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1 mo ago
Current RP’s that amass a good player base and have a good start only to suddenly die are why I have trust issues.
6 mos ago
It’s strange how one week you can be super inspired to write everyday, and the next just in a slump with no motivation :/
10 mos ago
Hey, writer's block? It's my turn to post in most of my RPs so if you could just leave for a bit that would be great.
11 mos ago
My work let us dress up today because not all of us work Halloween such as myself. Show up, I'm the only one in costume. Clearly I am the only fun adult here.
12 mos ago
...Is patience


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Wolf didn’t get far before Henry jumped on the coms and informed him that he had taken care of Zak and that he should prioritize Victoire’s roses. Great. It was bad enough another demon had joined their ranks, but now he was telling Wolf what to do? An undisciplined soldier would have disobeyed out of spite, or try to fight the demon. But Wolf was able to keep his composure and after checking again, he could feel the aura of the roses was in fact much larger than previously thought.

Turning back to the Machina base Wolf once again used the coms to communicate his new intentions. “Confirmed. Changing course to the roses. I’ll drive this scourge back to hell where it came.”


Before he could close the gap between him and his targets, Balrog suddenly found himself teleported to a new area in the graveyard. It was a bit disorienting for the mecha demon who briefly considered stopping to get his new bearing, but the sight of a large mechanical being in front of him quickly changed his mind. He continued his charge full force ready to topple this iron giant.

Unfortunately for Balrog, the teleportation mishaps would continue as Harvester teleported him to the side and into a large burst of plasma. Disengaging his thrusters he attempted to halt himself but ultimately slammed right into the solar mass. Though Harvester had calculated enough energy to kill a regular soldier, he would soon find this mass was only enough to partially burn Balrog; and fully piss him off.

Emerging from the plasma, Balrog let out an earth shaking roar before pointing his cannon at Harvester and firing several rockets followed by a stream of plasma orbs. Keeping up his barrage, Balrog slowly advanced toward his foe. If he was allowed to get close enough, he would attempt to impale the Machina with his claw.

The waiting tango continues.

Tango implies only two people. This is more a waiting conga line.

And I'm waiting for...shit. I'll try to get on that sooner than later.
What about a bajillion bees?


Go ahead and teleport Balrog. It will be fun deciding what happens when he's teleported mid charge.
Grumble grumble had to add an avatar so I could edit my bio, how dare Roleplayer Guild force me to search for an image of something I like.


Thanks. *takes bite* Oatmeal raisin?! DAMN IT KOL I TRUSTED YOU!!!

I know, I'm weird and definitely the minority, but I'll take a CP or CTF over TDM any day. I like having to plan out and strategize having more thought put into actions so that a victory feels earned. While there are a lot of kinks and issues trying something like this in an RP format (as we've already seen in the past) I'm willing to keep trying and experimenting if others are.

As for the PS, I don't usually say much only because 90% of the time I'm at work when discussions such as this pop up and it's hard to write anything quickly enough to really participate. Like right now it's taken me over 30 minutes to get this reply out, not to mention I don't have access to Discord here either. So by the time I get home or have a break, the topic is either resolved or dropped and I ain't gonna stir any pots or reopen wounds around here.
(Replying before you can thus denying you a quad post.)

This also means that battles with special "minigame" like conditions can become a thing once again, just like the two of you said you would like to try. The single biggest issue with this was that, invariably, whatever side I was in would have a disproportionately large chance of winning, because... I'll be frank on this one, no one reads the rules and plays by them seriously.

Now that I won't be on anyone's side, no one can blame me for going straight to the objective and making the battle "unfun". So, I already have a few ideas of what can be done in the next conflict.

While I am sorry that you've had to bench yourself, I'm actually very happy objectives might be returning. I really liked the more objective based battles as they added more variety and challenge rather than "just kill each other". It also makes it so characters not strictly combat oriented can be viable again (maybe).

like the armies everyone always forget that come with each faction to the battlefield,

Meanwhile at the faction drops points:

"Got any 2's?"
"Go fish. Got any 7's?"
"Uh...HEY is that the commander finally giving us orders?"
"Ha ha real funny, Brian. Now hand them over."
<Snipped quote by The 42nd Gecko>

There'll be other effects at work, that's for sure.

Massive indigestion for starters.
@The 42nd Gecko

Actually, back when I thought submissions had potential, I was going to have Omega look into that fact. See if there was a supply chain being rerouted or someone supplying them under the table.
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