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Felicia Astrid

Location: Outside P&W's Diner

Though hesitant to do so, Felicia took a light whiff of the sulfur Agent Baker presented to her. She cringed a bit at the smell, but nodded nonetheless; it was the exact same scent from before. She was glad they were correct in their theory, though ultimately it just raised more questions than answers. How could the smell of sulfur possibly cause what had happened here? No, that couldn't be it, not on its own.

"It's the same smell, can't just be that," Felicia thought aloud as the Agent withdrew back the bag, "It's almost like the smell was just a side effect of something else. Whatever those business men were doing, they couldn't have just been tossing some sulfur around and left it at that." Hadn't rituals been mentioned back during the meeting? She vaguely knew that sulfur was involved with the occult, but she didn't really know how or why. She figured it would be something worth researching, if she had the time later.

Somebody came up to Agent Baker around this time, and though the two tried to be quiet Felicia could still hear what they were saying. The truth of the Diner-goers' deaths only solidified her worries, but now she wondered why she and the student next to her were still ok. Would eating have caused their 'condition' (if she could even call it that) to worsen? Damn...if they'd gone to eat even a few minutes earlier, they very well both could've died. Felicia unconsciously tightened her hand into a fist at the thought. There was no way she could let this go now, not when her life had just been threatened like that.

"My family went home after the meeting, but I can't quite yet leave either," She agreed with the young blonde, "People are dying, Mr. Baker. Am I supposed to just go home and pretend nothing's happening? I know we're just normal citizens, but there has to be something we can do! finding those men in the suits! I didn't get a good look at their licence plates, but we'd definitely be able to point out their car if we saw it again."
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Felicia Astrid

Location: Outside Community Center -> P&W's Diner

Felicia did as she was asked to, and in what seemed like no time at all she was back at the Diner. Agent Baker began to ask the inevitable questions that she knew was coming, so she let her new acquaintance and fellow witness start out with answering them. Felicia took that time to go back over everything she'd noticed up until that point, and once the young blonde finished speaking she then began to add on to what had already been said,

"That horrible smell...I'm pretty sure it's sulfur," Felicia noted after a pause, "Just like the stuff you showed everyone earlier. The weird thing though is that we both felt really hungry after we first smelled it. I mean, that doesn't make any sense, right? It smelled like shit, it should've ruined our appetites, but all of a sudden I'm hungrier than I've ever felt in my life." The last bit she wanted to bring up sounded crazy even in her own mind, but she felt that it had to be said. What had happened couldn't just be a coincidence.

"...Back in the Diner, we saw food everywhere. Like as if the people who died had been fighting each other over it, or maybe even ate themselves to death. I don't get it, and it sounds insane, but I think the smell caused it, and I'm scared out of my mind that the same could happen to us." She motioned to herself and the girl beside her as she said that, breaking eye contact with the FBI Agent as she did so. She was honestly expecting to be told she was out her mind, but there was no way she wasn't going to give her take on the situation.

Felicia Astrid

Location: P&W's Diner -> Outside Community Center

The student's reply didn't quell Felicia's worries, but it did help to calm her down just a bit. Having another person to share her panicked confusion with allowed her to ground herself in the situation, oddly enough. The scene they'd just witnessed didn't seem real, especially as they'd began to drive away from the Diner, but the lack of answers from the girl beside her helped to confirm that it was all truly happening and that her own levels of bafflement and fear were completely natural.

"You're telling me," Felicia replied back as she ran her hand nervously through her hair. There was no doubt that she felt that this was out of her league right now, yet she'd already decided she was going to persist forward anyway, no matter what came next.

The two of them arrived at the Community Center soon enough, and once the car was parked they rushed out of their seats and to the building as quickly as they could, managing to catch the FBI Agent just as he was leaving. Felicia silently thanked the stars for this stroke of luck, but mentally winced at that thought. If history was anything to go by, her luck wasn't going to last long.

"She's telling the truth, there's bodies everywhere!" Felicia exclaimed as she nonetheless backed up the young woman's claims, "We don't know what the hell happened, we just went there to eat but everybody's dead!"

Felicia Astrid

Location: P&W's Diner

Whatever pleasant conversation the two of them could have had ended before it could begin, as once they entered the diner they were met with an otherworldly and gruesome scene that prompted a horrified gasp from Felicia. The nightmarish sight of all the blood and death, combined with the strangeness of the food and medication messily strewn about, was enough to make it all seem too surreal to be real. But despite how crazy it appeared to be, it was without a doubt real. She couldn't just see it, she could also smell it, and the mixture of all the different scents on its own was making her nauseous enough to want to vomit. She took a step back, ready to get the hell out of the building and run as far away as she could, but before she knew it the student she'd arrived with was already pulling her away.

