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The Reid Farmhouse - Main House.

It should've been an easy investigation, but of course it wasn't. Jasmine and Grant played their parts as they entered the house, electing to investigate the first floor with Rita though not managing to find much. Things quickly went to shit however, and after so many things seemed to happen at once the two siblings found themselves desperately doing whatever they could to seal off the house from the invading swarm as best as they could. Grant in particular felt useless though, none of his skill sets were applicable here and his Abstraction would absolutely be useless. Silencing an area around himself would do nothing to protect him or the others, if anything they would be at a disadvantage since they would no longer be able to hear how close the bugs were.

Jasmine felt similarly, but she also just didn't know what her Abstraction even did. She knew she had somehow frozen Reese in place back at the Cafe, though perhaps "froze" wasn't quite the right word. But either way, she had managed to do that, but she doubted she could stop an entire swarm with her ability. Though beyond that...she felt there was more to her Abstraction. Ever since she had stopped Reese, she had felt something within her, an energy that she couldn't quite explain. The energy had begun to die down over time, but it was still there and she was sure she could do something with it. But how? And would it even be useful in this situation?

Nonetheless, the two of them did what they could to help. Grant managed to run into Martin during their frantic attempts of sealing every crack in the house. He could see him straining to push an object against a window, so he came up added his own efforts in moving it. Once they moved it in place, he gave his friend a concerned look as he flashed a hesitant "ok" sign. They had to move fast so texting wasn't an option right now, so all he could do was improvise in asking if he was ok.

Jasmine meanwhile had caught on to what the others were doing, and watched in nervous anticipation as Britney appeared to suggest that Penny could speak to her brother telepathically. Was that a unique ability to those two? No, it couldn't be, Penny didn't even know she could do it while Britney already knew about it. Then was it a sibling thing? Could Jasmine herself use it to mentally speak with Grant? It sounded crazy, but everything that had happened was crazy. So, in a weird way, it made sense then.

She didn't get to think too much further about it however as, despite everyone's best efforts, bugs were still managing to find a way to get in. She was about to shout for Grant and tell him to find safety, but at the moment the insects suddenly froze. Did someone use an Abstraction to stop? The power seemed similar to her own, yet the effects appeared to be different. Unlike with her power, the frozen effect lasted more than a second and they actually seemed to be frozen in place instead of having just been stopped. Interesting...but, this was their chance!

"Guys, we need to move. Now!" Jasmine warned everyone, "I don't know how long we've got but these bugs aren't gonna stay frozen forever! We need a safer spot to come up with a plan!"
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The Reid Farmhouse - Mason Square.

Jasmine's reaction to the explanations she'd been given was about what one would expect. Disbelief mixed with anger and confusion, it was a cocktail of emotions that no one could blame her for feeling. Why was she involved with all of this? She was just a normal person damn it, what did she have to do with god children, monsters, superpowers, and the impending apocalypse? It just, it didn't make any sense. And what about Grant? Why was he involved as well? The last thing she wanted was for him to have his life put in danger, but it didn't seem like she had a choice. Splitting away from the group was apparently a quick way to get yourself killed after all, but beyond that he already seemed to dead set on following through on solving the mysteries that were being presented to them. She didn't like it, but nonetheless she was going to be there by his side for this. If they were both stuck in a dangerous situation together then at least they could watch each other's backs, and with this new power of hers she was going to do whatever she could to make sure he survived this ordeal.

Once at the farm, the two of them examined the area with the rest of the group. It looked like there would be a lot of ground to cover, so even though it could potentially end badly, splitting up and searching each area as multiple smaller groups was probably the best course of action. The only issue now was where they were going to go snoop around. Not only did location matter, but the rest of the members of the group had to be taken into account as well. It was for the best that they teamed up with people they could trust and who could put up a fight if it came down to having to protect themselves from more supernatural beasts. Though, most of the people who could fight seemed to had decided to stand guard outside, which made sense but would make things a little more difficult for the exploring groups. So...who could Jasmine trust then?

"There's a lot of ground to cover here..." Jasmine noted aloud, "Grant, where do you wanna look around? I've kind of got my eye on the house, honestly."

