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Current I have no other options. *Self-Destructs*
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Settlements were ass because ugggggh it's Fallout. I wanna explore shit.
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[@OfWindandRain] So was New Vegas and 3 other than a "small" amount of exceptions.
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4 wasn't BAD as much as I thought some of the new mechanics were dull. Honestly, it probably has the best gameplay out of the modern Fallout games. Oh, and 3 had some pretty damn good atmosphere, too.
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The Campsite - Campfire.

Claire was hoping that there was a plan for getting the hell out of this. With Scott and his axe hanging intimidatingly overhead, there wasn't much they could do... but, some nutjob girl - Claire only had the vaguest idea of who she was - torched 'im with a flamethrower? Claire didn't know, but the girl had some major balls if she was willing to pull something like this. It was a distraction, but what about her? Scott put his hand up to block the flames, and yelled in anger... but was slowly pushing through towards her.

Who was going to save her?

You all go swimmin'. If this doesnt work, tell my mamma I love her."

Claire's head immediately whipped towards Dexter when he said this. He threw the car into high-gear, and Claire could only barely react when she shouted, "Dex don't!" Her heart was racing, what he was doing was stupid! "Let the idiot with the flamethrower-" But, she couldn't stop him in time, and the car sped right towards SCott - an enormous flash of light came from the high-beams, and the car flew right into Scott. He loudly yelled as he was pushed back by the car until he was pinned against a tree. Scott groaned, stunned as he weakly tried to push the car off of him... but, Claire knew that fucker wouldn't stay down forever.

But, she saw Dexter on the ground, pushing himself back to his feet. Claire immediately ran over to him, and helped him to his feet. "Jesus, Dex," Claire said, choking back tears, "I'll never leave you behind - no matter what happens." Claire said, shaking her head.

Zoey got to his other side, and also helped him up. She was the one to address Penny, with a short but sweet. "... Thank you, but we oughta get the fuck out of here." She pulled Dexter towards the nearest building - which happened to be the male dorms, and Claire followed.

The Campsite - Male Cabins.

Kimberly only weakly merely coughed when she heard Rita's little outburst. While it was harsh and very personal, she knew that tensions were high here. So, that was why Kimberly didn't hold it against Rita - she probably didn't mean it. Which was why she decided to just stick with focusing on barricading the house. She pressed the bed frame against the window with the help of Rita, then grabbed one of the cabinets and flipped it over until the top end was pressed against the bedframe. So it would at least slow down SCott if he comes through the window.

She grunted as she sighed - she wasn't accustomed to all this heavy lifting! The bespackled girl knelt forward a bit, and panted as she tried to give herself a break... Then when it ended - when she looked up at the window - she saw the sight of herself in the other side of the window. Some kind of doppelganger. Horribly mangled, with cuts all over her body - but cut in the fashion as if she was some kind of doll. Her eye was hanging out of it's socket, and she was grinning. The area was bathed in an orange-light as the demon - the apparition - reached towards her through the window.

When it made contact with her cheek, Kimberly was immediately filled with so much fear and dread, that it was almost alien to her. A fear that didn't belong to her, but yet she was still feeling it. Kimberly loudly screamed as she fell backwards right onto her ass. She crawled far away from the window as possible.

"... Girl!?" Jordan's voice broke the illusion, and everything went back to normal. "... Have you lost it!?" Jordan looked at her, scooting away nervously.

"I..." Kimberly said nervously. "I don't know what the hell just happened to me - I... I..."

Jordan blankly looked at her. Before Kimberly said, "I saw something out there."

That was when they heard some banging in the distance.

Scott remained pinned up against the tree, desperately trying to push it away. Yet, he didn't possess the strength. His lower body was destroyed as he saw his prey escape him. In sheer anger, he slammed both of his fists against the hood of the car and left two enormous dents in the side of the vehicle. He had the tools of his revenge, and yet he couldn't use them! He near-roared out of anger.

He heard a scream coming from nearby, and started getting excited.

