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Hillview High - Mason Square

Jasmine could feel the strange energy within her once again when she stopped Reese in his tracks. It seemed whenever she froze something with her power, the feeling would return. It was weird, but it didn't appear to cause any negative effects so it wasn't a concern for now. But could she do anything with it? That was something that she had been wondering about ever since she first learned of her power, she was sure there was more to what she could do but understanding how it worked was already enough to make her scratch her head.

But that wasn't important right now, she needed to focus and find the right time to strike. Everyone was letting loose on the abomination before them and beating him down as hard as they could with their abilities and makeshift weaponry, but Jasmine couldn't quite do the same. She knew she couldn't just keep using her power, there was some sort of limit to how it worked and she couldn't risk wasting a freeze in case a more opportune moment came up. Which, actually came up fairly soon, as Reese began to power up and tank his way through hits that had just previously staggered him. His transformation was so bright that it caused Jasmine to avert her eyes and put up a hand to shield against the impossibly bright light emanating from him.

That was when Maddie was thrown right at her, flying at breakneck speeds and giving Jasmine very little time to react. Her eyes widened in surprise, knowing that she didn't have enough time to even attempt to leap out of the way, and just braced herself for the inevitable impact. She was almost certain she was about to die, but instincts drove her to save herself once again as the second aspect of her power was finally activated. The second arrow sigil on her abdomen glowed, and the momentum within herself was released, with her own self as the target. Faster than if she'd attempted to dodge on her own, her body was suddenly thrown off to the side and roughly landed on the floor, barely managing to avoid getting hit by Maddie's body by mere milliseconds.

That wasn't to say Jasmine wasn't harmed. The sudden movement and impact on the ground dazed her, which mixed with her confusion at what just happened about as well as one would expect. Her body ached, and she was certain she'd accidentally hit her head when she fell, but she was still at the very least alive. Her mind tried to process what she'd just done, but the ongoing battle in front of her kept her from actively thinking on it and she simply accepted it as a part of her power for now. As she attempted to stand back up (and failing, having to resort to resting on one foot and one knee as she tried to regather herself), she turned to look back at the potentially gruesome aftermath of Maddie's landing, but Reese caught her eye instead as she saw him charge at Paige and...Grant!?

The mute young man had seen Paige Awaken and begin to use her newfound power, and though he wasn't sure what exactly she was doing it still seemed to have an effect on Reese. Not only that, but he could feel a draw towards this power of hers. Even though he had no combative powers himself, he wanted to help everyone fight Reese in some way; whatever Paige was doing, he could feel that he, along with everyone else there, could affect it. So he ran over to her side, narrowly evading a cart that was kicked into the crowd, and offered aid to her side of the light show battle going on between the silver-haired girl and the masked murderer. With the strength he added, more projectiles were added to Paige's side, giving her more of a chance at winning.

But now those two couldn't move, and Reese was barreling right towards them.

"Stay away from them!" Jasmine cried out in fury. With the stored momentum spent, she was free to take in more once again. She reached out with her power and begged to freeze Reese, hoping against hope that she could stop him before he could reach them. And just as she did so, a monstrous form erupted from Tuyen and threw itself at him. If everything worked out, it would be able to slam its fist into Reese just as he was frozen in place.
I'm just waiting for an opportunity. Jasmine's power is a bit ineffective if just spammed over and over, but can be really strong with good timing.
"What can I say, I know when to fold," Lee replied to Zimmy with an exaggerated shrug and a buzzed smile, "But now I know the price of admission. I'll be sure to stock up on those coupons for a rainy day, mark my words." He side eyed Lori as she gloated at him, adding, "Something tells me you're gonna be staying well within ear shot for awhile. 'S fine, you know I love a challenge." If there was one thing he could count on with Lori, it was that she would always be within ear shot enough to hear an opinion of his she could argue tooth and nail against for hours on end. Not that he minded, quite the contrary really. He could argue with others any time over their specific issues and qualms, but there was nothing quite like the element of surprise that Lori offered. From arguing the difference between a barghest and a hellhound, to declaring that onions were just sweaty apples, there were very few topics that weren't on the menu when it came to their debates.

A cup was offered to Lee as he reminisced about a particularly rowdy argument of their's, which he accepted with enthusiasm as he could tell it was some of Gideon's fancy royal drink. The vodka was nice and all but he was sure it had stripped layer of flesh off his throat, being the paint thinner it basically was. But this? This drink looked like one hell of a delight.

