19 May 2017 17:48
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The Rain of the Forest

This battle takes place is a thinning forest, damp and wet from a fresh rainfall that ended not twenty minutes before. Animals still call this place home, though many have moved on to greener pastures. At least one adult male leopard, a couple female crocodile still make their home in the large river that cuts through the middle of the forest. A multitude of bugs still live here, and rumor has it two anaconda still reign supreme. The skies above betray more rain to come; starting four posts in with a light drizzle, and increasing in intensity every three posts afterward. In addition, after ten posts, a passing caravan of animals will break down on the path in the north of the forest, releasing an African elephant, a large make Lion, and a rare snow leopard all in route to a carnival held twenty miles to the west.
20 May 2017 12:58
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Xaih followed suit with the other competitors and stepped into the available teleporter. She closed her eyes as she was suddenly enveloped in a bright light, vanishing in an instant and reappearing the next, this time in the open.

The air smelled of rain and wood, but it was humid still. The ground she stood on was soft with mud. She heard a quiet buzz from insects, and hardly a chirp from a bird, the gentle drops of water still falling from the leaves and branches of the trees, and the rush of a river that had just been fed from the rain. Opening her eyes at last, Xaih saw what she had heard. Not ten feet before her was the river, rushing along the bank possibly higher than it had before. She could feel its push and pull from within her being. Turning around, she noticed a few trees, although she found it odd to see so few on either side of the river.

Facing the river once more, Xaih bent down to feel the wet ground. Water still clung to the blades of grass, and water seeped from the mud with each press of her hand. This was more than satisfactory, more than an advantage for her even, but she wondered of the advantages this would bring of Dorian, the man with the wolf. Was he similar to her, in that he could feel the pull of the current as it swayed? Could he deprive this forest of the water that still ensured its survival? If she had to be sure of one similarity, it would be with his wolf. It was the one thing she was grateful for having in her strange body, a keen sense of hearing. It saved her on more than one occasion.

Far in the distance, she could see the start of rain falling. Perhaps they would be so lucky that it would fall upon them in the near future. For the time being, however, she stood from her position without shaking the water off her hands or trying to remove the water from her pants. Instead, she waited for Dorian and his pet to show or reveal themselves. For the latter reason, she was a bit tense, but it was also the reason why she remained in the open.
21 May 2017 8:48
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There was a second flash of bright light, and with it came Dorian and Timber. He dusted himself off once he appeared, being not quite used to the experience of teleporting and being a little thrown off, while the wolf shook her body as if she were trying to shake off water. Though with how the skies looked and how damp the environment was, getting wet for real seemed to be a likely possibility here.

Dorian glanced around at his surroundings, noting that the forest seemed to be the perfect battlefield for him. He could even hear animals nearby, and what he didn't hear, he could sense. Well, this was working out beautifully for him, but he was sure there had to be a catch of some kind. The battlefield likely wouldn't only benefit him, no, Xaih surely would have to have an advantage here as well. Though as for how, he didn't know. Speaking of which, he spotted the woman a short distance away, having apparently arrived first.

"You know, that was mighty rude of you to just walk off like that," Dorian sneered at her, "Oh well, I guess pleasantries between us just weren't meant to be." With a quick flourish, one of his many throwing knives was removed from its secured sheath and held firmly in his left hand as he took on a combat stance. Timber followed suit and bent her knees slightly as she let out a growl, ready to act once given the order. Dorian had no idea what Xaih was capable of, so for now he would play it safe until he could learn her powers and limits. He knew that she also was unaware of what his abilities were, so he decided it would be best not to show his hand and use his Nature magic yet, choosing instead to wait for the perfect opportunity to catch her off guard. All that was left now was to start the fight, of which he was itching to get to.

"I'll have no problem tearing you apart, lass," Dorian warned her with a smirk, "You'd best be ready."
22 May 2017 11:26
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It took only moments for Dorian and the wolf to arrive; she heard the wolf shake its body, and a movement from Dorian. At that moment, she didn't move at all in her position, more so to allow him the time to look at her surroundings and to allow her to keep her eyes on the rainfall for a bit longer. It appeared to be inching its way closer.

The moment he began to speak is when Xaih turned her head to glance back at them over her right shoulder, something about her being rude in ignoring his gesture in the lobby. She didn't have time to explain all of her precautions before fighting, and it didn't bother her if he was offended. He was correct in one regard, however, but the pleasantries may come after the fight.

The shwing sound of a knife sounded abruptly to her, and she prepared. She bent her right arm and lifted her hand to the height of her stomach, cupping her fingers at the same time. Water from the mud immediately behind her began to rise from the ground. Swiftly, her left foot glided in front of her, and her entire body turned to face the two as she shifted her weight to push the water away. Her left hand moved in a half circle to complete the movement, and her right hand thrust forward, fingers straight and pointed skyward, to force the stream of water to whip between their distance, aimed at Dorian's face. The last words she heard from him, as the whip moved through the air, were "You'd best". She hoped she made it painfully obvious that she had no qualms to do the same as he so casually threatened.
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