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I've been away all weekend but I'll try to get something written this week


Got hit with nine straight days of work. I'll be dead til Friday.

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Anyways, take your time posting, I'll still be here. Eagerly awaiting a response.

Yo, how was Viv different back in the day?

I can't remember all the details off the top of my head (or they're so bad my mind mentally blocked them out)

- The horror aspects were going to be downplayed in favor of making it more urban-fantasy Life is Strange-ish (even though atm, I can only call this RP loosely inspired by it).

- The whole guardian thing was going to be the focus of the RP, where it would be revealed that it was supposed to be set up as one big game by a God so there'd be one powerful Awakened.

- There was going to be an ancient civilization-type deal, idk. Barely remember.

A lot of these ideas have been incorporated into the RP in a better way.
@Surtr IncNot really. Out of my characters, only Penny has used hersโ€”and I feel like we could justify it as a secondary part of her Abstraction. Same can probably go for anyone whose character's aura helps with their power.

Yeah, I was thinkin' the same thing. The only reason why I wanna cut Aura reading is because (for the longest time) I felt like it was tacked on, and redundant to most of the cast. Especially since... it was basically tacked on because I wanted it to stand out in contrast to my other superpower rps, and it was an artifact of when Viv was waaaaaaaaaay different. So different, it might as well be a different RP.
Holy fuck, I always forget my own damn characters powers. I should keep a fucking scoreboard.

if I dropped aura reading, would anyone be mad?

Hillview High - Mason Square.

The blade pierced though Scott cleanly. If there wasn't a wall in the way, the blade would have went completely through him. He slammed a fist against the wall, and tried to struggle... but his muscles deflated. Eyes stopped glowing, and the power that had once made him a beast was slowly leaving. Feeling as if it was forcibly taken from him, it appeared to the Awakened that he was merely shrinking. Reverting back to his original appearance as a scrawny teen... and tears were raining from his cheeks.

"I-I'm sorry!" Scott shouted at the top of his lungs. "It.... it made me do it!"

With a raised eyebrow, Claire asked, "... What the hell is it?"

Before she could get her answer, Scott suddenly jolted, as he bellowed the warning, "My master! It's coming! It's t-too powerful... you all have to escape before it..." At this moment, Scott finally expired.

"Ummm..." Kimberly finally came from the shadows with Jordan, choosing to stay in the sidelines in case somebody needed help. "... I think we should go. Just a hunch."

"What? We listenin' to some dead murderer now?" Hagan scoffed, "Let his master come, I need to have a few words with it-"

Suddenly, the entire school was filled with a orange light that illuminated every inch of it without an apparent light source. That caused a bit of startlement for the crew, but it was merely the beginning. Something... the group could feel something otherworldly in their presence. It felt like it was there, but not really. A phantom feeling.


Then it appeared.

It took the shape of a orb that just appeared out of thin air. It looked vaguely like the thing seen at the end of the camping trip, but, without the glowing light. A black mass that couldn't take one solid form, as the air around it blurred. One heartbeat, it had millions of tentacles, then another it was smooth. The best way to describe this was that it was comparable to static of a TV-screen that was constantly glitching. The creature's mass seemed to take strange appearances from time to time. Shifting from grass, to maybe stain glass, to even human flesh, back to blackness. It was almost like this thing was so wrong that their minds were doing whatever the fuck it could to wrap their heads around it.

Yet, they couldn't take their eyes off it. Not even for a second. They were strangely compelled to gaze at it...

"... It's real... I always thought it was a lie, but it's real..." Sharon said as she just blindly stared at it. "... The Glutton."

it is time

Hillview High - Mason Square.


Claire shouted at the top of her lungs, before a sudden gust of air stopped her in her tracks. To say the least, it wasn't any less painful than what Caela was hoping it would be. It felt like somebody hit her. She growled as she clenched her fist tightly, and then slammed it onto the ground. She felt the bruises develop, as her shield had shattered completely. She wasn't going to let this stop her. Oh no, this was only the beginning.