Grant looked over at the house before glancing over at the group members that had volunteered to enter. He didn't know Min all that much and only caught his name during explanations, but Martin was going, as well as his close friend Rita. That alone would've been enough for Grant to decide on the house, he was very comfortable around Martin and, to be honest, he felt a little more secure sticking by him. But the nail in the coffin for him, was Britney. Some of the others had said what he and Lynette had also been thinking: Britney was suspicious, and almost definitely hiding something. He needed to keep an eye on her and see if he could learn anything, while also making sure she didn't do anything funny while the group was split up.

"That's a solid pick," Grant agreed as he signed at his sister, "It's not the biggest building, but it's going to have a lot of rooms to explore. Makes sense to send a bigger group down that way."

"Sounds good to me," Jasmine nodded, "House it is."

It was at this time that another newcomer had shown up, someone who hadn't been mentioned at all so far. In fact, it seemed like she had no idea what was even going on as she just casually brought up she was there to check up on a haunted house, or so she figured. Grant wasn't sure what to make of her sudden appearance, but Jasmine took a more proactive approach and greeted her.

"Uh, hey there. Do you...know, what's going on here?" She looked over at Britney, as if to get some sort of confirmation from the taller girl as she added, "Britney, does she know? No one mentioned her name earlier."
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Farmer Hill - Downtown, Sucre Café

Jasmine felt...strange. At the moment she somehow stopped Reese, she herself felt like she could barely move, and attempting to do so proved that her movements seemed to slow down massively, at least until the killer before her began to move again, then she was able to as well. But more than that, she felt something within her now, something different than the power she'd just used. She couldn't explain the feeling, but she felt that if she wanted to, she could expel it through something. As if that made any sense.

It was crazy. This whole damn situation was crazy. Just a moment ago she could hardly believe her eyes when Penny had shown up and started showing off superpowers, but now Jasmine had gained a power as well? What the actual hell! None of this made sense! She didn't even know why she'd tried to stop Reese or how she'd done it, for a second there she'd just been running on instinct and now she was freezing monolithic monstrosities in their tracks with sheer willpower! But, it had worked. She wasn't about to complain that she and Penny were still alive, so for now she was just rolling with the punches no matter how insane they became. Next plan of action was to permanently stop Reese, if that was even possible, but Jasmine had no idea what her power even was since she didn't feel like she could freeze him again. Though it didn't seem to matter, as Reese decided to run away now, or rather leap away. Penny chased after him almost immediately, with Jasmine staying behind for a moment to process what just happened and let out a long-held bated breath before giving pursuit as well. Not to hunt him down, but to be ready to help for whatever came next.

Once out in the streets, however, it was clear there wasn't a pursuit to be had. Reese was too fast, even Penny appeared to begrudgingly accept it as she didn't try running further after him once they all made it outside. She didn't take it well, semi-collapsing onto the ground and angrily slamming her hand against the ground when she was approached by...Justin? And there were others there as well from school, all newcomers. What the hell, why were they all there? Did these people get the memo that a killer was terrorizing the downtown area and figure it'd be worth a look? Even the three girls who'd escaped were there, or perhaps, they just hadn't left yet. How much time had passed anyway? The encounter with Reese felt like it had lasted a lifetime to Jasmine, but in reality it couldn't have been more than a minute or two.

The silver-haired girl began to vent her frustrations with the entire situation, and honestly Jasmine couldn't agree more. But she was also too goddamn exhausted and numb from her encounter with death to scream anymore. All at once she felt the aches in her body from pushing herself so hard too quickly, and the adrenaline still running its course through her body left her shaking. She felt like she wanted to throw up and cry, due to a distorted fusion of relief and terror caused by the entire scenario she'd just been through, but in the end she could do neither and just stood there with a shell-shocked expression on her face as she continued to process everything.

So when Penny approached her, she soaked in everything the girl had to say. A short hollow chuckle escaped Jasmine's lips when Penny let her know just how hard it was for her to say was she was saying; of course she knew that, it's what the situation feel even more surreal. They could hardly hold a conversation without their mutual friends getting involved before today, but now they were facing off against giant murderous psychopaths together and showing each other some genuine empathy. Today was turning out to be one hell of a day.

