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Current First post after nearly a month of inactivity. Here's hoping I can get back into a good post routine before long.
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“Just put on anything by Enya. No, not anything. 'Orinoco Flow.' On repeat.”
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Managed to burn both my thumbs and index fingers pulling a tray of cookies out of the oven. I trusted you, oven mitts, and you betrayed me.
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Thanks to having to move earlier this year, I finally get to experience snow for the first time since my early childhood. It's absolutely wonderful :)
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RP’s that amass a good player base and have a good start only to suddenly die are why I have trust issues.


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Lanithil Valkas

Keeping his bow drawn and pointed at the metal beast, Lanithil kept a firm gaze until a faint whisper from the trees let the wood elf know the battle was over. With a sigh of relief he eased his bow string back and slipped the arrow back into the quiver. The archers following him did the same, each attempting to steady their breathing as the monster had finally been downed.

While Lanithil felt his contribution had been minimal, the front line warriors and mages had done a fine job in felling a creature never before encountered. Even with the loss of two comrades things could have been much worse had they not worked to discover it’s weakness. Their dear commander Ardur thought differently, however, as he made his opinion of their work very clear. It didn’t take the eyes of an elf to see the sour faces on everyone as they were told to expect a scolding for their efforts.

Once their orders had been given, Lanithil motioned for the archers to huddle before they dispersed. “I’m not one to say this normally, but pay no heed to the commander.” Lanithil said in a hushed tone. “This fight may not have gone smoothly, but now we know how to fight these things if anymore show up. For now, the beast is dead and our losses were minimal. In my book that’s a win. Now, let’s see if anyone needs our assistance. And keep an eye out for any unbroken arrows out there. Those things aren’t free, you know?”

With that, the archers spread out all going to different parts of the field. Before he too took his leave, Lanithil was approached by Gil who thanked him as well as the Luna Falcons for distracting the beast. “Please, you and the others did most of the work. I should be thanking you for keeping that thing at bay. Now go see a healer and get yourself patched up. Women may be impressed by scars, but not infected wounds.” He said giving Gil a firm pat on the back.

After that brief conversation, Lanithil decided to follow Cyterius and the Luna Falcons as they approached Ardur. Upon hearing their request to scout the city, Lanithil let out a fake gasp. “Cyterius! Don’t tell me you were planning on scouting without the ranger? If you and the Falcons are going anywhere near that place, then I hope you have room for one more.”
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Ethan Conrad

Though he had gone into the second phase with some confidence thanks to the praise he received from Manilow, Ethan quickly found the course to be a challenge he could not overcome. No matter what he tried those damn vines kept getting in his way. He cursed at himself over the fact this was the first obstacle and he couldn’t get around it. After the thorns had taken a few strips of this clothing for their collection and left him with a number of small cuts, the boy simply gave up. He hated himself for it, but in his mind he clearly wasn’t up to the task at hand. Turning back, Ethan climbed back up the stairs of the course humiliated and dejected. He could only pray that whatever phase three was, it was something he could actually succeed at.

It wasn’t long before Kano announced the third and final phase would be... Combat… Yeah he was screwed. Not only was Ethan scrawny and weak, but he hadn’t actually been in a fight before. Not to mention he still didn’t have much confidence in his abilities. Worryingly he looked to the stone wall as it vanished revealing his opponent to be a beautiful brown eyed girl. She greeted him with a smile a wave before jumping right into things by creating reflective panels of light around the arena.

By the time he was able to shake off her charm, Ethan found he had been trapped in a hall of mirrors. Everywhere he looked he saw his own reflection, only the images were coming in and out of focus. It was dizzying and disorienting to say the least, making it nearly impossible to look for the girl. Eventually, Ethan simply shut his eyes and dropped to a knee trying to regain his balance. It was only then he realized he didn’t need to see at all. The second his hand touched the ground he began to feel the vibrations in the area around him, meaning he could now feel the girl’s footsteps.

