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Current First post after nearly a month of inactivity. Here's hoping I can get back into a good post routine before long.
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“Just put on anything by Enya. No, not anything. 'Orinoco Flow.' On repeat.”
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Managed to burn both my thumbs and index fingers pulling a tray of cookies out of the oven. I trusted you, oven mitts, and you betrayed me.
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Thanks to having to move earlier this year, I finally get to experience snow for the first time since my early childhood. It's absolutely wonderful :)
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RP’s that amass a good player base and have a good start only to suddenly die are why I have trust issues.


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Royal Ranger

As the shockwave from the Desperation Attack dispersed, a deep purple sniper hiding amidst an abandoned construction site stepped out of his cover. Aiming directly at the Unival Champion he flicked on the matching colored laser on his rifle and smirked.

“Thanks for standing still, chump!” Royal Ranger said under his breath. The Champion was soon given a bright red highlight making him visible to everyone and indicating he was now an Acquired Target. "He’s marked! Light him up!" Royal yelled as he and everyone available opened fire. This boss had given them a hell of a time, but at this moment they had him dead to rights. At least, that’s what the Crusader Marksman though. Yet even with the increase in damage The Champion still remained around 70% health. They weren’t even able to focus on him for long as he soon released another wave of drones to harass them. All the while their numbers continued to drop drastically. A quick sweep of the field showed that nearly half of their fighting force was gone!

“Come to Bunkuko. We’ll get together. Have a big raid.” The ranger growled as he moved back into cover to reload his weapon. Of course they were losing. Most of the people here were under leveled, they had no information on this boss prior, and their deputy wasn’t exactly coming up with a strategy. As he ripped the depleted battery pack from his rifle, he began questioning why none of the captains had bothered to show. Was this fight truly beneath them? Or had they realized even they couldn’t defeat this foe? No matter the answer it would have been preferable for them to have at least said something. The more he realized the futility of the situation, the more his frustrations continued to build. His hands began to tremble as he loaded the fresh battery pack into his rifle. He had to calm down. A sniper without a steady aim is practically useless. Knowing his position wasn’t compromised, Royal decided to take a moment to clear his head. They had to come up with something before they got wiped.

”Okay. Everything he does is triggered in someway making his attack pattern pretty simple, but his endurance allows for him to be predictable. Even when we hit him with all we got it does almost nothing, yet he can frag us with a single hit. If only we could redirect that power at him… Hang on.

“Hey, Saff!” Royal called out to the deputy over the team chat. With an idea in his head a renewed focus put the sniper right back in the game. Simultaneously he leaned out of cover to take out the drones as instructed while running his idea passed her. “Do you think there’s a way we can use this guy’s aggro against him? Maybe get him to call an orbital strike on himself or trigger a drone to blind him? Two on South side.” With of pull of the trigger he the drones he had just called out to pieces.

“It’s gotta be worth a shot, right? I mean what’s the worst that could happen? We die faster? Two going to healer.” Royal let off another shot bringing down another pair of black drone as it attempted to ambush one of the few healers left.
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Lin Liao

“Whatever. Let’s just get out of this place before the sound of these things drive me insane.” Lin grumbled casting a side glance at the gnashing tombstones.

Following close behind the huntress, she was able to keep up quite expertly. Each of her jumps were nimble and graceful with little effort. However, it was hard to enjoy these new found abilities of her’s as something Maria had said was clouding her mind. The phrase she used to describe this place, “a world where dreams come to rot”. What exactly did she mean by that? True the white light of the sun had seemingly been replaced by the crimson hue, but surely this society couldn't be in complete despair. Unless it was not man, but monster that reigned over.

Her dark thoughts were all but confirmed once they had arrived at their destination. The village they found themselves in appeared to be in a very rundown state. Every building was in such disrepair that Lin worried anyone of them might suddenly collapse. Hesitantly she followed Maria and the others into a tavern that made the monk oddly miss the cafe. Seating herself in a wobbly yet stable chain, Lin listened to Maria’s answers to her previous questions.