However, the orange light beamed from the mountain... and shined on him. That was when black tendrils that appeared like tar rose from the ground, and went into his body. His muscles expanded, and his wounds healed. With one herculean feat of strength, he managed to push the car away. Out of anger, he grabbed the bottom of the vehicle and flipped it over with one hand. He started laughing as he went over to his trusty axe, and went straight for the cabin...

"Look, I'm sorry, I don't know what happened!" Kimberly weakly said as she pushed herself to her feet. "We have to keep reinforcing the cabins, or el-"

Scott Reese's axe came in contact with the door, damn near splitting it in half with all the strength he was swinging around now. Kimberly and Jordan screamed in fear for real as he peered inside through the split - before he walked through the door like it was nothing. Shattering all of their well places defenses as he held an axe tightly with one hand, and observed everyone.

He laughed as he witnessed all the prospects for slaughter!

The Campsite - Docks.

It was Chad running up to her... one of her "informants" that she had struck a deal with - she does work for him, and he tells her everything she needs to know. She would be happy to see if he wasn't, for lack of a better term, a complete wreck. He runs up to her, and started off on this frantic speech trying to explain to her that somebody was murdered.

Suddenly, the screaming began to carry a lot more weight. She wasn't sure if this was just some really elaborate prank... but, Chad didn't look like he was joking - neither did the people running for their lives. The anxiety that Aliana was feeling was suddenly creeping onto Lynette. She could feel a trickle of sweat run down her head as she looked around. Was it really a joke? Or was there really a monster out there? Lynette wasn't sure what to believe, but was it really intelligent to shrug it off as a prank?

Paranoia is only paranoia when it's wrong.

When Aliana spoke, Lynette's eyes darted between her, Chad, and the chubby newcomer as she tried to come up with the best solution in this situation. More sweat trickled down her cheeks as she thought about it... Screw it. If it's a prank, then Lynette's gonna fall for it. She turned, and saw the boathouse - a relatively small, cabin-like place, where the campers get their boats from - and knew that was the best short term hiding spot.

She grabbed onto Chad's shoulders, slowly turning him towards the boathouse. She silently jabbed a finger towards it a few times, afraid of even opening her mouth lest they attract the wrong kind of attention. She quickly (and quietly) lead the group from the docks to the boat house. The door was fortunately open, and she held it open for everyone. When they were in, she closed the doors. The room was pitch black, and Lynette didn't want to flick the light switches on, so she pulled out her phone and turned on it's flashlight.

Feeling a little safe, she let out a deep breath, trying to stay calm.

"Okay, I don't know what's going on, but we should definitely stay in here... keep our heads down, and we won't have to worry about a thing...." Lynette slowly said, almost whispering. While she wanted to hide, there was a part of her that knew that they couldn't hide forever.
If that's the case, I'm definitely making one of my characters have this abstraction. Then we can finally settle the silverware wars for real.

Also approved.
I'd like to change my abstraction please…

Also, I made up the cast list. Hopefully I'll keep it a bit better updated this time.

Btw if anyone wants to change their abstraction to something else, now is the time because once the prologue is over, everything's gonna be locked in place.
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I guess Cael can do it since she ain't in anything else at the moment- I'll try get up a post tomorrow

I was gonna make a joke about how the whitest character was gonna meet the blackest, but looks like @Duoya cucked ya.

(I guess they can still meet)
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Screw you I'm cool

You're like hot water
NPCs are lame
For the plot-thread I wanted to do for Lynette's group, I'm gonna need somebody from the campfire (or saw it) to run over to the docks frantic. Thanks.

With a text appearance from Britney!


The Campsite - Campfire.

Karma approached Claire, and she almost smiled in all of this - not because she was happy to see her, but because she felt a little bit more proven right. That warmed her cold heart in all of this. Claire loudly spit on the ground as she reached into her pocket for a box of Marlboro Menthol, and slid one in between her lips. "I'm quite dandy right now, Karm." Claire said, then Dexter piped up. While she mostly wanted to have fun in the cabins, he was right. Scott was the retaliation type, and Hagan was the kind of guy who would snuff it. "I'm just gonna relax at that shitty campfire until the bus to take us home comes," She shrugged, she played with the cigarette in her hand, "And I lost my lighter, so a girl's gotta improvise." She grinned. Zoey kept her mouth shut because she had nothing to say, really.

