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Current First post after nearly a month of inactivity. Here's hoping I can get back into a good post routine before long.
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“Just put on anything by Enya. No, not anything. 'Orinoco Flow.' On repeat.”
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Managed to burn both my thumbs and index fingers pulling a tray of cookies out of the oven. I trusted you, oven mitts, and you betrayed me.
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Thanks to having to move earlier this year, I finally get to experience snow for the first time since my early childhood. It's absolutely wonderful :)
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RP’s that amass a good player base and have a good start only to suddenly die are why I have trust issues.


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Royal Ranger

"GAH!” Royal yelled out as the uninvited guest intentionally startled him. “Holy crap, dude. Where did you come from?” The sniper asked as he tried to catch his breath. He was no stranger to the “surprise log in” trick, but this was the first time anyone had done it to him.

As the over eager Black Cat talked about the cosmetic shop, Royal simply shook his head and turned back to his scope. Things were already kicking off as it turned out the undead horde was packing heat, he really didn’t have time for spooky cosmetics. Part of him was considering throwing the cat out to spare him of any unnecessary distractions, but he reconsidered the moment Black Cat made mention of infinite ammo.

”Well well, I remember this little guy.” Royal said recognizing the drone that had given him a charged shot during the raid the day before. ”Alright then, you can stay. Just make sure nothing sneaks up behind us.”

Turning his attention back to the fight below, the ranger once more proved his worth as a marksman. The high wattage of his rifle combined with his junction drive more than made up for the damage reduction on the zombies, and with ammo currently not being an issue, Royal was letting loose. One by one he was dropping every zombies in his cross hairs. Unfortunately, the horde mode was living up to its name. No matter how many he killed, he couldn’t seem to make a dent in their numbers, and the other Crusaders weren’t fairing much better. Things only grew worse as the fog hiding the zombies spawning pushed forward as well.

”Dammit dammit dammit!” Royal cursed as his established over watch slowly lost it’s strategic value. ”Alright. They want to play it that way? Watch this.” He said offhandedly to his spotter.

With the flick of a switch the sniper’s scope changed to have a violet hue illuminating all heat sources with a soft orange glow. Of course the zombies themselves gave off no heat signature, but their weapons sure as hell did. Any of the undead who fired off a shot would be left exposed to Ranger’s laser fury.

Thinking he had turned the fog into his own advantage, Royal was left unaware that the walls of his castle were already being scaled.

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Lin Liao

Nothing loosens someone's grip like repeated punching followed by a magic missile. Freed from the aquatic foe, Lin immediately started swimming back to the surface. Without the luxury of a sugary flotation device it took her a little longer to breach the water. However, the moment the monk came up for air, she found she was no longer treading water, but instead sitting next to Caprice at none other than the Dangeki Cafe.

“What the fuck?” Lin yelled out as she looked back and forth for any remnants of where they just were. “What just happened? Why are we back here? Where’s Maria?”

Completely bewildered, Lin turned to Caprice who had seemingly shrugged everything off and made herself a drink. Not a bad plan at all. Turning to the bar, the monk rested her head on one hand and held out the other with two fingers out to flag down Cait.

“Ugh. Cait, get me some scotch. This place is giving me a migraine.”
Royal Ranger

"Wow. You really are always this venomous.” Xander remarked unsurprised by Theana’s hostility. “First of all; none of your business. Second of all; I’m not a LARPer, I’m a Cru-” The boy ended his rebuttal short as he glanced back at the scene unfolding with the Crusader’s ever professional Deputy Saffron. Giving his alliance would probably not help his case at this moment. ”-I mean, that’s also none of your business.”

Before things could get further heated, Kenji, the Captain of the Scourgers and Theana’s boyfriend took a seat and defused the situation almost instantly. For a guy whose specialty was PvP, he seemed very adept at peacemaking.

”It’s cool. Was just curious about her motives in the raid, but I guess some things are better left as a mystery.” He said turning his gaze back to Theana as a subtle way to let her know he didn’t buy her story. She very well could have been telling the truth and was just bored, but something told him there had to be more to it.

