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Managed to burn both my thumbs and index fingers pulling a tray of cookies out of the oven. I trusted you, oven mitts, and you betrayed me.
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Thanks to having to move earlier this year, I finally get to experience snow for the first time since my early childhood. It's absolutely wonderful :)
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RP’s that amass a good player base and have a good start only to suddenly die are why I have trust issues.
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It’s strange how one week you can be super inspired to write everyday, and the next just in a slump with no motivation :/


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I mean there were two others when we started but one vanished and the other, well, best we not go there. For now Circe will have await punishment by gossiping and braiding hair with Lilac. (Be gentle with the little cinnamon roll.)

Seeing as there are only two active female students including yourself, you'll either have to wait for Lilac to show up, or hang out in the commons until one of the boys leave to get interaction. Sorry.
Roland Nightbreaker

Roland kept pace as they were led to their living quarters, albeit a few steps behind. After being publicly shut down, he wasn’t exactly in the brightest of moods. Duncan must have picked up on his bleak vibes as the centaur left his conversation with Lumen to fall back and inquire if Roland was still thinking about the assembly. Not seeing much point in trying to avoid the topic, Roland let out a sigh and nodded.

“It’s just… I can’t stand doing nothing, you know?” He said trying to dial back the frustration in his tone. ”I get what everyone is saying. Yeah we aren’t Dawnslayers yet, but that doesn’t mean we have to sit on our hands and ignore what’s going on. I feel like we could contribute if they would just give us the chance.” He didn’t know if Duncan would understand. No one really did if the assembly was any indication.

Before either had a chance to further their discussion, Lumen decided to pipe in introducing himself and telling Roland he was rooting for him. “Um. Thanks?” He responded not sure what the white haired boy meant. Was he saying he supported Roland’s ideas, or that he wished him luck in his own efforts? And why was he having a strange urge to cast an exorcism on Lumen?

Come to think of it, the more Roland looked at him, the more uncomfortable he felt. It was akin to how he felt being around Yurius, but with Yurius he knew it was because of his vampiric blood. Divine users could usually tell when the undead were in their presence, but Lumen was clearly of the living. Or was he?

A question for another day. For now, they had arrived at the dorms and it was time to pick beds. Upon entering the boys dorm, Roland noticed the front wall had all the male student’s bags and luggage carefully lined against it. Collecting his bag and gear, Roland looked over the still mostly empty room to decide where he would be sleeping for the next year. Without much thought, he dropped his stuff on the closest bed he saw. After all, it's not like there was any reason he'd need to check all the beds first, right?

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<Snipped quote by 13org>

Worry not, an edgelord supreme *cof* Circe and Roland *cof* has things to learn about the world as well. Being far too removed from reality, regardless of which side of the spectrum you are, is not a good thing at all.

At least Lilac has less chances of being mangled to death since she doesn't want to be a lone wolf, warrior of hot-blooded justice and edge.


Ah well, she tried. Guess they'll just have to run into each other in the commons or something.

Quick question. If a character came with weapons but didn't have them on hand for obvious reasons, where would they be kept? Locked up in an armory or with their other basic items like clothes?

So what you're telling me. Is RolandxCirce.

Stop reading my notes. I mean, what?

Decided by dice roll, eh? Good idea. Roland's bed shall be *rolls die* number 9. Let's see if RNJesus is on our side.

As for what Roland and Circe are planning, there's a good chance it won't get past the research phase. My guess is once/if they figure out what murdered the harpy they'll be like "Yeah this is way out of our league." Then they'll give the information to Reiko who will probably just be all "Hey, thanks for telling us what we already knew." At which point Roland and Circe would just be like "U wot m8?" And then they get sent to detention for what will most likely not be the first time.
Roland Nightbreaker

The silence that had fallen from Roland’s outburst was soon broken by another student speaking up, but this time in favor of the new rules. The boy made his way through the crowd to stare Roland down as he refuted his argument. At first, Roland took this as an intimidation tactic and met the boys gaze with the same fury in his eyes. But as the boy forced the words out of how he had seen the murder and the intensity in his eyes diminished, it became clear just how afraid he was. They all were.

As one of the teachers approached him lecturing him on what consequences such reckless action could bring, Roland’s attention instead was drawn to the students around him. The looks of terror painted on their faces only further drove home the point that Roland may have misjudged the courage of his peers. Here he was thinking most would want to rise up against this mysterious murderer, but instead they all feared for the lives. The final nail in the coffin for Roland’s defiance came when Duncan, the only person he even considered a friend so far, also voiced his disagreement.

That was the end of it. No one would stand with him. His gaze lowered to the floor as he hands still balled into fists began to shake. For a moment it looked as though he was about to explode, but instead he let out a defeated breath and halfway raised his hands in surrender. “Fine. You all know what I think of this, but if everyone is choosing to hide, then I won’t fight it.”

After giving in, Roland turned to follow Duncan to be escorted to the droms. The entire way, he kept his head lowered and his hands tucked in his pockets saying nothing as Duncan conversed with another student by the name of Lumen.

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A W-Box? Man, I was hoping for a Recreation Station 4. Or a Bintendo Swap.
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