Now that he knew where she was, he had to plan his attack. Thinking back to his first test, Ethan slowly raised to his feet and lifted his arms to his chest just as he had done before. One by one the rocks around him broke free from the ground and began flying around him, only this time, he waited just three before turning in the direction of the girl and throwing his arms out forward. Instead of flying in all directions like before, the small barrage of rocks went forward shattering every mirror in front of him and heading straight at the girl.

“Looks like I found you, darling. He said with a smirk. He couldn’t tell why, but something about this was making it easier for him to speak up.


Roland: *puts the forklift in reverse. Initial D starts playing.*
Of all the things I expected to do with Roland, drifting in a forklift was not one of them. But damn if I'm not happy about it.
Roland Nightbreaker

Being almost unphased by the surprise of the imps, the group quickly reacted to the approaching forklifts. In seconds the tide of the battle shifted in their favor. The imps caught onto this fast and decided to make a break for it, but not before tossing a bat in a container at Mako. Wait… was that Circe? Oh man did she look pissed. The murder in her eyes could be seen as she changed into. Cheetah and gave chase to the escaping imps.

“Hey, wait up!” Roland yelled as Circe continued her pursuit. He couldn't let her go alone, since she apparently got trapped in a plastic container last time. But they were all going so fast, there was no way he could catch them on foot.

It was then he noticed the empty forklift slowly rolling to a halt after Ceiran had removed its driver. Perfect. Sheathing his sword and tossing his shield on his back Roland ran past the others and hopped into the modified forklift.

As to be expected, the seat was adjusted for an imp. It was pulled all the way up and pushed practically up against the steering wheel. It was awkward and uncomfortable to say the least, but he couldn't waste anymore time adjusting it. Slamming his foot on the gas, Roland took off after Circe and the imps.

While he was able to cover some ground, he wasn't able to get too close before the remaining imp turned a corner after Circe took out their leader. Deciding to be a hypocrite, Roland flew passed Circe continuing the pursuit alone. Drifting around the corner the last imp turned down, he could only hope to at least catch a glimpse of his target before they got away.
Apologies for not posting yet. Been swamped with work lately. I'll try to get something posted soon if not next week should be better.
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I'm in the same boat as you are. So yeah if you're down as well I'll catch up too and we can go from there.
Lanithil Valkas

There were few things in this world worse than feeling helpless in a dire situation. Yet that was exactly how Lanithil felt as he watched his and every other arrow bounce off the monster. No matter where he fired the results were the same. The only real upside to this was that it was not hard for Lanithil to call a ceasefire when a few of the men boldly charged the beast. Holding up his right hand in a fist he yelled out “Hold your fire! Hold your fire!”

Immediately the archers restrained themselves and the volleys stopped. Lanithil watched closely as his allies engaged the armored mass desperately looking for an opening. His eyes followed every hit of magic and attack hoping they would reveal some sort of weak spot they could use. The tension among the archers grew as they waited. Each one praying they could come up with a way to assist their fellow inquisitors.

Their moment came soon after Gil pulled the spear and the beast was peppered with magic attacks from every direction. While most seemed to have little effect, a fire spear from Ardur drew the wood elf’s attention to the spot where Kharne had hit it with acid. As the steam settled, he began to see the large cracks and missing chunks that part of it’s armor had. It was impressive damage, but they could do more if that spot was completely exposed.

Hearing Ardur’s command to focus on that spot, Lanithil and the archers raised their bows. “Archers ready!” He called out. All of them took aim and waited until their allies were clear and the beast was trapped in ice by River. “Fire!” A volley of arrows flew straight at the breaking chest piece. Hopefully the plate would be weakened enough to shatter at the force of a dozen or more arrows; just like it’s weapon had.

The imps aren't known to carry hidden blades and learn everything they can about a specific target. Not to mention they also can't be disguised as literally any animal. Would definitely say Circe is not one you want to be hunted by.


Including you I think we've got 9 active players?
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