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She let out an instant yelp as he dropped her. What the! What kind of person---man! Did that to a lady?! Her mouth was left agape, not even caring for the animated monstrosities that came from around them. She wielded her axe in her hands with ease as she grinded her teeth. It was a good thing he was not looking at her. She was fuming real hard.

"Get behind me, I'll take care of this. There's no need for girls to fight while I'm around--I'm a champion at protecting fair maidens, and stuff like that!"

Conflicted. One one hand, she adored the compliment. On the other, she was also taking it as an insult. Maybe dropping her like that was not a good way to keep her good behaviors. She stormed forward, swinging her greataxe above her then delivered a massive swing in the direction of one of such animated things.
Get on his shou--my word! He was serious! She was a little insecure about her weight sometimes. No if he was a man this was no problem. Yet he looked so scrawny. She pursed her mouth and would do what he asked. Her hand settled on a shoulder as she climbed on him. His strength was going to be tested when she was finally atop him. Time to lift, big boy!
Gionni glared Ivas with his inspection. She did not like the sight of the girl like figures present before them. The way he smiled and adored them made her mighty jealous. Was she not good looking enough for him to be gargling at him? She frowned at such a display of masculine aloofness. She struck her greataxe forward, missing Ivas by a hair. The blade struck into the wall and her hand came to her mouth.

"Oh I am sorry! My axe slipped. I am so afraid right now." She pulled her weapon back while being gleeful of her little trick there.

Now he has to pay more attention to me!
Gionni turned her head quickly. Some guy was running toward her. He looked young and not very much to her. She was already valuing him less than a five. As he rambled on, her eyes turned to the green light in the sky. She would have to consult him later about who she was as more monsters ruptured from the ground. As she took hold of her weapon, she suddenly remembered that she was in public. Even if she was in the wastelands, she had to keep appearances.

"Oh my," she said with a cutesy expression. Her legs buckled close as she held her mighty axe in her hands. "There is an awful lot of them. I hope you can protect me you big, strong man."

"As if."

She followed after Ivas, swinging her axe now and again, but letting the man do most of the work. Men became more protective when they saw a woman not doing as well as them. Better for her. She moved through into the new structure they entered.

"Hurry close the door!"

Something big and metal-sounding came from the distance off the path that Ivas was running. Looking in said direction showed a hill. Over that hill, monstrosities of bulking sizes stood. They were three in number and menacing. As they groaned with unearthly noises, something brighter and nicer looking stood before them. Long curly golden hair with a large pink bow was facing whatever person happened to touch the top of that hill, their back turned to the viewer. A greataxe was held in the stranger's hands. Fur and metal adorned the rest of their body. From the front it did not cover as much as you would think it did!

It was a female. Her lips were nicely painted and her eyelashes prominent. Cleavage was the hallmark of her clothing as a bra, nicely frilly in design betrayed the warrioress's overall presentation. She looked like she was dressed to go out on a date. A date in combat. The monstrosities threw themselves at her. She was such a helpless little woman! She had to be saved!

Nah! With a ferocity that was hidden beneath her demeanor, she cleaved through flesh and bone like it was nothing, blackened blood and guts flying with each hacking swipe of her axe. The confrontation was over in seconds. She planted her weapon upright onto the ground, leaning on it temporarily while looking at her left hand. Damn, she had broken a nail.
@Silvan Haven
I made a new topic for the character I am using and did some adjustments for it.

Name: Gionni

Influence: 4
Group: N/A


Build: Standardly built muscle for a woman.
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 175 lbs
Attire: She wears the finest of warrior quality apparel. Her attire changes depending on the situation. If she's in battle, she is decked in armor. If she's wandering about, she is decked in less armor. When she is trying to woo a guy over to her side, she is decked in even less armor. Or more depending on circumstances.


General: Gionni is a warrioress from a faraway land. She travels to perfect her craft and to seek something very important to her. Carrying along a big axe, she is more than capable of defending herself, having strength far surpassing any normal human while having a feminine wile that betrays her capabilities. Her barbaric capabilities even go beyond natural, having boons granted by the spiritual representation of her innate skills. Don't be surprised if she's raging through a wall with no problem or growing in size out of nowhere. She is a beast! And a beauty. ;) On the flip side, she is not a magic user of any sort. She only gains magical capabilities from weapons and items she wields, but beyond that, she has no knack for them.


  • Strongwoman (3): Gionni has strength that is unbelievable for a normal person. Her axe alone is twenty pounds of pure destruction. It is not easily lifted and swung around so easily by just any person. Her endurance and physical resilience is astounding, showing she is a monster in physical power. Some people make the mistake of thinking she is slow, but her muscles grant her exceptional burst speed. She is known for running down game in the wild. Because of the toughness of her body she has slight damage reduction.

    Unfortunately, her brute force is a trait that she does not enjoy having since it makes her less woman-like. She loves power, but hates what it does to her socially, which is why she tends to wear frilly clothing and a big bow on her head despite her capabilities.
  • Blood Wrath(4): Gionni gains innate power the more hurt she becomes. Scary, huh! When she gets into critical condition, she becomes an unstoppable force of pure physical power. In addition, because of the adrenaline, all mind effects such as magic are removed from her, making her surprisingly more clear-headed. Her strength rises, and this state remains until she is either calmed down, knocked out, or is put back into a healthy state.
  • Aura of Strength (3): She can raise the physical power of anyone she considers an ally that is close to her temporarily. A frail man becomes as hardened as a normal physical worker. A physical worker becomes as tough as a fighter. A fighter reaches nearly her level. Anyone beyond that level of power don't get much of a benefit.
  • Axe Specialist (2): Gionni's weapon skills are best when she is using an axe. She is capable of wielding standard weapons like swords, and often has favored the claymore or zweihander, but she is at home when using a greataxe.
  • Combat Senses (3): Her training in danger has made her gain a special awareness for when something is trying to harm her. Arrows flying at her, a thief trying to stab her in the back, a trap trying to be set off beneath her feet. Her reflexes kick in incredibly fast to help dampen the damage that would have otherwise been to full effect. She would have to be fully distracted or immobilized to take full advantage of her.


  • Greataxe (2): Her precious great axe that she was rewarded with from her combat graduation five years ago. It's twenty five pounds of power. Only extraordinary warriors can wield weapons of that magnitude. The shaft is long and thick enough to hold this heavy steel that is posed at its end. The axe itself can slice through rock, steel armor, and tough animal hide with ease.
  • Battle Armor (2): This is medium armor that is light enough to allow Gionni to move at full speed. It gives her adept protection from common battle attacks, leaving other areas exposed or light on armor to allow her natural physique to take the brunt of anything else. It is a sacrifice of protection for mobility.
  • Bag of Necessities(1): Whether it's over her shoulder or strapped to a mount, she carries with her all her necessities for daily life. Some include lipstick, perfume, and other cosmetics.

Put most of it in the Capabilities - General section.

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