"Cheers- Fuck!" Lee exclaimed as he raised his cup to Kitty and attempted to down it in one go, only to splash nearly half of it on himself as Setzer hit yet another pot hole. He managed to drink some of it at least, but he stared in disappointment at the stains on his jacket. What a waste of good alcohol. "He's gotta be doing this on purpose," Lee whined lowly to the crew in the bed, "I know jocks like to aim for all the holes but this is ridiculous." Nonetheless, they still had a drinking game to complete. Kitty whipped out a tall can of booze and tipped it for a second cheers, leaving Lee to have to revert back to his previous bottle, which he tipped back at her in return with a cheeky grin of his own. Well, he was definitely going to feel this later.

Which was definitely true by the time they'd finally made it to Sappl Springs.

"We...We did it...woooo..." Lee slurred as he stumbled out of the truck, managing to keep his footing but just barely. He flashed Kitty a thumbs up, meaning to say something along the lines of "Mission accomplished." but felt woozy enough the moment he opened his mouth to speak that he was sure he was going to vomit. So maybe he'd drank a little too much a little too fast...whoops. Wouldn't be the first time, wouldn't be the last. He couldn't help but notice that Zimmy had elected to record the entire drinking game, and had he been more of a hypocrite than he usually allowed himself to be he would've objected to it. But, the tale of the living air-hockey puck known as Blackout Zim had become a legend at the Citadel for a reason; it was a story Lee loved to hear and a video he loved to see whenever the opportunity arose, and that opportunity came around plenty.

Regardless, he was a bit too drunk to function without embarassment for the moment, so he stepped off to the side under the pretense of wanting to appreciate the view of the couuntryside whilst he prepared a spell for his condition. Shockingly enough, he did read articles and journals on medicine even outside of required reading for his studies, but most often it was to find inspiration for spells to deal with daily dilemnas of his. One such journal described a drug that could cure the effects of drunkness with little to no side effects, only problem was that this meant the subjects would just continue drinking and eventually die of alcohol poisoning. The alcohol wasn't being removed after all, so without limits of course the average human would drink themselves to death. Obviously, the drug never reached the market, but that didn't mean its effects couldn't be recreated through magic. And thus, after plenty of research and trial and error, the spell Booz-B-Gon was made. One might think Lee would be irresponsible with such a powerful spell and abuse it. Which he absolutely was and did. Initially selling his talent for profit, it took a major scare with one of his peers to make him take his magic more seriously. Much like his adrenaline spell, he would eventually consider it largely unethical to use and would only cast it sparingly from then on, even on himself.

"Right, better cut the drinking so I don't die in anyone's arms tonight," he muttered to himself once the preparations were complete. With the spell complete, he cast it and let it slowly wash over him as he looked on at the scenery before him.

“Nice view.”

"You're tellin' me," Lee snorted lightly in response to Gideon, "It's pretty damn beautiful out here, way better than the Citadel. Reminds me a bit of home." He hadn't meant to say that. Teasing from others aside, it was well known that Lee didn't talk much about where he came from, though he'd been told on one occasion he'd been black out drunk and opened up about nearly everything he could remember about his hometown. Not that he could remember the conversation. He wasn't sure he even wanted to. Thankfully the familiar joke about snakes reared its head and helped to put him at ease.

"You know it." Lee answered as he put on an exaggerated accent, "Cook 'em, skin 'em, make a fancy overpriced shoe out of 'em for you royal folk to wear. Anything for you, Princey."

At any rate, he had to agree that it really would be glorious to sleep out beneath the stars tonight. He felt that tonight would be one to remember, for sure.

Lee sat with the others, at his feet sat a water bottle while a light beer was held in one of his hands. Following through on his promise to himself to stay responsible, he'd only been nursing the beer and politely rejected any offers for anything harder, with the reasonable excuse that he'd already drunk plenty enough but would be up to it in a couple more hours maybe. His eyes lowered slightly as he felt the mood begin to fall when the radio brought up the war, and instinctually pulled his jacket closer to himself both for comfort and for protection from the occasional chilled breeze that made its way through the group. Having cleaned it with a magic touch once he sobered up enough not to screw it up, his favorite jacket was now spotless, and seeing as he wore it pretty much all the time it was probably for the best he often kept it clean.

