She let out an instant yelp as he dropped her. What the! What kind of person---man! Did that to a lady?! Her mouth was left agape, not even caring for the animated monstrosities that came from around them. She wielded her axe in her hands with ease as she grinded her teeth. It was a good thing he was not looking at her. She was fuming real hard.

"Get behind me, I'll take care of this. There's no need for girls to fight while I'm around--I'm a champion at protecting fair maidens, and stuff like that!"

Conflicted. One one hand, she adored the compliment. On the other, she was also taking it as an insult. Maybe dropping her like that was not a good way to keep her good behaviors. She stormed forward, swinging her greataxe above her then delivered a massive swing in the direction of one of such animated things.