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Hello guild my old friend :)
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The nostalgia is fierce many ideas. Where did the time go?…
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The Archive is Activated
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Guild issues making it difficult to post. Will update when the server errors stop.
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To Teluval, Farewell . A surreal fantasy adventure:


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In Poly Vault 19 days ago Forum: Character Sheets
Wtf is a Quest?
Quests are a type of internet rpg where the GM gives a narrative and options for the character or characters to take. It's kind of like a choose-your-own-adventure game but a couple of players vote on the options. The GM tallies the votes and continues the story with more choices to be voted on.

Where did this format come from?

Why you do this?
I like to write and roleplay. Unfortunately real life is a 60+ hour work week for me. I'm experimenting with this format so I can divide my time between work, life and play.

How Do I play?
Each GM post will contain a narrative or continuation of the story. When a choice for the character is presented, the GM will provide a few options for the communally controlled character to take. Each of these options will be preceded by a []. To cast your vote, copy and paste the choice. For example:

@Polybius Need a summary? While I’m sure everyone would rather have the full context of their posts explained I could give you a good three paragraph assessment.


Maren has quite a few things to address. A messenger from Malakaus. Annabeth and the others at the chapel.

I was wondering how everyone felt about keeping to the 'Free' section forum guidelines? I suppose I could have written some general rules for posting. Some of these ICs are 5+ paragraphs and switch between characters and scenes. It's more than I had expected from this sort of Jump-In rp but all well.

On another note, @Lucius Cypher I remember you from years ago. Malakaus showed up in another RP, The Grey Crossings.

Funny how things go like that.

Whew that's a lot of posts to catch up on :/

Hi, I've been lurking on here for a while now and this looks like a really cool and fun rp. I think I have a pretty alright character figured out and I would love to join if ya'll would have me?

Jump-in :)
I see theres something of a hold on the main plot so I think I'll take this opportunity to state my intent to jump in soon. Just wondering what the thoughts are on me making a cult leader who has basically made a religion based around the fire fens, If y'all dont mind I'd like to figure out where my cult leader and his minions fit in before I start posting, although some kind of deal because making deals with cults that worship fires they think are produced by demons and shit is an evil thing to do with the BBEG is what I'm thinking rn if there are no issues with that.

Also I'm aware low fantasy so no cult magic, especially this early in. I thought instead I'd have my guy and his minions just basically be drugged up, use poisons/acids and sneaky tactics to make up for the fact their equipment is trash compared to the others.

Welcome! Jump in any time. I was away for the weekend so yea, my fault the main story was placed on hold. What's interesting is each new character brings a new thing to life in the world. You're entirely welcome to make any character you like or even start your own plot lines as long as you always consider what has come before !
Flashback it is! I'll try and get a post up very , very , very, kind of soon :)
@Strange Rodent Welcome!

Hey folks, I'm out of town starting tomorrow afternoon (EST) for work. I'll be back Sunday. Looks like we have quite a few things going on right now. Here are a few options to keep the game rolling until next week.

-Someone takes over the character of Maren Trevoste until Monday.

-We do a "Flashback" weekend where the current scenes are halted and everyone has a chance to write a few posts about earlier events in your characters life. It could be filler, or give some elaboration on why your character has found themselves in their current position.

-We pause the game until Monday.

Let me know what everyone thinks the best plan of action. Cheers!
Hmm. This is interesting indeed. I will wade into the waters to feel out what you have in mind @The Harbinger of Ferocity
"Unable to trust my thoughts, I use the only sense left unto me, my sight. I look to my hands. Are they strong? Belonging to a man?"
Here too! Who is jumping in first?
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