“I take it money is tight around here for everyone. Believe it or not I can relate to that.” Lin said as she watched the poor barmaid place food in front of them despite clearly needing it more than anyone it was given to. Her eyes lowered to her hands clasped together as they rested on the cracked wooden table. Taking a deep breath, Lin reminded herself of one very important thing to relieve her saddened state; None of this was real.

“Alright, let’s get down to it then.” Lin spoke up. Her eyes drained of all pity and once more filled with fierce determination as they locked with Maria’s. “You want us for some sort of profit, and I’m looking to make one as well. Tell us what you have in mind and we’ll see if we can make a deal.”

Lin Liao

Ready for anything coming her way, Lin swiftly pivoted at the sound of gun fire. Though instead of bullets flying passed her, several of the gravestones being the actual targets of the gunman blasted apart. The origin of the shots revealed herself from the shadows. Tipping her hat as she passed by and complemented Lin on her ability to demolish the stone beings. “Uhh. Thanks? And you are?” Lin asked. The answer would come shortly, but not before the huntress pointed out a new wave of the gravestones was on its way.

Though Lin was becoming confident in her fighting ability, it was clear everyone else was choosing to avoid the monsters using the roof. Begrudgingly the monk decided to stick with her team and abandoned her front line position. Following Maria's path, she used what remained of the stairs as an elevation boost to flawlessly leap through the air and onto the roof with her team. “Huh. So tell me, Miss Huntress." The midnight haired girl said crossing her arms and aiming a glare at the gunslinger. "Why should we consider ourselves lucky? Do the other hunters not come equipped with stone piercing rounds?”
Lin Liao

There was an awkward pause after Lin introduced herself. The newcomer hadn't responded in any way leaving only the muffled sounds of chatter from upstairs to fill the void. After feeling she had given plenty of time for the newcomer to acknowledge her presence, Lin opened her mouth to say something, but whatever words she had ready would be held back when yet another unfamiliar face came down the stairs.

"Okay seriously? Where were you? In the pantry?" Lin asked dumbfounded at the number of people she was suddenly meeting. "Actually, never mind. I'm going to give myself a migraine if I keep questioning this place." With a defeated sigh, Lin pushed herself from the shelf she had been leaning "I suppose the bar cat sent you to get us. Come on, Pink let's go." Lin motioned for Rosea to follow, begrudgingly climbing back up the stairs without the liquor she had gone down to find.

Opening the door leading to the cafe, Lin found the Black Pentacle was, gone. Every one of the colorful characters who had occupied the establishment mere minutes ago were now nowhere to be seen. In their place was a lone girl sitting at the bar with a white mask and a cane that looked to be made of peppermint… No, Lin. You said you'd stop questioning things. Just roll with it.

With no regard to the magic trick currently being displayed, Lin walked around the bar and took a seat next to the magician. "Alright, barkeep. Let's get straight to the point. There's treasure somewhere in this tower and I want it. Tell me how I get it and I'll be out of your hair."

Lin Liao

“SON OF- Where did you come from?” Lin exclaimed quickly making a short jump to the right to give her some distance from the second cat girl to appear. It didn’t take long for Lin to realize Cait, as she called herself, had just woken up. ”Wait. Were you asleep here too? How?” Lin looked under the counter but could not see where the feline bartender had been. Not that it mattered at this point.

Sitting up straight once more, she walked back to her glass of whiskey and turned her attention back to the group; a courtesy they clearly did not extend back. The closest Lin got to an answer from the group was Akiko who simply remarked something about Lin adding to a harem. It was obviously meant as a sarcastic quip, but the very idea made Lin’s eye twitch. The rest of the group seemed more concerned with the new people they had summoned and the bartender herself (The exception being the pirate girl who was going on about finding a ship.)

Eventually Lin’s patience wore thin. With no explanation of what was going on from anyone, she was then told to “Man the bar” by Cait despite her attending the only actual customers in there. With a sigh the monk looked into her whiskey glass and softly said “Alright. Guess I’ll go fuck myself then.” Before downing the last of the dark liquid.

