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Felicia Astrid

Location: Community Center

Felicia's eyed widened when she saw the men suddenly begin to leave. She hesitantly stepped toward them, but she knew there wasn't anything she could do, and it wasn't like she could run to the FBI Agent back inside in time either. Before she could act, they were already driving off, and with them left the smell as well.

"Damn it..." Felicia muttered with a sigh, annoyed that they had gotten away before she could do anything. That smell was almost definitely sulfur, and even aside from that, the men came off as incredibly suspicious just on appearance and behavior alone. Well, she figured she could at least still go tell the authorities about the suited men, though she wondered if anything could be done anyway. As far as she knew, they weren't breaking any laws so far, so at best they might just be watched by the police. Better than nothing though, right?

It was then however when she noticed the growing hunger. It was subtle at first, but the feeling quickly began to grow into something much more severe, and furthermore, offputting. Normally she would've thought she was just really hungry, but something about this was, especially as it had seemingly come out of nowhere. What was going on?

"I'm feeling pretty hungry too, but shouldn't we tell someone about those guys?" It was important after all, or rather, it should've felt important, but the hunger gnawing away at her stomach was already beginning to become too much for her. "...But, the FBI guy did say he would be working out of the police station, so I guess we can catch him later. So, sure, I'll go with you."

She didn't understand why she was making such an impulsive decision like this. She was just hungry! Her stomach of all things shouldn't be influencing her decisions like this! And yet, she almost had no problem abandoning talking to the cops in favor of getting something to eat. Even if it was with someone she really didn't know at all.

"P&W's sound good to you? I think it's the closest diner from here."

Felicia Astrid

Location: Community Center

"I know what you mean," Felicia nodded in agreement, offering back a smile of her own, albeit meeker, "Stuff like this just doesn't happen around here. Makes it hard to figure out how to deal with it when it does actually happen." Despite having the feeling that something was wrong with the town, in the end it wasn't enough to prepare her when something drastic did indeed end up happening. Death, rituals, omens, and was all new to her, and having to learn how to deal with it was hard. But at the very least, she was ready to face what came next and try to adapt.

The smell hit their noses right around then, temporarily interrupting their conversation. Felicia crinkled her nose at the disgusting scent, with the younger girl having a similar reaction.

"You smell it too then," Felicia replied, phrasing it more like a statement than a question. She brought an arm up to her nose, electing to cover it with her sleeve. "I'm not sure what it is, but it's disgusting. It almost smells like rotting food, but..." She noticed that the blonde's attention was caught by something nearby, so she turned to look at what the high schooler was looking at. She immediately took note of the strange men surrounding the black Escalade, and a faint sense of distrust began to form. Were these the rumored strange men who had allegedly shown up one day from out of nowhere? Apparently, they were often only seen walking around at night, so what were they doing here? Felicia didn't recall seeing them at the meeting earlier, now that she thought about it.

"...You've paid attention in Science, right?" Felicia asked the young woman rhetorically while keeping her gaze on the mysterious men, keeping her voice low as she spoke, "It just hit me now, but that FBI Agent said they found sulfur at those crime scenes." She bit her lip. She'd wanted to wait out here for the Agent, but now she was beginning to feel wary of being out in the open with those men around. A part of her wanted to go up to them and ask what they were doing and why they were there, but the more sensible part of her brain told her that was a stupid idea and that she didn't have a backup plan if things went south. Not that they would, right? But if they did...well, she didn't want to confront them alone, at least. And it's not like she could just drag this high schooler with her, they didn't even know each other beyond the fact that they've probably seen each other around at school a few times. However, informing a trained and possibly armed FBI Agent sounded a lot smarter and more practical.

"Maybe I'm just connecting dots that aren't there, but I'm gonna head back inside and find that FBI Agent, I think his name was Baker," Felicia told the girl aside from her as she turned back to face her, "Are you gonna be able to get back home ok? I don't think you should stay out here alone."

Felicia Astrid

Location: Community Center

Series of murders...?

The meeting had been shorter than expected, but Felicia had gained a surprising amount of information. There had more murders, apparently similar to Lucy Taylor's, and for one reason or another sulfur of all things had been found at each body site. This implied that Lucy Taylor's murder really had been ritual in nature, which had only been a guess of Felicia's until now. But...what did this mean? Since the other murders had occurred outside of Silver Falls, then did it mean that the town itself wasn't specifically linked after all? Or maybe it actually was, and some crazed killer or even a cult was operating from within the town. But then why kill people outside of the town?