Thankfully the others began to lighten the mood, and Lee couldn't help but laugh at Kitty's impersonation of Setzer. He would've added to the joke with something along the lines of "That was perfect, all you're missing is a few dozen pot holes to drive through later," but to be honest they'd all already ragged on the poor tank enough that day, and his contributions to the joke might accidentally end up bordering on obnoxious. Plus, with Gideon sleeping outside tonight and Zimmy and Lori already set to share a room, there was a very real possibility that Lee could end up sharing a room with Setzer for the night, and though he wasn't particularly afraid of the guy he didn't want to antagonize him any further if that ended up becoming reality.

"Come on Zimmy, I'm an adult now," Lee faux whined when she called him a kid, "I mean, I won't turn down a free ball pit. But I'm totally not a kid anymore, teenage me obviously would've passed out by now after guzzling all this gasoline down." He simply smirked and raised his hands in innocence when he was accused of cheating at games though. He'd never been caught and wasn't about to admit to it now.

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Hillview High - Mason Square

Sharon didn't respond to anything Jasmine had said beyond giving her a look, and while that frustrated her it also reaffirmed her own thoughts on the matter. Sharon had already shown to be prone to outbursts over the slightest bit of conflict, so an accusation of murdering her own father should've caused another one of those...if she had reason to feel offended by it. Jasmine gulped slightly then looked away, unable to keep up eye contact with the girl. To kill your own family like that...she just couldn't imagine being capable of that.

Grant had come to a similar conclusion, but he was unsure if Sharon could be considered an ally now. Where did she stand in this conflict now? Where did they? If Britney hadn't begun to explain just how dire their situation was, he might've asked those questions aloud. Though he was not at all prepared to hear that multiple universes were now at play, Jasmine doubly so. How were either of them even supposed to react to that kind of information? But it did confirm the suspicions that Grant had all along: Britney had been hiding things for a very long time, and he'd been right to be wary of her.

Before anyone could respond to any of that though, Paige gathered everyone's attention to the hall outside the classroom. Once outside, they all witnessed a gruesome sight. Scott Reese had returned, and in his grasp was a young man who he brutally slaughtered in front of them all. It was almost as if he'd done it like that just to show it off to the group, and considering that there were a few of them who reacted personally to it, the two siblings were able to put together that the group knew who the guy was. Likely a close friend to many of them, and now he was dead.

"Grant, stay back!" Jasmine shouted in a panic as she shoved him behind herself, "Keep yourself safe, don't let him near you!" Fury was apparent in the glare she was shooting at Reese, and her arms were nearly trembling. All day long, she'd been dragged around and hunted by monsters and even other people, stuck in a conflict she wasn't even supposed to be involved in. No matter what she did, she couldn't get out of it or make a difference in the situation, and she was absolutely sick of it. She was done being jerked around, and decided here and now that she was going to make the biggest impact in her life; she was going to do whatever she could to kill the abomination known as Scott Reese once and for all.

"Like hell I'm running away!" Jasmine exclaimed at Britney when the taller girl declared a call to arms, and took on a prepared stance with her and the others as she faced Reese. Several of them tried to immediately attack him, with Maddie attempting to stab him with her knife. Jasmine wasn't sure how effective that would be, and being ignorant to her Abstraction, honestly felt that the move was suicidal. Penny seemed to agree, and suggested to try freezing him in place like before.

"I had the same idea," Jasmine nodded, "I'll create an opening for you guys, just hope I can still do it." The energy she'd felt within her from freezing him last time had disappeared by now, so she hoped that meant she was free to do so again. The shield sigil on her abdomen began to glow as she focused on Reese, and as she reached out to him she commanded her power to stop him the moment he tried to move again. Though as she did, she could feel her own movement begin to slow, though she didn't pay it much attention for now.

Grant meanwhile had warily taken a few steps back once his sister warned him to stay away. This was the monster that had attacked Jasmine? God damn, this thing was terrifyingly huge! What...What could he even do here? He wanted to help but he had no fighting ability and his Abstraction wasn't combat-oriented, all it did was kill off sound near him. Unless someone needed to keep quiet in order to make their own Abstraction more effective, he would just be useless at best and a detriment at worst.

Not wanting to get in the way and make things harder on the front line fighters, he ultimately decided to move himself to the back with the other non-combatants. All he could do for now was pray for his sister's safety, and check on the others around him to see if there was anything he could do to help them.
"Oh, even I've got a shot here?" Lee asked Zimmy, a smirk plastered on his face with his cheeks tinted pink, "Why didn't you tell me you'd set the bar so low? All these years spent bickering, wasted." He took a deep swig from his own bottle, one that seemed to contain an expensive-looking vodka (that he no-doubt had swiped from a party instead of buying on his own), and then wiped the remenants from his lips with his jacket sleeve. "An absolute tragedy, Zimmy. Nice to know I'm ranked higher than brickhouse Setzer, at least-"

Yet another pothole was hit, courtesy of said brickhouse, which sent Lee bouncing upwards and causing him to crash his head against the roof of the truck.