Regardless, Xander wasn’t oblivious to social queues. Now that the couple was seated and had their food, they would want to dine in peace. Luckily for Xander he spotted a rather ravishing looking woman with fiery orange hair sitting alone at the bar.

”Anyway, I’ll let you two enjoy your dinner. I’m gonna see if I can’t get at least one number tonight. Cheers.

As predicted, Xander ended the night with five strikes and a cold shower. At least the kind folks at HGO knew how to get his mind off of things. He awoke the next day to find a beta demo of the Horde mode was to be released that afternoon and pretty much every player was eager to try it out. After a few odd missions here and there to kill time, Royal Ranger made his way to the Crusader’s main hub well before the scheduled start time and began setting up.

Finding a structure with the highest vantage point with a clear view of the area, Royal made himself at home. Checking for all possible points of entry, the sniper made sure any enemy would be warmly greeted by a claymore mine. Once he was satisfied with his defences, Royal took a knee and placed his rifle against an adjacent wall. Reaching into his bag, he pulled out a metallic cylinder and grabbed hold of the ring on the top. A soft ksh sounded as the highly caffeinated energy drink was opened and half of it was chugged away. Setting the unfinished can to the side, Royal grabbed his rifle and hopped on the team chat.

”This is Royal Ranger checking in. I’m setup in the NorthWest with minimal obstructions. Should be able to provide overwatch for the whole area so gimme a shout if you need some support. Now who’s ready to tag and bag these undead freaks?”
Lin Liao

Lin was no stranger to random black outs accompanied by memory loss. In addition every rude awakening from her unplanned slumber seemed to be unique as well, so it was no surprise that she was very calmly able to recover after the shock of the icy waters brought her back to consciousness while completely unaware of the events that had lead her there.

"I'm up! Sorry! Must have had dozed off with how boring those blood necks were. Am I right?” Lins’s sarcastic excuse went mostly unnoticed as Sherry’s warning and subsequent forced submerging took everyone’s attention. “SHER-” Lin began to shout before she too was dragged under by the aquatic creatures.

The monk tried to scream for the creature to let her go, but all that came out were inaudible gurgles. Holding in the remaining air she had, Lin began to assess the situation. Her capture had on hold on both her legs so she couldn’t just kick free, and the small amount of light bleeding into this room was all but extinguished below the surface. Her best bet was to get as close as she could to fish person and hope her punches still had power under here. Bending over she began to feel around for the monster’s head, once located she would throw swing after swing until there was no more face left to punch.
Royal Ranger

"Wait, you named your weapon?" A dark blue haired girl asked quizzically raising an eyebrow. For the moment she had leaned against the back wall of the ever crowding bar and idly stirred her drink with the decorative straw it was served with.

"Well yeah.” Xander replied casually to the girls inquiry, “Doesn’t everyone?"

“Not really.” She said with a shrug and in a very condescending tone.

“Oh…” Was all the sniper could muster before his hand reached up and began scratching the back of his neck. “Not even drone users?”

“Nope.” The girl said accompanied with an eye roll.

“I see.” The boy broke eye contact with the girl as his pale face began to turn a light pick hue.

“You should probably check with someone in the Gold guild, they’re more into stuff like that. In fact, I’ll let you do that now.” The girl pushed herself from the wall and began walking to another corner of the bar

“Oh. Okay. Well it was nice chatting with you.” Xander managed to say before letting out a defeated sigh. “That’s what, strike four tonight?” He said into his near empty glass of iced tea. “This is why you stick to dungeons, Xander. Much easier to let your aim do the talking.”

Finishing off his drink, he pushed through the crowd and made his way back to the bar for a refill. After setting his glass down to be taken by one of the staff, he pulled out his phone to check the news. Huh, new zombie horde mode? He could get behind that. Might finally be a way for Crusader and Scourger members to play together. Not to mention Pestilent Emerald and some of the other Guardians would want to get started on a walkthrough or guide as soon as they could.

