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Sorry for the delays, real life got in the way, and I changed my mind four times in this post.

Hillview High - Mason Square.

An unimaginable horror indeed...

Kimberly thought that Reese was horrible enough, but it was true, he was the tip of the iceberg. Something far, far, far worse was out there. And it reared its ugly head and nobody was even close to being prepared for it. Hagan was the first to die, Kimberly knew that more were going to die at this rate.... she just needed to make sure that she wasn't one of them. It wasn't hard to catch up to the panicking Jordan, but she was just running where ever that fucking thing wasn't. However, when she nearly tumbles over, Kimberly picked up her pace and got to her side at a surprising speed.

"I gotchu'," Kimberly said as she caught Jordan. Holding her up, but Jordan couldn't help but breakdown. She fell over on her ass and curled up.

"Oh my God..." Jordan cried into her legs. "This shit's too crazy... it must be some kind of punishment for what I did..." She trailed off.

"I..." Kimberly was in a similar spot as Jordan, and thus, could not even offer the slightest reassurance that they'll make it out of this. Because it'd be so half-hearted that only a fool would be convinced by it. She could only groan in anger because of how hopeless their situation had become. She looked around, and saw all the people that had followed them in the lobby of this fucking highschool that should had been torn down forty fucking years ago. She could only...

... A bright orange ball of light appeared in the lobby not too far away from them. It vibrated as it made an un-holy black speech-like sound before... the floor that was directly under it was sucked into it's gaping maw like it was a liquid. Everything else around it was sucked inside as if it was a black hole... but Kimberly could only wish it was a black hole.

She could only look on in awe... before she noticed it was coming towards her. "Jordan!" Kimberly shouted as she got under her shoulder and tried to help her run off as the Glutton approached them at a steady - but noticeable pace.

This school wasn't going to last much longer at this rate.
Given all the likes, I guess people are behind the idea of a new thread. Great.

Tomorrow I'll make another post.
I only have enough time to squeeze out one half of a post. Tomorrow I'll hopefully get the povs of Kimberly/Jordan/Lynette. Hopefully. Anyone can participate in the scene with Claire and Britney.

Also, I think now is as good of a time as any to announce the exciting future of the RP! Basically, after the scene with the Glutton, I'm going to make a brand, fresh, new thread (and interest check). It'll hopefully have a great starting point for new people to seamlessly enter into the roleplay.

The subtitle will be...

The point of this is to mainly get rid of the inevitable clutter that comes with a large-group RP, and get new people into the RP as the roleplay reaches it's darkest point (and hopefully it's climax).

Hillview High - Mason Square.

The situation was so beyond fucked that Britney didn't even know what to make of it.

All she fucking wanted them to do was get a lead. That's all she wanted. So she could make this easy as she possibly could. Instead, all she got was exposed in the worst way possible, and the Glutton was personally killing them. Britney didn't even realize that she was running back into the school. Honestly, it didn't matter where she ran, because the thing got's them caged up. There was nothing they could do to fight it, and there was no escape. At least as it stood. Best idea that Britney could come up with was running. The thing wasn't chasing her, so she took breather. Keeling over and panting, because she was perturbed beyond all belief. She heard footsteps running up.

"Wiiliams!" Claire shouted as her aura turned red. She moved faster than what Britney could accomplish at the moment and pinned her up against the wall. Britney let out a sharp gasp as she felt a surge of wind escape her lungs. That hurt just a little bit.

"Look at what you fuckin' did! Look at what fuckin' happens when you play games!?" Claire screamed at the top of her lungs. "Hagan... Hagan is fucking dead because of your bullshit!" She pushed Britney against the wall, and looked her dead in the eyes as her aura glistened brightly as it could. A shining, monstrous sight.

"... And the same's about to happen to the rest of us! I ought to break your lyin' little neck for gettin' us all into this!"

All Britney did was cry, "I'm-I'm sorry! I didn't think any of this would happen!"

"You didn't because you didn't think about us! You just thought about using us in your sick li-" Claire shouted.

"Claire! Take it easy!" Justin shouted as he ran up to them, knowing how strong Claire's had gotten. "You'll kill her!"

Other had formed to see the sight, and Claire couldn't care less. For all Claire believed, it was all Britney's fault that Hagan was killed and that they got dragged into this. They can try and stop for. For all she cares, they're just as complicit in Britney's bullshit.
I'm definitely going to post today.
So the premise is essentially world-jumping? And the characters are probably more based on sci-fi and steampunk concepts yeah? Like elaborate more if you can.

In a way, yeah. I was thinking it'd be more like writing the same character in different universes/rps. I'm not sure if I'm interpreting you correctly, but there won't be any world hopping (at least to start with) the way you're thinking, so the characters won't be based in any setting in particular. It'll be more of a symbolic thing here, I gues.

Have you seen Katekyo Hitman Reborn? The plot of the best arc, the future arc, involves someone who gains the knowledge of the other worlds and sets out to conquer them all, turning some of them to wastelands. I would recommend that show just for that arc, it has a good plot and great fights, and though the beginning was slow, it turns out that what I thought was filler was actually diligent build-up. Anyway, I think it would be interesting to have a connection between the different worlds similar to what I'm discussing, just throwing it out there.

I never watched it - but I'll definitely give it a watch. I didn't start this RP out with a huge plot in mind, but maybe I'll think about it. The idea was for the RP to be accessible as possible, so once the old plot is done we'll start a new one.

Maybe I'll see what people think.

Seems cool. Maybe we make one Character with the same personality, similar name, and characteristics although each scenario it's like they are in a different universe. The same being, but not. Maybe when you want to end it, tie them all together somehow. Like the same smuggler Josh of 2677 Midnight City, California is more or less as the same soul as Joshua Freeborn the human wizard that defeated the Elf army during the Great war on Nazgar. Maybe you already have that Idea, but just saying lol.

Yeah, that was the idea, more or less. The point of the RP will be (initially) looking at the same characters through different lenses, so to speak.

When I get the chance, I'll write up an OOC, but it shouldn't be too much.
I really enjoy the reception so far. Once I get off work in a few hours I will respond
Hmmmm... curious is me.

Is this a multiverse-esque RP or something more based on original characters?

Original characters only, just to be clear.
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