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3 mos ago
Current One cannot live from anything except what one is.
4 mos ago
The slave to virtue finds the way as little as the slave to vices.
5 mos ago
The core of an individual is the mystery of life, which dies when it is 'grasped'. That is also why symbols want to keep their secrets.
7 mos ago
Like plants, so men also grow, some in the light, others in the shadows. There are many who need the shadows and not the light.
8 mos ago
I went into the inner death and saw that outer dying is better than inner death. And I decided to die outside and to live within. For that reason I turned away and sought the place of the inner life.


The Harbinger of Ferocity

Agent of the Wild, Aspect of the Ferine
Nature, red in tooth and claw.

"There is, indeed, no single quality of the cat that man could not emulate to his advantage."
- Carl Van Vechten

I am, at my core, a personification and manifestation of those things whose blood and hearts run red with the ferocity of the animal world. It is this which convicts and controls my works, my writing, my being; the force and guidance in which I gain wisdom from. It is what inspires me as a creator and weaver of words, the very thing I admire as an author.

My leanings, savage as they are, are of the feline sort as there exists no greater lineage of beasts whom can be drawn from. No others captivate and motivate my talent and skill as the greatest of cats do.

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The monstrous figure washed over the scene of the freshly killed kobold and the supposed trap in the ornate room with a snarly breath. Jowls wrinkled and eyes bright, wide with malicious intent, it seemed the hungering beast was displeased that there was no further does to dispatch. As enthralled as Brannor was, almost a shambling echo of himself and otherwise unrecognizable, some part of the once-man was still Keen enough to recognize this place was of importance. It made the moontouched quiver with anger, another interruption in its pursuit, another stall to its hunt, its calling.

Yet the delay was enough to settle the wilder side some and provoke the striped giant to crouch over and examine the recent kill. It was not that of it or anyone else and that raised all too many questions. It seemed... unrelated to the rest of the room and it was still fresh, faintly warm even, and filled the muzzle with its metallic, aromatic tone, but it likely proved useless.

"Useless..." The champion spat, looking back to the half-blood after. It was clear there was no disagreement to be had either. They kept moving or they took a moment to rest and there was no doubt as to what the ferocious servant of the Pale Lady preferred. Particularly not as the silver necklace it bore dangled menacingly over the fallen dragonkin.

@Hekazu@Ryonara@Zverda@Lucius Cypher@Norschtalen
I have no particular love of external servers, @CollectorOfMyst, yet at the same time I haven't any issues with them. Where at all possible I would much rather they not be used and members of a game use the old forum method although I do obviously see the attraction.
There seems to be a consistent theme for me time and again that fall is a time of change beyond just the season.
If nothing comes in the next couple of days I will make a minor addition to the new scene. Hopefully someone else will post before then lest it just perpetuate this cycle ongoing.
The longest I have gone without fresh meat before it became obsession was three days time.
It is interesting that one notes that, @Gunther, as I have had some minor experience with it. There is something familiar and true to that, symbolic even. Which I suppose ties back into the fact I once knew a medicine man and as quiet as he was on his doings, the meaningfulness of names was something he did speak on.
Whenever I do name anything, I pry it for meaningful contents and attempt to forecast portents of what the name might mean or imply. This is done not just for the obvious, to give the reader insight into it by name alone, but also because the power words do have and how they shape perceptions with nothing more than their reading or utterance. Thus it becomes an issue of mine that I write meaning into everything, even if it means nothing at all.
When the names of places come to me, all of them sound like strange and abstract locations. They are not names so much as descriptions which I believe because, as I have confessed prior, the concept of naming things is strange to me and I have difficulty in it. This is where ideas for locations such as "The Sundered Lands", "The Dreaming Oubliette", "Plains of Silence", "Emerald Falls" manifest from and when I read them, there always appears to be an ominous undertone to them.
Unfortunate but to be expected, @Hekazu, I did not imagine these men and their dragon leader to carry all that much on them. Brannor will leave the few articles as is and where they lay, seeing nothing of interest or use in them in his eyes, @Norschtalen.
I find it a bit novel that the first real piece of research I provided was not relating to felids but bees instead with the western honey bee. Seeing "research grade" on the material to be used was a surprise, even if it was not my aim. Even still, at least something of one of my tangential dabblings will be of use to further understanding for related fields.
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