Tipping the bottle into her glass to fill it again, Lin found only a small sip dripped out. ”Oh come on.” She growled shaking the bottle in vain hopes it might have more whiskey hidden inside. Slamming the empty vessels on the counter she looked around to see what else this bar had. There was a variety of mysterious and glowing liquids, but nothing she could clearly identify as a normal liquor. Not wanting to risk grabbing something poisonous or worse, she decided to pass on the unmarked containers. ”Maybe there’s something in the back.”

Disregarding the instructions given to her previously, Lin abandoned the counter to go through the door behind the counter. Inside was a kitchen area for the tavern to prepare whatever food items they sold, but more importantly that was a set of stairs leading to the Cafe’s storage. Jackpot. Making a beeline down the stairs and into the dimly lit storage room, Lin began examining the astoundingly large stock of items. As she made her way deeper into the labyrinth of shelves, she discovered something she was expecting. More accurately, someone. A pink haired girl who, much like Lin and Cait, appeared to be waking up.

”Hey there.” Lin said approaching the girl. ”Now I’m gonna make a wild guess and say you’re either another member of the staff getting off break, or you literally have no clue where you are or how you got here.” Lin leaned against one of the shelves next to the newcomer. ”Name’s Lin by the way.”
Lin Liao

The surrounding darkness of the abyss was no stranger to Lin’s dreams. Many a times she found herself in this emptiness instead of having an actual dream. In actuality it was the appearance of the three items that were foreign to her. A sword, shield, and rod sat in front of her. She had never seen these exact items before, yet she almost instinctively knew what each meant. The three objects seemed to beckon her towards them, each one calling to her trying to appeal to her in different ways, but the call of one was clearly stronger. After only a few seconds Lin stepped towards the the sword and grabbed it’s hilt. Her actions immediately triggered a flash of light engulfing the once dark void.

Just as quickly as it had come, the light then faded into reality. Or at least, something close to it.

“Ugh. The hell was that?” Lin asked herself as she slowly came to. Her surroundings were blurred by her freshly awaken eyes but she could tell this was not her room. Sitting up, she brought her hands up to rub her eyes only to suddenly let out a small wince of pain as a dull headache made its presence known. Between her light hangover and her mind still trying to process what exactly she drempt, Lin sumized her unfamiliar surroundings were nothing more than her own deliriousness. Once her vision had cleared up, though, she found that her theory was incorrect.

Instead of her mostly empty bedroom, Lin seemed to be behind the counter at some strange bar. Had she gone somewhere else last night? And how did she end up behind the counter? Had the staff just left her there passed out? That had to be a major health and safety violation. Lastly, what was she wearing? It seemed to be some sort of costume you would see in an old school fighting game, but it felt rather high quality. She was especially drawn to the greaves and bracers she had on and the fierce tiger each one had etched into it.

Lin was at a loss, and she needed some answers. Grabbing the edge of the counter, Lin pulled herself up to get a better look at the place, maybe see if someone was working. To her dismay, the place was completely devoid of life. Not a soul was present. The only thing of use was the sign above the door. Dangenki Café Club.

“Hello?” Lin called out, hoping maybe there was someone nearby. “If anyone’s there, you’re kinda doing a shit job.” Still no reply. With a disgruntled sigh, Lin decided she would figure this out on her own. Grabbing a bottle of whiskey from the shelf, Lin poured a glass as she tried to think back and piece things together. She remembered walking out of the bar, heading the usual way home and then… The tower. The vivid image of the structure suddenly came back to her, but there was no way. That was impossible. How would she have even-

In a sudden flash the once dead café was now occupied by a small group. Initially Lin was startled. Dropping below the counter once more before any of the new patrons could see her. She stayed down long enough to hear them talk about cards and introduce themselves to what she guessed were newer members. Well, Lin. You wanted answers. It’s now or never.

Once more Lin pulled herself up from behind the counter and looked over each of the new arrivals. “Hey there.” She said as a blanket greeting to the party. “Names Lin. You all seem to have some idea of what’s going on here. Someone mind filling me in? Free bottle for the first one to answer.” She gestured behind her at the large assortment of drinks that were definitely not hers to give away.

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