SALIGIA: The 7 Sins

Introduction: The Twelve Labours was an alternative contest to RPGC, run concurrently with their own contests. Each TTL challenge lasted for exactly twelve days, with a judging period of three days. Rather than voting for just one winner, any submitted entry which met the basic criteria of the challenge while holding to a certain standard of quality expected of good storytelling wins. However, while the RPGC is still running, The Twelve Labours is no longer running, There shall be a new contest series running concurrently for a more directed approach towards writing, in the style of the Twelve Labours. Hence was born The Seven Sins.

The Premise: The Seven Sins, like its predecessor, aims to give a prompt to which writers can respond to as they so wish, a challenge of sorts to demonstrate ingenuity in the face of adversity. Whether it is a comfort to reside in the heavens serving the same modus, or will it be ever more glorious to peer into the inferno to see the temptation there? That is for the writer to see which is the better path. Each challenge will attempt to present writers with the opportunity to pursue something that answers that burning question. However, The Seven Sins is more so about exploration of ideas and self-improvement, with victory secondary to earning the respect of one's peers.

How to Join: There is no formal requirement whatsoever to join a any of T7S challenge. If you want to submit an entry, just send it to @The Grey Dust before the relevant submission deadline, and remember to include a statement as to whether or not you want the story to remain anonymous. Stories will not be posted with authorship without the explicit permission of the author.

How to Win: Simply fulfill the criteria of the challenges while writing an entry of high overall quality! Each challenge will have a certain set of requirements to be met. Regardless of whether you win or not, there will provide a basic review of your work during the judging period from a panel of mystery anonymous judges. Additionally, submissions may also be voted on by the community for their favourite entry to be given the community accolade.

Prizes: I will be working with contestants, as well as the forum staff, to see if there is a way to provide rewards to winners of each challenge. However, for now, only Recognition will be given in merit. However, these rewards are retroactive, therefore if and when prizes are awarded, they will be given to past winners. Traditionally prizes come in the form of unique forum titles and profile trophies will likely soon be made available to contest winners, both for RPGC and The Twelve Labours.

Get Involved: Competitions usually have a staff of formal judges who review submitted stories, handle appeals, and write reviews for each story. . But that does not mean your opinion does not matter! Feel free to post your thoughts on the pieces, but please remember, be nice to your fellow devils. Also, formal judges cannot enter the competitions under any circumstances obviously, or reveal their identities until after the final tally, to avoid all sorts of fiendish pacts and deals that would condemn your soul. However, If you wish to be a formal judge, you may step up and inquire @The Grey Dust, and if you wish to no longer be a formal judge, you may step down at will by notifying @The Grey Dust.