Once he was caught up he slid his phone back into his pocket just in time to see none other than the Scourger deputy herself sit down and order a meal. In an instant a hundred ideas popped into Xander’s mind. A sarcastic quip, a meanspirited comment, hell even the thought of pouring that strawberry shake over her scummy head crossed by. After all her and the rest of the Scourgers just sat there during that raid yet had the audacity to start complaining when it failed. In the end his better judgment won out and he decided to let it go. She was the only one to actually try and help after all. Speaking of, why did she even try and help?

“Hey. Graphite, right?” He said turning to face the scarlet player with one arm propped against the counter. “Can I ask something? What was the point of joining us at the end of that raid? You must have known we weren’t doing too hot. You could have just had the rest of your guild move in and wipe us out for whatever exp you could.”

The noises approaching the White Masks were subtle, but no so subtle as to avoid complete concealment. Especially when tree branches were being broken by themselves, Lin being the first one to identify the fact they were under attack. It was only natural that the owner of the castle would have some form of security for what should have been private property. It was clear now their attackers were invisible to the human eye but this was rectified swiftly. Caprice's magic blasted the area Lin pointed to with a coating of flour. An inhuman hiss responded and the ground underfoot sifted with footfalls leaping away. However, one of the creatures wasn't quick enough and a good helping of flour marked its arm, long and gangly. The "floating" arm leapt up to a tree, ready to strike down with its fellow invisible siblings.

As the flour dusted the air in front of them, Lin managed to spot something it had revealed. It looked close to a long sickly branch but was clearly moving in a way that revealed it to be the arm of one of the advancing creatures.

“Got ya!” She muttered. Not wasting a moment, Lin clenched her fists and rushed forward towards the tree. Once she was close enough, she pulled her arm back, crouched down, and leapt into the air attempting to strike her opponent with a ferocious uppercut. With luck she would be the first to land a blow on the unknown enemy.

"Oh? So that's your game, huh?" Maria said when she noticed the nature of the interlopers. She felt like something like this could happen, after all this was any mere motley old mansion. Nevertheless... facing this kind of thing after they barely stepped through the front gate? "The owner of this chateau must really like flashy things. It's not everyday that you see this many bloodnecks in a single place," she added before training her gun at an invisible target.

"Uh? What's..." Sherry voice trailed off as she was about to ask what was it that fell in her hands before she noticed Maria's eyes burning bright with deep red color. And then, she looked back at her hands and realized that it was flask of the same liquid that Maria left at the tavern. "This is blood isn't it? I know you guys use it for magic over here but why did you give me that?"

"They aren't called bloodnecks for nothing, you know? If you use that, I mean drop it in your eyes, you'll understand," The Huntress said before throwing two more flasks, one for Lin and the other for Caprice.

The creatures of the night weren't used to humans having extraordinary abilities. Especially ones who, in this world of wasted dreams, resorted to speak with their fists than actual weapons. The "floating" arm in the tree slowly faded from sight, the flour on it flaking off like eroded dirt and the creature became invisible once again. But it didn't matter because Lin closed the distance between them in a rapid burst of speed. The monster couldn't jump away as her fist smashed into the invisible being's jaw by her uppercut. Although she couldn't see it, she'd feel the tear of bone and muscle by her punch.

Seconds later, a dull thud was heard as the now dead monster fell from its perch. It was still invisible, body unseen, but a dark pool of red now stained the ground, marking where it was. The rest of the monsters leapt atop the corpse likes flies, uncaring how close Lin was and completely ignoring her. Loud and squelching sounds of ripped flesh and gnashing teeth filled the air as the invisible weight of the dead monster was slowly reduced to more sparse bits and pieces.

By this time, Maria knew exactly what they were facing and reacted with passing each member of the White Masks a flash of blood. The Blood Necks, as Maria so named them, ignored the White Masks, giving them ample time to apply the red fluids to their eyes. What they'd see were mishapen and dark smudges in their sights now layered heavily in syrupy red. The shapes were all conjoined in one place up until one splattered by Maria's bullet. Then they leapt up and away yet again, attention focused back on the group. The sketchy dark shapes in their blood-stained eyes moved about like wild animals, lunging at the group now.