That was when Dexter got a reply to his text.

From: Brit
Okay. I'm by the office right now talking to somebody.

With that, the group went back to the campfire. All seemed well, until they got into view of it. They saw people running, and screaming... with Scott Reese's monstrous form standing over a body, as he wielded an axe. And he brought down that axe on some girl with... some kind of instrument. The axe completely split the woman's head in half, going all the way down her neck. Splatting blood and gore all over the place. One side of the girl's head went down on end, and the other splattered all over the rest of her body. She slumped over dead as Scott pulled his axe, and wiped it off on his fore-arm. Claire's eyes were wide open as she was frozen in shock. Her hands went up in defense as she took a few steps back. She looked away - anywhere but that murder scene! - and saw Zoey turned away with her eyes covered by her hands, and Dexter was just about to throw up.

It wasn't long until he went all the way, and Claire caught a good sight of his dinner... and so did Scott when he looked over his shoulder at them. She saw a faint grin forming on his face when he finished wiping off his blood covered axe. He didn't waste a second in letting out a loud war-cry and charging towards them with the axe held tightly with both hands.

Dexter had shouted, telling them to run to the car. "Fuck this!" Claire shouted as she immediately turned away and began running towards the parking lot, with Zoey, and Dexter, in tow. She ran faster than she ever ran before - but still she could hear Scott's heavy footsteps and his monstrous pants getting closer and closer. The campsite wasn't that big, so they made it to the parking lot fairly quickly.

The only two things in sight was Dexter's car, and the wooden bridge that lead to safety - whoever thought of building a campsite on an island was a moron, and was going to receive the business end of Claire's boot when this was over. Still, she ran over to his car, and said, "Come on, come on!"

But, two pillars of orange light appeared from the sky right onto the bridge, before it disappeared. At first, Claire didn't pay it any mind... then she saw a massive tree fall over right onto the bridge. It collapsed onto the bridge, and caused it to fall to pieces. Which was like her escape plan right now - in pieces. Her jaw had dropped.

"... Fuck!" Claire said.

Scott had approached the car with his axe overhead, ready to slaughter.

The Campsite - Infirmary.

Justin was literally caught off guard when nurse mc-crazy tits came out of nowhere screaming about how useless it all was (what "it" in this context was, was irrelevant).

But, all Justin saw was the nurse going straight towards David with a scalpel. The struggle caught Justin off so much, that he was frozen in sheer shock. He wondered what the hell was even going on. David punched her with no effect, but she was still going towards him. But, the details got lost when he did the first thing that came to mind. He charged over to the woman and punched her hard as he could - now, he was told by his mother to never hit women, but he had to make an exception. She choked for a moment as Justin's fist came in contact with her right cheek, and she was sent stumbling backwards.

What should have been a knockout only made her grin even further. She shouted, "Useless!" She still had the scalpel in hand, and then turned her attention to Justin. Whom - no offense to his buddy David - knew how to stop a bitch with a knife. She shoved the knife towards his gut, and Justin lunged forward - moving his stomach out of the way, and grabbing her wrist. They struggled for a moment as Justin was pushing more against her. But, she laughed as she grabbed Justin with her other hands. For a brief moment, Justin saw all of her veins glow orange for a brief second - the same second her eyes began to glow a bright orange color. She grabbed Justin by the wrist, and swung him across the room like he was a ragdoll. Justin had no idea what the hell to even do - who would respond to a nurse suddenly developing super strength?

He was thrown onto the table and hit some tables, crashing onto all of them, and he could only groan in pain. The nurse reached down and picked up the scalpel, and spoke one more time, "Useless... there's something out there that makes us sooooo small!" She said, turning her attention back to David,

"So... why even try...?"

The Campsite - Docks.

Aliana had a similar line of thought as Lynette. Maybe this was one thing that they should leave alone.

"Let's, um," Lynette wasn't quite sure of what to say. She was feeling some kind of fear as well, but she knew that fear was irrational. "Stay put... I'm sure it's nothing but a stupid prank."

But, she saw somebody running over to them from the campsite....
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