"Honestly? At this point I'm wondering if that thing actually killed me back there, and that this is all just some weird dying dream. Like some Jacob's Ladder type shit. But I'm here, I'm alive." Saying that made her feel a little more alive. "Look, if you can make me feel a little less crazy, I'll listen to whatever you guys have to say. I'm just...I'm gonna need a moment to take it all in."

With that all said and done, she began to follow Penny to join the others. But as she did, she noticed one of the cars that had very recently arrived, probably just as Reese had leaped away. And standing by the passenger door was-

"Grant!?" Jasmine exclaimed in surprise. Her brother snapped his head in her direction, the look of dread on his face changing to relief and then worry before he then ran over to her. Jasmine, still in a state of shock, was confused by his sudden appearance, and was even more so when he threw himself into a hug against her. She hadn't expected that at all, sure they were close but they never really "hugged", but it was a consolation she'd desperately needed nonetheless.

"Why are you here?" Jasmine asked him as she pulled out of the hug, "How'd you find me? Why's everyone here?"

Grant took a moment to respond, but he signed so frantically that Jasmine was barely able to understand what he said.

"Ok...?" Jasmine repeated, "Yeah, yeah I'm ok, I'm fine. A little scraped but I'm fine. Can you please answer me? Everything keeps happening and I don't know what the fuck's going on!" She didn't mean to yell but she was starting to reach her limit now that her own brother was now getting involved.

"...Martin told me," Grant eventually managed to sign once he calmed down and was sure that Jasmine actually was fine, then motioned to the others as he continued, "They all knew you were here. They knew you were being chased by Scott Reese, the guy who went on a killing spree last month at the camp. They were there too, and ever since then weird things have been happening. Lynette knows stuff too, they were all going to explain everything before they found out you got attacked."

Now Jasmine was even more confused. Even with more information things still sounded like crazy nonsense. How did Grant get involved in all this anyway? But that could wait, for now.

"Penny told me they'd explain everything too," Jasmine responded after a moment, eyeing the group that had arrived, "I'm alive, and you're here, and we're both fine but now we're involved in something crazy. Ok. Let's just...get some answers."

Grant nodded in agreement. He'd already learned a few things but there was still more to this. And now that he knew that Jasmine was safe, he was ready to get to the bottom of it all, whatever it took. This town took his voice and tried to hurt his sister, and he was going to make sure it paid for it.
Once our collab is posted, I'll make a separate post bringing Jasmine up to speed.

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Grand Ridge Academy - Outside the Conference Room

Once Lynette confirmed that super powers really were at play, Grant couldn't help but feel a little self-satisfied. His suspicions of this town were becoming more and more grounded, and at this point he felt without a doubt that he could find the answers to his past here. And come to think of it, he did have a mark, as his informant had asked.

"I think I know what you're talking about. I have a mark on my back, but for whatever reason no one has ever been able to see it except me. It's kind of a long story, actually-"

He didn't get to continue, however, as a girl stormed out of the Conference Room right about then. It took a second or so for Grant to recognize her as the third friend of Lynette and Aliana's trio, Penny. He honestly didn't talk with her much, seeing as she could go on for quite some time during conversations (read: arguments) while he couldn't even let out a peep, so all he knew was that she was a friend of a friend who could be blunt but at least honest. He could appreciate that. But he didn't know what was currently going on with her, and due to his power activating at that moment Lynette couldn't even ask her what her deal was.

Though the next person to come out of the Conference Room truly surprised him. His eyes widened as Martin exited the room, who appeared to be just as shocked to see Grant there. The two of them stood there for a moment, unsure of how to react, but then Martin simply whipped out his phone and began to type. The sound...barrier, was it? Whatever it was, it had slowly disappeared by now, so Martin could speak now without issue, but then again Grant knew their entire relationship was based on silent messages so even now it wasn't out of place for them to communicate that way. As his friend finished up his message, Lynette signed that she would return soon and left for the Conference Room, to which Grant nodded in acknowledgment as he flashed her a quick "ok" sign. His phone vibrated in his pocket quickly after so he took it out to read what Martin had said.

To: Grant
I want to say "Hey, man" like I'm not freaking out but I am. Something is going down, I'm very worried and I was going to help. I think your sister may be in trouble.

