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@kitramos All three of those are unique. I like how they each bring a different theme and concept with them. I'm partial to humanoids, so pic #2 would be my choice. I also saw this while browsing the 'net for pictures of kitsune deities, though my feelings about it are mixed.

Alright pic 2 it is. I figure they have the ability to adjust how much of their fox nature is showing at will, with the ability to turn fully into a fox. And that's her preferred form.

as for the other pic, yea mixed feelings on that too, the extra eyes and especially the skulls detract from the picture
That's an idea. I'll mull it over. Got any pictures of potential fox goddesses?

I don't but I can spend sometime looking for one.
to be honest I'm not to picky how they look, it's really only how I look that I'd be more picky about.
also if you want to have something else to do while we are waiting for the main plot to start. I remember you saying for my idea to work out I'd have to meet up with a fox goddess and set up a deal with them first. since that bit would really only apply to me, I think it's a side story we could work on now and then once the main plot gets started we can have some reason for me move over to that starting point and take it from there. if you wanted.
I saw the prologue part one. but never a part two. that was good writing.

given how my char's story gets started in this world I really can do anything until either we rp it out, or we are at a point I can say that would of happened and save the starting scene for a flashback.

I totally get how things can get busy so I'm not upset just curios when we are going to get things going?
Was my character ever accepted?

yea your char is accepted. I've just gotten stupidly busy myself and not sure what happened to the others
Your welcome to join in, the group is at the bar.
it got quiet in here. just wondering what's up?
ooh yes I'm also excited to get started.
okay I got my character posted in the main character area. I wasn't to sure what all to put in for strengths. So I started with what I think she'll get from the artificer class/ dragon blood contract. and when we have her contract with the fox goddess I can add in her new Kitsune ability's then.
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