"So... If these guys are willing to ignore us to feast, why don't I just summon a bunch of corpses for them to eat- oh, and you shot them and they're attacking again. Oh well." With another flick of a hand, Caprice sent a stream of red powder forward like a whip at eyelevel. This powder was as close as Caprice's cooking expertise could get to pepper spray, to hopefully blind the beasts as they lunged.

“Doesn’t matter what these things are long as I can hit them!” Lin stated while wiping some of the splattered blood from the creature off her cheek. With the beasts charging forward once more, Lin held her ground and waited for the right moment. Assuming Caprice’s improvised pepper spray disoriented the beasts, Lin would use the opportunity to close the gap and deliver a devastating roundhouse kick to the first bloodneck before it could retaliate.

Some of the Blood Necks were too slow, letting Caprice's red powdery pepper land home. Those that were hit halted in their tracks, pained growls coming from them as they clawed at their eyes to wipe the red off. Much like the flour, the red powder made the mishapen monsters visible but only for a few moments before they were invisible once again. However, thanks to Marie's flasks, all of the White Masks could still see the dark-shapes in their own blood-stained vision. It did well in assisting Lin's kick all the more, sending one Blood Neck hurling to the side as if it was hit by a truck. Even without being ripped apart, the wet thud it made on impact to a tree indicated the life was knocked out of it. Still, there were more to take care of and more who avoided the pepper, lunging at the group from a different angle.

"Hah!" Sherry said as she punched one of the mishappen creatures as it tried to tackle and rake her down with its crooked claws. Different from Lin's strikes, hers didn't have much skill, but they still had enough power behind them, especially as her hand glowed with magic energy. "And now, that this!" she followed through with a magic blast, hitting the same creature with a second attack while it was still in the air.

"I'm not so much into fighting, but I can do it if I need to," the redhead said to herself as she recovered from her attack before shooting another magical blast at the nearest creature.

Maria on the other hand, didn't waste time talking, acting with the cool style expected of a professional as she hit met the bloonecks' lunge with a swing of her case, sending a couple of them flying back before opening fire with her revolver, stopping only after she had unloaded all of her six shots at some unfortunate creatures.

After Caprice struck 'high' with the red powder, she then immediately struck low, sending a river of boiling grease along the ground to trip and slip any Blood Necks that made it past the others. She stepped to the side as one slid on the slippery trap right past her, only to sweep her hand back and lay down another layer to keep it slick, and to neatly sandwich the Blood Neck that had fallen for her trap in boiling several hundred degree grease.

Planting her feet after the successful roundhouse, Lin held position as Sherry and Maria assaulted the creatures with various ranged attacks. Charging now while her team used projectiles would put her at risk of friendly fire, not to mention the ground nearby was now covered in a boiling grease. Instead she watched the shadowy images of the Blood Necks as they approached. Once one was close enough to pounce on her, she immediately pulled her fist back and sent a straight punch into the creatures gaping maw.

Mindless and violent as they were, the creatures were near useless against competent hunters or those who weren't startled by an ambush. Even as their numbers dwindled by the many by the combined efforts of the four girls, they could not comprehend loss of defeat. Boiling oil, magic, and pure gunfire was enough of a deterrent for most creatures but the Blood Necks only saw more obstacles to try and get around. When they did, if they did, they'd be met only by Lin's furious fists. Soon enough, the dark forest floor grew still as the splattered and mangled corpses of the monsters sprinkled the area one by one. Little more than guard dogs, the White Masks had faced their first true challenge.

The ground still sizzled in many places thanks to Caprice's magic but the path to the front of the castle lay unguarded now. No doubt Maria would take the time to collect in some bounty, sorting through the invisible corpses for whatever may be of value, be it limbs, organs, or blood. She waved away the other girls with an assurance she wouldn't be long. When all was collected and done, the direction before them was clear. No doubt the castle's owner found joy in their perserverence, a paradox of her nature revealed only in her desire. The castle gates would soon be breached.
Royal Ranger

And just like that the tides had turned. Though they had suffered some casualties due to Saffron taking cover, it was intervention from the most unlikely of sources that they at last made their push. With Graphite Daze providing artillery fire and sharing aggro with Saffron, Royal and the rest of the DPS could focus completely on the Champion. And thanks to the Scarlet Deputy, Royal finally found the window he was looking for.

