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The OOC for Vivid Recollections Season 2 is up, come look:…
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Vivid Recollections: Into the False Light will be live tomorrow, so be ready.
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Ftw you think you're done editing an OP, but then you think of a bunch of stuff to add
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My 1x1 thread... I don't really do 1x1's tho.

Where you can see excellence in action.

Just a place where I post my older characters so they aren't all bunched up with the new ones.

One of my main contributions to the RPG other than my amazing writing ability.

Where you can subjugate other people to your shitty taste in music!

The greatest hangout thread of all time.

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Inspired by Atrophy I made changes to my characters relations to reflect things going tits up
I'm still thinking... :I

Take your time

Oh my!

Kashmira suddenly became popular which was unexpected, but all the people coming to her defense was definitely appreciated. First it was a pale girl with freckles that Kashmira thought was beautiful in her own way - but she could definitely tell the girl was a bit... gruff. Then it was the... Chinese girl? At least that's what Kashmira thought she was - she was definitely wealthy from the way that she dressed. In India, it was a skill that Kasmira picked up being able to easily pick out the tourist types that had money. Though they were the types that would always be harassed by a beggar or homeless person - but that was irrelevant.

"Oh no," Kashmira declined Reyna's offer with a chuckle. "She'll set off the wrong person soon enough and get the lesson she needs." She smiled at the girl - violence wasn't in Kashmira's nature anyway and it was Kashmira's fault that she was wasn't paying attention. She just hoped that the school wasn't full of people like her! She clutched the box underneath her shoulder and hoped that she wouldn't have to use the power reserved for people like Abel on a student here.

But, there was a golden opportunity here; one that Kashmira was not going to ignore.

"I just hope she'll accept my apology in time - but I think we should leave that behind us, yes?" Kasmira suggested because the last thing she wanted to do was dwell on something so... insignificant. "How about we all sit down and eat together? Talk about life and things?"

"Am I excited to be here...?" Jack parroted out the words like he was speaking to a total fucking moron - because he really, really, felt like he was. Jack looked at the guy, some Spanish looking kid with the corniest haircut Jack has ever seen in his life. He was content with totally not saying anything at all to the guy, until he had the nerves to say something that really got on Jack's nerves. He wasn't even looking at Jack - He was looking around, probably perving. "Guy, I don't mean to tell you my life story here - but the only reason why I'm here is that I got cuffed by the feds. What's worse was that I was a big shot before that." He rolled his eyes.

"They took all my shit, so now I'm stuck here in the middle of Justice League school waving around a peashooter," He continued to complain, "So I'm super fucking excited right now to be here."
Well I'll adjust and post my characters sometime this weekend!

Looking forward to when more depressing shit this time round...

Last thread was just the tip of the iceberg!
Again, I'm really sorry I haven't posted, I haven't been home these passed few days, but I'm back now and working on a post.

It's all good, I should be the one posting. Which I will definitely do today. I will try to get in an Ashley post.
I made an edit to Jasmine's last post - I changed a shadowy encounter to a phonecall because I think that'd make more sense.
@ibecameinsane Which character is Vincent talking to? Jaden or Jack?
Hello I'd like to place an order of Intrigued with a side order of Holy hell where has this been all my life? Also a number nine.

aw cool more interest

Anyways I totally forgot about this thread soooooooooooooooooo I'm gonna post the link here

Vivid Recollections: Into the False Light

Invite your friends or I'll get crippling depression!
@Garden Gnome Not telling you how to write your post, but whenever a different person starts talking always start a new line or else it becomes a giant weird paragraph. lol
If you guys want to make more characters that'd totally make the whole team aspect a lot easier

Also is it too late to write in that everyone has to wear ids? I forgot about it twice.
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