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Out of the starboard wing of the main school walked a girl. long red hair up in a ponytail with a folder of papers in her hand... She takes a lengthy walk across the oval track and of which on the other side waited a girl with shoulder length bright blonde hair. The blonde walks up alongside the redhead as they approach a large warehouse type building...

The blonde girl then asks a question she already knew the answer to...

"So our school's also jumping into the bandwagon huh?"

"Yep... Olympian Star's senshado club has been dead for like twelve years but now the student council's decided to bring it back, costs be damned."

"Yeah, ironic since I heard the reason it was closed down was because the club expenses was much higher than initially anticipated."

"Not like they increased the club budget in any way this time... Ah! here we are the tank garages... Help me open this up..."

*Please wait calmly as girls do their best to open rusted steel doors..

"Oh... well I see why the club budget ain't gonna be much of a problem now... There ain't much tanks to maintain..."

"Uhh... Doesn't that mean we have to buy tanks which would be far and away more expensive?"

"Unfortunately yes, BUT I heard them Oorai girls found tanks laying about, worth a shot looking if some of the legacy of this school's senshado club remain somewhere..."

"That's uncharacteristically optimistic of you..."

"Because it's either that happens or we have to face off with other schools in them buckets of bolts..."

On cue, A pickup truck pulls up from the service road. Two girls step out of the truck...

"Oi! We've got posters up and handed fliers out, along with that general PA about the re-establishing of the club, we should have some new faces tomorrow at least..."

Says one as she waves profusely at the redhead...

"Also we've brought food, drinks and we've gone to your place to grab your tools..."

Says the other while holding a pair of boxes...

"Leave it to you to think ahead..."

Says the redhead before quickly removing her uniform's top, leaving just the t-shirt underneath as she motions towards one of the boxes...

"Well... Better give these steel boxes a checkup, we need to make at least one of them be in a condition to move under it's own power by tomorrow afternoon... I've already got the papers to excuse us for all of our classes for the rest of the days... So... Let's GO!"

The redhead cheers which is echoed by her friends...

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Aki, Tokiko, Aizu, Kamiko

"We're half an hour early..."

"Of course we are... I want to see firsthand how many more people are we going to get in this or if we're gonna have to do it with just us four..."

"You're really excited about this aren't you?"

"You didn't need to point that out Miko..."

"So are we supposed to call you boss now or something because you're the club captain?"

"No... The hell did you get that from?"

"Well... Emi's the Volleyball club captain and she likes being called one..."

"Sorry but my ego's nowhere near as big as hers... Anyway look presentable, First impressions need to be good..."

The four girls waited and passed the time making minor preparations upon the vehicles. Aki, while hopeful still doesn't expect too much of a turnout of new members for the first day... Still some is better than none...

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Two pairs of eyes peered into the garage, accompanied by appropriate sound effects, "Jiiiiiiii--"

"Nene, Izumi." One of them loudly whispered.

"Yes Izuki?" The other replied.

"Should we go in Izumi?"

"Izumi doesn't know. Izumi thinks they look like weirdos..."

"Izuki thinks so too. Izuki thinks we should leave."

"Izumi thinks so too. But the tanks are cool."

"They are actually but still."

The twin pair of heads nodded in agreement and began to tiptoe their way out. However, their legs were in too much of an agreement and they promptly fell over each other and rolled into the door way, in sight of the four already in the garage. Cursing in unison, the twins attempted to untangle themselves and make a hasty get away, but the damage had been done. Their cover was blown and they just looked awkwardly at the other girls and in unison attempted to make small talk as they tried to roll away, still tangled, "Y-yo... nice... weather? Tanks?"
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Panzer Garage and club room. afternoon

Aki, Tokiko, Aizu, Kamiko

Tokiko's left eyebrow rose as she looks at the two newcomers from their gathered position around the T-26's motor cover...

"You sure you put up the posters in the correct side of the campus?"

She asks Aizu with a sideways glance...


Replied the brown haired girl before strolling of towards the two girls on the floor... handing out her hand to help the two up...

"Hello! I'm Aichi, Aizu... Glasses there is Aikawa, Aki, she's the club captain... Hime hair over there is Kagame, Kamiko and orange behind me is Tarawa, Tokiko... Welcome to the Senshado club slash team"

Behind her Kamiko giggled...

"She's already trying to make friends"

"At least she haven't dropped a volleyball on their head to make friends with them like what she did to me... Damn ball dislodged a lens too"

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"Holy crap, you guys actually have tanks here"
A light blond girl burst into the garage in her usual manner, loud and oblivious to the situation. she walked right past the pile of girls to get a closer look at all the tanks without a pause and continued to talk to nobody in particular.
"See back at my old school in England only the best schools had tankery clubs, and best means most expensive. So either you pay a small fortune or you get a scholarship and good grades really aren't my specialty."
she stopped when she arrived at the tetrarch.
"Oh, I think the British national team had one of these for training."
She quickly climbed onto the tank and started to inspect it in great detail.
"Ya. This is the one. I'll take it"
Holly suddenly stopped her tirade and turned to look at the girls in the room. She recognized Aki and Tokiko from class but relized she didn't know anybody else.
"Oh, um. Holly smi- wait i mean- Smith, Holly. I'm a transfer student from England."

At this time 2 more girls entered the garage and walked toward the group on the floor.
"What are two beautiful girls like yourselves doing lying on this dirty floor."
Asuka offered a hand to one of the twins and flashed her best smile
"Oh leave them be asuka." said Chiyo before facing the T-26
"Matsuoka, Chiyo and Hisakawa, asuka. we are here for the senshado club."
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