Despite gaining important information, Felicia realized at that moment that it only brought up more questions than answers. She was at a loss of what she could do at this point, as there weren't really any leads she could follow at the moment. Perhaps the FBI Agent could potentially disclose more information, maybe offer a bit of direction? But he'd already said he couldn't say much, which made sense since this was an official murder investigation, and when it came down to it she was just a civilian. She knew she shouldn't really be involving herself with something this serious, but the whole situation had been eating away at her ever since she'd first learned that Lucy Taylor was found dead. There had to be something she could do...

"I guess we should head back then," her Mom suddenly spoke up as she got out of her seat, "A little disappointing to come all the way out here for that, but it'll give me some peace of mind at least."

"Mm, yeah," her Dad grunted, having apparently been disinterested in the meeting since the start anyway. He got up as well, but saw that his daughter was still sitting, a look of concentration on her face. "Felicia? You goin' to keep sittin' there?"

"Um...I'm gonna stay for a bit," she answered him after a pause, "You guys can head back, I'll be fine. I just want to check on something, I'll head home after." He gave her a quizzical look, but nonetheless nodded and moved to leave. Her Mom left with him, her brother trailing behind as he gave his sister a more scrutinizing look. Felicia sighed quietly at that, not doubting that her brother would likely question her later about what she was doing.

Once her family had left the Community Center, she finally got up from her seat and decided to see if the Agent was free to talk. However, as she began to make her way backstage she could see that two other people had the same idea as her and made it there first. Of course Scarlett was there, why wouldn't she be, but an older man was there as well, someone who hadn't spoken up during the meeting. Hold on, had she seen him somewhere before? He looked vaguely familiar, but she couldn't place her finger on it.

Either way, it was pointless for her to go backstage now, those two would likely keep up the Agent's attention for some time. She figured that maybe she could catch him as he left the Community Center, so she decided she would wait outside in front of the parking lot for now. As she passed through the lobby to outside, she was surprised to see police and several people in handcuffs. She stopped for a moment, watching and listening attentively as she heard some of the more emotional of the handcuffees raving about monsters at the lumbermill. So now people were seeing monsters too? The police didn't seem too worried about the prospect of it being possibly true, if their expressions and body language were anything to go by.

Knowing that the cops would probably end up yelling at her to leave if she stuck around too long, she exited the lobby once she heard enough of what the detainees were saying. Upon stepping outside, fresh air hit her lungs once again, managing to calm her just a bit. That was probably the one good thing she could admit to liking about the town, but "nice air" could hardly be considered a compliment.

"There's no way there's monsters..." Felicia muttered to herself, attempting to gather her thoughts as she absentmindedly dug into her pocket for her pack of cigarettes. She'd just smoked less than an hour ago but she could already feel that she needed another break. "Can't's gotta be wild animals, only thing that makes sense...but what kind of animals could mutilate people like that...?"

Just as she was about to light the freshly pulled-out cigarette, she realized she probably couldn't smoke in front of the Community Center. There tended to be "No Smoking" signs around city buildings like these, so even though she didn't see one immediately near her she decided she wasn't going to push her luck, especially not with there being cops nearby. With a sigh, she temporarily pocketed the single cigarette as she looked around to see if there really was a sign nearby. Though in doing so, she realized she'd ended up pacing nearby another young woman who looked to be just as deep in her own thoughts as she was. If Felicia had to guess, the girl couldn't be any older than 16 or 17, and upon looking at her she recognized that she went to the local high school, though she couldn't put a name to the appearance. It wasn't as if she knew too many of the students anyway, but that didn't matter right now as she could sense worry emanating from her.

"Hey, you're from the high school, right?" Felicia asked nonchalantly, giving her one more quick look up and down in a failed attempt to remember what the girl's name was, "You doing alright there?"

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Felicia Astrid

Location: Community Center

Felicia listened as the man came out on stage, introduced himself as a FBI agent, and laid down the basic ground rules everyone in town would have to follow. She had to admit, a curfew made sense, not that it affected her particularly but at least it would help keep the kids in town a little safer. And it should've gone without mention that the forest park would be closed off due to the mysterious deaths that had happened in recent days, but then again, some of the citizens of Silver Falls weren't all that sharp. Honestly, what had those hikers been thinking in the first place? Taking a trip through the forest just after a body was found ritually murdered...they didn't deserve to die as well, but that was seriously stupid.

At any rate, once the agent said his piece, he then gave the floor to the crowd itself and offered to answer questions. Of course, being the annoying busybody that he was, Felicia's brother raised his hand and moved to stand up, but she simply grabbed his wrist and pulled him back down before he could get up. He shot her a dirty look, but she just shook her head at him. Even ignoring the fact that he likely wasn't going to have anything worth contributing if he asked a question, she knew it was best not to draw attention by getting publically involved with what was going on. Right now, it was better to just watch and observe. Though that wasn't to say she didn't have questions of her own, but she figured it might be better to approach the investigator later when they could talk a little more privately.