“Eat this Xeno scum!” Royal muttered before pulling the trigger on his rifle and nailing his charged shot directly into the Champion’s temple.

Watching the Champions health drop an entire percent or two from one shot relit the Cobalt marksman’s spark. He and everyone else unloaded mag after mag determined to bring thing boss down. Upon reaching 55 percent, the drones flew out once more. The Ranger mistook this to mean they had reached another phase and began following the drones flight path in an attempt to predict their attack trajectory. Once he saw the drones practically killing themselves and the Unival ascend to the skies, his heart dropped. The vice like grip he had on his weapons released and the virtual rifle crashed to the ground as he was absorbed by the burning light.

In an instant, the world faded back into view. However, the construction site that Royal had been using as cover was now a basic playground. The damage done by the massive battle was erased and everything in view was marred by a heavy green hue. Xander Aggressively pulled verdant tinted goggles from his eyes and pushed them down, leaving them dangling around his neck. Inwardly he shared the same feelings the Crusader’s Deputy vocalized over the chat. Yeah, thanks for the help Graphite. Really wish you and the rest of the Scourgers had stepped up ten minutes ago.

Whatever. It was over. Nothing he could do now but move on. Once Saffron’s tirade had concluded, Xander gave a quick “GG” and thanked everyone for trying. Logging out of the chat himself, Xander pulled out his phone to see what other events were going on in the area.

The first thing that caught his attention was the new email in his inbox. An HGO themed bar? Heh, cool, but no thanks. Xander swiped the message away. He wasn’t looking to socialize, this sniper was ready to get back to the hunt. Pulling up the official HGO event map, he quickly scanned all the main park hubs. No other raids going on, eh? Not surprising. The Devs probably wanted every available player to try the new raid; wouldn’t want anything else distracting them.

Okay how about the dungeons? He could run a few scenarios before turning in. Squad mission, squad mission, squad mission, solo mission: required level 5… On second thought, maybe he could use a break. Xander closed out the app and reopened his email. 6th and Blanco wasn’t too far. Who knows? Maybe there was a cosmetic reward for going to this place opening night. Clicking the power on his phone, Xanded slipped the device into his pocket and headed off to The Sixth Chamber.
Royal Ranger

Royal watched everything from the scope of his rifle. He was a bit surprised Saffron had not only been willing to listen to him, but also be the one to attempt the incredibly risky plan. As the dust cleared and Saffron escaped with what little health she still had, Royal couldn’t help but admire the tenacity for the deputy who was still all in on this fight. Not to mention dropping the boss nearly 10 percent in one hit was a huge confidence boost.

“Hey thanks. But, uh, could you not call me ‘newbie’?” The sniper requested in response to Saffron’s compliment. While he was aware the gunner had four levels on him, he still felt he had played enough of this game to not be considered an FNG.

Now onto a phase they hadn’t yet reached, the drones were no longer flying around sporadically and instead were locked into one area. With all shots coming from a single point of origin, it made them easier to track despite the number of lasers. This would allow the player to move a bit more as long as they still kept to cover. It was an opportunity they needed to take advantage of before the boss sent them out again.

“Any healers nearby, focus on Saffron. We need her back at full hp as soon as we can. Everyone else, let’s try and blast a hole in that drone defense but keep a few alive. I get the feeling that killing all of them will trigger another nova attack or worse.” Royal instructed over the team chat. Though he knew he carried little authority in rank, he figured someone needed to be trying to keep order in the chaos. Besides, they had just seen how his plan had worked so far. Maybe that would be enough to get the others to trust him.

Keeping his laser sight trained on The Champion, Royal attempted to find the largest gap in the drone shield. One that would allow him to mark The Champion before firing his now fully charged shot.
Lin Liao

With their deal all but sealed, Lin arose from the table with the others. The midnight haired woman couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow at what Maria had left as their payment. Hopefully that was simply an accepted form of compensation and not the local currency. She would have quite a hard time exchanging that for actual money when they got back to Miso.