"Setzer you fuck- damn it!" He swore loudly, partially due to the pain in his scalp, and partially because the last bump caused him to spill some of the contents of his drink. He grumbled as he gingerly rubbed at the top of his head with his free hand and he offered his drink to Lori beside him with the other. She refused, so he simply shrugged and set the bottle down for now. The two were good friends, a little argumentative, but it was nothing like him and Gideon, which was a special case in itself. Either way, he was more than fine with sitting with her in the back seat of the truck, he'd rather avoid the biting winds from sitting in the bed, and with Zimmy back there it would surely be a recipe for disaster. Though friendship or not, Lee was absolutely heartbroken when Lori managed to make an offer to Zimmy that he couldn't top even if his life depended on it.

"No fair! Insect entertainment is totally an unfair advantage!" He exclaimed dramatically before lowering his head in defeat, "I can't beat that...and I don't even have coupons either. This blows."

He nonetheless chuckled lightly under his breath as he leaned back against his seat. He loved this ragtag group of young drunks, also infamously known as Barghest Squad. They were one hell of a group; even though their personalities didn't all 100% click with each other, they'd all shown they could work scarily well together and had some pretty insane synergy. Lee honestly never felt more alive than when he had to work with these guys, they pushed him to his limits for better or worse and despite his laziness, he absolutely loved the challenge. He couldn't imagine his life without them at this point, so it was no wonder he'd agreed to go on one final trip with them all.

He heard the mention of a drinking game, and an excited grin worked its way onto his face. Twisting his body around to face the bed of the truck, he peered through the back windows and listened as the groundwork for the game was laid down.

"Oh, you're on Kit-Kat," Lee enthusiastically agreed as he reached for a cup to be handed to him, "I'm already a tad fucked up but I'm always ready to drink to shitty drivers." He turned back for a moment to call out to Setzer, "Just kiddin' Setz! You're doing great!" He turned back the threesome in the back and slowly shook his head. "I am fully prepared to die to alcohol poisoning under your rules here. Let's do this shit."

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The Reid Farmhouse - Main House --> Hillview High - Mason Square

Jasmine kept quiet for several reasons after her initial attempt at trying to talk it out with Sharon. For one, she really still didn't know much of what was going on and was having a hard time following everything. There was so much information to process at such a quick rate, and with people that she didn't know besides a very few amount of them, so she felt like she'd only be holding back the conversation at that point. The second reason she stopped was because Grant quickly corrected her after she had translated for him, as due to her decent but still rough understanding of ASL she ended up technically translating what he said correctly, but not accurately. This embarrassed her a bit, though for all she knew no one knew about her blunder anyway, but either way she was not exactly enthusiastic about trying to quickly translate for him again while things were heated.

However, the third reason she stayed silent was due to her growing anger with Sharon. Her smug responses, abrasive attitude, and complete lack of responsibility and empathy for murdering one of their group members quickly began to grate on Jasmine's nerves (honestly, she'd thought pleasantries had gone out the window the second they'd all been attacked, so she hadn't bothered introducing herself and all the dozen or so people there), especially since she'd already been through so much for a town she had no reason to defend in a conflict she wasn't even supposed to be involved in. And when Sharon began to shout at Paige for basically calling her out on it, Jasmine was absolutely ready to come to the silver-haired girl's aid, but Penny surprisingly enough had been calm enough to help in separating the hostile personalities in the room and shutting down the conflict. Jasmine did her best to hold her tongue, and after a moment or so of internally trying to calm herself down she realized it was for the best she hadn't exploded. Grant was still there and vulnerable, if Sharon snapped then he would just be put in danger. It was frustrating, but keeping her thoughts to herself was the best option at the moment.

It was eventually decided by the group for everyone to investigate Hillview High School, that would be where everyone would find the answers they were all looking for. The Dwyer Siblings were more than ready to move on, and though a creepy abandoned school was the last place anyone wanted to be when dealing with the supernatural, they didn't have much of a choice in whether or not they were going. Even if they wanted out, leaving the group would just be a death sentence, as evidenced by the fact that giant mutated monsters could show up at any time to kill off stragglers. At the last moments of the conversation however, Jasmine could sense remorse coming from Sharon, and while it softened the tension she felt it didn't make her change her opinion of the girl. They would all just have to wait and see just how Sharon would react from here on out.


