seen a bias one way for or against smart, intelligent, wise or cunning women versus those who are naive, uneducated, foolish or uninitiated. The only correlation I have noticed by large is that they avoid those who they view as manipulative, which is a wise quality regardless of gender.

So speaking of height among sexes, I am at a loss as to why this is. I am certain there is some study out there about this, to which I suppose I now need go investigate. I would, as a note of interest, like to hear further informational opinions about this matter of heights as I have never given it too much thought.
The Vale
The Crypt,

"Surrender your thoughtless crusade to the Light, so-called heroes, and perhaps you might do well in service to this realm where you have failed elsewhere. No matter your choice, I will never allow either to lay claim; I did not bend knee to the Darkness and I shant do so to your Light!" The man began casting a spell, although his attention shifted to the animal monk harrying him, affording the light-bearer an opportunity to pass, at least for the moment; seeing her withdraw, the Green Man aimed his warpath squarely at the pair that had informally gathered and dove shoulder first with all the wild rampage he had before.

"By'saial a'feradrai, ulthide ela'shan!"

Of the two, the follower of the light with both his weapons drawn was the first to receive the feral blade's bite as it came alive with a wash of red flames; dodging as he was, using a blade to turn aside what might have well been the Light's final embrace of him, the masked crusader still suffered strong injury for his troubles, albeit those not nearly as grim or mortal. As foretold by the Green Man's beckoning of magic however, words uttered in the precursor Sylvan tongue, the fires of nature's rage burned and laid themselves upon Theodore with hunger. Now mantled in the burning cloak that clung to his every inch, he immediately suffered further - like whiplash between the cold bite of steel and searing heat of conventional flame guided by spell.

The attacking weapon discharged of its magic and withdrawn, outreaching arm taken back again, the man once more maneuvered between the heroes and struck out at the mage's exposed back. Yet having suffered this injury before, the woman shrewdly managed to evade the silvery point and ornate weapon unlike her past experience with it; she was not about to endure it again, not if she did not need to.

"That includes you, zealot, lest these flames suit you too." He growled, swinging the sword before him in a display of menace as it cut the air; all too clear was it that one of nature's warriors had no interest in allowing the Kingdom of Light any advantage here, but the real question was to why? Why was it these now twilight crypts so prized a tenuous balance between obvious goods and distinct evils? The Light seemed to cast a long shadow indeed, for the darkness the bard sprinted toward was almost as black as the pit in which they had fallen. Could evening the flame truly be the solution and if so... how?

How could the aura of golden, even painful, light shield Cesar Bolivar against overwhelming darkness? Was the fire's run some test of faith or trial, this entire ordeal leading up to this that is, or were these events just all circumstance? It was hard to say in a moment, let alone now. Although as the draw to the other shrine near pulled the man clean out of his sea boots with urgency, the words of the arrogant sorcerer, for all the frustrations he caused then and now, might well have been correct...

"Like one giant light in the darkness, drawing all the things lurking outside it right to it."

The only threat ahead was not just bound to be the warden... no, the Kingdom of Darkness and its say in this realm awaited him.

@Cu Chulainn, @Gordian Nought, @Hekazu, @JBRam2002, @Rig
<Snipped quote by Kassarock>

I forgot that I have the magical power to rape people over the internet. Main reason I felt this was appropriate to be posted here was I'm just guessing that's why, because there was no explanation given at all. Which is increasingly common with web services. We're going to reach a point where any insult is enough for a blacklist.

As a representative of the chat staff, I am going to need note you should not be speaking about your bans on the site itself or about Discord drama. If you have an issue with how something was handled, it does not belong here at all per the rules; keep that content to private messages and direct it to site staff if you believe it to be a significant issue.

@Dynamo Frokane's political thread does not need the added negative formal attention and it is not a subject up for discussion.
By request only, but this is sadly much too true for its own good. As another note, yes, this is a real thing and not just ever deepening and meta levels of parody created by some aspects of the internet. Granted this is a more extreme case, although the irony is not lost on anyone who believes in a system of true neutrality and fundamental freedoms. These are some of the people championing, rather masquerading, as proponents and major faces of the matter on Reddit, all of which is abuzz. Never forget that apparent wrongthink is not an acceptable form of freedom here on the internet or in reality.

The huntsman will roll a 13 on his Insight (Wisdom) check to gain further information from this event, @Hekazu.
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