Any thought of money was quickly pushed out of her mind at the sight of the carriage’s interesting choice in steed. The disturbing creature had so far topped the list of creepy things she had seen, yet those around here seemed at ease around it. Caprice even began guessing the name of the creature.

“Yeah let’s go ahead and not give that thing a name. Come on.” Lin commented as she grabbed the back of the enthusiastic food mage’s collar and pulled her into the carriage.

The rest of the ride was; uneventful. Not to say Maria’s lecture on the World of Wasted Dreams wasn’t intriguing. Lin felt it compared to one of the college classes she had taken a few years back; very insightful, but not as engaging as say, fighting a horde of animated gravestones. Still, Caprice and Sherry seemed very enthralled, and it helped pass the time until they had arrived at their destination. A destination that was nothing short of breath taking.

“You said it.” Lin replied to Sherry’s observation of the castle. The monk felt a stir inside her as she was overcome with a mix of dread and awe at the sight of the ominous yet equally beautiful stone castle. Yet her attention was drawn away when heard a crack of the reigns and the wheels of the carriage begin to turn. She spun around just in time to see their transportation leaving them.

“Huh. One way trip I guess. Wait, what’s that?” She spoke her thoughts aloud as her gaze turned down from the vehicle, and instead to the pristine card lying on the ground. Without another work the curious monk moved towards the card and picked it up. “Ami, eh?” She said as she read the name printed on the card. “Hope you pack some punch.”

Slipping the card into her bracer, Lin turned her attention back to the castle. “So we got a plan or… Hang on… Do you guys hear something?”
Royal Ranger

As the shockwave from the Desperation Attack dispersed, a deep purple sniper hiding amidst an abandoned construction site stepped out of his cover. Aiming directly at the Unival Champion he flicked on the matching colored laser on his rifle and smirked.

“Thanks for standing still, chump!” Royal Ranger said under his breath. The Champion was soon given a bright red highlight making him visible to everyone and indicating he was now an Acquired Target. "He’s marked! Light him up!" Royal yelled as he and everyone available opened fire. This boss had given them a hell of a time, but at this moment they had him dead to rights. At least, that’s what the Crusader Marksman though. Yet even with the increase in damage The Champion still remained around 70% health. They weren’t even able to focus on him for long as he soon released another wave of drones to harass them. All the while their numbers continued to drop drastically. A quick sweep of the field showed that nearly half of their fighting force was gone!

“Come to Bunkuko. We’ll get together. Have a big raid.” The ranger growled as he moved back into cover to reload his weapon. Of course they were losing. Most of the people here were under leveled, they had no information on this boss prior, and their deputy wasn’t exactly coming up with a strategy. As he ripped the depleted battery pack from his rifle, he began questioning why none of the captains had bothered to show. Was this fight truly beneath them? Or had they realized even they couldn’t defeat this foe? No matter the answer it would have been preferable for them to have at least said something. The more he realized the futility of the situation, the more his frustrations continued to build. His hands began to tremble as he loaded the fresh battery pack into his rifle. He had to calm down. A sniper without a steady aim is practically useless. Knowing his position wasn’t compromised, Royal decided to take a moment to clear his head. They had to come up with something before they got wiped.

”Okay. Everything he does is triggered in someway making his attack pattern pretty simple, but his endurance allows for him to be predictable. Even when we hit him with all we got it does almost nothing, yet he can frag us with a single hit. If only we could redirect that power at him… Hang on.

“Hey, Saff!” Royal called out to the deputy over the team chat. With an idea in his head a renewed focus put the sniper right back in the game. Simultaneously he leaned out of cover to take out the drones as instructed while running his idea passed her. “Do you think there’s a way we can use this guy’s aggro against him? Maybe get him to call an orbital strike on himself or trigger a drone to blind him? Two on South side.” With of pull of the trigger he the drones he had just called out to pieces.

“It’s gotta be worth a shot, right? I mean what’s the worst that could happen? We die faster? Two going to healer.” Royal let off another shot bringing down another pair of black drone as it attempted to ambush one of the few healers left.
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