The school ended up being about as creepy as expected. Everyone made their comments as they noticed everything that was off and wrong within the school, but still Jasmine kept silent. Time had passed and she had been able to digest everything a little better now, but she could still feel herself on the edge of feeling overwhelmed again. She glanced over at Grant every once in awhile, and every time he looked incredibly uneasy as they walked the halls and took in the disturbing scenery. But...something about it felt off to her. He didn't just look to be creeped out by what he saw, he instead almost seemed personally upset by it all.

And that's because he was. The moment they approached the school, Grant immediately began to feel inexplicably anxious for reasons he didn't understand. The town at times always seemed familiar, like as if he'd been there before in a dream, or perhaps even another life. But here? There was a familiarity that sent chills down his spine and rocketed his heart up into his throat. He didn't like it one bit, as he felt so anxious that he was nearly shaking. He was usually able to control his appearance and how he came across to others, but he just couldn't do so here. He honestly felt like he shouldn't be there...yet, he was almost entirely sure the answers he was looking for would be found there. If he could just keep it together, maybe, just maybe...

That plan more or less fell apart once they entered the room with the photographs. It was exactly what he'd been looking for, but the amount of absolute terror he felt within himself had grown to immense proportions as he took it all in. Photos of people in town who were marked to be killed, and even worse, marked as hunted down, all stared back at him. Though his powers didn't activate, he felt the world around him go silent as he stared at all the faces on the walls. His breathing was shallow and his forehead was beginning to brew with sweat as his eyes frantically scanned the pictures, desperately searching to see if he had been marked as well. But with so many to look at, could he possibly even find himself? Especially in his panicked state?

Jasmine, though not nearly as terrified as her brother, was still rather disturbed by what she saw and from the explanations that Sharon had given. The room was essentially a giant hit list then...shit, had this been why so many people disappeared or died in Farmer Hill? From what she could understand, whoever was deemed a threat would simply be killed, and then have the murder covered up in some way. Sharon did say that a lot of people in town already knew what was going on, that would make it way too easy to cover each and every death up as something more benign than what was actually going on. The thought alone was enough to make Jasmine feel sick to her stomach.

"This is so fucked up..." Jasmine muttered in disgust, finally breaking her silence as she slowly shined her newly-acquired flashlight (courtesy of Britney) over the many photos on the wall. "One guy killed all of these people? And for what? What's even worth guarding in this town if everyone's a threat or expendable anyway?" She wasn't expecting an answer, Sharon was obviously content to keep the biggest secrets to herself, and as Britney was slowly being revealed to know much more than she'd let on, it seemed she was the same way as well. She felt like she maybe should've felt betrayed by Britney due to this revelation, but then again, she hardly knew her. She didn't know who she could really trust in the first place anyway, besides her brother and Aliana. Though she nonetheless could feel anger beginning to bubble up once again at the idea of someone supposedly on her side using and betraying her.

Speaking of Grant, she noticed now just how freaked out he had become, and worriedly put a hand on his shoulder and began to ask if he was alright, but before she could even get the sentence out he quickly shook his head, almost impatient as he tried to communicate for her to stop.

"Focus," Grant roughly signed, his hands still quivering, "I'll explain later. Just listen for now."

His awareness of the world around him had returned once Jasmine touched him, thankfully bringing him out of the terrifying stupor he'd fallen into. And as he mentally returned he could hear the conversations going on around him, and they sounded important as all hell. He could deal with his problems later, right now the current discussion was key to finding the truth and failing to be a part of it could prove fatal. He couldn't talk, but Jasmine could. He would try to sign his thoughts if necessary, but right now the conversation needed to stay fluid, and only Jasmine on her own could help to keep it going. Interrupting with his drawn out and stiff translations could end up ruining it, and he just couldn't afford for that to happen.

Though still concerned about his well-being, Jasmine still hesitantly nodded and brought her attention back to the discussion at hand. Fortunately, she caught something that interested her, not to say that none of what was happening was interesting, but there was something in particular that Sharon had said that no one else had questioned her on yet.