"Oh Jesus, holy shit," Felicia exclaimed the moment they returned back outside, eyes wide as she stared at the diner while still continuing to step away and put some distance between her and it. She peeled her eyes away for a moment to glance around herself out of habit, noticing only that the parking lot was full and there didn't seem to be any other people around at the moment. She momentarily thought to call out for help, but figured it likely wouldn't do any good anyway. Countless people had just died, what could anyone do right now besides call the police? And that wasn't even mentioning that it was possible that they'd all been murdered, and the killer could still be nearby. Screaming out into the streets was not the answer right now.

Fortunately, the young blonde accompanying her had been taking the past few moments to collect herself and think the situation through. She offered up a theory and a plan, neither of which Felicia was about to disagree with.

"Ok, good, you smelled it too. I'm not just going crazy then," The brunette replied as she began to try to slowly calm herself down, "You're right, we need to tell that agent, like right now." They quickly made their way back to the car before getting in and preparing to drive back to the Community Center. With a slightly shaky hand, Felicia went to grab for her pack of cigarettes but stopped herself, mentally telling herself that she needed to stay focused right now and that the smoke could wait.

"Christ, what the hell is happening to this town?" Felicia sighed anxiously, glancing into the passenger side mirror to look back at the diner for any signs of movement as they began to leave, "Lucy was one thing, but this? This is just insane!" She paused as a scary thought entered her mind.

"...Do you think the smell caused it? Whatever it is that happened back there?" Her stomach tightened from more than just hunger. The implications of what the sulfuric scent could possibly cause were terrifying, to say the least. If it had somehow caused those deaths, then what was going to happen to them?
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You can keep it as is or just retcon if you like, i'm fine either way. Probably makes more sense if they didn't sit down and start their conversation, though.

I thought so too, I'll edit my post then.
@Pundii Should we edit our posts at the Diner? From what we'd written Whitney and Felicia had already taken seats, but they should've noticed something was wrong the moment they stepped inside. Maybe we can just edit them to say they were about to enter, and then our new posts can have them actually go inside? Or would you rather keep it as is?

Felicia Astrid

Location: Community Center -> P&W's Diner

Felicia nodded with a smile at the mention of having a milkshake, she usually wasn't one to overindulge but a milkshake sounded damn good right about now. In fact, just the thought of having a milkshake was enough to make her feel even hungrier, so when she was offered a ride there was only a second or so of thoughtful hesitation before she answered.

"I'll ride with you, if it's really ok with you," She replied gratefully. Her parents had driven off with the car awhile ago already, so she didn't have any way to get to the diner on her own. She wasn't typically the kind of person to just accept rides from strangers, but the need for food was beginning to cloud her judgment. Still, the student in front of her didn't seem like a bad person, so there couldn't be much harm in it, right? Either way, she got in the car's passenger seat and rode along for the short distance to the diner. Felicia momentarily began contemplating on what she should get; she was definitely still getting that milkshake, but she wondered if it would be enough. She was going to be ordering a bigger meal than usual, that was for sure.

Once they arrived, the two of them exited the car and began to make their way to the Diner's entrance.

"You know, it's actually been awhile since I last came here," Felicia commented, "Almost...jeez, almost two years now, I think." She smiled awkwardly for a moment before deciding to finally introduce herself. "I just realized I still haven't told you my name. I'm Felicia, I volunteer as the editor for the school newspaper so we probably saw each other a few times there."

Felicia Astrid

Location: Community Center

Felicia's eyed widened when she saw the men suddenly begin to leave. She hesitantly stepped toward them, but she knew there wasn't anything she could do, and it wasn't like she could run to the FBI Agent back inside in time either. Before she could act, they were already driving off, and with them left the smell as well.

"Damn it..." Felicia muttered with a sigh, annoyed that they had gotten away before she could do anything. That smell was almost definitely sulfur, and even aside from that, the men came off as incredibly suspicious just on appearance and behavior alone. Well, she figured she could at least still go tell the authorities about the suited men, though she wondered if anything could be done anyway. As far as she knew, they weren't breaking any laws so far, so at best they might just be watched by the police. Better than nothing though, right?

It was then however when she noticed the growing hunger. It was subtle at first, but the feeling quickly began to grow into something much more severe, and furthermore, offputting. Normally she would've thought she was just really hungry, but something about this was, especially as it had seemingly come out of nowhere. What was going on?

"I'm feeling pretty hungry too, but shouldn't we tell someone about those guys?" It was important after all, or rather, it should've felt important, but the hunger gnawing away at her stomach was already beginning to become too much for her. "...But, the FBI guy did say he would be working out of the police station, so I guess we can catch him later. So, sure, I'll go with you."

She didn't understand why she was making such an impulsive decision like this. She was just hungry! Her stomach of all things shouldn't be influencing her decisions like this! And yet, she almost had no problem abandoning talking to the cops in favor of getting something to eat. Even if it was with someone she really didn't know at all.

"P&W's sound good to you? I think it's the closest diner from here."
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