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Current RP’s that amass a good player base and have a good start only to suddenly die are why I have trust issues.
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It’s strange how one week you can be super inspired to write everyday, and the next just in a slump with no motivation :/
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Hey, writer's block? It's my turn to post in most of my RPs so if you could just leave for a bit that would be great.
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My work let us dress up today because not all of us work Halloween such as myself. Show up, I'm the only one in costume. Clearly I am the only fun adult here.
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...Is patience


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Physical Education

Trad couldn’t help but chuckle as he answered Sand’s question. “No no, Robert is fine. He and Grane probably just took another class. Although for their sake I hope it wasn’t the same class.” Though he meant it as a joke, the last statement did bring a bit of sorrow to the hunter. Most teams at this point had grown to be close, or at the very least tolerate each other. But when it came to those two, it was like trying to mix oil and water.

And then, the Roy showed up.


“Oh this is gonna be good.” Trad stated sarcastically. While eccentric professors were usually the best at teaching, more often than not it was because of their rather unorthodox methods. Which is why when a loud shirtless Adonis of muscle walked in and proclaimed, "IT'S FOOTBALL TIME!" Trad had to wonder if he meant playing regular football, or some twisted version where the ball is a bomb or the floor is lava.


Someone needs to make the "Friend in coma just texted me" meme with your profile pic.

Oh welcome back btw.
In War Notes 9 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

I think I did this right. Let me know if I need to fix anything.

In War Notes 9 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Can the spirits communicate with the Song Knights while they are in their Vessel form?
In War Notes 15 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Zarin Malthain

Location: Ruins

Zarin was still in a state of shock and awe even after Diana transformed back into her human form, which is why he didn’t realize he still had his arm outstretched towards Egwene. His trance was broken when he felt her grab his hand and ask what his intentions were, implying them to be less than wholesome. “What? N-no I was just-WHOA!” As Zarin stammered to defend his actions, he suddenly found himself swept off his feet and dropped on his back.

Growling like an angry dog, Zarin hopped back to his feet before stepping in front of Egwene and speaking through gritted teeth, ”Hey you dumb bitch! I was just trying to keep you from wandering off and looking like an idiot!” Zarin so badly wanted to throw her to the ground then and there, but remembering they were in the middle of a mission and in the presence of a dragon, he decided now wasn’t the time to get into a fight. Taking a deep breath and a step back, Zarin calmed himself down before giving Egwene a warning, ”I’m gonna let this one slide. But the next time you try something like that, I won’t restrain myself.”

Brushing himself off and turning away from the cadet, Zarin rejoined the main conversation. ”Special training from a dragon? Hell yeah I’m in!”
In War Notes 20 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

All good with me :) Besides, Zarin tried to shove Chen to the ground earlier, so this is just good comeuppance for that.
In War Notes 23 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Zarin Malthain

Location: Ruins

Though most were quick to dismiss the idea that Diana was in fact a dragon, the cadets did seem to believe her claims of being the one to cause the wildlife to act up. It felt a bit backwards to Zarin for them to not want to verify such a claim, but his judgement may have been skewed by personal reasons. True his main goal of getting Diana to transform was indeed to verify her story and fully prove she was disturbance, but he had also always dreamed of seeing a dragon. Truth be told, he held them in such regard, he was one of the people who believed the original three Vessel bearers were dragons.

Luckily, it didn’t take much convincing and before they knew it, the cadets were outside ready to watch Diana turn into a creature of legends. As she began to undress, she asked if they would look away. A question Chen of course had to answer with flattery. “Oh good Goddess can you dial it back for one second?” Zarin asked as he sort of complied, putting his hand up to obscure his vision enough that it protected her modesty, but didn’t blind him entirely.

And then, his dream came true. Standing before him was the magnificent and towering figure of a golden dragon. Despite her earlier warnings, Zarin found himself unable to be anything but completely awe struck. Wide eyed and jaw open he was nearly frozen in place by sheer amazement. The most he could manage was a weak arm flop and a soft “don’t” in an attempt to grab Egwene and stop her from wandering off, all the while keeping his gaze fixed upon Diana.


“Very well.” Wolf said as he turned around to face Alexi dead on, “If your magic is key to your fighting then I’ll allow you to use it for now, but it would be wise to learn how to fight without your powers. One day you may find yourself without them.”

Taking a few steps closer to the Knight of Winter, Wolf drew his halberd and pointed the blade toward Alexi waiting for her to cross it with her own; a tradition way to signal they were ready for the duel. Other than his powers, however, Alexi would find Wolf wasn’t pulling any punches. The second their weapons touched the Inquisitor attempted to lock their blades and pin the knight’s sword. Should his attack succeed, it would be followed by raising his arm cannon and pointing it directly at the vulnerable Alexi.

@The 42nd Gecko@Banana

Physical Education

As the Dionaea vaporized into black smoke, Trad dropped his arms to the side and let out a sigh of relief. “Finally. Good work everyone!” He said to Robert, Cian, and Llyr. Though they weren’t the ones to actually kill the Reisen class Grimm, the Nordic hunter was sure their distraction played a big part overall. Llyr then made the statement that the fight was boring, something Trad couldn't’ help but protest. “Boring? Did we fight the same Grimm?” He asked almost baffled by Llyr’s remark.

The sound of the bell cut any further conversation short. Since he was going from one physically active class to another, Trad saw little point in changing clothes or fixing himself up, not that he would have time for either. Quickly dropping off his weapons, Trad went straight from his locker to PE and he found himself one of the later ones to arrive. While there were a number a faces he recognized from around the school, the one that stood out was his team’s newest member and leader Sand.

“Need a spotter?” Trad jokingly asked Sand as he approached his team leader resting his arms on the barbell next to her. “You missed a hell of a fight in Grimm Studies. Port decided to throw a Dionaea at us. Damn thing nearly took my head off, and threw poor Robert across the room.” Trad’s messy appearance supported the story with a number for hair strands loose from his ponytail and beads of sweat still rolling down his head. “So, I take you finally got all that stuff with your transfer figured out?”

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