"...I don't know what this stuff about Watchers and Leagues are," Jasmine slowly said after the others said their piece, her eyes shifting from Britney to Sharon as she talked, "But if we're being watched I don't know if the double agent here should tell us all the details. I wanna know what you're talking about with that stuff, but if talking about it now puts us in danger then we're gonna need to find a better time and place. This all feels so much bigger than us...we need to be careful how we do this." She paused, fidgeting with her bangs with one hand as she glanced at the crossed-out photos around her of people who had been "eliminated".

"You said you did the only thing needed to stop all of this," she addressed Sharon as she lowered her hand back down to her side, though it was notably clenched into a half-fist, "But your dad did all of this, and he's...gone." The implication alone should've sufficed, but she couldn't help herself but to continue. "Were you involved in his death? Did it, yourself? You see the murders, you see everything he's done, and you decide to do what you have to to stop him."
Oh shit, this is back again? Every time I get wistful about this RP it always manages to come back. I'd love to rejoin if you'll have me and Lee again. Made a few minor edits but he's still basically the same.

Gonna be posting tonight, hopefully.

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The Reid Farmhouse - Main House.

Grant looked unsure of how to respond to Martin at first, wanting to find some way to comfort him or let him know that everything would be ok, but that wasn't exactly something he could guarantee. Several people had already gotten hurt, and though he didn't know it, someone had indeed died. So what could he even say to such a rational fear? So instead he didn't, and just nodded in understanding. At the rate things were going, the sky could very well begin to fall. But he also felt a small flame a determination within him as well; he was going to do what he could to make sure things didn't end that drastically, and that the people he cared about would be kept safe.

He would've texted his friend that, or something to that extent at least, but there were calls for everyone to get moving once the bugs temporarily froze in place. Everyone made a break for the basement, with a panicked Jasmine ushering in Grant to go in before her once she saw he was still ok, and soon enough they were all hunkered down in the last safe space in the house. Roll call for superpowers came up during the ensuing conversation, so Jasmine decided to speak up for both her and her brother.

"You already saw mine. I can freeze stuff in place, but I think it's different than what happened with the bugs. That wasn't me, I know that for sure. It's weird though, I feel...something, like whatever I did when I stopped Reese back at the Cafe, it stuck with me. I don't know, I can't explain it that well." She motioned at Grant as she added, "Anyway, Grant told me on the way here that he can nullify sounds. If we ever need to kill the noise in an area, he'll be our guy." Grant simply waved once he was mentioned.

The conversation turned to trying to deal with the swarm after that, and then the source itself, Sharon Reid. Jasmine was clearly hesitant when Britney suggested they knock the girl out, especially since she was already badly injured, but surprisingly enough Min of all people was the one to step up and do what had to be done.

"Jesus..." Jasmine muttered, as it looked like the young man was ready to hit Sharon again if need be, "Can't say you're not pragmatic." Britney was quick to get back to the group's original goal of searching the house once everything calmed down, and even left them to apparently go off and search some more. "Her too," Jasmine added with a sigh.


An hour went by. The house was cleaned up somewhat, and everyone was gathered around and discussing what was found.

"Has anyone let Min get ahold of those pictures yet?" Jasmine asked when it was brought up, "He should be able to squeeze a bit more info out of them."

"The car too," Grant signed as a suggestion, "Somebody had to hide the photos there."

"Ooh, good idea," Jasmine agreed, then paused for a moment once she remembered she'd have to translate what he said for the others, "Uh, he said to check the car too. Somebody had to hide the photos in it, right? It might be John Reid, but it could be someone else entirely. I feel like that's gotta be important to figure out here."

Sharon woke up soon after, understandably upset and confused. Neither Jasmine nor Grant were sure how to answer her questions, seeing as they were both just as new to the situation as she was. Honestly, all they knew was that some god-child figure had hinted to the rest of the group that they should come to the house. That...likely wouldn't be a good excuse here. Sure, on a more personal level, Jasmine had been attacked herself and was staying with the group for safety, and Grant was searching for answers to possibly learn about his own afflictions, but there was no real solid reason for them all to be there.

"...Shit, dude, I'm just looking for answers," Jasmine eventually just bluntly answered her, "I got attacked too, I think everyone here has, and we all somehow got pointed in this direction." She motioned vaguely to the house, looked somewhat exhausted as she did so. It had been a long day, after all. "I know that doesn't make any sense but nothing is making sense anymore."

Grant began to sign again, so Jasmine worked on translating aloud for the others.

"He's saying that maybe we were lead here because you're like us. A...mark? Sigil? Oh, we've all got sigils, and you probably do too."
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