Other people in the crowd had no problem asking questions however. One by one, people spoke up, such as the school nurse who appeared to be understandably nervous about the whole situation. Another woman, a self-proclaimed reporter who Felicia didn't recognize, drew an inquisitive glance from the brunette after the woman asked her question, though she made a point to avoid making eye contact with her. And then...well, Scarlett Cromwell happened.

The self-appointed queen bitch of Silver Falls always seemed to make a scene where ever she showed up. Her outlandish attention-grabbing "grieving" attire combined with her sudden outburst of "distress" should've been incredibly transparent, but Felicia doubted too many people would actually see through it. Whether it was because everyone was either too enamored or too scared to say anything, it didn't really matter in the end; Scarlett was probably the only person in Silver Falls who could re-direct such an important event and get away it. Felicia didn't like admitting it, but she fell in the "too scared to say anything" category. Scarlett gave her extremely off and bad vibes, and she had the personality and means to backup those vibes as viable warnings to stay the hell away. There were horror stories that told of what Scarlett was capable of, and while they seemed far-fetched Felicia knew it was best not to find out if they were true for herself.

So when her brother moved to stand up again and speak his mind on how what Scarlett just did was bullshit, Felicia went into double-time in stopping him this time, grabbing his shoulder and forcibly holding him down before his rear could actually leave the seat.

"Stop doing that, idiot," Felicia told him in a hushed tone as she glared at him, "Stay. Down."

Her brother glared right back, but eventually sighed in defeat and crossed his arms as he focused his attention back on stage. She knew he didn't like Scarlett, hell she didn't like her either, but now was definitely not the time to say anything. Once she was sure he was going to stay sitting down, she let go of his shoulder and looked forward as well.

Scarlett had mentioned a party...well, Felicia didn't feel like going, and didn't really have a reason to go either. She likely was going to pass up on it unless something came up that gave her a reason to go.
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Felicia Astrid

Location: 3 August Street

Smoke and heat hit Felicia's lungs as she brought the newly lit cigarette to her lips and inhaled. With how crazy things had gotten within the past week, it was no surprise to her that she felt like she needed this smoke break. A cocktail of stress and paranoia had been building within her ever since Lucy Taylor's body had been found, and all the new strange phenomena that had been occurring only added to those feelings. She'd always known that Silver Falls was weird, but things had taken a turn for the worse as the town's supernatural tones had seemingly begun to abandon subtlety in favor of a more blatant and direct approach.

From where she stood in her house's front yard, she was looking down the street that led further into town. By all accounts, she knew she should just leave this town. She'd never liked it here, and now it appeared to be genuinely dangerous to live here. Yet she couldn't leave, in fact, she was trying to dig her way further in. Something was happening, something huge; nobody quite knew what but that much was still at least known, and Felicia was someone who wanted answers. With the truth looking to be ever closer to coming out, this could very well be the most opportune moment to finally gain the answers she'd always searched for but could never find for most of her life.

"We're leaving now, Felicia." A voice broke her from her stream of thoughts, and when she glanced over to where the voice had come from she could see that it was her Mom who had called out to her. She, her Dad, and her brother were all packing themselves into the family car and were about ready to go. "The town meeting is supposed to start soon. You're still coming, right?"

"...Right, the meeting," Felicia recalled, "Yeah, I'm still going. Just give me a second." Her Mom nodded and moved to get into the car and wait while Felicia finished up. She took one last slow puff from her cigarette, then made her way over to the car. Once she was standing on the cement driveway, she let the cigarette drop from her hand and onto the ground, before she then stomped it to make sure it was put out. Once done, she finally entered the car and then they began to drive off.

"I wish you wouldn't smoke around your brother," her Dad grunted as she took her seat.

"Yeah Flick, way to be a bad influence," her brother added as he gave her an annoying smirk. Felicia rolled her eyes in irritation but didn't respond, as she was too mentally preoccupied to try to argue back. Her parents made small talk during the drive, but she was quiet the whole time and just looked out the window, watching the townspeople outside as they blurred by.

They arrived at the community center soon enough, though parking was sparse since they hadn't thought ahead to arrive early so they ended up having to park across the street. Still, once they actually entered the building, they could see that there was still plenty enough seating and took up four spare seats that were around the middle rows. Figuring that it was probably best not to smell like smoke around all these people, Felicia decided to pop a stick of gum into her mouth while she waited for the meeting to begin. Hopefully it would start sooner rather than later.
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