Grant froze once he finished reading. Fear was clear in his eyes as he glanced up at Martin as if to reaffirm what he just told him. Normally he would be a bit more doubtful if he'd been told his sister was in danger, especially since they'd just talked with each other maybe half an hour or so ago. But knowing that something as dangerous as super powers were apparently being handed out like candy around town, and the fact that it was Martin telling him this, it made him absolutely terrified that it was most likely true. Damn it, this was what he'd been worried about! Was this his fault? Because he'd come to this town? Because he'd been sticking his nose in places and snooping around where he didn't belong?

This was one of the very few moments in his life where he wanted nothing more than to be able to talk. He wanted to scream and demand to know what was happening and where Jasmine was. But he couldn't, he instinctively attempted to mouth something but of course nothing came out. His eyes flitted in a panic between trying to read Martin's face out of some desperate hope that he was lying while also glancing over at the door Lynette had entered. He didn't have time to go in and try to gain any more information or tell Lynette what he'd just been told. So he made an internal decision, after which he hastily replied back to Martin. His texts were usually worded better but he was in full panic mode right now.

To: Martin
Take me to her. Explain as we go

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Farmer Hill - Downtown, Sucre Café

Jasmine felt like she was having an out of body experience when the pot she'd thrown suddenly let out a loud bang as it launched at Reese with a force and speed she was sure she was not capable of. It didn't seem to matter since the monster swatted it away anyway, but the fact that it had happened at all was still incredible. She frowned in confusion at what had just happened, but it didn't end there as Penny suddenly showing up from literally out of nowhere just made things feel even more surreal. Jasmine had no idea what was going on anymore, or why Penny had shown up in the first place, but it turned out the girl was actually trying to challenge Reese to a fight while giving the rest of them an opportunity to get away.

"Penny!? What- How did you-!" Jasmine was stumbling over her words at this point, not only due to the shock of seeing Penny show up and then try to fight Reese, but also because she was shooting coins from her hands like a god damn shotgun. The entire situation was changing so quickly from horror to surreality to outright outlandish and she was barely able to keep up. The only thing she was without a doubt sure of at this point was the fact that Penny was trying to take on Reese alone and was telling the rest of them to run. With Kim catching a set of car keys, it seemed they'd have an easy way of escaping. And while she had no qualms with any of them running away from Reese, Jasmine had no idea how she was supposed to accept Penny staying behind to get herself killed. Even if she miraculously had magical super powers now (Seriously, what the hell?), there was no way she was going to be able to handle the gigantic brute on her own. He'd already swatted away a pot going at nearly-super sonic speed with ease, and there was no telling how much punishment his body could take either.

But...what could Jasmine even do? She knew how to fight, but this was on an entirely different level than she'd ever practiced before. But damn it, she couldn't just leave Penny to die! They weren't even friends, but that didn't matter; she let the other three girls go on without her, having resolved to stay behind and help...if she even could. Fuck! What could she do? What could she do?

She didn't have time to think on a plan of action any longer, as Reese wasted no time in going after Penny, going for a familiar over-headed swing that he'd tried just minutes ago on Jasmine. Time didn't slow down for her like everyone made it out to be in these kinds of situations in movies or novels. No, instead her mind went into overdrive and tried to process a million things at once. Penny was trying to dodge the attack, but with Reese's insane agility he would still likely eviscerate her. Jasmine felt a million different options and outcomes flash through her mind as she saw it go down, but nothing seemed to suggest the girl would live. If she could just stop him, even just for a second, prevent him bringing down that blade on her with the force only a hulking monstrosity could possess-

Jasmine wasn't sure what exactly happened next, or how she knew to make it happen. But she knew it did happen, and that she was the one who did it.

One of the arrows of her newly-formed yet still unseen mark began to glow, and in that moment she felt she something extraordinary within her. She reached out towards Reese, her expression a mix of horror and stubborn determination, as she begged this feeling within her to do something, anything! To stop Scott Reese!

And so, just as Penny attempted to dodge the swing, the power within Jasmine grabbed hold of Reese and commanded him to stop. Not to freeze, but to cease his momentum entirely. And as this happened, Penny was free to attempt to recover from her tumble and blast whatever she had within reach at the monster.
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