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Tick Tock

7 AM

Wake up call. Smithers, the kind old fellow with the constantly stained beard will yell at with that dusty cough of a voice.

"UP, guys. Come on, like clockwork. You know the motto"

Tick Tock

10 AM

You attend to the usual crowd, the unbroken ones. The ones that don't step in rhythm to the clocks that litter everywhere. The ones that don't stare, don't eat in sync. You are the only ones talking in the court yard today. You do so, even if you hate socializing. It's the only time you can drown out the ticking.

Tick tock

12: AM

You can hear the guards putting up some new wall clocks as you pass to the second mess hall. No room is used twice in a day. The group try to stay together but the guards find a reason to split you up and take you another way. You peek at a big window to outside. The only window that shows anything of a city, it is the massive clock tower face in the distance.

tick tock

1 PM

You are put forward to the psychologists. He probes you with unspeakable machinery from electronics to strange visual devices. The monitors and the wires always leave you with a haze, when you leave you feel different but rested. Your friends sometimes don't recognize you.

Tick tock

2 PM

You are put in the courtyard. Here games are played but you long forgotten the point of them. They all require extreme monotony to do such as putting a ball into a waist high hoop a stated number of times. Sometimes a guard will come in a ask you to do some stimuli straining chore, like reorganizing an entire years worth of food stock alphabetically or shines the entire staff's boots.

The most entertaining thing you can do is make clocks.

tick tock

4 PM

The best part of the day. It's the only time you get anything resembling fun. You attend a class of your choosing. Most of the options are limited and swap between using you as cheap, factory grunt labor but here there is only one clock in a big, big room. Sometimes you learn things here.

tick tock

5 PM

You return to your cell. You are given the freedom to visit and leave the cells of others but guards and Metal Men patrol the area constantly and all avenues of escape are locked or bolted. Sometimes both. These days it seems only you and your group visit each other regularly. You used to trade the small luxuries like cigars or dirty pictures, now you trade anything that can dampen the ticking.

The guards always take them but at least they let you sleep.

tick tock

7 PM

You are taken to the library to pick one book to read. It's a part of your therapy. timed how long you take and the guards will force you to read your material. Most of the books have to do with odd, old, historical topics, myths, biblical verses, the law itself, stories about good Samaritans, books on how to be empathetic and clock work. You hear there is a private section for class pertinent material.

tick tock

8 PM

You go to sleep. Sometimes you managed to muffle your ears with smuggled material, sometimes the ticks follow you into your dreams. You hear Smithers walking down the hall as you drift into darkness.


I don't normally post stuff here, but I notice that anything with any sort of stats or gamy perks tend to be turbulent at best in the other threads. So, I'm giving here a shot. This RP will be more akin to a dungeon or a one off adventure and is not intended to be a massive arc by itself. It begins in the penitentiary and it will end with your epilogues if you manage to escape.
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Count me in.
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