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it got quiet in here. just wondering what's up?
ooh yes I'm also excited to get started.
okay I got my character posted in the main character area. I wasn't to sure what all to put in for strengths. So I started with what I think she'll get from the artificer class/ dragon blood contract. and when we have her contract with the fox goddess I can add in her new Kitsune ability's then.
okay here's the first draft, hope it's not to bad.

@kitramos I think we can do a kitsune. The way this can work is, your character would initially be human, and you'd contract with a fox goddess who can possess you to grant you her powers. If you want to be a natural kitsune, there's two methods available: 1) The foxlike features are mainly cosmetic. You have up to nine tails (depending on the character's age; 1 new tail per 100 years) and two fox ears, with none of the other arcane powers their kind are known for. Lifespan is approximately the same as normal humans, at around 70-120 years. 2) You ascend to demigodhood and become a kitsune, complete with all their usual powers. This may only be achieved with a sufficiently powerful desire and sacrifice during gameplay.

I like Options 1 and 3 best. perhaps I start off using option 1 contracting with fox goddess and after I get more settled into this world and my role in it I start down the road of option 3? as that way we can take this char who doesn't know anything about this world give them the ability and reason to start getting invested in the world itself and the people in it, instead of just how they can find a way home. And then once that builds up to a strong enough level they can stat down the path of ascension.

Now, regarding the matter of game systems, it seems like everyone is relatively neutral about it, with a few expressing preferences for numerical resolution systems. So how about this: We'll try out a few battles using narrative vs numerical systems and decide which one we like better after seeing them for ourselves?

that works for me.
I do agree if there's an important narrative point then that overrides the numerical systems. but in cases where it's not critical things work out a certain way then the numerical things can add a bit of randomness to keep the pot stirred.
like if it's important we get into a locked room then the system isn't used to determine if we get in, but rather if we get in strait away or if it takes a few tries to pick or force the lock. is how I look at it anyway.

We start soon, tomorrow I'm thinking,

cool, well here's hopping nothing crazy comes up. but I get it real life comes first.
when you go get the other sections ready could you post a link to them here? thank you.
@kitramos Now that I finally have a week off to myself, I can focus a bit more. What character ideas are on the table? I can offer some suggestions with a few prompts to work from, if need be.

I like the isekai'ed idea, but they weren't a total loaner to begin with so they would like to get back to their home world. They do realize they are going to have to go on this grand adventure before getting back as they will realize what happened, and figure that siding with Regret they are more likely to get to a happy ending, they are also mad at the dragon for trapping them here so that's another reason to side against them. I was also thinking they get gender swapped in their new form, and that is one thing they are rather happy about even if it means having to get used to all the differences but they got plenty of other differences to get used to what's a few more. but if that's going to cause a problem I can omit that last part.

i was also considering making them kitsune as well originally but rereading over what you got seems to imply that all the player characters are going to be more of a human with powers. so if that's what you want I'm fine with that.

As for Class/powers I was thinking either an Artificer type that also plays with with the fact they where quite interested in and worked a lot with tech in their world before getting pulled to this one. so their love of tech continues just adapted for magical tech now. and their powers relate to that theme; or Perhaps a Druid type if the first isn't available.
Dave smiles big as Alexi hands over the patch "ooh, thanks so much. this will look great on there." he nods. "Oh I'm Asuka, thanks again for the patch." He goes to put it into his purse that was sitting on the bar next to him. "I've heard of all those but haven't actually watched any." he says and you can see his eyes light up when you pull out the cards "ooh that's so cool, I was thinking about trying that game sometime but never had anyone to play it with" he shrugs. "As for me, my Fav's are Fruits Basket, Excel Saga, Last Exile, and My Hero Academia"
yep I believe we still are.
"ooh that sounds like the wizard guy.. uh... he was after" he says looking over at Mathew "Ya know I just realized, you never did tell me your name." he says tiling his head slightly to the side, before turning back to the lady. "Your welcome. that sounds like a neat idea I might need to find a nice coat and some nice patches to do that with." he nods "Nice to meet you Alexi, I've heard of that store. though to be honest I'm a bit more into Kpop then us rock. though there are still some rock bands I like. hum, do you like Anime?"
Well you do got me interested.

And the DnD angle is also fine with me. in most sessions I've played with the narrative is still king. but where the dnd rules come into play is to help the outcome of combat to feel more earned and less forced, it's also good for situations where it could be fun to have the outcome go either way, so it brings in an element of fun that the char doesn't always succeed right away or fail horribly all the time. but gives a chance for big wins or close shaves, or even enjoyable fails.

Still regardless of if you go that route or not I'm still interested.
I also got a few character ideas I can bring up too, if this is still open.

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