Before Reese could slaughter Paige, he felt a sudden stop as he couldn't move for just a moment... one moment was all The Shadow needed to land a dangerous blow onto Reese. One that sent him staggering over into a locker. At this moment, both Justin and Lynette attacked him at once. Justin's Soul-Self taking the form of a massive flaming phoenix that took flight and opened it's maw. Letting fourth a jet of flames that burned Reese to a crisp. All while Lynette finished another glyph and created an inferno that was augmented by Justin's mere presence. Reese's screams of pain echoed through the hallways.

However, Claire had her eyes on something: his blade. It dropped on the ground, and she had the perfect way of finishing him off. She eyed Reese slamming both of his monstrous, black hands, on both sides of the locker as he tried to push himself up. She was going to finish him for good this time... she grabbed onto the blade, and lifted it up, her aura surrounding it. She ran over to Penny, and quickly said,

"Barbie! I'm gonna toss this, do your little magic trick!"

And then she threw it over her head straight at Reese. Hoping that Penny would give it the push that it needed to put Reese down for good.

Hillview High - Mason Square.

The barrage from the Support group was definitely hard on Reese. He was still holding onto Maddie, but they were attacking him from all angles. Nate had rammed a cart square into him, Penny had driven a shard into his shoulder, and the girl in silver was... doing something to him. He didn't know what to make of it, but he saw Claire running around and grabbing Scott by the arm, trying to force him to let Maddie loose. The mere thought of all this was driving Reese mad. He felt the tendril-like plants wrapping around him... he growled.


A sudden flash of orange light came outwards from Reese. It was blinding... but a few perceptive eyes could see something underneath all the light. The vines were disintegrated, and he felt a surge of strength flowing through him as he stood straight up. The first thing he did was kick the cart hard as he could into the crowd. Then he felt the power flow through him... his veins were glowing a bright orange color. It was as if his blood was replaced with lava, but it seemed more luminscient, like a star was inside of him rather than glowing blood. His eyes were glowing red through the mask.

"Move!" Justin shouted as he rolled out of the way with the others. Son of a bitch. He wants to help, as the flaming aura that surrounded him burned brightly, but he knew that his abstraction would do more harm than good since he was holding...

Scott heard his master's voice in his head. Few others would be able to perceive it, but Scott understood it clearly... he turned his attention towards Jasmine and threw Maddie at her hard as he could. She was just sent flying through the air - He was hoping that it just killed the two of them. He turned towards Claire whom was rushing towards him fists ready, and Scott grabbed her by the wrist and again threw her straight into the crowd.

That was when Scott turned his attention his Paige - at his master's urging - using blinding speed he rushed towards her with his blade ready to drive into her gut.
I'll post sometime this week, I got off the next few days.

Hillview High - Mason Square.

Scott took the blade square into his bicep, and it pierced deep inside of him... and would have killed him provided that he was still a conventional human being. This merely gave him another advantage. He quickly grabbed Maddie by the neck and lifted her up in the air. Using her a shield between himself and the group, thus he made the group hesitant to attack him. He tried to march forward, but he suddenly stopped dead in his tracks. Unable to move at all.

At this point, Claire was essentially blinded with grief-fueled rage. The only thing on her mind was killing Scott Reese brutally as he had slain her friend. She didn't even care that Scott was using Maddie as a shield, when she recovered she rushed at him from the back and punched him square in his lower back. The sheer impact of her blow could be felt by the entire group as Scott dropped to his knees. He still held Maddie tightly through as he threw an elbow at Claire - which the girl grabbed with all of her strength.

"Everyone! Hold him down! Get him off her!" Britney commanded as clapped her hands together and a net of wooden roots came outwards from her feet and slowly creeped outwards towards Scott and wrapped around his legs

Lynette was finished drawing the water glyph on the floor. It had a six foot diameter and she had worked out that the larger the glyph, the more powerful the spell. She didn't know what the hell this would do, but she was hoping that it'd help. She placed her hands on the ground as the glyph began to glow brightly with a luminescence light, and the air temperature dropped as a messy, cascading wave of ice came outwards towards Scott Reese. Lynette smiled with pride as she prepared to freeze Scott's feet to the floor... only for the spell to run out of juice halfway through and barely even stop at his feet.

"Damn it!" Lynette said.
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